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NEW VIDEO: HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES - if you’ve ever had to deal with douchebags in person or online, but didn’t know what to do… here you go.

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An Open Letter to Tumblr

Dearest Tumblr,

I opened my tumblr as a way for my amazing community to send me messages easily, which I always read and often respond to. I allowed for “anon"s to message me, because I frequently get community members who want advice or pay compliment, yet don’t want me to answer publically and reveal their identies.

It wasn’t a problem until lately. Lately, a few have taken advantage of the anon feature to send me mass amounts of harrassing messages to bully, and to intimidate. It got to the point where I turned anons off, because the messages started to affect my emotional well-being.

But then I thought… Why? Why would I turn off the ability for the many positive, supportive users to ask for advice, send encouragement and uphold the positive side of the internet, because a few eternally unhappy, envious and self-absorbed bullies know which emotional buttons to push? Why would I remove that privilege from the innocent masses (who often times need it), while the guilty suffer no consequences for their abhorrent actions? That is not fair.

Yes, I click that big ‘ol "X” every time I get them to ban said anon’s IP. Because for as unfair as it would be to remove the feature from those who use it as it has been intented, it is also unfair for me to deal with the complete and utter harmful trash that I recieve. So, one by one, I’ll click “ignore” so that user cannot come back. But they keep coming back. They WILL keep coming back and moving on to harrass others because they are allowed to hide behind that mask without fear, without regret, and without any kind of penalty to pay if they bully, harrass or threaten someone.

Tumblr, I am sincerely asking you, on behalf of myself, and the internet, to please consider adding a function to REPORT anons. I don’t need to see their username or their IP; I don’t need to see who they are. But you do, and you can. Their IP is already blocked from sending me messages, so why not implement a review function to block it site wide so that they cannot potentially do the same to others? Many websites on their backend can match last known IPs of usernames, and could match to reported anons. And then, if it is determined that they have used the anon feature with ill intent, you block that IP (and user) from your site, so they cannot continue to run about attempting destroying others in order to lift themselves up.

It’s time that we take a stand against anon bullies. It’s time that we make users responsible for their actions, and its time that we start protecting the people on this site, who are often bullied IRL, from facing the same thing in one of the few places they feel safe.

Thank you for your consideration.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am way too annoyed not to. I don’t care if you ship or not. I don’t care if Sam and Cait are dating or not. But I am embarrassed to be part of the Outlander fandom today. 

The behaviour on both sides of the argument has been appalling, including Mr. William Shatner. He continues to advise others to “simply report shippers who are bullying,” but he does not follow his own council. Instead, he posts their tweets for all to see and mocks them, encouraging others to mock them, blind to how that action itself is a form of bullying.

I don’t care what side of the argument you’re on. If you feel attacked or bullied, there is a button to privately and respectfully report those people. Public shaming is not productive.

That being said, someone thinking Sam and Cait would make a cute couple is not bullying. Someone believing the two are not dating is also not bullying. 

Calling each other names and publicly shaming people for having different opinions IS bullying. STOP IT.

anonymous asked:

avenged sevenfold needs to put their money were their mouth is. I'm sorry but i am sick tired of their stupid promises. they promise a new dvd and no dvd. they promise a game and no game the promise music videos and no video. they are rich not care about us. i see how much money they made out of us brazil and they do they don't do meets they don't care about it. i just sick of people like you of say they are nice to fans and they care. i will never pay for another show.


   I don’t really know how things work in your world. But in the one I live on, I have a job, I go to college full time, I run this blog, I have a home, and 3 chihuahuas to take care of. I’m the first to goof around and say that some of the things we are eagerly waiting for got lost in Olympus, and Zeus himself wont let them come down until perfected. I get it, you want something. But really, must you throw a fit about it?

   This is the time you should be going out there and catching up in school. Hanging out with your friends. Getting yourself away from the virtual world, which is most likely, what A7X is doing at this time.

   I always hear the same cry from teenagers. “I want to. I need to. You need to give me such and such”. I rarely hear, “What can we do?, where can we go?, what should we be doing that we are not?”.

   Go home! Mow the lawn, do some dishes, build a fucking raft, get a job, get off the internet, read a book, positively influence people, feed the homeless…. Bands don’t owe you their life for your recreation. Your parents don’t owe you for fun. The world doesn’t owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe its citizens respect, love, kindness, brotherhood, understanding and compassion. You owe it your time, your energy and talent, which is what this band has given you. If you were a bit in touch with others, no one would be at wars, in sickness or hungry. Because you would be actually making a difference and tending to more important things in life. You need to get up off your ass and do something that has a meaning rather than complain, bully, hide behind anonymous buttons and criticize.

   If the band doesn’t tell you anything and goes in silence you will complain. If the band lets you know they are working on great things, but they are taking sometime to work them out for you, you complain. When you get to that point of being so eager over something that you must say things that make no sense, I suggest   to get up off your ass and do something with love.

   If you want to part ways with a band because of its inability to make music that you like I say pack your bags and leave, Bravo! Great decision! But if you stop following a band because they don’t give you what you would like in the time frame that you would like it done, then please, let me help you pack your bags.

Self love train!

I did one of these on my old blog too, and it made me REALLY happy! Reblog this and write three things you love about yourself. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve to tell everyone all about it! 

As for myself I am: 

Super kind and nice to everyone!

Really brave and unafraid to stand up to bullies! 

Cute as a button! 

Now you!