bullshit voodoo

2P America's Phone Contact Names
  • 1P!America: Eat Pussy Not Animals Would Ya Porkchop
  • 2P!China: Not A Drug Dealer
  • 2P!England: Dont Answer Its The Pink Nightmare
  • 2P!France: Smoky
  • 2P!Russia: Motherfucking Killjoy
  • 2P!Italy: Pain In The Ass Italian
  • 2P!Germany: Hitler Descendant
  • 2P!Japan: Fuckin R00d
  • 2P!Canada: MATTY MOOSE
  • 2P!Romano: So Fancy
  • 2P!Austria: Voodoo Bullshit
  • 2P!Prussia: That One Quiet Albino Dude