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NEW VIDEO: HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES - if you’ve ever had to deal with douchebags in person or online, but didn’t know what to do… here you go.

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On the subject of bullying...

Ohhh do bullies piss me off. Off and online. Bullying is a red button topic for me.

I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care what your political stance, skin color, religious belief or lack thereof, ethnic origin, social class, spectrum disorder or any other personal quality is. If you’re a bully, you’re a squirming piece of shit and I’ll treat you and regard you like and as the piece of shit that you are. End of story. You don’t deserve even a basic level of respect. Because you don’t treat your victims with a basic level of respect.

I’ve seen what bullying does. Seen some of my friends feel like trash because of it. Seen perpetrators get away scot-free with it due to the not fit for purpose schools or workplaces either turning a blind eye to it or refusing to deal with it adequately. Hell, even I’ve been subject to it online with one bully referring to me with dehumanizing pronouns (“It”) and a whole group talking shit about me behind my back. Now I’m strong enough person to let whatever these wastes of oxygen say about me fly over my head partially because I’m inarguably better than them by merit of not being a bully myself and accomplishing far more notable things than they ever have (Which is especially remarkable given my disability and how it limits me) but the point is, there are a lot of victims out there who’ve been so ground-down by what these scum do that they don’t have the strength to do that, even being driven to mental harm and even suicide. And that makes me livid.

Bullying is a crime. A serious crime. The fact it isn’t being regarded as such as universally as it should be and that people like Phoebe Prince had to die before this crime was criminalized in Massachusetts is outrageous. If I catch wind of it happening to any people tied to me whom I care about, I’ll personally make it my duty and a favorite pastime to make sure that none of the perpetrators reputations survive in anything less than tatters after I’m done with them. Fuck with me or anyone within my protection circle and I won’t just nip at your heels or burn you. 

I’ll fucking annihilate you. And decimate whatever remains behind.

You’ve been warned.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am way too annoyed not to. I don’t care if you ship or not. I don’t care if Sam and Cait are dating or not. But I am embarrassed to be part of the Outlander fandom today. 

The behaviour on both sides of the argument has been appalling, including Mr. William Shatner. He continues to advise others to “simply report shippers who are bullying,” but he does not follow his own council. Instead, he posts their tweets for all to see and mocks them, encouraging others to mock them, blind to how that action itself is a form of bullying.

I don’t care what side of the argument you’re on. If you feel attacked or bullied, there is a button to privately and respectfully report those people. Public shaming is not productive.

That being said, someone thinking Sam and Cait would make a cute couple is not bullying. Someone believing the two are not dating is also not bullying. 

Calling each other names and publicly shaming people for having different opinions IS bullying. STOP IT.

Self love train!

I did one of these on my old blog too, and it made me REALLY happy! Reblog this and write three things you love about yourself. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve to tell everyone all about it! 

As for myself I am: 

Super kind and nice to everyone!

Really brave and unafraid to stand up to bullies! 

Cute as a button! 

Now you!