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The lovely @lexy_the_elderbull happens to have lots of adventures with her best shark-pal Bruce!
I’m actually working on a design for these two that will provide 100% of the proceeds to shark conservation (@sharkeducation) and a dog rescue (TBD).
Just like the existence of sharks having a bad reputation to some people - so do Pitbulls and Bulldogs. Go visit Lexy. You’ll fall in love the same way you did when you first came to Sharktopia.


Hi! I’m Shasta, and I was living on the streets, pregnant, when I found myself at the shelter. Then my beloved friends here at NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in Lincoln, California, took me in and gave me perfect care until my babies were born.

I was a wonderful mama and my babies all found equally wonderful homes, but that was four long years ago and I’m still waiting. Some people just have no imagination to see what a perfect good dog I am and how wonderful our lives would be if we were together!

I’m around 4 years old, very healthy, housetrained, friendly, good with kids and other dogs, and very mellow – hanging out with my humans is my favorite thing to do! I also give very excellent kisses.

So, what do you think? Can you help me find a home by reblogging me? Or do you want to meet me and try out one of my excellent kisses for yourself? I would be so happy if after all this time my person finally came!

You can talk to my friends about me at norcalbullybreedrescue@gmail.com… come on! I need your help… and I know you can’t turn down my puppy dog eyes!




Such an inspiration to everyone involved in rescue! Today, I met one of the dogs I photographed 4 years ago at a local shelter. I saw her smiling face and instantly recognized her (she is such a memorable cutie!)

This is Katarina. Her days are now filled with cuddling, playing, and going for walks. She is very loved in her new home. As you can see, she’s happy as can be!


Dear family and friends, I have a dog who is looking for a loving permanent home!!

For the past month, I have been helping to foster Cecil, a staffordshire terrier mix, who came from the Pound Buddies shelter in Muskegon MI. He was left their by his owners with a severe case of mange to where his sides and neck were bloody and raw. (Bottom image) He spent a couple months recovering at the shelter, and has since been living in our home learning how to listen to commands (Sit, lay down, stay, wait, gentle), crate training, and how to be quiet to get what he wants. He has been doing really really well. We were hoping to keep him, but due to living situations that isn’t possible for us.

He needs a stable environment, and a family willing to provide further training and socialization. He is not aggressive towards other dogs and has not yet been tested with cats. He has never been aggressive towards children either, but does get excited with company and will potentially jump up. (Able to be worked on). He is now healthy, fixed, is up to date on all shots and worm prevention, and was 41lbs at his last vet visit. He in 19" at the shoulder, and 9 months old. He likely wont grow any larger.

He has heterochromia (two different colored eyes), BIG floppy ears, and a pink and brown nose. He attracts a lot of attention out on walks. He loves to play, and isn’t destructive to property as long as there are ample toys around for him to chew on. He loves to be close to his people, and adjusts to rehoming very well. He already has a leash and harness, many toys, training treats, dog bed, and a half a bag of Kirkland grain free food that will be included in his rehoming package. Would prefer him to end up with someone with some experience training dogs, but he would make a fine companion for someone who is willing to put some extra time into researching how to train with positive reinforcement and consistency.

If you know of anyone who has been talking about maybe getting a dog or rescuing a shelter dog, share his information with them. Please consider being an ambassador for this wonderful, beautiful breed. With proper upbringing, you can show off how wonderful bully breeds can be for you and your family.

If you are interested in Cecil, and would like more information, please contact us at hannahkennedyart@gmail.com or 574.485.8772.

Help me get this boy home!!

“It was 5 a.m. on a Sunday, around a year after Ember had been adopted, when Tracy was jolted from sleep. The pit bull sat next to the bed letting out an unusual low growl. ‘I thought she might be sick or need to go out,’ says Tracy. But instead of heading for the front door, Ember led Tracy to Tre’s bathroom. To Tracy’s shock, she saw her otherwise healthy and athletic son in the empty tub, in the throes of a seizure. ‘He could have been there for hours if Ember hadn’t alerted us,’ says Tracy…Tony and Tre continue to work with Ember on their own to train her as a service dog. She now spends every night sleeping at the foot of Tre’s bed, watching over her buddy. ‘We thought we were saving a dog from the streets,’ says Tracy, ‘but she was the one who really saved us.” (Written by Louise Farr in Family Circle Magazine, January 2016)


Cookie is here to talk about one common misconception people have with shelter animals. That they all have behavioral problems and are difficult to train.


Shelter dogs are often very intelligent and are looking to find homes where their minds are challenged and where they get lots and lots of love and praise for their hard work! Shelter dogs have gone on to do some amazing things - some of which are famous for their performances!

You see, it makes Cookie and many other pets from shelters smile when they see you smile.

Happy Thursday everyone. #Shelterpetaday, day 4.


“Pitbulls are so bad they bite people and used for dog fighting”

If you honestly believe that, look at my princess Dakota. She was rescued from a shelter, she was abused by whoever has her before the shelter but now look at her, she could of turned out bad just like the media makes it out to be but no. She has absolutely fit in with my family and friends. She has never shown aggression to anyone nor dog. It’s how the people raise and treat them. Only having her for such a short time, I realized what everyone thinks of the bully breed and it’s frustrating to be judged so harsh so I honestly feel like we relate a lot due to being a minority and “being different”. In the near future I plan on throwing a benefit show for our local Fresno Bully Rescue because I believe in what they are doing!


Meet our handsome Daddy from Bully Breed Rescue

Daddy is between 2 and 3 years old and 80 lbs of love. This big mushy boy will roll on his back in a matter of minutes when meeting a stranger, because to him, everyone is a friend. 

We rescued Daddy from NYACC a few months ago, where he was on the euthanasia list. Daddy is strong, but he is a gentle giant, with a wonderful, tolerant temperament. He is great with dogs and loves all people he meets! His tail is always wagging, whether it is going for a walk, scratching his head, or just talking to him, he is happy to be around anyone. 

Daddy is a big teddy bear who loves to cuddle, walks beautifully on leash, and would be great in a home with children over age 8 and a large breed female. He would be best suited to a home with a strong leader, experienced with Bully breeds. 

Despite his age, Daddy acts like a big baby, and doesn’t realize he is too big for your lap. Daddy is a total show stopper who loves the attention. Daddy is love and loyalty, strength and devotion - he is why we love this breed. 

Daddy is located in Norwalk, CT and is available for adoption to homes in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and New England. If you are interested in adopting Daddy, please contact adoptions@bbrinc.org 

Adoption application, references, and home visit required.