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  • Will Solace was the one who healed Annabeth in The Last Olympian after she was stabbed
  • Will Solace was the one who healed Annabeth in The Last Olympian after she was stabbed
  • Will Solace was the one who healed Annabeth in The Last Olympian after she was stabbed
  • He was not created to be Nico’s love interest
  • He’s an important part of the plot who did not appear in Blood of Olympus just function as fanservice
A Game Developer’s Year with #GamerGate: The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good
About a year ago, I decided to ruin my life and the lives of others.
By Adrian Chmielarz

Then a few years later Epic went one way and we went another, and me and two other co-founders of People Can Fly decided to risk our whole lives, literally every last cent we had and more, and make an experimental narrative game. In those two years it took us to make the game, I put the family I finally had at the risk of poverty and eviction, and I probably became a sixty years old man at the age of forty-four.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was a success.

At that point, I took a good look at my life again. I realized I had a wife and a daughter I loved, and I had a successful game development studio with two friends. No one knows what the future brings, but at that moment, life was good.

So I decided it’s time I become a misogynistic cyber-terrorist, harass innocent people, and do everything I can to push women out of gaming.

I mean, at least that is the story some people would tell you when asked why I do not demonize #GamerGate.

There’s an alternative version of that story. It goes the same until the release of my latest game, but then becomes a tale of a guy who — based on what the media and friends told him — took a stand against #GamerGate when it started. However, something felt off to the guy, so he decided to dig a little deeper, and for nearly two months looked into #GamerGate on his own. And then he found out the narrative was false, and while #GamerGate is not Saints United, it’s also not FC Demons.

Which of these stories sound more plausible to you?

This fandom is literally so goddamn toxic and almost terminally cancerous to me, it almost sickens me to admit that I’m a fan of GF at all and it makes me want to leave the fandom altogether and completely incinerate all of my Gravity Falls merchandise. You guys act like immature babies over a FUCKING CARTOON despite the vast majority of you being teenagers and adults and it makes me sick. You’ll all argue over the most stupidest and insignificant bullshit, like shipping and transgender headcanons but predominantly shipping. I do not give a fuck if someone ships BillDip. I do not give a fuck if someone ships Pinecest. I do not give a fuck if someone ships Dipifica. I do not give a fuck if someone ships Mabifica. I do not, will not, and never will give a fuck because it is a FUCKING CARTOON with FICTIONAL characters. I have problems with the first two pairings for personal reasons related to trauma, but instead of idiotically spamming their tag and sending hate to any shipper in my sight, I blacklist it by blocking the posts and moving on with my fucking life which the vast majority of you desperately need to do. If you’re an abuse survivor who has been triggered by a ship, blacklist the goddamn tag when you recover so that you’ll never have to see it again. And if it shows up on your dashboard untagged, simply unfollow anyone who doesn’t tag it, whether temporarily or permanently is your decision. If they get butthurt because you unfollowed them, that’s their problem considering your safety is worth more than their mutual acquaintance with you. Also speaking of safety, DON’T FUCKING RISK THE SAFETY OF OTHERS BY SENDING HATE TO SOMEONE WHO SHIPS YOUR NOTP AND POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING THEM JUST FOR SJW POINTS. If you do that, then you are JUST as motherfucking disgusting and worthless as the very ship in a fictional television series you claim to be against.

You people are absolutely fucking horrendous, egotistical, elitist fucks and it makes me ashamed to be a Faller.

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Prompt: jiffy pop. Foggy throws it into Matt's mouth and its the best thing ever.

Foggy hovered his hand over the top of the Bunsen burner, feeling the grin tug at his face as the warmth from it bloomed through the skin of his hand.  Matt, sensing the heat from across the room, hauled ass over from the closet he was digging through and crouched on his haunches in front of it.  The glow of the burner lit up the edges of his face, softening his little smile.

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what’s up w 5h fans spreading bs rumours about 5sos and other bands just to win an award? i don’t get u guys really, you’re just making a fool out of yourselves. do u think your girls will be proud about what you’re doing rn? HELL NO. if this is all about to win an award well you’re playing it soooo wrong people spreading bullshits all over social networks won’t do u any better.