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Coping mechanisms aren’t inherently healthy (meaning: just because you use something to cope doesn’t meant that that thing is good for you or that just because it’s helping you in the moment means it will help you in the long term) and it’s 100% good to acknowledge this. That being said, however, you need to also acknowledge that not everyone is the same, that not everyone has the same experiences or needs or triggers, and that not everyone is going to experience the same coping mechanism the same way.

One example of this is fiction. Using fiction as a coping mechanism (reading or writing) is not inherently healthy. It is also not inherently unhealthy. Some people write and read certain things to cope and it’s an entirely positive experience for them with no drawbacks whatsoever; other people write and read certain things to cope and it’s a bad experience, it retraumatizes them, it triggers them, and it’s more a form of self-harm than it is a way to cope. A person who has a positive experience with using fiction as a coping mechanism cannot assume that everyone will have that positive experience just as a person who has a negative experience with using fiction as a coping mechanism cannot assume that everyone will have that negative experience.

This same thing can be said for pretty much any other coping mechanism—drawing, listening to music, knitting, exercise, taxidermy, cooking, whatever. All of them can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the person who is using them because not all people have the same experiences in life or with different ways to cope. A coping mechanism that is a saving grace for one person can be total hell for another and both these experience are valid, one does not trump the other and they do not cancel one another out.

So when it comes to mental illness, neurodivergence, abuse, and trauma, the fact remains that the individual knows their own experience more than you do and when it comes to what they do to cope if that thing is not harming other people and they say that it is a positive coping mechanism for them, it is not your place to tell them they are wrong and need to stop particularly when the only evidence you have that they are wrong is your own experience with that coping mechanism or your own personal bias about it (facts, science, evidence make for good arguments; personal anecdotes such as “this was a bad way to cope for me so it CAN’T be a good way to cope for anyone else” and emotional pleas like “this thing personally squicks me out so it must be bad” do not).

Now, if you have concerns about how a person is coping then by all means (politely) talk to them about it! But if they say that what they’re doing to cope is positive for them, if it is not hurting them, and if it is not hurting anyone else, then you seriously have zero place to then start talking over them and acting like you know their own mind better than they do and you certainly have no place to attack them over it, either.

Mental illness, neurodivergence, abuse, and trauma are not black/white issues. They have nuance and the people who experience them are not all the same. When discussing these things and reading what other people are saying it is absolutely imperative that you understand that your experiences are not everyone elses, that you do not always know what is best for other people more than they do, and that if you’re talking so much and so loudly that you’ve found yourself incapable of listening to anyone who isn’t talking in unison with you that you are missing out on most of the discussion.

y’all: I would’ve ran the underground railroad, punched columbus, and hid every jewsish family in my basement.

also y’all: getting a racist fired is not ok??? just because you disagree is no excuse to put someone’s livelihood in jeapordy!! what if they have kids?? yea they were rly mean but ur just as bad

tbh, how dare i pretend to like steve rogers Exclusively to avoid antis??? how dare i draw steve art and read steve fic and yell excitedly abt steve at 3am with my beloved pal for Multiple Years On My Own Time, Just so that i can Criticize Him Openly with some Bullshit Disclaimer. i’m so sorry to u all…truly i must apologize…. when i dressed up as captain america for halloween in high school 2 years in a row, it was a Clever Ruse to deflect bullshit tumblr drama. how dare i…truly i am living a lie…

a lesbian: i’m a lesbian

every shitty queer theorist bullshit website: sexuality is fluid!!!!!! you could fall in live with a man one day!!!!!!!

bi woman: i’m bisexual

boring ass straight people whose opinions no one asked for: you’re probably just a closeted lesbian :/ or straight and doing it for attention :/

Hey it’s ya museum girl again, how ya been?

Lately, people have been arguing with us about our hours. Tldr at the end because this got long and also tw for a small mention of unsanitary topics.

Two weeks ago I had a lady come in about 45 minutes before we closed, complaining about how she drove all the way across the country, none of the visitors centers she stopped at would tell her our hours, and how we don’t do discounted tickets near closing time, and how she wouldn’t be back the following day because she was supposed to be heading back home in the morning or something. But her biggest complaint was that none of the visitors centers she stopped at knew our hours (which I find a little hard to believe? Because our museum is one of the biggest draws of the area? The places have our brochures which have our hours and phone number on them?). And the way she kept on complaining about it was like she wanted me personally to do something about it, but I honestly was exhausted from working all day so all i did was shrug and apologize a couple times whenever she would take a breath from her wild ass ranting.
Finally she went “where is your manager? I want to speak to them about this.”
I pointed her to the gift shop, since the assistant manager on duty was in there. Lady goes in there to rant to her.

