I recorded Jace bullying Steve earlier. It’s so sad watching this. I couldn’t record the entire thing because my storage was filled but you can see it for yourself.

Anon Hate

So today and as of late I have received suicide messages to kill myself and to suck my life up since im trans and deserve bullying and everything with it.

This is not tolerated.

As of This moment

The right to anonymity: SUSPENDED (until further notice)
The right to submit anything you wanted to me: TERMINATED (Permanent)
The privlege of reason of doubt than police action: TERMINATED (Permanent)
The privelege for me to posts submissions (Variable on content)on my blog: Suspended.

All activity on this blog is officaly and legally followed/monitored and I and any other agencies i need to call up will be monitoring it. Any further violations will result in more and more suspensions and terminations. Any illegal activity, threats, or otherwise bullying will get you blocked and I will be skipping the part of Staff when needed and straight to higher ups. This may include and is not limited to, Police reports, lawyers and INTERPOL.

I will not be tolerating this behaviour on my blog, You are as responsible for your actions online as you are in real life and YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEM.


So, I’ve swam through the various reactions of the fandom about this upd8. As much as I am an open-minded person or as much as I try to be, there were some posts that were just so incredibly frustrating to me that I have to at least make another thing explaining how I view everything that is going on with the two Vriskas.

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#Kickstarter update! I’ve finished the video and all I need to do now are some finishing touches and verification! You all remember #gameovercomicbook right? The #comic about #bullying and #videogames? You could own a copy! I’ll be posting promos up and through launch, so spread the word!

So today’s subject is kinda a touchy subject for directioners and I will probably (certainly) get hate on this rant, but you have to live while you’re young right?

So Naughty Boy (I already see all of you cringing at his ‘name’), as a lot of you probably know, Naughty Boy is basically The Wanted, everyone in the fandom (apparently fandom isn’t a word either) hates him. I for a fact do not hate him, I just have a strong dislike towards him. Anyway, why do the fans hate him so much? Because when Zayn left, he rubbed salt in our wounds and he also dissed Louis on Twitter an- okay he just did a lot of stuff to piss us off.

But I started to notice for the past few months that all of you who hates him, call him names and now don’t get me wrong, I know how hating someone online works, you create hashtags and blah blah blah.

One thing that as been pissing me off is that you guys insult him based off his appearance, I mean don’t try to tell me that “greasy burrito” came from his personality? I don’t think you guys seem to realize what you are doing, you guys are insulting him because of his physic and his weight. I’ve been bullied badly because I was skinny, because of my weight, because of my appearance and you do not understand how much it hurts when someone insults something that is really hard to change.

And now there has been this picture of Niall talking to a fan in a PM on twitter saying: “yesterday I went to mcdonalds and there was nothing to eat because Naughty Boy was there before hahaha”. Now I have been thinking all day about this, convincing myself that Niall never said this, because that sentence basically came from the brain of a immature boy of 13 years old. And what makes me believe that he won’t think something similar when he (maybe) meets me?

Back to the point, I really wonder if you guys see the issue here, and that you won’t hate me for speaking up my mind, but bullying someone and using his appearance to do so, is absolutely wrong. When there was the twitter feud between Naughty Boy ad Louis, when Naughty Boy insulted Lou, you guys were like “omg! He can’t do that! Louis is insecure about his voice and he can’t change it!!!1!”, well guess what? It’s hard lo lose (or gain) weight. What if I told you that maybe he was insecure about his appearance? I don’t like him, but I swear to God this fandom puts me to so much shame sometimes. Anyway that’s all I have for now. Give me you’re opinion on this! (No death threat please.) 

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

just a small little PSA about a shop called dreamy craft shop

they’re pretty popular for their beautiful work in the decoden community but they’re also known by other shops to harass people or send their followers after them. They even went as far as nearly putting a shop out of business over a simple disagreement. And at the moment they are harassing another store and accusing them of copying other stores without reason/proof 

I also think it’s worthy to note that they support somebody by the name scummycakes / dualwielding , who was known to be racist, rude, and overall an unapologetic bully. While these events happened nearly a year ago and may seem irrelevant now, she has yet to apologize for it all and displayed immaturity about the situation  EDIT: DreamyCraftShop mentions dualwielding apologized, so this is probably one of the “apologies” they’re referring to. Wow! What an amazing apology!

