bully bully bully


Ashido: We know he can be… mean, but he’s really working on that!

Bakugou: what the fuck

Kirishima: He’s improving very fast!


Kaminari: he’s still a bitch sometimes but he’s looking towards a bright and friendly future!

Bakugou: EXCUSE ME



If you send Anon Messages:

To abuse, hate, bully, antagonise or make someone feel negative, unfollow me. If you feel you have the right to abuse someone for disagreeing with you, having a different opinion, disliking something or loving something you don’t then there’s a term to describe you: Self Obsessed.

My blog is my blog. I will love who and what I love. I will share what I share and like what I like. I will not share something purposely designed to upset someone or something that is nasty/cruel, but I WILL NOT hide my personal feelings on a subject just because one person may feel differently to me.

Keep it respectful guys. And if you want to send hate, own it. Don’t hide behind a grey name.

This HONESTLY looks like a movie poster for a DisneyXD series! Like, here me out:

“Follow Sean Mcloughlin, and his best friend Robin, in their battle against high school bullies, cute girls, all while keeping his secret identity a secret! Join him, in “High school Hero!” Coming out March 2018!“

I would watch the SHIT out of that!!!

Confession: The major issues I have with SJWs are actually the exact *opposite* of what anti-SJWs generally have with them

Anti-SJWs often criticize SJWs for being “butthurt thin-skinned special snowflake crybabies”. Well, that’s *not* the problem I have with SJWs - and it bothers me that many seem to prefer to criticize SJWs for those issues.

The problem I *do* have with SJWs is that many of them seem to think it’s okay to bully people who might be “politically imperfect”. Furthermore, many of them think it’s cool to tell mean-spirited jokes aimed at men, white people, and cishet people. In addition, the fact that SJWs are *every* bit as likely to scoff at the concept of being nice to others as anti-SJWs are also bugs the hell out of me.

While anti-SJWs like to throw around “feels not real” in a mocking manner, SJWs themselves like to throw around “fee-fees” in a mocking manner. In short, the issue I have with SJWs is that they seem to actually *agree* with anti-SJWs that other people’s feelings don’t matter.

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can we like, not rag on the new fans coming to hs? who cares if they’re cringey, you were too once

and quite frankly everyone who’s been wailing about it is way more exhausting than the people who found a thing they liked and tried to participate in the fandom.

let’s not start the hipster “i liked it before it was cool so i’m better” shit, i’ve been here since 2012 and none of us are cool, none of us are free from sin, and new fans are what keeps the fandom alive