bully babe

  • Jake and Amy’s first child is named Nakatomi, because Jake’s been promoting it as a possible name to Amy for ages (“Works for a boy or a girl!”)– he comes up with PowerPoint presentations filled with creatively colored pie-charts, bar graphs, statistical analysis
  • Even a binder is produced, filled with all sorts of documents and printouts denoting reasons they should name their child Nakatomi
  • “Aside from being a badass iconic building, Nakatomi was an influential clan in ancient Japan! Can you believe that, Ames? That’s like- the old Japanese mafia! Our baby can be a symbol of HISTORY, and you love history!”
  • Amy agrees to the name Nakatomi, not because of all the detailed PowerPoint presentations and organized binders (she won’t lie, Jake’s efforts lead to a lot of sex, which doesn’t matter since she’s already pregnant) but because seeing how happy the name Nakatomi makes Jake… hell he could’ve suggested Garbage Can as their first child’s name and she might (emphasis on might) have agreed
  • When Nakatomi’s born, Jake surprises Amy with the name he’s written on the birth certificate- Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta (Jake had suggested hyphenating, but there’s enough Santiagos to go around already, so)
  • Amy’s laughing on the hospital bed in an otherwise silent ward full of resting parents– she can’t believe her first born daughter’s name is Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta, but she wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. She actually loves that her favorite font is her baby’s middle name, and she loves her crazy husband who made the call
  • “If you don’t like it we can always change it,” Jake sheepishly remarks as his fingers run through his hair, “I know I’ve been harping on this Nakatomi thing for months, and that was selfish of-”
  • “No,” she tells him, firmly. “I love it. I love her–” she reaches for his face and kisses him sweetly–“and I love you.”
  • Jake gives her a look of awe, and chuckles. “It is a crazy name though–”
  • “It is. But you’re crazy, and I married you because I love that about you. And I’m crazy too, because I actually love this name- for one, it’s definitely not boring.”
  • If one had walked up to Amy in the street ten years ago and told her that her first child would be named Nakatomi Helvetica Peralta, she would have run away screaming. Although, if that same someone had told her back then that Jake Peralta would also be the father of her children, she would’ve run away screaming too.
  • Now, looking at his face of awe, she’s never felt happier.
  • “I love you so much–” he tells her, and she feels it so strongly–“but our baby’s totally gonna get beat up at school when she’s older.”
  • Amy laughs, really truly laughs. “No she’s not, because she has us as parents.”
  • “And we aren’t exactly fantastic examples of ‘not getting bullied as kids’, babe.”
  • They take to calling Nakatomi 'Tomi’ for short, and even though everyone sighs heavily when they find out what Jake and Amy have named their first child, Tomi grows on everyone because she’s literally the most precious thing
  • As a toddler learning to speak, she keeps messing up the pronunciation of The Enigma’s name, as she can’t pronounce 'Eh’ and 'Ma’, yet, she keeps referring to The Enigma as 'Dee Nee’. In the following years, 'Deenie’ is the only nickname The Enigma accepts
  • The Enigma’s largely the main reason why Nakatomi doesn’t get made fun of at school for having a different name. Namely, when Nakatomi’s old enough, The Enigma gives her a knife as a birthday present, and teaches her how to use it
  • This knife is obviously one of the many knives Rosa Diaz owns that she lets her adoptive daughter The Enigma have access to
  • Amy gets really scared when she finds a knife in Nakatomi’s bag, but upon seeing how good she is at using it, they let her keep it (with stern warnings not to bring it to school any more and to make sure it’s in a safe place so she doesn’t harm herself)
  • Jake asks Nakatomi to sneak him one of Rosa’s top notch knives (she refuses to tell Jake where she gets them, he suspects that she makes them herself)
  • When baby number 2 comes around, Jake and Amy take a more traditional course in the naming department
  • That’s how their baby boy gets named Raymond Terrance Peralta, because “Harry Potter really messed up the whole 'naming your kid after two role models’ thing”
  • Holt and Terry are beyond touched when Jake and Amy tell them their first son’s name. Terry bursts into tears immediately, while a single tear falls from Holt’s eye
  • It’s one of the best moments ever, although the rest of the squad is jealous they didn’t get kids named after them
  • At work, Jake’s favorite thing to do in the mornings is bring his infant son, point at Captain Holt and say 'Big Ray Ray’ before pointing to baby Raymond and saying 'Little Ray Ray’
  • On multiple occasions, Holt has to retire to his office because he can’t handle the Emotions he feels
  • Jake and Amy love calling their son their 'Ray’ of sunshine, Jake especially
  • Nakatomi loves that she’s named after a dope ass building in Die Hard, and it becomes her favorite movie too
  • She also starts a band called Tomi! Tomi! Tomi! Tomi? as a teenager
  • It flops
Be More Chill Spotify Playlists

The fact I have time to make these shows I have no life.

