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also, and this isn’t a fully fleshed out idea or anything so bear with me, but so much discourse on the left seems to discourage the poor from seeking economic advancement. Not only with “do what you love or your life is meaningless” rhetoric but also like “don’t give in to capitalism, focus on the revolution” shit. Like it’s really not anyone’s fucking business to tell someone living in poverty that they shouldn’t pursue money and tbh since a lot of this discourse comes out of academia, it’s oftentimes written and discussed by some pretty elite members of society.

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Can you know that you are asexual without having ever done the deed?

Sure you can. It’s funny because I see a lot of asks like this and it’s a little upsetting (you’re not wrong for asking btw, it’s upsetting that people are made to feel so invalid). A lot of people (ace spec people, bi people, nonbinary people, etc.) seem to feel like they have to prove their identity somehow– “you’re really not ace unless you try sex and hate it,” “you’re not really nonbinary unless you’re androgynous,” “you’re not really bisexual unless you’ve been with men AND women”– that’s all bullshit. Straight people are very rarely expected to prove their sexuality by doing something or acting a specific way. Cis people are NEVER expected to validate their identity by looking a specific way.

If you tell someone that you’re asexual, if their response is to recommend that you have sex with someone, then they’re the one with a problem.

Do you ever have those days where you just want to give up? Just give up and quit your job and stay home sleeping for a few months and live quietly? And not have to deal with other people’s crap?

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

If you, in any way shape or form, tell trans men not to “identify as” (be) men, or “discourage” them from “Identifying as” men, or try to “educate them” about how “identifying as” men is inherently harmful, you can fuck right off.

This both goes for “Oh no poor dypshoric females being brainwashed by the Trans AgendaTM” TERFS and for “Ewww men are gross be nb instead! Also be as femme as possible because masculinity is icky!” MOGAI hell.

Why do people act like this rcdart bullshit is simply about people not wanting people to draw trans erotica??? As if anyone said that at all during this entire debacle????

That is not the point, you assholes. This artist literally calls their trans man Steve a “slut” when drawing more erotic art of him, chooses to draw him with or without breasts depending on if it’s NSFW or not, and flat out ignores all complaints and pleas from actual trans men and women who are harmed and triggered by their fanart.

How the fuck do people manage to reduce all that nastiness to some near-sighted “Trans people should never be depicted in adult art ever” nonsense?

You can draw erotic trans art, just don’t be a creepy piece of shit about it.


Boy, girl, or undefined?


Any birthmarks or scars?


Hair color? 

Hair style? 

How tall are they?

What shade of skin do they have?

Any piercings? 


Are they missing any body parts? 

How big is their nose?

Strong jawline?

Feminine looking or masculine looking?

What clothes do they wear? 

Big or small feet?


Big or small lips?

Any missing teeth?

Good smile?

Any moles? 

What are their favorite shoes?

How big are their hands?

Soft or rough skin?



Are they sarcastic? 

What about innocent?


Are they insecure? If so, about what?

What are their flaws?

Do they have a sense of humor?

Are they sexual?


What is their sexuality?

Have they ever had their heart broken?

Ever been in a relationship?

Smart or dumb or in between?

Do they know how to shoot a gun?

Use a sword?

Have they been trained in fighting?

Do they put up with bullshit? 

Do they let people walk over them?

Are they angry?

Any mental disorders? 

Any emotional disorders?

Have they ever been abused?

Rich or poor?

Are they selfish or selfless?

Is their someone they love?

Do they like animals?

Have they ever killed someone?

Family and Relationships: 

Do they get along with parents?

Any siblings, if so, do they like them?

Did Mom treat them right?

Did Dad treat them right?

Did siblings treat them right?

Did ANYONE in their family treat them right?

Any friends, how many?

Have they ever had a best friend?

Single or already in a relationship?

Is their anyone who hates them?

Is everyone in their family alive?

All of their friends alive?

Has anyone ever left them behind?

Do they hate anyone?

Do they get along with everyone?

Are they liked by all?

Does anyone love them?

That’s as many as I can think of for now, if anyone would like to add…by all means, go ahead. Hope I helped! Happy writing!

What antis says: You know what Hinata and Sakura deserve? Better character development. Goals and aspirations other than winning over guys who display no attraction to them. Husbands who do not neglect them and their children. Fulfilling lives and careers that utilize the skills they worked so hard to acquire. That is what they deserve.

What I hear: When I say that they deserve ‘better’ development I mean Hinata to be forced to become the Clan leader against her own free will and Sakura to remain single like her master and live in misery than to be happily married to two guys who grew up loveless and are now happy that they have families. 

