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“You can’t shy away from it, (Y/N).” He said putting a hand on your knee. The pair of you were sat in the car and from the view in the mirror you could see the people who made your life miserable before S.H.I.E.L.D. You’d been so determined to stand up to them but now that you had eyes on them, you started to wonder if you really were all the names they called you. 

“C’mon, you can’t exactly say no to ‘Captain America’!” Quickly, he did a little salute which made you smile. You stepped out the car and intertwined your hand with Steve’s. Not out of love but out of thankfulness; today you would stop your bullies.

The Truth

Summary: You’ve struggled with your weight for a long time. Overwhelmed negative emotions mixed with infuriating insults causes Bucky to take action.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 5133

Warnings: Swearing. Discussion of insecurities. Degrading thoughts. Insults about weight.

A/N: Another story for the #MomentofWeaknessProject, and I kept it as a High school!au.

You’ve always been good at gym. It was one of your best subjects because whatever you had to do was simple, and because the teacher loved you. No one hated you for it, though. They were just too busy laughing with their friends and disrupting the class to say anything about it. It annoyed you to no end.

But just because you’re good at gym doesn’t mean you like it all the time.

The beep test for example.

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Have managed to write at least a tiny bit of @hitlikehammers‘ birthday fic, which will involve Not Actually Character Death and a lot of reaffirmation and reassurances and holding each other.

But first this.


It’s the way things go, the way things always go, Steve thinks—thinks in slow-motion horror, harrowed and frozen inside and out—and it shouldn’t be the way things go. Never again. Never.

Nothing should go.

Bucky shouldn’t—

“Steve!” Bucky yells. “Go!”

“Not without you!” Steve vows right back, an echo out of the past, a scream in the present from his bleeding heart. “Buck—”

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I swear every time I say I’m not going to be posting much, that’s why my brain decides it feels like drawing… -___-

Anyways. Team give-Cap-a-hard-time. Hahaha. I’m not sure how I feel about Nat/Bucky, but I love the idea that they are just awesome friends and Nat helped with Bucky’s recovery. They talk together, they spar together and they just bully the hell out of Steve together. Its great.

I also like have not really drawn a sexy women in such a long time… It feels pretty good. o__o

Imagine Loki finding out his kids are being bullied in school, and then realizing there really isn’t much the school can do until it’s too late in Loki’s opinion.  Loki then decides to homeschool his kids, which in turn means the spend a lot of time at the Avenger’s facility.  Eventually the others get involved for the kids’ sake, Tony handles math and mechanics, Bruce the sciences, Natasha languages, Steve history…..

Role call:

So they made Sarah Rogers (who told little Steve that he needs to always stand up against bullies), Steve Rogers (who fought against HYDRA in WWII, whose best friend they tortured), Magneto (a holocaust survivor that has fought against Red Skull), and Sam Wilson (a black man that would not stand for HYDRA seeing as he spent three movies and countless comics fighting against them) all HYDRA agents. Who’re they going to make HYDRA next? Peggy Carter? Barack Obama? The options seem endless for Marvel at this post.


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Christmas Headcanon 

Gaining the Gang’s Trust

Two-Bit’s Friend

Little Sister

Bob Sheldon

Type of Girl They’d Marry


Going to the Zoo


Pb & J Headcanons

New Girl




Dating a Girl that’s Mute

Weird Headcanon 



Dating Steve Would Include…

Weird Headcanon

Dating A Girl That’s Overweight



Weird Headcanon



Weird Headcanon

Dating A Shy And Innocent Girl

Glory And Gore


Cuddling  More Cuddling

Having Kids W/ Soda


Dallas Likes Soda’s Girlfriend



Weird Headcanon


Standing up for Pony

Jealous Johnny

Dating a Girl that’s Overweight

Dating a Girl that’s Mute


Sister Headcanons

Being Dally’s little sister  More

Telling Dally you’re dating somebody

Dallas and the Boys Going to your Graduation

Dallas Finding Out He Has A Sister

Dally’s Sister Losing Her First Tooth

Dally’s Sister Heartbroken

Little Sister

Being Two-Bit’s Little Sister

Pony Has A Crush On Johnny’s Sister

Steve Comforting His Sister After Being Bullied 

Steve’s Sister Losing Her First Tooth

Steve Comforting His Sister After A Nightmare

Being Steve’s Sister


What You Call Him

What He Calls You

His Favorite Place To Kiss You

What He Secretly Loves About You

Stealing His Clothes


Your Secret Talent

What Kind Of Dog They Get

Type Of Girl They’d Marry

Their Favorite Date



Visiting From New York (sister imagine)