Anyway, enjoy the playlists, kids.

and queer || jeremy heere

gaymer || michael mell

theatersexual || christine canigula

5′5″ of teenage bully || rich goranski

soft babe || brooke lohst

hottest girl in school || chloe valentine 

school jock || jake dillinger 

gossip girl || jenna rolan

a toaster || squip

video gays || boyf riends

arson bros || richjake

the cutest?? || pinkberry

If you have any song suggestions for the playlists, please let me know!!

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Bullied!Short!Reader)

a request from @dianaftop !!!

They requested three fics: this is one of them!

dianaftop: on the Anthony Ramos x reader, the reader (me lol) meets Anthony in school while she was being bullied, because of the readers height. 

so here it is !!!!

hope you enjoy !!!

pssst I had to look up what a school day in America is like because I live in little old Wales ^^

also I used the name Annalise for a bully because I know a really horrible girl with that name so if that’s your name just replace it okay? :)

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Short!Bullied!Reader)

The school bell rings at 8:30, announcing yet another 7 hours of torture from your peers. You ttake a deep breath, steeling yourself up, and open the door. You groan as you see the crowd filling the hallway, all much taller than you. People are barging into you left, right and center, when all you wanted was to get to your locker!

Finally, you arrive at your locker - locker number 46 - and you freeze up as you notice something.

Scrawled across the metal door was a variety of insults.



Nobody likes you!

Just go die already, midget!



You look down at the floor, not wanting to let any of your abusers see how they had affected you. The corridor slowly empties as everyone leaves to homeroom, leaving you alone to cry silently. 

Quiet footsteps begin tapping down the hall and you involuntarily flinch, even though you know that your bullies would normally have shouted out to you by now.

The footsteps come to a halt beside you, and you turn away from the person, snivelling.

“Hey,” A hand rests on your shoulder. “Are you…okay? Is this your locker?”

The voice, a guy, was nice. Soothing. You unconsciously lean towards him, towards his hand.

“Yeah. This is my locker.” You whisper hoarsely.

“Look at me.” The guy says gently. You reluctantly tear your eyes away from the floor and-

Oh. He’s attractive, You think, and silently curse yourself in your head for noticing that when you’re upset. 

It was true though. A puff of curly brown hair, tied back in a low ponytail, sat atop a smiling, freckled face in a way that could only be described as cute. Cute in both a hot and an adorable way. He wore a deep blue polo-neck and tan trousers, and you stifled a smile when you saw a woven leather bracelet with a -was that a turtle?- charm around his wrist.

“My name is Anthony. Anthony Ramos. I’m new here.” He introduces himself, keeping one hand on your shoulder but offering his other hand to you.

“…(Name) (Last Name).” You mumble, shaking his hand. He surprises you by raising your hand to his lips to kiss. You flush bright red. Who even does that any more? You think, but you can’t say you didn’t like it.

“Now, why would anyone bully such a cute girl?” Anthony asks, cocking his head in puzzlement. You blush even brighter. Surely he was messing with you?

“…I don’t know. I guess I’m an easy target because I’m short and un-intimidating.” Your voice trembles on this. You let out a noise of shock when Anthony pulls you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“…You can cry if you want. I don’t judge.” He murmurs. The waterworks start and you bury your face into his chest as the tears start flowing freely. Anthony holds you and rocks you as you continue crying quietly. When you’re finished, he fishes a small pack of tissues out of his pocket and hands you one. You sniffle lightly.

“Why did you comfort me? I’m just a stranger.” You ask shakily. To your surprise, Anthony blushes and struggles to find the words.

“I…I don’t like seeing other people upset…but I thought you were really pretty so I really wanted to wipe away your sadness.” He stutters. He takes a deep breath and smiles at you. “Hey - I think we’ve pretty much missed Homeroom, so we may as well get to first lesson. What d'you have?”

