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Way too many cruel things happen every day. Terror attacks, people getting judged and bulied, people are starving, animal cruelty, wars and so on…

Everyday people say that the world is such a cruel place and they blame society. But each and everyone of us make up society. People should realise that we are all human beings with our own struggles, but you will still get judged for every decision.

People are being judged for their skin color, religion, sexual orientation, origin, which music they listen to, what they wear, what they look like, how they act like, their opinions on different topics and so on… People will get judged for everything.

A lot of them commit suicide, because things they say and do hurt. People get depressed, try to make themselves feel better by for example doing drugs, smoking or cutting. 

People won’t talk about things that bother them, because they feel like no one will care and no one will listen.                                                                           But they don’t care until something dramatic happens. They only react to extremes. And just because one person’s problems is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they are required to hurt less. For example if the most pain is like a level three to me, it’s still the worst you’ve felt and it would still feel like the world is crashing down.

So don’t judge people. We all have our own struggles. So why would you make someone else’s day, even life worse. Move on with your life or even better, help someone, ask people if they really are ok, talk to them about things that bother them and be here for each other.

We live in a world where everyone blames society, but we are society. So every single one should try to make the world a better place.

Welcome to society!
We hope you enjoy your stay,
and please feel free to be yourself,
as long as it’s in the right way,
make sure you love your body,
not too much or we’ll tear you down,
we’ll bully you for smiling ,
and then wonder why you frown,
we’ll tell you that you’re worthless,
that you shouldn’t make a sound,
and then cry with all the others,
as you’re buried in the ground,
you can fall in love with anyone,
as long as it’s who we choose,
and we’ll let you have your opinion,
but please shape them to our views.
Welcome to society,
we promise that we won’t deceive,
and one more rule now that you’re here,
there’s no way you can leave.
Honey Coated Venom

Always buzzing
But doing nothing
The non busy bees
Provoke as they please
With loaded stingers
And pointed fingers
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper

I am a worker
Not a shirker
And I will not play
Their gossip game

Representations I want in books:

-offers of modern sex slavery


-cancer patients (no matter if they’re surviviors or lost the fight)

-happy, non-biological families

-christians/muslims who are not seen as racists/homophobes/a threat to society


-bullies with a soft side

-teen moms

-europeans who arent rich jerks (and from other places than uk and france and germany sorry to break ur bubble but you have like 50 other countries to choose from)

-africans in general

-asians who aren’t nerds (and from other places than japan and china sorry bros but those two arent all of asia)

-latin americans in general

-middle easterns in general

-just generally more of the world than normal americans

Students on a school bus were handed anti-LGBT flyers wrapped as gifts by an adult
Exclusive: A stranger boarded a bus in regional Victoria to hand out the gift-wrapped flyers.
By Lane Sainty

In Victoria, Australia, a group of schoolkids were handed gift-wrapped flyers as they got off the public school bus. When they opened them up, the packages were actually brochures from an anti-LGBT group, speaking out against the Safe Schools Coalition’s anti-bullying program. 

The organization, Marriage Alliance, claims that they did not send the person to the bus to hand the flyers out and that they don’t endorse the action. The principal of the school thinks 50-100 flyers were given out, and they don’t know how the man was able to get on the school bus. 

Natalie*, the older sister of a 13-year-old student at Kyabram P-12 College, told BuzzFeed News her younger brother had been handed a gift-wrapped flyer as he got off his school bus stop on Wednesday morning.

“Somebody got [on] the schoolbus yesterday at the school with gift-wrapped packages with these Marriage Alliance flyers in them,” she said.

The man got on the bus and handed them to the bus driver, who then gave them to students.

The 13-year-old student took the package home to his parents, who opened it to find a Marriage Alliance flyer inside.

“They thought, ‘Oh, it’s wrapped, it must be a Christmas card or something,’ and it wasn’t.”

On the front of the package there was a note that read, ‘To the wonderful people who care for me every day – Merry Christmas!”