Two-Bit’s Friend (imagine version)


Rodeo (sister imagine)

Pregnant (sister imagine)


Bad Day (fluff)


Friday Football


I Hate You

Car Crash


Jumped (Curtis Sister Imagine)

Singing (Gang Imagine)

Summer Day (Two-Bit, Dallas, Soda & Reader)

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Imagine Steve getting protective over Clint.

“Are you dumb?”

Clint, hearing aids out, is oblivious. Not only to the question directed at him, but the comments before. One of General Ross’ men was asking him to do something, and Clint wasn’t prepared for it. Facing away, bad ear closest to the man, he simply hadn’t heard.

Steve did, though, and he could practically feel his blood boil in his veins. What does catch Clint’s attention is movement as Steve rushes the guy, and he turns to see what the commotion is.

“Don’t be a bully,” Steve grits through his teeth, but Clint doesn’t know that either because now Steve’s back is to him, and General Ross’ assistant looks terrified.

“He’s deaf,” Steve imparts as his hands bunch in the material of the man’s shirt. Even from behind, Clint has never seen Steve so angry before. If he wasn’t so worried about the fact that Steve is on the fast track to get himself arrested (again), he might have been a little turned on. Instead, he finally moves forward, placing a hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezing lightly.

Steve instantly knows who it is, and he sighs, shoving the other man away from him as he backs off. “You can try asking nicely again.” Clint reads these words on Steve’s lips, but he doesn’t know what they pertain to. By the way Steve grabs his hand and pulls him away, he suspects he never will.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>nancy:</b> *gives jonathan a camera*<p/><b>me:</b> aw that's sweet but like... predictable<p/><b>steve:</b> did you give it to him?<p/><b>me:</b> *incoherent squealing and joyful tears*<p/></p><p/></p>

Jace unleashes verbal assault on Steve 

Tue, 8:40 PM PST

Katie Rogers-Barnes, “Sunny” to everyone else, was three years old when the Incident happened. 

She was being held by her Aunt Wanda and a certain person who was going to lose their job at Stark Industries that very same day had stiffened up at the sight of the Scarlet Witch and said, “Abomination.”

While the little girl didn’t quite understand what that word meant, she definitely could tell the intent behind it. 

Her eyes narrowed and tiny fists came up.  “Say sorry!”

Wanda tried to defuse it, “Sunny, it’s okay… ”

However, since no “sorry” was forthcoming and the person was stupid enough to have invaded Wanda and Sunny’s personal space, Sunny let fly with her fists. 

She had an impressive left cross. 

“MEAN!"  She declared.

Bucky would’ve told Sunny that it was Not Nice to hit people (even if they were Being Mean) but he was just too proud of his baby girl.   Also, he strode right over to grab Sunny while Wanda gave an impressive telling off to said Idiot.  Not that Wanda needed help, but he figured putting on his best Winter Soldier glare would be useful. 

But, yep, Sunny was definitely a chip off her Daddy Steve’s block.

—  In which Sunny Rogers-Barnes proves that she does not like bullies.  Just like her Dada. 
Heroes and Villains ~ Part 1 ~ Hero Academy

Originally posted by maosdaily

Warnings: Bullies; meeting new people; language

Pairings: Steve X Reader; Wanda X Reader; Daisy X Reader; Deadpool X Reader

Word Count: 2694



Reader’s POV

“Dad! I can’t find my tie!” I yell down the hall as I rush through the upstairs looking for my new tie that was a requirement to wear at my new school. I was still super excited, and a slight bit nervous, as I remember the call from Director Fury, Aka my dad’s boss, asking me to attend the prestigious Hero Academy.