“Um.” You pull your planner from your bag and squint at it. “Intermediate Theatre Arts with Mrs Miller.”

“Eyo! Same here!” He grins, a dimple in his cheek popping. “You’ll have to show me the ropes.”

You find it in yourself to smile at him. “I’d love to.”

Over time, Anthony became close friends with a group of people in your theatre class, Lin, Leslie, Renee, Jasmine, Phillipa, Daveed and Oak. However, you stayed his best friend all throughout the year. You were inseparable. He was always helping you, with your bullies, with your friendships, and even when you got into a fight with your mother halfway through the year, he let you stay with him and his family until you made up. He even took you to prom when nobody else would, despite Jasmine’s blatant crush on him and her hinting that she wanted to go with him. There was only one thing you didn’t confide in him with.


You know how cliche it is, but over the year, you managed to fall in love with Anthony. He was so sensitive, smart and kind that how could you not love him?

Now, on the final stretch of your final year, graduation is looming, and you still haven’t told hI’m.

Wednesday, last period. Music.

“Yo!” Your lanky, over-the-top best-friend-turned-crush sidles up behind you with his guitar on his back and wraps his arms around your neck in an affectionate, backwards hug. You smile and pat his hand.

“Hey, Ant. My freckled babe.” You tease. This was a joke between you two, in which you would call each other babe because you were so close and people thought you were dating.

“Hiya, babes.” He boops your nose. “What’s my favourite girl working on now?” He asks, reaching out to grab your music. You quickly snatch it out of his grasp.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think so.” You wiggle a finger at him. “It’s a surprise.“ 

“Aw.” Anthony pouts. “Can’t I see it? I’m your best friend.” He whines. You giggle.

“Like I said, it's a surprise, silly!" 

"Awww…okay.” He scrunches his nose up and shakes his head to get his curls out of his vision. “I’ll see you later.” He kisses your cheek, causing you to splutter unintelligibly.

He takes his guitar over to the far corner where nobody else is and begins strumming, focusing completely on the guitar. You watch him for a while. Every now and then he’ll look up, make a disgruntled expression and shake his head, muttering under his breath.

“Hey, Shortbus.” You hear, before a hand tugs on your hair and pulls your head back.

“Ah-ow!” You wince and look up. One of the school bullies, Annalise, is smirking down at you with a smug expression. 

“Aw, has the little midget got a cruuuush? Sorry, sweetie, but he’s way out of your league.” She cooes in a horrible tone. 

“Leave me alone, Annalise.” You mutter, but she scowls and yanks your hair again.

“I don’t think so. Now.” She glances at your music sheets. “What are these? Are you writing a song for lover boy?” Her eyes glitter as she swipes up your sheets and reads them. You gasp and reach out to grab them back, protesting. She glares at you, a cruel smile curling her lip. “Are you kidding? These songs are so cringy, Shortbus. Helpless?  The hell kind of song name is that?” She giggles.

“Annalise…” You beg. “Please, leave me alone.”

Annalise laughs. “Hell no. I’m going to go and show these to Anthony.”

“No-no no, please!” You plead, staring up at her. “Please!”

She smirks and sashays over to Anthony, saying something to him in a low voice and showing him your sheet music, the piece of your heart that you had poured into this song.

Anthony grabs the sheet off of her, eyes scanning every line. Annalise smiles triumphantly in your direction.

You expect an upset expression to cross Anthony’s face, for him to look disturbed, disgusted.

You do not expect his face to form into the widest smile you have ever seen. You do not expect for him to look this happy.

He looks up at you, halfway across the room, eyes alight and hopeful.

The bell rings, and you stand up quickly, trying to exit the room before anyone else. However - just your luck, some of the class gets out before you and you feel a hand grasp your wrist, keeping you behind.

Everyone leaves the room, including the teacher, and you’re stuck standing with Anthony holding onto your wrist. You sigh and turn to him.

“Anthony…” You begin.

“I love you!” He blurts out, and you freeze.

“I…what?” You look up at him in astonishment, and hope.

“I love you, so much. Please…was that song that Annalise showed me written for me?” He asks, eyes pleading. A slow, steady smile crosses your face.

