It’s not okay to have your child be scared of you. That isn’t respect. That’s control. 

It’s not okay to have your child obey you at all times in order for you to love them. That isn’t high standards. That’s manipulation.

It’s not okay to force your child become what you wanted to become. That isn’t wanting the best for them. That’s living vicariously through them.

It’s not okay to take away your child’s basic needs as a punishment. That isn’t teaching them. That’s hindering them. 

It’s not okay to dictate your child’s sexuality or gender. That isn’t normalizing them. That’s repressing them.

It’s not okay to berate your child’s appearance or intelligence for being what you think is sub-par. That isn’t toughening them. That’s bullying them.

It’s not okay to take out your stress on your child. That isn’t parenting. That is abusing.

It’s completely okay to distance yourself from your parents. That’s not unloving. That, sometimes, is self care.

Child-on-child abuse is a thing that happens.

Sexual abuse between children happens.
Physical abuse between children happens.
Emotional abuse between children happens.

Just because your abuser was another child doesn’t mean that what you went through is somehow less serious or less traumatic than if an adult did it. Even if you know the child was reenacting their own abuse with you, that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty about being traumatized by it.

When people undermine the impact of bullying and cocsa (child-on-child sexual abuse), don’t listen to them. They clearly have no clue what they’re talking about. The research on the effects of emotional and/or physical bullying and cocsa is on your side. You’re not exaggerating or being overly sensitive. Abuse is abuse.


Hilarious and sad at the same time.

Bart called them out on their dumb, cliched lines. And how stupid they ultimately were.

Then you realize these three depraved kids simply can’t understand that a nice normal loving mom like Marge does buy pyjamas for her 10 year old son. Obviously she does. It’s why they’re so stunned. They have no concept of that. 

(We were told more than once Nelson, at least, was neglected by his mother.)

Bart is incredibly lucky compared to those three.

One of the deepest, darkest moments of the show, IMO.

so this is basically what i think about the school systems policies on bullying… when i was in like middle school there was this girl who was mentally ill and poor, and she was relentlessly bullied by pretty much all the kids in my school and one day she sat at the only spot open at a lunch table to eat and every kid at the table got up and left, and so like I yelled at them for being fucking assholes because … it was.. obviously fucked up?

and you know what the teacher who saw this did… they rewarded me for doing the literal bare minimum. I got like some voucher for food you could buy at the school instead of getting regular school lunch. 

they didn’t reprimand the students who were being fucking assholes and they literally never asked the girl if she was okay or talked to her about it or tried to stop the bullying themselves, as they stood there the entire time this happened.

They rewarded me … who had absolutely nothing to lose, and was not harmed by any of the actions.

From what I’ve seen in school the teachers literally don’t care about the victims of bullying, they simply want to act like they do lmao. In my experience everything they do to stop bullying is performative, nothing more.

I’d even go as far as to say some teachers actively engage in, and encourage, bullying. Lets be honest, it’s been said before, people are bullied typically because they’re members of marginalized groups, and the fastest way for a teacher to become liked by the majority of their students is to pick on the kids they already know the other students hate.

Teachers absolutely have something to lose when defending marginalized children, and they’d rather appeal to those students who aren’t marginalized because it makes their job easier when the majority of their students like and respect them.

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