there's always that one group in a fandom
  • fangirls:i will support him no matter what!
  • fangirls:i just want him to be happy!
  • fangirls:i just want him to find love!
  • fave:*starts talking to a girl*
  • fangirls:who is this bitch and why is she near my man?!
  • fave:*starts actually dating the girl*
  • fangirls:she's a fucking whore who only wants his money
  • fangirls:how could he disrespect us like this?
  • fangirls:i can never support him after this

The truly frightening thing, is that even after everything had happened, Jordan Catalano left a note in my locker to meet him in the boiler room. The nauseating part is that I went.

Omg I’m so mad.
My sister to her 12 y old daughter
- “not a banana eat a yogurt ”
- “why not a banana ?”
- “because it’s too much for a snack with biscuits. A banana is the equivalent of a beefsteak ” (!!!!!!!)

“ But if I give my baby (15 months) a banana everyday he will gain weight no? Bananas are fattening. I was eating lots of bananas last year and gained 5 kilos ”

Like you give meat butter cheese milk sugar to your kids everyday but you freak out about FRUIT ????!!

I’m telling you I will raise my kids differently.

doyoufeelaloneinthatway asked:

Hiya Sasha, how are you ? So, I was talking to my friend and thinking that Niall/Melissa relationship started kind of the same way Sophiam started. First people saw them "by accident", then somewhere with friends (Sophia at the tattoo parlor in LA and Melissa on the Yacht party in Sydney), then on their concert, oficial events (TIU after party/Trekstock after party) and outside nightclubs. So I just thought it was a bit suspicious, what do you think?

Yeah I think Modest tends to not deviate from the playbook. There’s always sightings inviting speculation (and publicity) before a “relationship” is confirmed. 

Ahhh, the magical journey from “mystery girl” to “girlfriend”–a trilogy brought to you by Modest.

my three years on this site can be broken down pretty neatly into phases, tbh. the first was unlearning unconscious judgment I hadn’t known I’d picked up. the second was critically analyzing the inception and fostering of judgment on large and small scales, and the third is judging the shit out of almost everyone, all the time.

Estava mais uma vez trancado em seu quarto. Milhares de pensamentos cruzavam sua mente naquele instante, como sempre. Não parava um segundo se quer, de pensar nela, nele, nos dois, na vida, de certo, em tudo. Sua mente era uma completa confusão de imagens e sons, distintos ou não. Ele se pegava preso em seus enigmas, e acabava sempre do mesmo jeito: deitado em sua cama, sonhando acordado de manhã, e sorrindo ao adormecer de noite […]
—  Desmoralizado.

zaynthelonelystar asked:

There is a fan video asking Perrie about her pets and she answers (not with the best face and exciting way when you talk about someone you 'love') that zayn is taking care of them so it's good. Lmao that was outside of their hotel like two days ago in LA.

Well Zayn supposedly choosing pets over Perrie can be used as part of the break-up seeding then, LOL. 

And we’re back to ring stunts now.


Time to get off this merry-go-round. It’s not getting anybody anywhere. #freezayn2k15