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you know what sucks about having a childhood full of bullying? you grow up and every piece of media tells you that kids who were bullied become better, they become kinder, and they forgive the people who did them wrong because it’s what the bigger person does. but in most cases, that’s not true. they actually grow up bitter, and hold grudges, and might forgive, but never forget. the bullies are probably living life as well as they can, remembering their earlier days fondly, hopefully successful and happy. while the bullied carry the memories, don’t trust easily, and can rarely completely let go of that dislike of themselves someone put into them


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❝ I Promise... ❞

Plot: You’re being bullied at your school but rapmon doesn’t know, but when one day he decides to surprise you and pick you up, he sees you get bullied and saves you

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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Is there anything that’s perfect? Body, grades, life? This was something that weighed heavy on your mind. It wasn’t something odd to think about at your age but it was something weird to be thinking off around 2am in the morning. Turning for the for nth time, you finally drifted to sleep but was pulled out of your sleep by the sound of your alarm clock. Your daily routine kicked in which involved; brushing teeth, bathing, getting dressed, sorting out hair and then looking at your phone for your morning message.

From Joonie

Have fun at school today baby. I will see you later at the studio. Love you lots.

‘School…’ You sigh heavily as you look at the purplish bruise on your inner arm, ‘How fun.’

Getting on the bus, you sank deep into your seat and put on your earphones. The calming music vibrated into your ears as you looked out the window at the moving scenery. The morning bus drives were always your favourite thing during the day, apart from seeing Namjoon. Tapping your finger melodically on your thigh, you felt your earphones begin ripped out.

Here we go, The thought rang through your mind.

‘Morning brat.’ A familiar voice sneered, ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Y-yes, Jihoon.’ You stutter, looking down in your lap.

‘Speak louder you idiot! Someone of us aren’t used to mouse talk.’ Lee Jihoon, your classmate and personal bully, asked.

‘Yes!’ Your voice more firm.

‘Ooooo look at that, little miss mouse has a bite.’ Jihoon pushed your head, resulting in it hitting the widow slightly as the bus came to a stop, ‘Well see you later mouse.’

Grabbing your things, you all but ran out the bus. Truth be told, you hated attending school, well just the current one you were attending at the moment. You never understood why you were bullied, you never bothered anyone. You did as you were told and moved on with life. Rubbing your head, you bumped into someone which caused you too freeze

‘Jihoon?’ The voice asked and instantly calmed you down.

‘Do you even have to ask.’ You sigh looking up at your best friend, Yerim.

‘I don’t understand why you don’t just report them, Y/N.’ She huffed.

‘Because if I do that then they will be more angry.’ You reasoned, looking at the bruise in your inner wrist.

‘Has Namjoon seen that?’ Yerim asked with a raised brow.

‘No and he will never see it.’ You pull down your jersey sleeve and walked to class.

The bruise was given to you a few days ago by Jihoon and his band of misfits. It was still slightly sore but only when force was used by that hand. One would say it was unethical for a boy to bully a girl, but it wasn’t just him. Within the group there were four girls who made your life a living hell. Peace couldn’t even be achieved in the bathroom because they would be around.

From Joonie

Was the bus ride fun?

To Joonie

Same old same old, could have been better.

From Joonie

Are you okay, babe? You sound offish.

To Joonie

I am okay baby, I have to go to class. See you later ^^

Locking your phone, you slipped it into your backpack to only hear a snicker behind you, ‘How cute. Busy telling the boyf about your day?’

‘Yes.’ Your response short as you tried to walk pass them but only to be shoved into the wall.

‘Hey hold up, what’s the rush buttercup?’ Seunghee asked, ‘It must be so burdensome to be a student while your boyfriend is already an adult. Talk about being a babysitter.’ The others laughed at the comment, ‘Are you sure he isn’t paid by your parents to look after you, so you don’t  go running into moving traffic?’

Just then the bell rang and you bolted from the scene before they could rip into you anymore. Tears threatened to fall from your eyes as you sat in class. The day dragged with lessons and hourly bully checks. Eventually the final bell rang and you were on the bus towards Namjoon. Getting off you sighed, you were exhausted mentally and physically. Your back still hurt from being thrown into the wall earlier.