“Look in the laundry room!” My father, Agent Phil Coulson, replies from the kitchen where he was undoubtedly making me a good luck omelet. I let out a heavy sigh as I slide down the banister only to slide smack dab into my, adopted, older sister Daisy.

“Holy crap (Name)!” She cries out as she quickly catches herself before she falls to the ground. Me, she let fall, guess you could call it a lesson in being careful. As I fall to the floor I rub my butt and wince in pain. I glance up to see her in full Hero Academy Uniform and smile. She chuckles before holding her hand out to me, “Here let me help you.”

“Thanks,” I reply taking her hand and letting her pull me to my feet.

“Oh, if you’re looking for your tie; it’s around your neck.” She replies biting her lip to keep from laughing. I groan inwardly as I reach up and indeed find my tie tied to my neck. “Calm down, I know you’re nervous. I was too my first day.”

“Yeah, and you almost caused the school to collapse from an earthquake.”

“I gave you a clear description of what not to do on your first day, so, you know, there ya go.” She says with a chuckle and I roll my eyes.

“You two get in here, breakfast is done.” Dad yells out and we both quickly run to the kitchen and jumping into our seats start to fight for the bacon. “Alright you two, there’s enough to go around.” He chides and we both stop. Daisy was only a year older than me so we got along really well, especially since neither of us really knew our mothers. “So (Name), did Fury email you your class schedule?”

“Yup,” I reply as I finish chewing a piece of bacon. “Homeroom is with Professor Pym, from there it’s History of Mutants with Wolverine, Anatomy of Mutants with Professor Pym, Calculus with Vision, then a nice lunch before Gym with May, then English with Professor McCoy,  and lastly is Foreign and Ancient Languages with the goddess Freya, before they let everyone go for clubs.”

“Damn that’s a lot, they only classes I have are the basics with the addition of gym and Inhuman abilities 101.”

“I’m as surprised as you.” I say as I reach up and scratch the back of my neck. “But then again being a mutant has its advantages.”

“No ganging up on me you two, I may not have any Super powers but I’m still your dad.” Phil says making Daisy and I smirk.

“Yeah, yeah, we know the rules Coulson.” Daisy says as she looks at her cell phone before her eyes widen. “Crap! We’re gonna be late!” She yells out as she grabs some last pieces of bacon before instantly racing toward the door. I grab a couple myself as I run over to the door and slipping into my designated academy loafers I grab my backpack and with a quick wave to Phil we race out the door and down the street toward school. “We’re not gonna make it!” Daisy yells and I groan inwardly.

“Grab on!” I yell out as I hold out my hand to her. She instantly takes it and with as much strength I can muster I jump sending us soaring into the sky. Oh did I forget to mention I can fly? Yeah, that’s right, I can fly.

Let’s go back a little bit to delve into my mysterious history. My father is Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD. My mother is unknown, he never speaks about her and I have no pictures; however I inherited my mutant genes from her. I’m telekinetic, I can fly, and I have super strength. To sum it all up, I’m a Hines 57 of superpowers. Out of all my powers though, flying is my favorite.

“(Name), I can tell you’re reminiscing up there but I kinda think you passed the school.” Daisy calls out and I shake my head as I realize I had in fact passed the school.

“Oops! My bad!” I call back as I turn around and speed back to the school gates. Reaching them I slow down and gently set Daisy down before I land softly on my feet. Daisy glances at her cell phone and lets out sigh of relief as she says, “Made it, and with fifteen minutes to spare.”

“I know, I’m just that good.” I reply jokingly making her roll her eyes.

“Come on, I’ll show you where your homeroom is.” She says and I nod as I follow after her.

“LOOK OUT!” I hear someone yell and turning see a soccer ball flying towards us and I instantly reach out and grab it stopping it just inches from my face. “Sorry about that, some people don’t know their own strength.” A young dark skinned boy says as he smiles apologetically at me.

“Its fine,” I say as I toss the soccer ball back to him.

“Hey Falcon; why don’t you tell the other soccer nuts to watch where they’re kicking their balls?” Daisy says as she folds her arms over her chest.

“Will do, we’ll try to be more careful next time.” He says more to me and I nod.

“Thanks,” I reply as I nod sheepishly.