“It was clearly intended to go to the parents or the guardians,” Natalie said.

This is alllllll kinds of messed up. 

About "being mainstream"

So today I realized something.

For some reason I was never really accepted in my class.
I always wondered why.
Why am I the one who’s always being criticized, made fun of and even admonished by teachers?
And why is my friend seen as the fun, talented one? Why does everyone instantly like her?

Well now I know why.
There’s a difference in how we look:
I’m a brown eyed girl with dark, curly, short cut hair.
She’s a blue eyed girl with blonde, straight, long hair.
We both live in Germany but I’m part Latina.

This is the problem.
This is the reason why people like her and think I’m weird.
I’d say my friend and I both aren’t “mainstream”. We do what we want, have our own opinions and don’t care about being like the others.
But my friend looks more mainstream than me.

It’s sad to see how superficial a lot of people are.

Especially those “weird” different things about you makes you unique. It let’s you stand out of the crowd. But people also want to be accepted so they change for it.

Don’t change who you are or what you look like. The things about yourself you might be ashamed of now might be an advantage for you in the future!


I highly recommend this movie if u want a good cry or u are looking for something emotionally raw. It really exposes the truth behind modern day bullying and how it effects everyone in the situation. The movie really emphasizes mental health and is really important in modern society. Not only does it show the emotional damage behind the girl who is bullied but, the bully too. 10/10 would recommend

anonymous asked:

yoo ive just finished reading bnha n stumbled across your kirishima traitor theory n ive been too deep searching for other theories ever since. i like it a lot, mostly bc its not really a stretch, or the 'well he's TOO NICE so' kinda thing. but i have other ideas abt this. what if he's not the traitor BUT his shady/villainy past is the reason he will be suspected? what if he's the red herring? i feel like this mostly bc the only path that makes sense if he's a traitor is that he'll still be (1)

The Different Motivations People Have For Becoming Villains

Wow….you put a lot of work into this. As of now, I’m open to anyone being the traitor since there is no concrete proof of who the traitor is. I think Kirishima being the traitor is a real possibility, and I can see an interesting story line and character development being molded from it. 

While the traitor’s actions are wrong, I’m hoping the traitor has a good reason for why they were on the villains side. Obviously, heroes aren’t one hundred percent in the right. We all see with Endeavor that not all heroes are noble and well-meaning. Some of them are just in it for pride, money, or fame. Heck, even Bakugou wants to be a hero because he thinks it looks cool. Wanting to be a hero for pride, money, fame, or other less noble reasons isn’t always a bad some thing. Unfortunately, it can result in heroes not always being in the right and not always having the citizens’ best interest in mind. 

I can see the villains thinking of heroes as being an oppressive bully to society. 

Some people join the villains because heroes encourage a stigma against those with weaker Quirks. As a result, those with weaker Quirks or those who aren’t gifted join the villains because that’s where they’ll make a name for themselves or feel like they belong.

Others join the villains because the villains accept those who are different. 

Some individuals join the villains because they believe the people who call themselves heroes are often selfish and ruin society.

Not all villains are psychopaths like Toga. Some of them do it for a cause. 

As I mentioned before, if Kirishima (or any of the students for that matter) is revealed to be the traitor, he most likely has his reasons and then turned on the villains once he realized heroes aren’t all bad. I can easily see him being convinced in the past that heroes are hurting society because the people around him told him so. I can also imagine him having a poor experience with heroes and originally wanting to take heroes down because he thought they were hurting people like him. Kirishima could also be similar to Magne and have something about him that hero society would scorn. I’m not sure what that would be. I don’t think he’d be oppressed because of his hardening Quirk. It’s probably something else, something Kirishima is keeping a secret because he knows it’ll ruin his image. Who knows? There are lots of things he could be oppressed and bullied for by hero society, such as his culture, beliefs, background, sexuality, mental health, and other things. I have no evidence of Kirishima having a dark secret, but there’s obviously something in his past he’s not proud of. 