‘Babe!’ Your prince beamed.

‘Hey Joonie.’ You smile as he came to hug you, you just placed your hand on his chest, ‘Ahhh no hugs.’

‘What?’ Why?’ He asked with a raised brow? ‘I haven’t seen you all day.’

He pouted at the rejection while a little chuckle left your lips, ‘I hmmmm just had gym so I am all sweaty. Do you want a sweaty hug?’

‘It’s not like I haven’t been sweaty with you before.’ A naughty grimace spread upon his face as the dimples appeared.

‘Namjoon!’ You hit his chest playfully to only wince at the pain that shot up your arm, ‘Ahh!’

‘What?’ He grabbed your arm, ‘Baby are you okay?’

‘No no, just my wrist.’

‘Are you hurt?’

He was about to lift your sleeve before you ripped it from his touch, ‘No it’s nothing. I am sure I just hit you in a weird manner. Probably from those sculpted pecks.’

‘Ha ha ha, very funny,’ He now held your clothed wrist delicately, placing a soft kiss on it, ‘Are you sure you okay?’

‘My wrist is fine.’ You reassured.

He took your face in his hands and caressed your cheeks with his thumbs, ‘I am talking about you in general, not your wrist baby girl. You have been very offish for the past few days. Is everything good? Home? School?’ He looked deep into your eyes, ‘You know you can tell me anything, Y/N.’

At that moment you wanted to spill everything out to him. You wanted to scream out your irritations and frustrations to the world. But you rather not tell him. He was your boyfriend, not your counsellor. Sighing, you placed a delicate kiss on his lips before breaking apart and giving him the biggest smile you could ever muster.

‘I am okay, baby.’ You said for the nth time, ‘But I have to go home now.’

‘But you just got here!’ He whined.

‘I have tons of school work.’ You stated, ‘I am sorry. But I will see you this weekend, okay?’

‘Why not tomorrow?’

‘I might finish late and I rather not take the bus.’

With that, you said your goodbyes and split ways. Truth be the matter, you just didn’t want to tell him you might be late due to the issues at school because he would want to know why and all that. Arriving at home, you took some meds and went straight to bed. The evening sky was quickly replaced with the morning one. Soon the daily routine kicked in. Bus bullying, scolding from best friend but you tired your best avoiding your offenders.

Walking, you suddenly tripped due to someone, ‘Some would say you are avoiding us Y/N-ah.’

‘And we don’t like being avoided.’ Seunghee added, bending down and tilting your chin up, ‘I’m sure you are used to that feeling though.’

‘Wh-why are you all doing this?’ Your voice cracked, a car pulling up in the parking lot a few feet away.

‘Ahhhh it’s fun?’ Jihoon questioned, a person emerging from the sleek car and walking towards the group of people, ’Does that qualify as a viable answer?’

‘I would say so.’ Another chuckled, ‘Unless you want a soppy answer. Do you want a soppy answer?’

You remained silent, ‘Well do you?!’

‘Y-yes.’ Your voice shook at the force in Seunghee’s question.

‘Look at that, she is actually talking back.’ She pushed you down before standing up.

Your body was in pain. Your back still ached from yesterday and your wrist was on fire due to having to hold yourself up. Picking yourself up, you no longer lay down but sat up straight and looked up towards them. They were once your friends, people you cared about when you were younger but something changed. You weren’t sure and you knew they would never tell you because they left you all alone. Attending school with the people you once cared for was something that was the toughest for you.

‘What? All talk and no bark?’ Jihoon sneered.

‘Maybe she needs a lesson, Hoon-ah.’ Seunghee urged.

‘Or maybe you all need a hit in the head.’ A voice broke the conversation, causing your heart to sink into your chest and them to turn their heads towards the person.

’N-namjoon?’ You asked.

‘Get the fuck away from Y/N!’ Your boyfriend threatened.

‘And what if we don’t?’ Jihoon stood up from himself, ‘Not like you can do anything about it, ahjussi.’

