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uhmm, hey! *nervous sigh* so i’ve decide to go back and be active in the flash fandom once again, and here’s a friendly reminder that i am a proud snowbarry shipper… i find no shame in that (no matter how many times some people accuse me of being racist white trash, ugly, crazy, bitch that needs to check my head). and this info is directed mostly to the toxic and misogynistic part of fandom that ruinied it for me the last time: please, if you’re not able to get along with the fact that i don’t ship westallen, want to be stupid and immature because of that sole reason then don’t follow my blog, don’t engage me in petty fights and seriously, just go back to shipping your ship but leave me and mine in peace. i will do the same… this goes both ways sb stans. yeah, talking to you toxic snowbarry shippers. do not go out of your way to be mean on purpose to wa stans. we’re on season 4 and some of you still can’t/don’t want to learn a simple lesson, hate breeds hate. just STOP.

Christmas Gift

Genre : Smut & Fluff

Length : 3 084 words

Warning : Sexual content (explicit), slight bondage.

Description : You and Jaebum are together since a couple months now and you’re about to celebrate your first christmas. He is not sure about what to offer you but when he finds the shop he knows he’s going to have fun. A night that promises to be unforgettable.

Walking down the streets of Seoul, Jaebum lets out a sigh of frustration. He was looking for the perfect gift for you since hours now but he couldn’t find anything that would be good enough for you. It was already December 24th and the night would soon fall, leaving him angrier than he already was. This year you promised each other not to buy anything too expensive but Jaebum knew that you didn’t keep your promise when he saw three packed gifts at his name under your bed. He had already found a set of jewels but it was not enough for him.

His phone started ringing in his pocket and when he saw your name he immediately answered “Yes babe?” he said in a soft voice.

Jaebum, I hope you didn’t forget the dinner tonight with my parents? Where are you now?” he took off the phone from his hear to watch the time. It was already 6 p.m and he had to be there in an hour.

No I didn’t forgot, I’m in town right now but I’ll be back soon, I promise.

You sighed “fine but don’t be late. You know that Christmas is important for my parents.

And with that you hung up, leaving Jaebum even more stressed than before. Great… he thought, I need to find her gifts and soon. Now he started to walk a little faster, walking the narrow streets in search of a shop that could attract his attention. When he saw a small shop with a red front and named “Pleasure” he stopped, curious. There was nothing in the display but only a small poster where something was written in red letter; « are you looking for fun? »

He then felt more than interested and entered the shop.

When your boyfriend got home he was right on time, your parents haven’t yet arrived. You were cooking when you felt his arms around your waste and he left a soft kiss in your neck.

Told you I would be on time” you kissed his cheek, happy that for once he was right.

Yeah, it’s a first” you jokingly said “the table is already set but I couldn’t find the candles.”

I’m taking care of it” he said before leaving you in the kitchen. You turned on the oven so that the chicken already cooked stays warm. While doing this you heard the bell sounds in the apartment, signaling the arrival of your parents. You quickly took off your apron, smoothing the few folds of your dress. Jaebum had just opened the door that your mother was already taking him in her arms, claiming that he got really muscular. She then came to you and took you in a warm embrace.

My cute girl, here you are” she kissed your cheek “you are so pretty in this dress.

You chuckled “thanks mom, it was a gift from Jaebum” he smiled at you and your father came to you.

Your mother is right, you’re really pretty” he turned to your boyfriend “I can see you take good care of my daughter.

A bright smile came across his face and he kissed your forehead before putting his arms over your shoulders “always sir.

Now, everyone go and sit down at the table I’ll bring everything” you said and they did as you told except for Jaebum who followed you to the kitchen “baby go with my parents I can bring everything by myself” you took the chicken out of the oven when you felt hands around your hips. He turned you so fast that you barely reacted when his body was pressing into yours.

J-Jae, it’s not the time” your breath starting to become irregular when you felt his thigh slipping between your legs, spreading them.

There’s a gift I can’t give you in front of your parents” he said, bringing a small red bag in front of you. There was a golden inscription in it saying “Pleasure”, making your cheeks blush.

What is it?” you asked innocently, even though you were more than aware that whatever was inside this bag wasn’t innocent.

He licked his lips while coming closer your ear “don’t you want to open it?” his voice was suddenly husky, making you want to moan. You took the bag out of his hands and he slightly stepped back allowing you to open it. You first removed the red paper from the bag before catching the gift. It was handcuffs that were covered in red fur, the keys being hooked to it. The redness on your cheeks became more than obvious as you were holding it.

God Jaebum” you said, rumbling from awkwardness “we never done it and still, you buy me these kinds of things?

