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my dog is NOT a pitbull, pit bull is not a blanket term for all bully breeds, there is one breed called a pit bull and that’s the American Pit Bull Terrier, They ARE majority dog aggressive, most bully mixes do have it in their genetics to be dog aggressive, you can not ‘train’ out aggression, you can only manage and train to reduce it, it really doesn’t matter if you ‘raise them right’ its in their genetics, you can’t train herding out of a herding dog, If you have what you think is a 'pit bull’ mix say bully mix instead, it covers all the bully breeds and doesnt add to breed confusion and screw up bite statistics.

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Friends I need some help!!!

Castle Rock (my city) is considering lifting the BSL and are basically gathering people’s opinions this week, and so I’m going to write a letter to the city council about why they should lift it. Soooo… if you have any sources on why BSL is unnecessary/ineffective then pleeease send me some! I would love to help with lifting it in at least my little town. And please share/reblog to get this around to as many people as possible. Thanks everyone!

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Thank you SO much for anyone that has any advice/info or shares this, I appreciate it so much!


Dear family and friends, I have a dog who is looking for a loving permanent home!!

For the past month, I have been helping to foster Cecil, a staffordshire terrier mix, who came from the Pound Buddies shelter in Muskegon MI. He was left their by his owners with a severe case of mange to where his sides and neck were bloody and raw. (Bottom image) He spent a couple months recovering at the shelter, and has since been living in our home learning how to listen to commands (Sit, lay down, stay, wait, gentle), crate training, and how to be quiet to get what he wants. He has been doing really really well. We were hoping to keep him, but due to living situations that isn’t possible for us.

He needs a stable environment, and a family willing to provide further training and socialization. He is not aggressive towards other dogs and has not yet been tested with cats. He has never been aggressive towards children either, but does get excited with company and will potentially jump up. (Able to be worked on). He is now healthy, fixed, is up to date on all shots and worm prevention, and was 41lbs at his last vet visit. He in 19" at the shoulder, and 9 months old. He likely wont grow any larger.

He has heterochromia (two different colored eyes), BIG floppy ears, and a pink and brown nose. He attracts a lot of attention out on walks. He loves to play, and isn’t destructive to property as long as there are ample toys around for him to chew on. He loves to be close to his people, and adjusts to rehoming very well. He already has a leash and harness, many toys, training treats, dog bed, and a half a bag of Kirkland grain free food that will be included in his rehoming package. Would prefer him to end up with someone with some experience training dogs, but he would make a fine companion for someone who is willing to put some extra time into researching how to train with positive reinforcement and consistency.

If you know of anyone who has been talking about maybe getting a dog or rescuing a shelter dog, share his information with them. Please consider being an ambassador for this wonderful, beautiful breed. With proper upbringing, you can show off how wonderful bully breeds can be for you and your family.

If you are interested in Cecil, and would like more information, please contact us at hannahkennedyart@gmail.com or 574.485.8772.

Help me get this boy home!!