Before Namjoon could make a logical thought in his head, his first went ramming into the younger males face. Jihoon flew to the floor due to the impact that was applied to his cheek, ‘The next person to talk ill towards me gets something way worse then that punch, do you hear me?’

‘Y-yes.’ The others stuttered.

‘I am your senior and elder, show some respect you punks!’ He spat, ‘Next time I see anyone of you around Y/N or even looking at her, I will personally end you. Understood?’ They all nodded, ‘Now beat it before things get ugly.’

With shuffled footwork, they ran down the halls as you tried to get up, ‘Ah..AH!’

‘Wait wait baby,’ He picked you up in bridal style, ‘Let me help you.’

‘What are you doing here?’ You asked as he placed you down on a bench, and took a seat.

‘I wanted to come fetch you since you said you didn’t wanna take the late bus, and it’s a good thing I did,’ He looked at you, ‘What was all that?’

‘Nothing, just friends being friends.’

‘Y/N, I maybe a few years out of school but I ain’t that old to know that those weren’t friends. Are you being bullied?’

‘I would say casual teasing.’ You said softly.

‘Casual teasing doesn’t have one on the floor, thats called physical assault.’ He corrected, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I don’t know…’ The lie seemed to sound more real then anything.

‘So suffering in silence was your best option?’ He asked with a raised brow, ‘Listen to me Y/N Y/L/N, I am your boyfriend.’

‘Exactly you are my boyf-’

‘A boyfriend that wants to protect and keep you safe. I can’t do that when you keep things from me, so promise me something.’


‘Promise me you will tell me anything that is troubling you. Whether its friends, family or life. I need to know because what if I didn’t come at the time that I did, imagine what would have happened?! How could I live with myself knowing that something like that happened right under my nose-’

Namjoon was shut up by your soft lips on his. Within seconds, his plump ones kissed you back with the utter most delicate touch. Enveloping yours, you placed a hand on his knee and gave it a reassign squeeze before pulling apart and pressing your foreheads together and whispering softly.

‘I promise…’

»we were the chosen rejects. we chose not to be a part of the popular crowd. I mean, I can remember a lot of times the more popular people, the ‘jock type’ of people, who were into sports, and staying clean, and brushing their teeth all the time, they always asked me if I wanted to join their little club, and i decided not to, you know, I would rather hang out with the people who didn’t get picked for the baseball team, you know, who smoke cigarettes and listen to rock 'n’ roll music.« – kurt cobain

😊Vacation Time (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Could you write something with Ethan and Grayson and y/n going for a walk at night to the beach when the stars are out, gray decided to take pics and sees Ethan and y/n walking off together and something cute happens???? Thank you sm I love your writing :)) 

Warnings: Mild teasing

A/N: Thanks for the request! Requests are open and this is super cute! And thank you for being amazing❤️❤️ Also, I might start posting pictures cause I like them better than gifs but Idk for sure!

They have been my best friends since grade 3. When I went into homeschooling, the boys went into home schooling. Our families went on vacation together quite frequently but this time it was different. We were 18 and decided to go on vacation by ourselves this time. We were in Maui Hawaii and Grayson, Ethan, and I walking around the beach exploring. 

“The stars look so cool out tonight.” I said smiling while Grayson was ahead of Ethan and I a little bit.

“I agree. It’s so beautiful out tonight.” Ethan says as his hand brushes against mine.

“Hey I’m going to take some pictures before we have to leave. I’ll be right back.” Grayson says as he wanders off in front of Ethan and I. Before I could say something, Ethan darts straight to the water. I run after him as we are both giggling. I heard Grayson shout at us but we ran to where we couldn’t be seen. Ethan was swimming around in the shallow while I was on the shoreline with my toes in the water. Ethan had been begging me to swim for awhile now but I didn’t want to go swimming in the dark in the ocean.

“Y/N I’ve been swimming by myself for an hour now! Don’t make me come up there and bring you in here myself!”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I scolded. Ethan then disappeared underwater. I knew what was happening. “ETHAN!” I screamed and stood to my feet to run back to Grayson. But before I got very far Ethan was hot on my trail. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his shoulder.