He started to grin “I want to make your first time unforgettable babe. But there’s still one thing left in the bag.

You took out of the bag a small box containing a pink object looking like an egg with something that looked like remote control, also pink. You had absolutely no idea of what it could be or how to use it “what it this?” you asked him, curious.

This baby girl” he only pronounced this nickname when you two were intimate and it made your stomach twist “is for pleasure. I’ll show you really soon.

Soon his lips were on yours, devouring you like an animal. His hands went slowly to your ass, pressing it with envy. You opened your mouth and soon his tongue was against yours, exploring every corner. When you heard your mom calling you, you quickly pulled away, releasing you from his grasp.

We-we’re coming mom!” you took the food on the counter and bring it in the living room. Your parents were looking at you suspiciously, making you uncomfortable.

What were you two doing?” your dad asks.

I was searching everywhere for the champagne but couldn’t find it.

Got it babe” said your boyfriend behind you, coming with a bottle in his hand. You smile and you all start to eat the feast you were preparing since a couple hours now. Around you everyone is talking, laughing by moments but you can’t seem to concentrate, thinking about the coming night, when you will be alone with Jaebum. It’s the first time he is that prepossessing with you and you know that tonight you will probably lose your innocence.

Y/N? Are you with us honey?” your mom asks you, a worried look on her face.

Yeah, I’ll bring the dessert” you got up but soon a hand stops you.

I’ll go get it, stay here” Jaebum says and he is soon out of your sigh.

Y/N is there something wrong? You don’t seem to be with us” your dad says.

You smile to reassure them “no, nothing’s wrong. I’m just a bit tired, that’s all.

Jaebum comes back with the big Christmas cake that took you quite a long time to do. Your parents look impressed and it makes you happy that your work is appreciated. Jaebum gives you a kiss on the forehead and you start serving everyone.

The evening then goes by quite fast and soon your parents leave, leaving you alone with your boyfriend. You then start to clear the table and the kitchen, not wanting to confront him. But you suddenly feel two strong hands seize you and putting you on the counter, positioning himself between your legs.

Why do I feel like you’re trying to avoid me?” he said, tilting his head, making him look like a cute little boy.

Your cheeks went red “I-I don’t, I just want to clean everything up.

Jaebum licks his lips in a sensual way before leaning towards your lips, leaving only a couple inches between both of your mouths. Your breath began to speed up as the urge to kiss him became too important.

I feel like you want something babe” he started to move his pelvis, raising the bottom of your dress so that you could feel him through your panties “but I can’t help you unless you tell me.

A whimper came out of your mouth when you started to feel his hard-on against your core. You then grabbed his shoulders, sticking your nails into it “please Jaebum” you implored. All you needed right now was him to make you feel good, you wanted him to use the hand-cuffs on you and even that thing he bought, without knowing how to use it.

Please what baby girl?” he started kissing along your jaw line, sliding down to your neck, leaving wet marks.

Your innocent side started to leave you and you felt brave enough to answer him “I want you to use those things you bought me.

His pelvis started to thrust faster into yours and a groan left his mouth “god, where is my innocent girl gone?

You didn’t know what to say, so you took this opportunity to kiss him, a soft kiss. Both of your lips were caressing each other in a slow and sensual way, driving Jaebum crazy. His hands were lightly caressing the exposed skin of your thighs, making you shiver under his touch. Your hands went to his hair, pulling his face towards yours so you could intensify the kiss. When you felt another stroke from his pelvis you thought it was too much and let out a moan, being swallowed in Jaebum’s mouth.

Fuck, I love your moans” he growls, quickly pulling away from the kiss while he nuzzled into your neck. You felt him sucking into your skin, probably leaving a mark. You started to take off his shirt by undoing every button slowly when you felt his hands sliding under your dress, pulling it up to your bully button. You then took his hand to stop his movement.

Wait” you said breathlessly “let’s go to my room.

A smile appeared on his face and suddenly he grabs your ass, lifting you up and leading you to your room. It’s all darkness in here and you have to blink a couple of times before adjusting. Jaebum then throws you on the bed and stays at the end of it, looking at you intensely.

Take off that dress” his voice is calm and heavy “I’m gonna get the toys.

You watch him disappear from your sight and you quickly obey to what he asked you. With shaky hands you take off your dress, feeling stress in your stomach. Jaebum takes off his shirt completely, walking in your room before stopping himself. You can see his eyes wandering all over your body and you feel uncomfortable.