While I don’t believe shops should be held accountable for their promoters’ actions whatsoever, I do believe shops, especially smaller ones, should be cautious about who they pick to be the face of their store (and I personally would not want to be associated with somebody who say these things).

I am not fully advocating to boycott their shop, because their work truly is beautiful and loved amongst the community, but I thought these things were worthy to point out about this shop to form your own opinion on, as this isn’t the first time I’ve heard they’ve instigated something with other shops. :/ 

EDIT: i’ve updated this post a bit through reblogs but just in case people miss it because they’re looking at the original post…

Here’s where I add more to the subject and elaborate a little more, because I did write the original post in a sleepy rush. 

Here’s DCS’s instagram DM on the subject asking me to take down the post and accusing me of bashing their shop and other things

Here’s a post of somebody accusing DCS of selling fake figurines. While it is unsure if DCS sells real or fake figurines, DCS did not clarify whether or not they’re fake but instead blocked them.

Here’s a previous potential customer’s story about DCS mistreating them

While those last two links can neither be confirmed or denied,  I found that they were worthy to bring up in this post.

EDIT 3: Oh right let’s talk about that art theft they unapologetically profit from. And while, yes, I understand that this is a common practice in decoden community that doesn’t make it right. 

EDIT 4: Here is their poor response to the art theft and replicas, trying to personally attack us and bully us over this post (along with trying to make it seem like we have a personal vendetta against them) and repeatedly claiming that the art theft and replicas are okay just because others do it.

If you’d like to know the stories of the shops I was referring to in this post that were bothered by DCS, please ask them personally, as they would know more on the subject and I’m not sure whether or not they’re comfortable with me sharing that here. 1) Jahhmandelight 2) lilorangefoxxshop

EDIT 4: I have finally decided to post the screenshots of the lilorangefoxxshop debate because it ties in to DCS’s own art theft and replicas/knock offs debate. The issue was LOFS was being accused of selling knock offs of a popular seller’s chokers and garters. While it is unclear whether it is true or not (LOFS claims they get supplies from somewhere else and make it themselves), it is important to note 1) the irony in this, considering DCS does use stolen fan art on their cases 2) the immaturity DCS displays when LOFS is trying to explain themselves or rather they’re simply just not paying attention to what they’re saying (much like how they were doing to us and the other person pointing out their art theft)

I believe right after this, DCS made a post calling out LOFS (so you can call out LOFS and other shops but get mad when somebody does it to you, huh DCS?) and DCS kept unblocking and blocking LOFS repeatedly just to continue to comment on their stuff and essentially harass them. 

EDIT 2: DCS blocked me after simply replying to their long DM with “do not put words in my mouth.” lol. But I’d like to update this again just to clarify that, once again, I am not asking anybody to boycott their shop or harass scummycakes or whatever. This was, once again, a PSA because potential customers have the right to know about stores they are purchasing from. I will not be deleting this post; especially after the response they gave me. EDIT 4: Once again, I have to repeat myself just in case: I am not actively advocating for boycotting them nor do I have my own agenda against them, that is up to the individuals reading this. Nothing was personal until DCS began name calling and lied about us having some vendetta against them. Please refrain from harassing them. This post also does not reflect our personal views on knock off figurines or art theft - because we understand there are times our blog reblogs similar things and that doesn’t make it right but most of the time there are already PSA posts stating such and such store or seller sells knock offs so it’s up to the customer to do their own research. I am repeating myself once again: This post has been left up in case people need to seek information about a store before purchasing. 

There are enough stars in your
eyes to form galaxies but
here you are crying over
the girls and boys and other
spiteful kids who broke
your heart–darling listen to
me, you mean more to this
world than they will ever 
comprehend because you
are absolutely magnificent;
you’ve got moons in your
palms and the sun in your
smile, you control the gravity
around you, darling you
make the tides turn and you
are your own beautiful
world– just because
some people don’t understand
space, doesn’t mean you should
let them bury you in hatred.
—  Don’t let them take over your universe