“Yes.” You whisper, and Anthony lets out a loud whoop of laughter and pulls you close. “Anthony-”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He giggles into your hair, and you let out a short burst of laughter.

“I love you too!” You thread your fingers through his hair and laugh, burying your face into his shoulder. "I can’t believe that Annalise…was trying to bring a rift between us…but she failed and just brought us closer together!“ You say breathlessly.

Anthony pulls back from the hug and looks down at you, studying your expression. He seems to be deliberating something before he mumbles "To hell with it,” and crashes his lips onto yours. You gasp into the kiss and pull yourself closer to him, thumb caressing his cheek.

The kiss is short and sweet, and he pulls back with a laugh. “I’m your safe place.” He says.


“Kara’s gonna be mad, you know,” Maggie says softly as they walk down the aisle.

“Yeah, well, this was the only time we could both be here and she insisted she couldn’t get out of lunch with Lena Luthor.”

“But to be fair, you never told her what we were doing.”

“Whose side are you on??” Alex asks, scandalised. “I know you and my sister are best friends, but I’m your fiance. You gotta be on my side.”

“I’m neutral,” Maggie replies, playfully aloof. She walks further down the aisle and crouches down. “This one, Alex. This is the one.”

Maggie crouches beside a tiny labrador in a cage, and smiles widely.

“That puppy was dropped off a few weeks ago. Left abandoned on the side of the road, probably because she was born three legs.” Maggie makes a strangled noise, and grabs for Alex’s hand.

“Babe, she smiled at me!” Alex smiles fondly at her soft fiance.

“Of course you choose the underdog.”

The pound worker unlocks the cage, and the small dog starts yapping as it bounds into Maggie’s arm.

“I love her,” Maggie says, and Alex can swear she can see tears glisten in her eyes. She laughs softly.

“What will we name her?” Maggie asks as the puppy licks her face.

“We already decided on a name. Gertrude.” Maggie laughs loudly, until she turns and sees that Alex is serious.

She stops laughing.

“You can’t be serious.”

“You promised me we’d name our first dog Gertrude.”

“I did not!”

“You did, too! I was kidnapped and stuck in a tank, remember?” The pound worker’s eyes widen, but neither woman notices.

“That doesn’t count! We thought you were gonna die!”

“A promise is a promise, Sawyer.”

Maggie sighs, and pets their new dog.

“She’s gonna get bullied, babe. She has three legs and her name is Gertrude.”

“So what do you wanna name her?”

“I don’t know… Taco?”

“Stop hanging out with my sister.”

“Stop trying to ruin our dog’s life.”

“If we name her Gertrude, I’ll never cook in our kitchen again.” Maggie weighs up her options, thinking of their brand new counter tops and fancy new oven.

“Deal,” Maggie says, and they shake on it.

Maggie stands up, Gertrude safely in her arms, and they stand together for a moment, a tiny, perfect family.

“Just remember this,” Maggie tells Alex, “because there is no way you’re naming our children.”

I ate Edna’s special for lunch and guess what it tastes like…

may not be as smooth as it could be – & w/ an assload of inconsistencies – but it’s the best i can do for now :) i think at least that i did pretty okay for a noob gif maker hahahaha


With the textpost floating around of riot grrrl bands, i think this would also be a good post for people to see!

quick reminder that bands with female fronts/all females/mostly females aren’t always “riot grrrl bands”!! you gotta be careful bc the media classifies any girls who play anything harder than pop music/anything that has somewhat of a feminist/political message as a “riot grrrl band”. It’s basically saying that women who play music are only able to play in one genre, which totally takes away any progress they’re trying to make in the music world.

I’M NOT SAYING RIOT GRRRL IS A BAD THING. It was definitely a huge milestone for women being able to be accepted into their music scenes. Many women are influenced by it/got their start listening to it, or have a political message in their music, BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM RIOT GRRRL.





feel free to add any more you think would be a good addition. ESPECIALLY bands with WOC, trans*, and queer women since they are usually erased by people in the music scene/the media. Thx bbys and stay woke xo

BTS Drabble/Imagine: Bottling It Up

Member: Yoongi

Prompt(s): Angst/Fluff (Drabble Challenge)

  • 49) But, I said I love you.


  • 2) Can you shut up for five minutes, please?

Requested by: anon

Summary: Yoongi has had a long stressful day and Y/N deals with the aftermath.