Baby, you’re so hot” he looks at you warily before lying down on top of you. A smile stretches your face before you place your hands on either side of his jaw and bring his lips to yours. He smiles, his white teeth glinting in the dim lighting while kissing you back, his tongue sliding into your mouth. Both of his hands bring your arms above your head, pinning them with one hand. You feel his other hand going down to your breasts, caressing them on top of your bra. Suddenly you feel a cold bite around your wrists, preventing you from moving.

Jaebum then pulls off from the kiss and gets on his knees so he can get a better look at you. You’re here, under him, looking innocent with both of your wrists tied.

That’s a freaking sexy look on you baby girl” you try to move your hands but you can’t, the cuffs being well tied around your wrists. You started getting wet from being under his gaze, devouring your body.

Baby” you breathe and his lip curls back into a rumble “I want you to touch me.” You were surprised by yourself, it’s like you weren’t able to control your body anymore and your hormones were talking for you.

Sure baby girl” he chuckles, you whimpered when his hands slid under your bra, unclasping the constraints before throwing it in the room. You wanted to hide until he started caressing your breasts in his large hands, squeezing them. Soon Jaebum’s mouth was on your nipple, rolling it between his teeth.

Ah~” you gasped, feeling how sensitive you were. You wanted to touch him but you couldn’t, making you frustrated “Jae-” you moaned once more when he started biting onto your nipple.

I could listen to this all day” he licked at the flesh underneath your breasts and started going down your stomach, dangerously approaching were you wanted him the most. With his strong hands he took both of your thighs, spreading them so he could have a clear view of your soaked underwear. Without really wanting it, you started moving your pelvis towards him so he could touch you.

His lips were just on top of your panties, travelling above it, making you crazy. He then roughly grabbed your underwear, sliding it off your legs.

Hum, so wet for me” his finger were brushing your lower lips, making you quiver. Soon his mouth was on your sensitive clit, licking harshly on it. You became a moaning mess, feeling his tongue down there. Since you couldn’t move your hands you dug your nails into your own hands.

Jaebum I-I can’t” you whispered, feeling a strange sensation growing inside your lower stomach. Suddenly you felt his finger slipping over your opening, pushing his digit into your tight walls. First he was moving slowly but then started going faster, taking your breath away. “God” you panted, feeling his thumb moving in circles against your nub.

You saw him reaching for the pink object he bought you, doing something with the remote control that came with it. The small egg started to vibrate and he took his hands out of you, replacing it by the small object. The feeling was really different than your boyfriend fingers, it was stronger and faster.

Ah~ you look so sexy tied up, with this inside of you” he leaned on you so he could kiss your lips slowly.

It’s too much” you started to feel numb as you were coming “I-” you closed your eyes, digging your nails into your hands. You moaned loudly and arched your back, legs trembling. Jaebum was looking at you going crazy under him and took the object out of your vagina before you became too sensitive. He kissed your forehead and started undressing, unfastening his jeans quickly followed by his boxer. You were still catching your breath as you saw him stroking is hard length before putting a condom on it.

No, wait” you said, bringing both of your tied up wrists in front of you “take these off first, I can’t bear to not touch you.

He smiled “I like them, let’s keep it while I fuck you.

His words went straight to your sensitive core but you still wanted him to take the cuffs off. You rolled on your stomach so he couldn’t be able to touch you, at least, that’s what you thought.

Fine, you want to do it like this?” Jaebum took your hips in his hands, bringing your ass up but leaving your face down against the bed.

Wai-” you barely had the time to say, before you feel him pushing into you, a gasp tearing from your throat as he stretches you. When his hips bump against your ass he is fully filled into you, your lips falling open in shock. You can’t get used to the feeling that he is already slowly strocking into you.

So tight oh my-” he can’t finish his sentence, being carried away by the feeling. You feel an unpleasant feeling, as he’s filling you. Both of his hands remain on your hips, keeping you in place at his rhythm. The tip of his cock nestles so deep in you that tears starts coming out of your eyes. You look back at him over your shoulder and seeing pleasure on his face makes you start to feel good.

You okay babe?” he seems quite worried but you just nod your head. He pulls your torso back onto his, his hand starting to stroke against your clit as his other hand bands around your waist to keep you steady against him. You whimper as he speed up the action.

Baby” you moan into his hear, your head resting against his shoulder “it feels so good.

You started moving your hips back as he moves his in, making each thrust more powerful. The unpleasant feeling is now gone, leaving only pleasure for the both of you. His hips swing effortlessly into yours, making a loud slapping sound echo around the room. Soon his lips find yours and you’re both melting into the sensual motion.

I don’t think I can hold any longer” he murmurs in your ear, his breath is heavy as his exhausted hips keep up the pace against yours.

