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I know how to fight human trafficking and help kidnapped girls who are ignored by the cops because the victims are poor/woc–let’s spread a bunch of mindless panic and bullshit internet rumors while completely ignoring the real factors that lead to victims getting caught up in human trafficking!

So, now people in this site are claiming that they saw Wonder Woman during a screening, and lo and behold, it sucks. All I have to say is…..

Are we still playing the game here? WW is still months away and they don’t usually hold screenings so early for a movie (correct me if I’m wrong here). You guys are not fooling anyone here. If you did go to a screening, then I’ll use the ‘age-old’ saying here…..

Pics or it didn’t happen.

a quick admin note! because i’m honestly sick of getting messages doing any of the following: wishing death on the members, making ableist and racist comments about all of the members, calling the members predatory (specifically jonghyun), making up bullshit rumors about the group, sending creepy comments about well known shawols within fandom, calling me a bitch and / or other gendered slurs, etc. i’m going to be turning off anon again for awhile.

i know that i haven’t been the only one getting nasty anons lately. @fytaem recently made a post about death threats / death wishes they’d been getting regarding the group, and i know of a lot of personal fandom blogs that have been getting them as well. it seems like they’ve been getting worse due to the north american concerts closing in. i hope whoever is sending them realizes what they’re sending in is wrong (though i doubt they will) and that fans won’t stand for that sort nastiness being directed at any of the members. it’s bad timing all around to turn anon off but my inbox will still be open for anyone who has any off-anon questions.

My Two Cents...

While I do question the new rumor out that Zayn might’ve left 1D for Liam (that is a pretty big decision) here are a few things, I think, could support this idea…

1. “I Won’t Mind” 

I won’t mind
Even though I know you’ll never be mine…  

Everyone pretty much accepts that this is a Ziam song (written by Zayn about Liam). It’s the lyrics above that, I think, could support this new rumor. As long as he stayed with 1D, Liam would never really be “his” because they would never be free from the bullshit (beards, stunts, etc…). Though as many people have stated he could’ve stuck around and waited for the management change which is true but…

2. As Liam said…

Zayn might’ve just been acting on his emotions. He may have been tired of having to hide their relationship while also having to deal with the constant vitriol he received. The “bad boy” & “mysterious” image created by management, spread by the press, and believed by the fandom subjecting him to a great deal of disgusting Islamophobia and racism. So, maybe to save himself and his relationship he thought the best thing to do was leave. 

3. Random…

Okay, I’m putting up this gif from December 2014 (?) because I think its important. To me, it looks like Zayn is saying, “See, see, see this is not a problem” as he gestures to him and Liam. He is speaking directly into the camera as if trying to assure? convince? someone that them being together is fine. So while Zayn has been openly rebellious before (ex. Today Show serenade) he may have been starting to get more direct/fight more openly for his relationship. This made me think, maybe he didn’t choose to leave but was forced. With a promise of a solo deal AND seeing the eventual freedom that it would allow for him and Liam, maybe Zayn (again following his emotions) decided that being forced out of the group would be the best thing for both of them. 

Again, this is just my two cents. All pure speculation. 


So, due to some bullshit rumors, my mother’s business has lost 400 customers. My mom does an online business in bath and body (occasionally wax) and was accused of stealing a recipe of a close friend. There’s no evidence to back up these claims, but even still, you all know how people will just follow the herd.

But this poses a great problem with us - this means my mom, her husband, and I could potentially lose our home entirely. I’m trying to find work, as on top of things, I’m expecting my girlfriend to be coming to live with us by the beginning of next month.

I’m sorry I’m asking you all for this, but could you at least check out my mom’s shop, and purchase/promote whatever you can for us?

We NEED this business desperately, it’s all we have until I can find a way to get some work

Please, PLEASE PLEASE help us I’m literally begging here

¿Quién es Annas? Su rol en el caso de Brianna (traducción al español) - Análisis


Esta es una traducción del post original hecho por worshippedlove, lo que quiere decir que no me pertenece. 