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

The moment he walks in you know. It has been a rough day. There has been several of these recently.

Your boyfriend’s name is Yoongi; a passionate man in every way. That is how you know him, anyhow. The general population knows him as Suga, lead rapper for the K-Pop group that is taking over the world, BTS. Photoshoots, interviews, award shows, dance practices, performances, tour plans…he is a busy guy. He also does more than his fair share of writing and producing. You don’t know what happened today, but it is very evident that something didn’t go like he had planned.

“Welcome home, babe!” You exclaim as you walk up to give him a hug. He isn’t the biggest fan of skinship in public or when he is busy, but he doesn’t refuse it when you’re alone or one of you is upset.

Today is no different in that aspect. However, the hug isn’t the same.

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scaredycatandeucatastrophe  asked:

Hiiii, may I request some head canons for Bakugou and Kirishima having a crush on a girl who surpasses them in strengh but has poor self-esteem because other guys tell her they would never want a gf who's more powerful than them. Thank you, I love your works :)

Thanks BOO 💓 I hope I wrote it well for you~~~~ Enjoy ‘,:)

Katsuki : 

- Will be bragging the hell about you.

- “BaBE FiGhT Me!” Ends up losing anyways but it was worth a shot.

- Anyone who bullies his babe will get a good ass pounding to the face.

“OI YOU MOTHERFUCKING PIG FACE, MY BABE COULD BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY’S ASS.” He’s dashing towards them with exploding hands. “W-WAIT KACCHAN !” You raced after him. Oops too late. Bitch is dead.

- Angry boyfriend ™️

- “Babe ! You were fucking lit out there!” “No… I don’t really think -” “What the fuck babe, you literally beat like a thousand warriors out there?????”

- “Oi, don’t let anyone bring you down.”

- wouldn’t want to fuck anything up with you because if he does, he’ll be fucked.

- Loves you for you and that won’t change.

Eijiro :

- Always bragging about you loudly, making sure you hear it so that he could somehow boost your self confidence.

- Your #1 Fan ™️

- “No listen, Babe. You. Are. Fucking. Amazing.”

- Will never challenge you, oh hell no not even with his hardening quirk.

- He’s gonna be s u p e r pissed once he hears someone dissing you. “Hey, why the hell are you dissing my babe? Don’t you know that she could beat your sorry ass in a split second?! Sucks for you. I’m not as nice as she is,bub. ” Proceeds to beat person up.

-Hugs and kisses still. Probably more than usual if you’re looking distressed.

- Loves you for you, no matter what.

anonymous asked:

How about Iwa-chan's on a business trip and oikawa has to tell him that he's pregnant when iwa gets back, bonus if oikawa is already showing

Read it on Archives: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12237060

Four weeks is too long of a time to be away from home.

In all honesty, Hajime wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place if he had known it was going to keep him away for so long. He should have known better considering every big project came with the chance for hiccups and, as the supervisor, he was pretty much needed on site until everything was a guaranteed go. But the money was just too tempting to pass up—especially if he wanted to surprise his husband with that hot spring trip he’d been trying to save up for—and his omega had been very understanding when the time away had initially only been two weeks.

Tooru had still been understanding even when it increased for another week and then into two, meticulously calling every night just to check in and let Hajime relax to the sound of his voice. The alpha could hear the longing in his words though and he almost cried in relief when everything was settled and he could finally make the two hour plane ride home.

The only thing that would’ve made coming home better is if he could have met his husband as soon as he got off the plane. Sadly though, Tooru had texted him beforehand telling him he was going be too late coming home from work to get him and while Hajime definitely understood, it didn’t quell the need to have his husband in his arms the second he touched back home.

The twenty minute cab ride felt like two extra years off of his life, but the relief of pulling up and getting to the front door of the tiny home he shared with his husband was palpable.

Just being able to take in that homely smell as he opened the door—after sucking in a deep breath, calling out a happy, “I’m home”—relieved any of the lingering stress work had left him with. He could already smell Tooru’s comforting scent just from where he sat at the entrance to pull off his shoes and he didn’t hesitate to leave his briefcase by the door as he slipped on his house slippers, throwing his coat over the back of the couch and hurrying to the kitchen where he could already smell dinner cooking.