Hearing this start to make you feel a familiar heat in your stomach as his stroke gets faster together with his thrust inside you “me too” you answer him. You can see sweat shining over both of your body as the effort.

You feel your body starting to react as your eyes roll back while you’re feeling your climax hits you. You call his name in a strangled cry as you dig your nails into your skin. Your body shivers and your walls tighten around Jaebum’s length, making him come right after you. His jaw clenches as his eyes close and you swear you’ve never seen a sexier look on him.

He then pulls out of you and you collapse on the bed, falling on your stomach. You see him sliding slightly to your side and smiling brightly at you.

Can you take these off now?” you ask breathlessly, showing him your tied up wrists a second time. He bends over the bed to grab the key and deliver you, leaving red marks that he starts kissing.

Sorry, did I hurt you?” he asks, full of worries now.

No” you smile, giving him a small peck on the lips “it was amazing.

He pulls out the blanket at the foot of the mattress up to rest on top of the two of you, taking you into his strong arms in a warm embrace.

I love you so much Jaebum” he kisses your forehead “thank you.

I love you too Y/N.


NEW VIDEO: HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES - if you’ve ever had to deal with douchebags in person or online, but didn’t know what to do… here you go.

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:: dear anon trolls ::

this is not aimed at all the loving supportive rays of sunshine out there, but rather the complete and total mega cunts out there who have been plaguing people that  I admire and myself for our writing. Please don’t take offense if you’re a good noodle and you’re supportive/kind and you uplift your favorite content creator. This is just for those special nasty ones who treat us like they own us, demanding things, complaining and just being downright hateful. Because personally I am beyond fed up with the negativity that you select few anon trolls have been giving out left and right.

I hope that as you  read this, nasty bullying anons y ou will remember we share this with you because we choose to. We don’t have to continue doing so and if you lot keep on with the bullying and negativity then I’m half afraid that people will quit doing what they love out of fear. And that makes me sad. Because unlike all you ungrateful anonymous trolls as of late, I legitimately look forward to reading / seeing new fan content and I am grateful for those who choose to share their creative ‘babies’ with me.

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An Open Letter to Tumblr

Dearest Tumblr,

I opened my tumblr as a way for my amazing community to send me messages easily, which I always read and often respond to. I allowed for “anon"s to message me, because I frequently get community members who want advice or pay compliment, yet don’t want me to answer publically and reveal their identies.

It wasn’t a problem until lately. Lately, a few have taken advantage of the anon feature to send me mass amounts of harrassing messages to bully, and to intimidate. It got to the point where I turned anons off, because the messages started to affect my emotional well-being.

But then I thought… Why? Why would I turn off the ability for the many positive, supportive users to ask for advice, send encouragement and uphold the positive side of the internet, because a few eternally unhappy, envious and self-absorbed bullies know which emotional buttons to push? Why would I remove that privilege from the innocent masses (who often times need it), while the guilty suffer no consequences for their abhorrent actions? That is not fair.

Yes, I click that big ‘ol "X” every time I get them to ban said anon’s IP. Because for as unfair as it would be to remove the feature from those who use it as it has been intented, it is also unfair for me to deal with the complete and utter harmful trash that I recieve. So, one by one, I’ll click “ignore” so that user cannot come back. But they keep coming back. They WILL keep coming back and moving on to harrass others because they are allowed to hide behind that mask without fear, without regret, and without any kind of penalty to pay if they bully, harrass or threaten someone.

Tumblr, I am sincerely asking you, on behalf of myself, and the internet, to please consider adding a function to REPORT anons. I don’t need to see their username or their IP; I don’t need to see who they are. But you do, and you can. Their IP is already blocked from sending me messages, so why not implement a review function to block it site wide so that they cannot potentially do the same to others? Many websites on their backend can match last known IPs of usernames, and could match to reported anons. And then, if it is determined that they have used the anon feature with ill intent, you block that IP (and user) from your site, so they cannot continue to run about attempting destroying others in order to lift themselves up.

It’s time that we take a stand against anon bullies. It’s time that we make users responsible for their actions, and its time that we start protecting the people on this site, who are often bullied IRL, from facing the same thing in one of the few places they feel safe.

Thank you for your consideration.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am way too annoyed not to. I don’t care if you ship or not. I don’t care if Sam and Cait are dating or not. But I am embarrassed to be part of the Outlander fandom today. 

The behaviour on both sides of the argument has been appalling, including Mr. William Shatner. He continues to advise others to “simply report shippers who are bullying,” but he does not follow his own council. Instead, he posts their tweets for all to see and mocks them, encouraging others to mock them, blind to how that action itself is a form of bullying.

