Warning, the following is a graphic image:

If you adopt a stray, formerly chained adult male pit bull and bring him in your house do NOT let him around your kids. It is dangerous. He is going to want to cuddle all day. Your kids will stop listening to you because they are “busy loving Oscar”. He is unstable. We never know when he is going to kiss one of us or try to crawl in our laps. We know this image is hard to look at but we thought America should know the truth about this dangerous dog. - Oscar’s Family


These two seniors have been dropped off to die at O.C.A.S. in Orlando, Florida. They are both scheduled to be euthanised on the 6th March. PLEASE consider adopting or even fostering one, or both, of these seniors to save them from being killed. Help show them that not all humans are as cruel and incompetent as their previous owners. Florida is a large state. There has to be somebody out there willing to take these dos into their home, even if it’s just for a short while until they find forever home.

If you are interested in saving them then call O.C.A.S. on 407-836-3111, or email Jacqueline.Nanni@ocfl.net. If nobody shows ANY interest in them then they will be killed. If people show interest but can’t adopt or foster them straight away then they will give them some extra time!

Animal ID: A311968 Room No.: WD25
Hi, my name is Clay. I am an approximately 8 year old red and white male. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 60 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Saturday, February 21, 2015.

Animal ID: A311969 Room No.: WD25
Hi, my name is Luke. I am an approximately 9 year old white and black male. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 59 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Saturday, February 21, 2015

Here are their threads on Facebook: Clay. Luke.

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Hey friends, time to help a pup again. This is Troy, he is set to be euthanasized tomorrow night unfortunately. He was surrendered after his owners moved and they just couldn’t find a animal friendly home. His owners had children and said he was good with other dogs and loves to love and play. He is house trained and knows basic commands. Please contact me of you’re serious* about taking him! He’s in Manhattan and as always, I’ll be down to help transport him to you if you’re in the area. Please help him, PLEASE

This is Howard, about 3 years old. He is set to be euthanized at the end of today (2/24/2014) if we can not find a willing and able home. He was picked up as a stray, but likely abandoned from a move because he is so well trained. House trained, obedient, and non-aggressive. High energy and willing to play and learn. 

I dont want random hopeful people to bombard the rescue center, so if you are interested- contact me here. i will set you up with contact info and will be more than happy to help pick up/drop off the dog after work (Im from central NJ, so assume I can only get him to NJ/NYC areas)



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I love Hope very very much, and her mom is one of my best friends.
feel free to contact me with any questions about her condition.
Read the Go fund me page for more information as well.

Thank you everyone sooo much.

Hope and all of her human friends <3