On a side note, it would be sad if he has had depression or some other mental illness and had to keep that hidden because people would call him a psychopath or make some other ablest remarks. I have a friend from Germany with depression, and she can’t share it with others because people with mental illnesses are viewed as crazy people. 

I’m just giving examples about possible reasons for why someone like Kirishima would turn to the villains. There are lots of possibilities. 

Kirishima revealing himself as the traitor would shake things up. Wouldn’t it? It’d be sad though since he probably meant well but realized he made a mistake later. Kirishima realizing he made a mistake by helping the villains would make him intense guilt. That’s why he’s so insistent on rescuing Bakugou. I can’t imagine the class turning on him easily, especially if he’s apologetic. I can’t even see Bakugou turning on him because Bakugou seems to have learned to care for Kirishima. It’d be difficult to break their bond, and Bakugou would probably be more likely to be in denial about Kirishima being bad rather than accept it. Bakugou may even try to stand up for Kirishima and try to save him from an unfortunate fate. Seeing Bakugou trying to save and care for someone would be a nice bit of character development. 

This is all speculation. I find the villains’ motivations for becoming villains to be fascinating because not all of them are completely evil.

I’m rambling in an effort to answer your ask. Thanks for asking. ^_^

Things I loved about Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Well, first let me just start by saying what could you not love about Koe no Katachi. I mean really if you haven’t watched the movie do it now like now! But just to list some on the top of the list:

1. That I read the manga first. Yes, I love that I discovered the manga years before the movie came because it just made the feels when watching it amplify. My feels were over nine thousand. If you have watched the movie I recommend you read it because there is so much more detail and angst and story that you missed. The movie is still amazing but it still just a summary.

2. Forgiveness. In a way, I found it very odd and almost laughable that the Nishimiya family, the ones that would have suffered the most were the ones who seemed to have forgiven him the easiest once they realised he was trying to change especially Shoko, who by the way has to be the most loving girl in the world. In the movie, I noticed that Yuzuru, Shoko’s little sister never once mentioned the bullying once she got to know Ishida and how he has changed. She decided to move on from the past and became good friends with Ishida she’s even secretly rooting for him and Shoko to get together (like we all aren’t). Rather than the friends that turned against him or his teacher (which he meets again in the manga) Ishida struggles to gain forgiveness from himself. He doesn’t believe he should be forgiven and hates himself to the point that he was willing to commit suicide, believing he was doing the world a favour. I loved how they portrayed the internal struggle he was having with himself.

3. He saved her and she saved him. I love that Ishida and Shoko both save each other. Whether it was preventing one’s suicide or being the starting point and guide to showing one how to live. They both had a great impact on one another and showed great care for each other regardless of their past (I think that’s where most of the tears came from).

4. It wasn’t just one person’s fault. After Ishida was used as a scapegoat I saw something in the movie that I think we all know but tend to always overlook, it’s never just one person’s fault. Nishimiya was bullied by more people than Ishida but they were only the start, The student like Kawaii who didn’t intervene and sometimes even laughed at the crude jokes, the teacher who ignored all signs and waited until things got too far to take action, the school which didn’t even take the proper accommodations or even attempting to reach out to the parents for an interpreter. You see that Shoko’s suffering was prolonged by everyone. They all had some part in the cause of her transfer. This is a repeated problem that we have in our society. In bullying and harassment, we either see people joining in or blending into the background. When it does reach the point that we can no longer ignore we try to shift the blame off to something or someone else. It was to me one of those hits of reality in the anime. I was super happy when Kawaii and Ueno finally owned up to their contribution to Shoko’s bullying in the past. (Kawaii’s is more seen in the manga).

There are still many great things about this anime that I can’t even put into words. This is a one of a kind movie that I would recommend to anybody because there is so much you could learn and relate to in those two hours. My words don’t even do it justice. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it or read the manga. I promise you won't regret it.