“You should know I always get what I want.” Ethan runs back into the ocean and gets waist deep before he drops me in the water. I splash up and stand to me feet. I look around wondering where Ethan went.

“ETHAN!!!!” I screamed as Ethan swam between my legs and placed me on his shoulders. He stood tall and I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“You’re gonna jump! Are you ready?” Ethan asks and I frantically try and fall backwards. “1…” Ethan starts counting. “2…”

“Ethan Grant–”

“3!” And with that Ethan lunged me off his shoulders. I flopped in the water loudly. Ethan paddled towards me but I kicked my feet.

“No Ethan Grant Dolan! Stay back!” I snapped trying to swim away from him and go to the shore.

“Oh babe come on!” Ethan shouts and his words do something to me. They send chills throughout my entire body. I stop swimming in my tracks as Ethan tries to catch up to me. Finally he does and he turns me around. “Why’d you stop?” He asks cocking his head trying to figure out. To be honest, I’ve liked Ethan since our freshman year since we both went into homeschooling. We were with each other all the time and one day we just clicked and for some reason I haven’t forgotten that click. I’ve had countless boyfriends and he’s had countless girlfriends since we’ve been friends but in the end it’s always been us. Even Grayson knows about these feelings and tries and makes something happen. I think that’s why he suggested this trip.

“Babe.” Ethan says and I snap back into reality. He laughed. “So Babe has an effect on you I see.” He says as he moves closer to me. “What if I lean into your ear…” He leaned closer to me. Gently setting his hands in my waist. “And I said…” his warm breath sending shivers throughout my body. I bit my bottom lip and arch my body. Ethan was so incredibly sexy. No man I’ve ever been with had this effect on me at all but with Ethan, it all made sense. He knew what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I wanted, how I felt, everything Ethan knew. He knew what all the other guys did wrong and I knew he would do it all right. “This one is for the boys with the booming system. Top down, AC with the cooling system” Ethan raps gently in my ear. I push him away and splash him with water repeatedly. I was so annoyed with him and honestly I could have drowned him. I started to turn away when he grabs my wrist and pulls me back to him. I avoid making eye contact with him. “Y/N. Y/N look at me.“ I didn’t. I looked up at the sky smiling. "Baby.” Ethan says and I inhale deeply but still stand strong. I stay looking at the stars in the sky as Ethan pulls me closer to him. Our chests our touching and his arms wonder to my lower half. I feel a firm squeeze on my butt and I snap a look at a cheeky Ethan.

“Ethan!” I shouted and he laughs.

“You weren’t looking at me. I needed to do something.” Ethan grins widely.

“What do you want Dolan?” I asked cocking a brow as my hand wanders to the hem of his swim shorts. I feel him inhale deeply. Got him. Before I knew what was happening anymore he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him and my legs wrapped around his waist and his lips hungrily latch to mine. His hands squeeze my butt hard pushing me closer to him. The kiss was wayyyyy overdue. He obviously wanted this as much as I did. He slowly slid his tongue on my bottom lip and I parted my mouth slightly for his tongue to slide in. He picks me up and walks out of the water and he gets to the shore and lies me on my back causing me to get sand all over my back and I felt Ethan start to smile in the kiss.

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“You did that on purpose didn’t you…” I asked lowly and I felt him nod. I pushed him back and wiped my face. “Let’s go back.” I said standing to my feet dusting the sand off my butt. Ethan stands up and runs after me. I hate this game of chase we play.

“Woah woah Y/N hey woah.” He says cutting me off my path. “What’s wrong?”
“Oh I don’t know could be the fact you just kissed me and messed with my feelings and made me look stupid back there for kissing you. I feel like an idiot right now Ethan.” I snapped.