“See ya around Daisy!” Falcon calls out to my sister as he runs back over to the soccer field. I turn back to her and she just shakes her head as she says, “Falcon’s a good guy; the other soccer nuts however get on my nerves.”

“Falcon? Is that his actual name?” I ask as we reach the academy double front doors.

“His real name is Sam Wilson; his codename is Falcon, just like mine is Quake.”

“Where do you get your names?” I ask and she shakes her head while sighing.

“(Name) you really don’t want to know the answer to that question.”

“DAISY!” I hear a female name call out and I turn to see a girl with long blonde hair jogging up to us.

“Hey Bobbi!” Daisy calls back waving to her friend, “I’ll be there I a sec.” She turns back to me and says, “That’s Bobbi, or Mockingbird if you wanna use her codename.”

“Bobbi’s easier to remember,” I say as I smirk at my sister.

“Same here.” Daisy leads me up the stairs to the third floor. At the top she turns right and leads me about three doors down before she says, “This is Professor Pym’s classroom. If you need anything just send me a text. I’ll try not to collapse the building getting to you.”

“Thanks Daisy,” I reply as I walk into the room to already see some people inside. Looking around I find an empty seat in the back next to the window and make a beeline for it. I wasn’t very social. In fact I was extremely antisocial. At my last school I didn’t have any friends and I was constantly bullied for being a mutant. Of course I never retaliated against any of them, for one I could kill them with a single punch, it just wouldn’t be worth it. As I sit down I glance out the window to see a single solitary young man in the villain’s plain black uniform sitting with his back propped against the fence.

I tilt my head as I find myself unable to look away from him. His shaggy brown hair was waving gently in the breeze. I couldn’t see his face but I found myself wanting too. “I wouldn’t stare too long if I were you.” I hear a female with a Russian accent say and I turn to see a young girl with long brown hair sitting in front of me.

“Oh?” I ask as I glance back toward the fence

“You may get in trouble with Principle Fury; you see we’re not allowed to have anything to do with them.”

“I read the pamphlet,” I say pulling my eyes away from him and back to her. “It never did say why though.”

“No one really knows,” She replies as she wiggles her hands making a book appear from within her bag. “I’m Wanda by the way,”

“(Name), (Name) Coulson.” I reply as I hold my hand out to her. She looks down at it for a moment before replying, “So you are Daisy’s sister, there is not much resemblance.”

“That’s because we’re not blood related.” I reply as I reach into my bag and pull out my cell phone.

“Well, welcome to Hero Academy (Name); if you need anything, just ask.” She says with a smile and I nod.

“Thank you,” I reply feeling deep down that I might have made a friend.

“LOOK OUT!” I hear a voice yell and I turn right as a guy wearing a red and black suit lands hard on my desk. My eyes widen as I glance down at him. “Oh, hi there!” He replies his focus turning to me as he rolls over onto his side. “The names Deadpool; registered badass; what’s yours?”

“(Name),” I reply smirking at him.

“Wade, get off her desk!” Wanda orders as she waves her hand sending him immediately to the other side of the room.

“Aw Wanda; why you gotta ruin my fun.” Deadpool replies as he picks himself up off the floor and walking back over sits down at the desk beside me. He lifts up the bottom of his mask to reveal that his skin is covered in burn scars before he smiles at me. “So, (Name), how you liking the whole hero experience so far?”

“Wade, class hasn’t even started yet; give the girl a break.” I hear another male say and look to the right to see a blonde guy wearing a purple undershirt under his uniform jacket and twirling a drumstick. “The names Clint,” He says as he walks over and plops down in front of Deadpool.

“(Name),” I reply as I offer him a polite smile.

“Alright you hooligans, time to get school started,” Professor Pym calls as he walks into the room making all the students scamper off to their reserved seats.

“We’ll talk after class,” Clint says and I nod. He quickly turns around in his seat and I squint as I notice that he has hearing aids in his ears. I turn back to the window and once again glance at the mystery man setting alone against the fence. I prop my head up on my hand as I tune my ears into Pym’s lesson but my eyes remain focused on the mystery man.