Es un poco extenso así que pido por favor que se tomen todo con tranquilidad y lo lean bien; si luego presentan dudas, por favor pregunten. 

Cuando escriba así bajo una foto o artículo o link es porque esto traduciendo lo que dice. 

Aclaración: no los estoy obligando a leer esto ni a creerlo. Por lo tanto, si no es de su agrado o si no concuerda con las opiniones que ustedes tengan, pido el favor de que se eviten insultos ya que, como dije, no están obligados a nada. Gracias. 

Sin más, los dejo con el post.

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Leave Wiishu alone, leave Jack alone, leave Mark alone. Leave celebrities alone. Stay out of other people’s business, they owe you nothing, and certainly not the details of their private lives. Stay off of gossip websites, they profit off of misery and spreading bullshit. Don’t reblog rumors. Unless you hear it from the source, you haven’t heard anything.

Operation STFU 2k15

If people bitched about Paige and AJ’s judgmental promos that literally told girls who like to wear make up or own expensive things that they were failures and not “real women” and falsely slut-shamed the Bellas as much as they cared about the bullshit rumor that Nikki never defends her title or bitching about her heel promos that actually focus on bashing her opponent’s skill, I’m sure the fandom and the world would be a better place.

To be honest, even though it’s a film I’ll defend forever, the reception of Batman v Superman and the way it’s been attacked by critics just makes me really sad.

The DC fandom has had to put up with a lot over the last five years. A lot. There was the New 52 which still divides people to this day, there was the mixed reception of MOS, and overall there was just the general unfair scrutiny that DC was put under by just about everyone. There were innumerable click bait articles along the lines of ‘’Why DC is ruined forever’’ or ‘’Why does DC hates my childhood?’’. Bad press clung to Them, bullshit rumors abounded and were believed by otherwise smart people, and the Marvel fandom had a field day in insulting DC at every opportunity, smug in the protection that the positive reception of Their films had given Them, and acting indistinguishable the bullies who used to make being a geek a hellish existence. Even MCU cast members got in on it, appealing to the worst instincts of Their fans without a second thought to how devastating it is for DC fans to hear those kinds of remarks from people They used to respect.

Through it all, we had hope, however thin it might have been, that one day we’d be accepted by the people who belittled us. Our films would be seen for the love letters to comics that They are and we would be treated as equals. Batman v Superman was supposed to be it. It was supposed to be the moment when the whole world saw DC in a different light. This was going to be our moment and it just…didn’t happen.

We desperately wanted for the film to put an end to the mockery, not further fuel it. In retrospect, it was naive to think that people would put aside Their biases but that was how people felt. But instead it just made things worse. It pretty much guaranteed that many people will never like DC, if They had ever planned to to start with. 

It’s just hard to see something you love get treated so poorly by people who too often just don’t want to even try and understand it.

Gackt fans: please, please continue to support Gackt through this bullshit that’s happening. You guys all know that Gackt would never treat a women with so much disrespect. He would NEVER, not in a million years, rape someone. This charismatic and kind man is the same man that we have always loved. Our wonderful Demon King, Mr. Perfect, Magnum man is still that man that has changed our lives. Please let him feel your love and support as he battles these dick heads who are trying to drag his name through the mud.

We love you, Gackt! 


I can’t believe this even needs to be addressed but for those asking/saying Taylor has gotten a boob job… As you can see she’s been the same since 2006, it just depends on the outfit, bra, if there’s fashion tape to keep everything in place, etc. So can people calm down now? Thanks

Taylor swift is not the rumors people say about her, she is not anyone’s girlfriend, that’s not her title, that’s not who she is. She is Taylor fucking Swift. 7 time Grammy winner. A grown ass woman who is selling out stadiums and breaking records faster than you can blink an eye, and Taylor is not taking anymore of your bullshit rumors.