Tooru’s back is turned to him when he walks in, focused on searing what looked like fish in the pan in front of him. Hajime hardly minds, simply walking up behind him and sliding his arms around his chest, pulling the omega to him and resting his chin on his shoulder with a content hum.

His mate reaches back to pet over his hair, still pushing around the fish with his other hand. He could hear the smile in Tooru’s voice as he said, “Welcome home, Hajime.”

Hajime was sure Tooru could feel his own smile that he presses into his shoulder. “It’s so good to be home. I didn’t think I’d ever get those property disputes settled…”

Tooru pets his head again, “I’m glad you finally did. I was a day away from just going and kidnapping you to bring you back.”

The alpha laughs. “I would’ve welcomed that honestly.”

He knows Tooru’s smiling this time as the omega turns his head to the side to press a quick kiss to his head. “You’ll get your proper welcome home kiss after you go change and we have dinner together. Foods almost ready so you should hurry.”

Hajime nods, giving the omega another quick nuzzle before letting go and leaving the kitchen, grabbing his coat as he did to hang it up properly in the bedroom. He decides to skip the quick rinse off for now, figuring he could coax his mate in taking a long bath with him later. The alpha didn’t dally, grabbing one of his old t-shirts and a pair of Tooru’s sweats that just happened to be lying on the floor. They were slightly long on him, but comfortable enough that he didn’t care.

By the time he was done and heading towards the living room, Tooru already had their meal carefully set out, kneeling on his pillow and waiting patiently for Hajime to join him. It makes the alpha smile and he doesn’t waste any time taking his spot at the table, murmuring a soft ”let’s eat” that Tooru quietly repeats after him.

His eyes shine the second he notices the extra serving of his favorite tofu to the side and he gives his mate a grateful smile for it. Tooru simply plops his own piece of tofu in his mouth, grinning after he chews and swallows. “Still nothing like your mother’s, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Hajime shakes his head, “I’m just grateful the trouble you went through.”

The omega stares at him seriously, soft smile still on his cheeks. “You’re worth any trouble.”

Dinner is spent in relative silence after that. It’s comfortable, hearing the quiet ticks of their chopsticks, being able to glance over and see his darling husband, even cuter when he notices that lone piece of rice stuck to the side of his mouth. Hajime easily reaches over to wipe it off, bringing it to his own lips and licking it away.

Tooru blushes, adverting his eyes, “You haven’t even been home an hour and you’re already doing embarrassing things.”

Hajime shrugs, “You make it too easy.”


“Love you too, babe.” And Hajime smiles as that blush furthers down the omega’s neck, probably spreading down to his chest.

“Just hurry and finish eating.” Tooru murmurs, “I have a surprise I want to give you.”

The alpha’s eyebrows raise, but he decides not to comment. Diligently digging back in as he’s told and finishing a few minutes after his husband, which is a little surprising considering Tooru rarely cleared away all of his plates.

He hops up before the omega can, stacking all of their dishes and taking them to the sink. He figures they’ll wash them later, after his apparent surprise and maybe that long bubble bath he was still very interested in…

This time when he comes back into the room, there is a lone bag resting on the table with a beaming Tooru now bouncing excitedly in his same spot. The omega grins at him as he comes to sit back down, eagerly sliding the bag over.

Hajime takes the hint and wordlessly starts shifting through the tissue paper, reaching for the bags content and making a soft noise when his hand brushes over something soft. He pulls it out and gasps immediately when he recognizes what is in his hand. “A Godzilla plush!”

Tooru’s grin stretches at his excitement and he points to the bag again. “There’s more!”

Hajime reaches in again and this time he feels that same soft material. He pulls out another Godzilla, this one being considerably smaller than the last. “You got me a mini Godzilla too?!”

The omega nods, still smiling, but Hajime can see the sudden searching look on the other man’s face. After a moment of debate Tooru tells him, “It’s a Daddy Godzilla and a baby Godzilla.”

Hajime nods excitedly. “Yeah! They are going to look so great on our shelf together! I want to go put them up there right now…!”

The alpha makes a move to stand, but he’s caught off by his husband’s sudden burst of laughter. Was him putting toys on their collection shelf really that funny?

“I had a feeling you’d be like this…” Tooru comments after a few moments, confusing Hajime even more with his bright smile. He pulls another bag from under the table. “Good thing I came prepared.”