Fast forward to closing time. It’s 10 after close and I’m finishing up my reports when a guy comes in the front door (which I forgot to go lock). I look up, greet him, and prepare to tell him that were closed. Doesn’t even let me talk before he goes “Two adult tickets, okay?” And starts chewing on something (plastic? I don’t even know what it was).
I inform him thay were actually closing.
The guy yanks whatever he was chewing on out of his mouth and literally spits pieces of it at me: “Bullshit! You’re open until 7!”
I inform him that 9-7 are our summer hours. Which ended in September.
“Bullshit! It says on your website you’re open until 7!”
I apologize and repeat myself.
“This is bullshit, where the hell is your manager?!”
I again direct him to the gift shop. He storms away and I finish my reports.
One of the higher ups (let’s call her Shiny) comes down and starts chatting with me in the box office not too long after. I told her about the lady from earlier and the guy I just had to deal with. Shiny and I laugh about them whenever the guy from earlier comes out and is yelling across the lobby “Your manager isn’t in here!”
Shiny goes to take care of the guy. I remain in the box office, make sure no one else tries to come in while I finish my closing duties.
Later on when the museum was empty, assistant manager and Shiny tell me how interactions with both these people ended.

With the lady that was complaining about the visitor centers, apparently she had the exact same rant with the assistant manager that she did with me. Didnt even say anything about interacting with me at all. Assistant manager claimed that at one point she got fed up and asked “what do you want me to do about it? I can’t tell them how to give you info.”
The lady stopped ranting. According to my coworkers she browsed the gift shop and even bought one of the $.30 post cards before she left. Still don’t know why she felt she had to complain to a manager about something we literally have no control over.

As for the guy that spat at me, he was yelling at Shiny and the assistant manager both, claiming that on our website AND on our phone it says we’re always open until 7. Shiny pulls up the website on her phone, and even has the guy call the museum and put the menu recording on speaker to prove that were only open until 7 during the summer. Having been proved wrong, he growled that his trip was “a waste of time” and stormed out.
(And to end that particular day, someone left shit on a toilet seat and the wall in the men’s bathroom. Wonderful.)

The third and most recent person to lose their mind over our hours my coworker Rey had to deal with. She was closing box office, went to lock the door (it was a little after 5 she claimed) when a guy came up and tried to get in. She told him they were closing and he lost his shit.
“You’re not closing! It’s only four!”
She corrected him about the time, going as far as to pull out her phone to prove that it was after 5.
He got even angrier, “according to my time zone it’s still 4!”
Rey basically said something along the lines of “it’s 5 here and were closing, sorry” and the guy finally left.
The ridiculous thing about this? We are a three hour drive from the nearest time zone change. Talk about someone who just wanted an entire museum to work around his time.

Tl;Dr one lady bitches about how visitor centers apparently don’t have info on us, a man throws a tantrum and claims were open until 7, and another man tries to use his time zone to justify being let in after hours.

Isn’t it so cute how people like to pretend they’re these super feminist equality heroes for hating Vision but then will turn around and love characters who are actually super misogynistic? Like I won’t lie and say Vision is a perfect character, none of these characters are largely due to the time period they were written, but these people will LOVE on say, Pietro, when he is WAY more misognynistic, especially in how he treats Wanda.

Just say you dislike Vision. You’re entitled to dislike a character, that’s your opinion. But don’t act like you’re some feminist hero because you hate them. It’s pathetic bullshit and you know it.

I just want to say that Pewds was the first youtuber that i watched, for four years now, and i didn’t even knew dan and phil at that time and starting to say things about felix and saying things about dan and phil going to marzia’s birthday is just a non-sence full of bullshit.

And i don’t care if you think that what Pewds “says” makes you hate him cause i started watching him because of his sence of humor and sincere words. One thing that i hate is that lots of websites uses his name for views and lots of people doesn’t even know all the story and start telling things about a certain topic involving him without watching his videos, where you see that he was just joking and not saying that thing to make you all hating on him and he even makes videos explaining the bullshit websites makes you believe that he did. I’m glad that he have his own voice and don’t give a shit about what other says, i wish i could be like that too to be honest… Maybe that’s why he has more than 55M subscribers.

Now coming to the dan and phil and marzia’s birthday, please stop hating (???) on them because they went to her birthday, they’re friends and whatever they think about pewds’s actions, they won’t say their thoughts out loud and they doesn’t even like to start drama and yeah.

And keep in mind, NOBODYS PERFECT. perfection doesn’t exist, everyone has their flows but that’s what makes live more interesting. At least for me ✌

  • Nazis: kill without mercy any man, woman and child of Polish descent they are subhumans and racially inferior and must be exterminated
  • Poland: highest death toll as percentage of population in WWII mostly due to ethnic cleansing
  • Tumblr user, probably American, 77 years later: friendly reminder that Polish people are white and that is xenophobia not racism please stop victimizing white people uwu

bullshit beliefs tvtropes apparently has

  • every single character in Julius Caesar is a villain?? apparently?? because nuanced characterization doesn’t exist
  • there’s “no gay subtext in Catcher In The Rye” because… the author is very very heterosexual apparently
  • the gay content in the raven cycle belongs on a page about subtext. did y'all ever actually read the books
  • that bisexuality and gay characters are media tropes. they’re fucking sexualities oh my god
  • same with trans characters
  • just everything I hate this bullshit website it’s full of Bad media interpretations I’m going to bed



Laci Green hits peak libfem?! 

She even refers to Everyday “Feminism” in these terms “looking forward to dragging all the blatantly anti-science bullshit on this condescending ass website without feeling guilty” lmao- Now sisters let her know more about radical feminism (like always, with a good attitude and understanding) as to not let her be the prey of anti-feminists!