Scarlett did fantastically at nosework this morning! The instructor loves her speed and passion for the game. The hides were trickier this week and she was a little more cautious of some of the boxes since they had flaps that got in her way a bit, but she still did so well. I love her search style- she gets in the space and takes off quickly, sniffing the air more than the boxes until she picks up on the odor and then she tracks it to the source. There’s another terrier mix in our class who searches similarly. The coonhound & bully breed mutt are much slower and more methodical, checking every box until they find the one containing odor. Mike didn’t come with me this week but I got one of the other students to record her first run for me so I’ll post it later.

While Scarlett & I were gone, Mike & Finley had some father/son bonding time (aka they slept in until I got home just before 11:00).

Then we lounged around the house for a couple hours because #lazy and then we went to the beach! It was Scarlett’s first time and she did so well and was so so so so happy to have alllllll kinds of room to run run run run run to her heart’s content. And oh my are dead ocean critters the best! She peed on every dried shell and dead crab we saw. Finley did better too! The beach is a tricky place for him as he tends to get very over aroused by the barrage of smells and sounds around him. But he was able to be off leash and only went wandering once but it wasn’t even that far (he saw a whole dead crab floating in a nearby tidal pool) and he came back when asked the age old question, “You wanna treat?” They had a blast running through all the tidal pools and I had a blast looking at all the little fishies and stuff. I got turned on to this little beach spot by a client and it’s way quieter than any other beach around. I mean if you go at low tide here to any beach pretty much, then there’s miles of space so it’s not like you’re gonna be right on top of people but still some of them either don’t allow dogs at all or are too busy to let the dogs be off leash. But not here! It was busier than I was expecting but not nearly as bad as any other beach in the area. I didn’t bring my camera or phone though because i don’t trust myself with electronics around water lol but I think Mike got a video of Scarlett having zoomies so I’ll get him to send it to me so I can post it.

Then we came back, had a snack, and the dogs sunbathed on the patio. Now Mike & I are off to go see the new Pirates movie! I’m tired from not sleeping well and having a busy day but it’s been such a fun day that I can’t complain. Nothing like a day spent with your dogs!


Please help!! Signal boost this far and wide!
Even if you’re not in Georgia, sign the petition and make a phone call (or send an email) if you can. Don’t let my sweet baby (along with many others) be unfairly labeled just because of their breed and the state they live in. This woman is ridiculous and we won’t let her get away with this nonsense.

Service Dog Appreciation Post 4/?

Not the most flattering picture of me but that’s not the point of this point so it’s fine.

I felt a seizure coming on and Daphne sat up and alerted me to let me know that I needed to sit or lay down in a better place. I walked to the front of the room with Daphne on my right and my cane on my left, and tapped my professor on the shoulder to let her know I was about to have a seizure and needed to step out.

I started to get really shaky and stumbled a bit so she opened and held the door for me. I managed to get down the hall to a couch with Daphne’s help and woke up about 20 minutes later with Daphne draped across my lap, only remembering the beginning of the seizure.

It’s not very often that I pass out or for that long but I’m so thankful that Daphne is my Service Dog and knows to watch over me when I’m vulnerable. I’m also incredibly lucky and thankful that she’s able to predict my major seizures before they occur because even a small heads up gives me time to get myself away from hard or sharp objects and off my feet.


We, uhhhhh, might need to postpone Easter this year until some better bunnies become available.


Dexter, American Pit Bull Terrier by Petra B.
Via Flickr:
17. Jänner 2010

This dog is so punk rock omfg I love it