The alpha stares at the bag. “Babe…you didn’t have to get me all this. I’m grateful, but I’m happy coming home to just you. You should save your money.”

Tooru’s eyes are filled with obvious mirth that Hajime’s still not understanding. He simply slides the second bag over to him, eyes twinkling as he does. “Just open this one. I promise you’ll understand this time.”

Hajime raises his brows again, but does as he’s told once more, reaching in and feeling for the first thing his hand can grab. He pulls out a white t-shirt this time and when he unfolds it, he gets excited all over again.

“A Godzilla t-shirt too?!” He holds it up, seeing his favorite character roaring with the red moon silhouetting behind the creature, making Godzilla look even cooler.

The writing underneath it catches his eye and immediately he’s confused again. “Daddyzilla…?”

He stares at Tooru curiously. Is he trying to match the plush toy?

His husband keeps smiling, seeming like he is almost being patient with him. He points to the bag again. “There’s one more thing.”

Hajime reaches in again, catching on another thing of fabric. He pulls it out carefully and blinks at it several times when he notices how small it is. It takes him a few moments to realize he’s holding a little, white onesie.

“Babyzilla…” He reads aloud, admiring the tiny, almost baby like version of the iconic character that matched the other gifted shirt.

And suddenly it clicks.

He immediately drops the onesie, the thing of fabric falling into his lap over the other shirt still sitting there. His wide eyes shift to his husband who was now holding a familiar looking plastic stick in his hand, one with a little pink plus at the end on closer inspection.

“I was going to just hand you this next. I didn’t know how to be more obvious about it.” Tooru’s expression and tone are teasing.

Hajime says nothing, moving the shirt and onesie to the table so he can crawl closer, eyes still wide open with surprise. “Are you serious…?”

“You tell me.” His omega says as he gestures down to his stomach and Hajime realizes that it’s the first time Tooru’s properly turned to face him since he got home as he can now see a noticeable bulge under his shirt that hadn’t been there before he left.

“How long…?” Hajime’s hands hover of Tooru’s tiny stomach, almost like they were too afraid to touch it. Tooru easily reaches up and drags both down, placing them gently on him so Hajime could feel that definite curve.

“How long have I know? I didn’t find out for sure until a few days after you left.”

Hajime picks up his head, “For sure…?”

Tooru shrugs, “I had a feeling…but I took a test and went to the doctor to make doubly sure.”

“And you didn’t say…?”

He smiles, “I wanted you to be here in person.”

Hajime just nods lightly, still a little too speechless to comment. He could probably be upset that Tooru waited close to a month in not telling him of their little surprise to be, but honestly, upset was the last thing he imagined himself feeling right now.

The alpha was…happy; so ridiculously overjoyed that he almost couldn’t put into words. He couldn’t stop carefully cupping that tiny bump of his husband’s belly, not being able to get over the fact that there was a tiny pup growing right there that was theirs.

He feels so overwhelmed that he almost doesn’t register the tears until his husband makes a surprised noise.

“Hajime…? Are you…?”

Hajime doesn’t even bother to wipe them away, just looks up at his husband with a smile so pure and a heart so full, it feels fit to burst.

“We’re having a baby, Tooru.” He tells him, as if his mate didn’t already know.

Tooru startles at his reaction and the alpha can see the way his face twists suddenly, lips pursing and eyes squinting as if he was trying to hold back tears of his own.

“You’re not supposed to cry.” Tooru tells him and Hajime’s theory of him also crying only being proven further when he can hear how wet the omega’s voice has gotten.

It makes him laugh as he reaches to rub away the trail that suddenly leaks down the other man’s cheeks. “Now who’s crying?”

He laughs at Tooru’s little pout. “I’m crying because you’re a big sap. This is your fault.”

The alpha removes his hands so he can reach up and carefully tug his mate into his lap, relishing in his sweet scent as Tooru nuzzles his face into his neck.

Hajime considers for a moment before saying, “If I take responsibility for this, can our child wear the ‘Babyzilla’ onesie first after they’re born?”

Tooru lets out a soft groan. “I’m already regretting telling you this way.”

Hajime hugs him tighter. “I’m going to wear my ‘Daddyzilla’ shirt proudly every day.”

The omega lets out another groan.

“Why couldn’t you just get it with the plushies!?”