bullshit privilege

actually the funniest thing about the fyre festival fiasco is that basically a bunch of rich kids were on a regular normal camping trip instead of a “glamping experience” or whatever privileged asshole bullshit they signed up for and now they’re out here acting like they survived a war zone. like oh the horror, becky and chad had to eat a cheese sandwich and pee in a porta-potty, somebody call the fucking red cross

Unpopular opinions

• there are only two genders
• black people can be racist
• women can be sexist
• not wanting to date someone because they are trans is not transphobic
• gender is not a social construct
• gender is not a spectrum
• biological sex is indeed a thing
• transage is disturbing
• otherkin is insane and not real
• women can rape and abuse
• you have to have dysphoria to be trans
• there are only four sexualities.
• micro aggressions are ridiculous
• fat acceptance is harmful
• women in the west are not oppressed
• there is no rape culture
• it is not sexual harassment or objectification to compliment a woman’s appearance
• men are not scary or aggressive
• women aren’t angels
• men and women aren’t the same
• dysphoria is a mental illness
• trans people should go to the bathroom of the gender they pass as.

-from a bisexual transman who is sick of your bullshit.

Things I wish people would understand

There’s only 2 genders.

The world is not flat.

Vaccines can’t cause autism.

Islam is not a religion of peace.

Black people can be racist.

The gender pay gap is false.

The racial pay gap is false.

Islam is not a race.

Sharia law would bring more oppression.

Men aren’t the only perpetrators of rape.

Slavery was not created by white people.

Pepe the frog isn’t a hate symbol, just a meme.

White privilege is not real.

Wealth privilege is real.

Racial preference is not racist.

A gender studies degree won’t even get you a job at McDonald’s.

Misandry and Misogyny are the same thing.

Reverse racism isn’t real, thats because it’s just racism.

the deadliest mass shooting* in the united states targeted a gay club and gay men are currently being rounded up in chechnya
vp pence thinks we should all be electrocuted for existing and i can be kicked out of any business in my home state for looking too gay
so if yall could stop with this privileged homo bullshit that would be nice

*perpetrated by a single shooter on a killing spree

*Man hits his wife, rapes, behaves aggressively, drinks, smokes, does drugs, etc etc*: “but he never had a good relationship with his father and he’s got issues 😢”

*Woman goes through terrible, traumatic experience and speaks out about it*: “OMG MOVE ON get over it you can’t let it rule your life you need to stop going in about it and just live your life and move on”

White privilege means you get to shoot 9 black people to “unleash a racewar”, still don’t get shot by the police, in fact they will buy you a burger, get a fair trial, and if you get the death penalty there will still be more white liberals whining about it than when cops arbitrarily execute black people in the streets because their tail lights don’t work

Rape Culture?

How could you say this is rape culture when if a guy is found guilty they are put in jail, have their reputation trashed, and ruin their careers and hobbies? Feminist these days are fucking idiots.