“Wait you think I only kissed you to show your feelings or something? You don’t think I may have feelings for you?” Ethan asks and my breath gets caught in my throat. I don’t say anything. Ethan takes my hand in his. “Y/N Y/L/N I have feelings for you. Since that day you defended me and Gray against those bullies on the bus I knew I liked you. And I always have. You’re so amazing. You don’t care what anyone thinks. You do whatever you can to make everyone happy and honestly that drives me crazy because you always wind up hurt. When guys would break your heart you thought it was a coincidence that I would wind up getting in a fight with them?” Ethan asks me and I shake my head. “I would fight them because they would hurt you. I don’t want anyone to hurt you. I want you.” Ethan says to me and leans in for another kiss. I gently lie my lips on his and this kiss was different. It was softer. Much more sweeter. It’s as if we are taking in each other. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. I liked him and he liked me back. We pulled away and smiled. 

Originally posted by lovershub

“I like you Y/N. I like you so much. I always have." Ethan says to me and we start walking back to the house.

"I like you too Ethan.” I said as I lie my head on his shoulder as we walk inside the house and go to his room and just cuddle and we talked about anything and everything.

The next morning we woke up to Grayson on the phone. “I know mom! No I don’t know when but they are asleep in his bed now. I know!” Obviously he was talking about Ethan and I to his mom. I rolled over to see Ethan sleeping heavily. He looks so peaceful. I lean up and kiss his cheek before going into the living room. “Mom gotta go.” Grayson quickly hangs up the phone before turning to me. Well look at the queen herself. So tell me. What all happened?” Grayson asks sitting at the table. I pour myself some juice and sit with Gray. After a few minutes Ethan walks in.
“The bed is cold without you.” He says scratching his bare chest. “I woke up to a phone call from mom. She wanted to know why Y/N and I were in bed together and then tried to give me the talk.” Ethan says and we all laughed.
“Speaking of the talk…” Grayson says looking between E and I. I gulped my juice avoiding eye contact. “What is happening here?” He says referring to us. Ethan looks up at me.
“If Y/N would like to I would be honored to take her on a date when we get back home.” Ethan says as he places some bread in the toaster.
“Yeah that sounds lovely.” I said smiling and Ethan was smiling back at me.
“I’VE GOTTA CALL MOM!” Grayson shouts and runs out of the room. Ethan makes his way over to me and wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him. He places a kiss on my head as he holds me.
“Get ready for 20 questions when we get home.” Ethan says to me causing me to laugh and spill my juice.

This is worse than being ignored…

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and eventually the van became a surf van. after a month of living in and with our beloved vehicle, sleeping in weird positions, endless packing and re-packing, cooking food in nature, becoming weather experts, minimalists and even more passionate about the environment, we’re on our way back home. we’ll be spending the winter in nuremberg studying arts, working and preparing the van for more upcoming adventures next year.

sankt peter ording, nordfriesland, germany
from our magic bus trip, september 2016

What are friends for?

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AUs for some found families
  • “wellp we’re the only kids of our religion at this boarding school, guess i know who i’m going to meet with on holy days all year” au
  • “you’re the grizzled old mechanic i’m kinda scared of who’s been keeping my car running and you found out i’m living in my car and oh shit you offered me the couch at your place? and you made me breakfast? how do i even pay you back, can i work for you?” au
  • “this is the sixth school i’ve moved to in the last year and my parents figure my attitude problem is hopeless but shit you teach the only subject i actually care about and you do it in a really engaging way and can i come study in your classroom at lunch cause if i’m ever gonna catch up i need the extra time” au
  • “you’re the only one who noticed i was being bullied on the bus and you’ve been sitting next to me every day since, can i buy you lunch or something since you’re my new bodyguard” au
  • “we met mourning neighboring headstones in this graveyard so we bonded initially over our losses but now it turns out you work in the field I’ve always wanted to get into, i’d love to intern/apprentice for you” au
  • “you come in and order the same thing at my diner every night after 1am and i’ve been overhearing your angry phone calls, tonight’s meal is on the house and you can tell me everything, i’ll hold your hand” au
  • “i tell one obnoxious bully to leave a couple smaller kids alone and now the little ones are following me around bringing me flowers and smooth rocks they find, i guess these are my little siblings now” au
  • “i have a terrible relationship with my parents and i guess your parent has been through that and they’re being really understanding and helpful, i’m staying on your couch for a bit while i deal with the situation, and wow you’re a great kid let’s be bffs” au

Don’t push it.

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