• One direction: we're gonna be back soon
  • 1d management: they're coming back
  • Fans: they'll be back soon
  • Obama: one direction will return
  • The world: the hiatus is temporary
  • The sun (newspaper):
  • The sun: 1D are splitting for good, fans are crying.
  • Fans: wtf? No, we're not. They're coming back
  • The sun newspaper: actual gross sobbing
  • Fans:
  • The sun: also. Liam is dating a granny, Harry continues to sleep with everything that moves, Niall stays chill, and Louis is a father to a totally real baby. They're all no homo buddy bro pals :)

i must say im quite enjoying naive twitter fans opening their eyes to this messy fauxmance. their tweets are hilarious as if they just came up with the fact that “zerrie might be a fake, pr relationship” 😂

ps: im not using this as a “receipt” to claim how fake zerrie is bc many celebs’ pictures are taken by the same agency, its just funny bc of all the “receipts” that proved zerrie’s fakery, people who think zerrie is real took this as one !!