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I can’t do this….. I’m so mad and I have so many things I want to say I don’t even know how to start and whenever I try to start they just talk over with more bullshit….. it’s hopeless with these people.. why do they hate poc, lgbt, and women so much…. why do you all want a 1950’s part two….

Conversation that occurred while walking the dog this morning
  • Elderly Woman: What a cute dog! What's her name?
  • Me: His name is Sam.
  • Elderly Woman: Oh, silly me! I'm sorry, I didn't know he was a boy. What's your name then, Miss?
  • Me: My name is Joshua, so I'm not a girl either.
  • Elderly Woman: What? No no, that can't be. You look like a girl, so you definitely are one!
My feminism will be bullshit and it will be valuable

I’ve been afraid to write about feminism and women’s issues on this blog. When I’ve tried, I’ve been shouted down in ways I haven’t experienced on any other topic. (Including topics on which I’ve made serious mistakes that I’m now embarrassed by.)

And in a number of contexts, I’ve seen very vehement comments along the lines of “my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.”

And… I’ve noticed that other movements aren’t held to that standard. Especially, other movements aren’t held to that standard in terms of how they treat women. If they were, there wouldn’t be any movements left.

Everything people do contains bullshit. That doesn’t make it worthless. It means that there’s something that needs to get better.

I’m realizing now that I’ve been cowardly in not writing about feminism and women’s issues. So, from now on, I’m going to try to say more.  

As with every other issue I write about, sometimes people will disagree with me, and sometimes they will be angry. Sometimes people who disagree with me will be right, and sometimes they will be wrong. As with everything I write about, I will do my best to know what I’m talking about, and I will take the issues seriously. And I will make mistakes and my views will change over time as I learn new things.

Making mistakes is better than being silent about things that matter. Doing things imperfectly is better than neglecting them.

My feminism will (sometimes) be bullshit, and it will be valuable.

I see too much pro-life bullshit around

and I’m fucking tired of it, and why do people say that scientists are not sure? According to the materials I used to read medical science proclaims clearly that fetus is not a human, and that’s it.

What if my mother had an abortion? I would never know, so I would never be able to care because simply I would never exist. I also could never be born because the zygote with my DNA could be washed away, or another sperm cell could enter the ovum. Almost everything about embryogenesis happens at random, and people should have a right to take control. 

What i think of the signs
  • Aries: your heart is practically tattooed on your sleeve. You put your all in everything which probably fucks you over on a daily basis. you need give yourself a break.
  • Taurus: you're always so honest and sometimes too honest and it's literally one big roller coaster to be around you and it's fun but i wish you opened up more
  • Gemini: you try too hard despite the fact that you have this "i don't care about anything" persona. you're not fooling anyone and it's tiring to be around you for too long.
  • Cancer: you're either too quiet when you need to be speaking up or you're too loud when you need to shut up. btw you have a great sense of humor
  • Leo: you do so many shitty things all the time, but your loyalty to people you care about is what makes them stick around. your strength is really admirable & it's ok to cry
  • Virgo: you are not a machine and you need to sit down and relax or something. you'd be the best person to hang around if you weren't so uptight. you are #1 at worrying and over thinking
  • Libra: your sense of humor is so under appreciated but that's because it's borderline harsh and offensive. I never know when you're being serious and you're lowkey intimidating (you will probably also take that as a compliment)
  • Scorpio: people tend to throw their problems at you a lot and i 100% understand why you are the way you are. This is me understanding & not calling you a dick because you are not a dick.
  • Sagittarius: you're the best person to talk to when it's rainy and dreary and you have the best vibes. you're all about making the most out of any situation but i always worry about how you're feeling i hope you're alright
  • Capricorn: you are a million times more than what you give yourself credit for. you're always giving without second thought but stop forgetting about yourself. stop putting yourself down w your self deprecating jokes
  • Aquarius: you have good intentions and a heart of gold and you're really weird but it's ridiculously endearing and everyone is most likely in love w you. some people dont deserve your kindness though
  • Pisces: you always give until you're emptied out and that's both the best and worst thing about you. you are the friend everyone goes to when they need a shoulder to cry on

girls and women stanning/shipping villains as they always have is vastly less disturbing than the fact that we now feel the need to call ourselves trash and garbage because of it

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Nickname: Jelly/Po

Sign: Taurus

Height: 165cm / 5′5″ approx. lmfao

Last Thing You Googled: “south korea visa application form auckland” i was searching it up for a friend lmfao 