I don’t care what side of the argument you’re on. If you feel attacked or bullied, there is a button to privately and respectfully report those people. Public shaming is not productive.

That being said, someone thinking Sam and Cait would make a cute couple is not bullying. Someone believing the two are not dating is also not bullying. 

Calling each other names and publicly shaming people for having different opinions IS bullying. STOP IT.

anonymous asked:

avenged sevenfold needs to put their money were their mouth is. I'm sorry but i am sick tired of their stupid promises. they promise a new dvd and no dvd. they promise a game and no game the promise music videos and no video. they are rich not care about us. i see how much money they made out of us brazil and they do they don't do meets they don't care about it. i just sick of people like you of say they are nice to fans and they care. i will never pay for another show.


   I don’t really know how things work in your world. But in the one I live on, I have a job, I go to college full time, I run this blog, I have a home, and 3 chihuahuas to take care of. I’m the first to goof around and say that some of the things we are eagerly waiting for got lost in Olympus, and Zeus himself wont let them come down until perfected. I get it, you want something. But really, must you throw a fit about it?

   This is the time you should be going out there and catching up in school. Hanging out with your friends. Getting yourself away from the virtual world, which is most likely, what A7X is doing at this time.

   I always hear the same cry from teenagers. “I want to. I need to. You need to give me such and such”. I rarely hear, “What can we do?, where can we go?, what should we be doing that we are not?”.

   Go home! Mow the lawn, do some dishes, build a fucking raft, get a job, get off the internet, read a book, positively influence people, feed the homeless…. Bands don’t owe you their life for your recreation. Your parents don’t owe you for fun. The world doesn’t owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe its citizens respect, love, kindness, brotherhood, understanding and compassion. You owe it your time, your energy and talent, which is what this band has given you. If you were a bit in touch with others, no one would be at wars, in sickness or hungry. Because you would be actually making a difference and tending to more important things in life. You need to get up off your ass and do something that has a meaning rather than complain, bully, hide behind anonymous buttons and criticize.

   If the band doesn’t tell you anything and goes in silence you will complain. If the band lets you know they are working on great things, but they are taking sometime to work them out for you, you complain. When you get to that point of being so eager over something that you must say things that make no sense, I suggest   to get up off your ass and do something with love.

   If you want to part ways with a band because of its inability to make music that you like I say pack your bags and leave, Bravo! Great decision! But if you stop following a band because they don’t give you what you would like in the time frame that you would like it done, then please, let me help you pack your bags.

I don’t ship anything in VLD aside from Shatt but I’ve got to say some stuff about the shipping drama regarding Sheith. I’m getting verrrry tired of the big chunks of the Voltron fandom who act like there hasn’t been tons of mixed information regarding character ages. Like we’ve got virtually every piece of official content that has the ‘five teenagers’ label. Then we’ve got the things from SDCC that says 25 for Shiro, 14 for Pidge, late teens for the other Paladins. THEN we’ve got other crew members saying they’d never been told those ages, and other crew members ship teasing Sheith which yeah would be very uncool if Keith IS underage and Shiro isn't….but at this point? We’re getting a lot of mixed information from a lot of different sources.

So we’ve got a lot of people who ship Sheith and Shance and stuff under the assumption that either everyone is a teen or the Paladins (minus Pidge) are at least 18. Which doesn’t seem at all unreasonable to me! There’s lots of conflicting information, so go for whatever you like! Is that really so goddamn awful? Does that really deserve you guys harassing people about their ships, spamming tags, making entire goddamn blogs devoted to hating on ships because I guess you really don’t have anything better to do with yourselves? Because they took this muddy information and read into what they liked? God, what a fucking crime against humanity.

I want to be clear, I will defend to the death anyone’s right to be uncomfortable with any ship for any reason at all, and I completely support people tagging things properly so people can avoid what they need to. And there’s plenty of room to be uncomfortable with Sheith! It’s a very slippery situation! But none of that justifies bullying like this. And yeah, some of you guys ARE bullying. There’s a block button. There’s xkit. Make use of these things. I’m not saying you can’t talk about things you don’t like, but there’s a difference between just venting on your blog and LITERALLY saying in the tags that you think Sheith shippers should die. Because that’s more vile than any ship could ever be.

To close, some words from our own beloved Space Dad, Josh Keaton:
“Roses are Red,
My Lion is Black,
If you grief other shippers,
You need to walk that ish back.”

Self love train!

I did one of these on my old blog too, and it made me REALLY happy! Reblog this and write three things you love about yourself. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve to tell everyone all about it! 

As for myself I am: 

Super kind and nice to everyone!

Really brave and unafraid to stand up to bullies! 

Cute as a button! 

Now you!