The first few hours went by smoothly with each class beginning with me having to introduce myself over and over again. Most of the so called heroes either ignored me, while some stared at me with snobbish eyes. I let out a sigh of relief as the lunch bell rings. Walking down to the cafeteria I grab my food and look around for Daisy but didn’t see her anywhere. “(Name) over here!” I hear Clint’s voice call out and I turn to see him setting with Wanda and Deadpool along with a couple others I didn’t recognize.

Making my way over I accidentally bump into a girl with long auburn hair. “I’m sorry!” I reply as I quickly take a step back away from her.

“Are you kidding me?!” She yells out as she wipes some spaghetti sauce off of her green vest. “This is Armani!”

“I… I said I was sorry.” I say sheepishly as I try to back away.

“Hey Jean she said she was sorry,” I hear Deadpool say and I look up to see him now standing between us.

“Whatever,” she replies as she stomps away angrily. I mentally kick myself as I stare off in her direction.

“Don’t worry about her (Name), come on; follow me.” Deadpool says as he wraps his arm around my shoulders and leads me over to the table where he was sitting. “You already know Clint and Wanda.” He says and I nod. “Well from left to right we have Peter, Matt, and Natasha.”

“Nice to meet you all.” I say as I offer a small wave.

“Nice to meet you too.” Matt says offering me a soft smile.

“Come on you can sit next to me.” Deadpool says as he pulls on my arm making me drop down into the seat next to him.

“Wade…” Natasha warns and he holds his hands up. “So (Name), if you don’t mind me asking; what’s your super power?”

“I have a few,” I reply as I reach out and take the apple from my tray.

“Like more than one?” Clint asks curiously and Natasha skips him on the back of the head as she says, “That’s what a few means jackass.”

“It’s okay,” I reply smirking, “Um let’s see, I have super strength, I can fly, and I’m telekinetic.”

“Oh me too!” Wanda calls out excitedly. “Well that including a few more dark and sinister things.”

“We’re human,” Natasha calls pointing from Matt to herself to Clint.

“Natasha is a Russian super spy, while Clint is an excellent marksman, and well I can see very well for being a blind man.” Matt says summing the three of them up.

“Is that all?” I say joking making Natasha smirk and say, “I like her.”

“And Pete here was bit by a radioactive Spider.” Deadpool says laying his head on Peter’s shoulder.

“Get off Wade!” Peter says a smirk covering his lips as he shakes Deadpool off.

“Okay, is your name Wade or Deadpool?” I ask the question suddenly boring a hole into me.

“His name is Wade, you can call him that.” Clint says as he tosses a tater tot at Wade.

“So Deadpool is his codename then?” I ask and Clint nods.

“Mine’s Hawkeye; Nat’s is Black Widow; Peter’s is Spider-man; Matt’s is Daredevil; and Wanda’s in Scarlett Witch.” Clint says and I smirk.

“Those are awesome.” I reply as I look around at all of them.

“Don’t worry you’ve got gym after this right?” Wanda asks and I nod. “I’m sure Cap will come up with something.”

“Cap?” I ask tilting my head to the side.

“Someone say my name?” I hear a deep voice say and I turn toward it to see a tall muscular guy with sandy blonde hair standing at the edge of the table with a bright perfect smile on his face.

“Yes,” Clint says as he catches his attention. “Steve this is (Name), (Name) this is Steve; otherwise known as Captain America.”

“Nice to meet you (Name),” He says offering me his hand along with a warm smile.

“Likewise Steve,” I reply as I take his hand and give it a firm shake.

“May I sit down?” He asks and I nod as I slowly slide closer to Wade who nonchalantly leans his head onto my shoulder making me chuckle. “Fury and Coulson have told me a lot about you.” Steve continues and I smile.

“You know my dad?”

“Coulson’s your dad?!” Wade exclaims making the huge cafeteria go quiet.

“Yeah, Wade, hence her last name is Coulson.” Wanda says flicking her wrist making Wade smack himself. As the cafeteria starts to bustle again Steve starts to talk to me about what my father has told him about me. It seemed like my father liked to brag, a lot, about me and Daisy. Steve was nice, and his friendliness didn’t come off as forced, in fact none of the people here at this table seemed to have any problem at all with making a new friend; and for that I was thankful.

Will Continue in ~ One Joke Too Far