Favorite music artist: dont really have a main one but ive been into Hedley and Astro recently :”00


Last movie you watched: Train to Busan (yeah i dont watch movies offten lmfao)

What are you wearing right now: nike tshirt and jorts LMFAO

What do you post: i reblog voltron and draw voltron sometimes :”)

Why did you choose your URL: comes from my nickname of potato coined by one of my friends in 2013. Baked comes from my tanned complexion and mashed comes from this one time i was complaining about my friends not giving me enough space on the couch :”)

Do you have any other blogs: used to share an art blog with @lostangelas but we dropped it because neither of us drew much at the time LMFAO

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: theyre Hard AF

Favorite Color: black ;)

Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-7 hours on weekdays 8-9 weekends

Lucky Number: 86

Favorite characters: Lance, Keith and Danny Fenton im sorry (not really)

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 2 usually :0

Dream Job: art related i guess? but im going into commerce so i just want a job that will give me enough dough to live comfortably :”)

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hey, this has been bothering me for a long, long time and i’m finally going to say it. stop with this ‘krp’ bullshit.

korean people are not a genre. we aren’t an aesthetic. do you not find it strange that theres a whole subgenre of roleplay dedicated to korean muses? literally no one else in any other subgenre does this. i have never seen a genre of roleplay for a specific ethnicity. anime and comic rp group themselves as a genre because of the similarities in artistic medium, but

korean people are not an artistic medium. we’re fucking people. you are accessorizing us. this is racist. 

reblogging gifsets of kpop idols you like or kdramas you want to watch and tagging it as ‘omg my muse would definitely have a crush on this person’ is the most shallow, obvious form of yellow fever ive ever seen. whether your muse would have a crush on this idol or actor is not even relevant to the blog, it’s relevant to you, the mun, who sees a pretty korean face and decides that it fits the ‘aesthetic’ of your blog. i’ve never seen anime rp ever reblog gifsets of an anime that’s entirely different from the series that their muse is from and claim that their muse would have a crush on this irrelevant anime character whom they have had no interactions with. so why do you do that to real people? it’s just a tag of korean people who you think are hot? do you not see how fetishizing that is?

and why do you constantly treat korean people like fictional characters you can just fuck around with? does it not strike you as weird to write aus of real people? they’re not even ocs, you just take the idol, their name, their age, their face, and then change everything else around them. these people are not characters, they’re real life entertainers and you treat them like fictional characters, like accessories. writing aus of fictional characters comes from the sentiment of wanting to create something new based on what’s already given of a person who isnt real. it’s fetishizing, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s so painfully uncomfortable to see as a korean person. and it’s not in the same vein as writing an oc and having a faceclaim for them because when you retain the name and ‘character’ of the faceclaim, you’re writing this idol, not an oc, as if the fc werent people. i’ve never seen a ‘benedict cumberbatch au rp blog’ or a ‘tom hiddleston rp blog’ so why is this such a common occurrence to korean celebrities?

so before you write a korean muse using your ‘bias’ as a fc, ask yourself: are you writing out of thirst for your fc or interest for your muse’s characterization? because too many times i’ve come across korean muses with nothing but kdramas and kpop idol gifsets for pages and pages that have nothing to do with their muse and 0 research on our culture (seriously? your muse is special because they’re part of the kim family? 20% of korea has the last name kim, i have the last name kim. i assure you your muse wouldn’t be shit if that’s all they got going for them). i’m sick and tired of having my identity treated like an aesthetic. tone down the yellow fever, thanks.

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ok that post that's like "how many black kids get called this and that" and then at the end it says April is Autism Awareness month, and yea black people are apart of it? yea, uh haha no. I'm autistic myself, and I hate this bullshit of black people gotta be apart of everything, what do they want?? some attention?? fucking repetitive and annoying. AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH IS SUPPORTING PEOPLE WITH AUTISM, NOT RACE! black people already have a month, why do they feel the need to take ours?

Do you. Really hear yourself now? Can you hear that? Oh! That’s the sound of me not giving a shit about your anti-black tears!!!

Honestly black people get excluded out of everything–not the other way around–and the post in question was trying to highlight a lot of the issues black autistic people face in particular, since those issues are a mixture of ableism AND race discrimination and the fact that there’s very little representation for black autistic people.

It’s not about stealing your month or whatever bullshit you wanna call it. There are black people who are autistic and their issues NEED TO BE ADDRESSED in our community, and as a POC autistic person myself I need you to get your head out of your ass or at least the FUCK OFF my BLOG.