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OK SO i was making a miraculous ladybug sticker pack when I realized something about Adrien’s shirt design…

ALRIGHT SO LET’S JUST JUMP RIGHT IN. I’ll keep it short and sweet in case this has been said before.

The three stripes. They each represent a member in Adrien’s family. The yellow stripe is his mother, green is Adrien himself, and purple is his Gabriel. These can be seen as rankings too. Seeing as Adrien remembers his mother very warmly, she would take the top stripe. Not that we know much about her (yet), but I think it’s safe to assume that she was very kind and loving towards Adrien. Moving on, Adrien’s middle stripe. He’s ranked in the middle because he has the influence of both his mother and Gabriel. He has the love and caring nature of his mother, while also bearing traits of isolation from Gabriel. This therefore, puts him in the middle. Lastly, the bottom stripe. Gabriel takes this stripe for obvious reasons that I’m not going to go into. He’s just GARBAGE.

More into ranking, these could also be ranked in the amount of destruction each person wields, with (or without, in Gabriel’s case) their miraculouses. Adrien obviously has destructive powers with his miraculous, while Hawkmoth has even more.

Lastly, moving onto the colors for a more simple explanation. We can only speculate what the yellow stripe would mean for Adrien’s mother, so as of now that’s open ended. However, I found that both Gabriel’s and Adrien’s kwami colors/miraculouses correspond to the stripes on Adrien’s shirt. (Purple=Hawkmoth, Green=Chat Noir) This may just be a coincidence but I DONT THINK SO.

Alright these thoughts are probably really disorganized. i’m so tired lol. but yeah, i’ll probably delete this later because i feel like it’s been said before?? Who knows.

Surround yourself with people who are better than you. Being in a lion’s den will either teach you how to be a lion or kill you. But being the only lion among sheep will never help you become a better version of yourself. The sheep are your prey and the prey are helpless. You have to be among the predators. Surround yourself with people who can crush you, who will challenge you, who can put you in your place. Then you’ll know where you truly stand.
—  stronger enemies mean sweeter victories

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i feel you so tough when it comes to season S3. I'm trying to limit the time I think about it, which actually is sort of a catch-22 because now it seems to approaching faster than ever /: I always knew the fandom ignored Allura, but im only now starting to see how little they appreciate Shiro. I feel like he's not going to be in this season much at all and most people are ok with that. Guess this fandom only cares about using him as shipping fodder

man i know this is salty but… listen. it is SO HARD being a Shiro stan in this fandom. SO HARD. and the run up to S3 has been especially difficult. because not only have we had to deal with the marketing team yanking our chain yet again with the old “oh HO HO will Shiro DiE?!? wHO kNoWs hahahaha!!” bullshit, we’ve also had to sit through the fandom merrily discussing who gets to replace him.

and i get that from a narrative point of view, Shiro’s absence (either temporary or permanent) is a great opportunity for other characters to grow and develop and maybe take on different roles… but at the same time it feels so tasteless to me because my sole focus going into S3 has been: “is Shiro okay? is he coming back? what’s he up to? how/when will he come back to the team? what will be his role when he does?” whereas the focus of a lot of other people seems to be “HERE’S WHY MY PERSONAL FAVE DESERVES THE BLACK LION!!! Shiro whomstve?? I don’t know her ANYWAY ______ FOR BLACK PALADIN UNFOLLOW IF YOU DISAGREE”

and i’m just like… could you… at least pretend to be upset that Shiro is gone?

you’ve caught me in a mood upswing today and i’m feeling a bit more positive about Shiro’s role in the show and the prospect of him swiftly returning - and part of why i think the show won’t do him dirty is because Shiro is actually a GREAT character. he’s GREAT. i don’t get why people don’t appreciate him more??? he’s amazing???? listen:

  • an Asian man (Japanese) who is portrayed as tall and buff and attractive
  • a traumatised character whose trauma is addressed in the show and portrayed in a sensitive light
  • has a canon mental illness, including having flashbacks and panic attacks on screen
  • an amputee
  • STILL gets to go on adventures and fly a magical robot Lion
  • is portrayed not only as an important member of the team, but the LEADER of the team
  • multiple characters in-canon reinforce that he’s their leader and they don’t want to replace him:
    • Keith: “You mean you’ve got your bayard.”
    • Allura: “You are the Black Paladin now, not Zarkon.”
    • Lance: “Shiro’s our awesome leader.”
  • a disabled character who is physical and competent and excels at fighting
  • a traumatised, mentally ill character who:
    • leads a team
    • has fun and enjoys himself
    • supports his friends and is the glue that holds the team together
    • is appreciated, loved, and admired by his team mates
    • is never treated like a liability or a burden on others

Shiro as a character is HUGELY important and he’s great rep for a lot of people - one of the reasons why i attach to him so much is because as a traumatised, mentally ill fan who has panic attacks and anxiety, i rarely get to see good characters like me on screen. but he’s also just flat out an interesting character. he’s a fundamentally good and kind person who is nevertheless capable of great depths of anger and acts of violence. he’s a great leader but he’s also often confused and dorky. he switches between inspiring speeches and making laser gun noises and when he didn’t know how to form Voltron he legit actually in all seriousness built a cheerleader pyramid out of the Lions and he would do anything for his friends and he’s just… so great.

and he’s got that missing year!! we still don’t know what happened to him?!? like what did Haggar do to him?!? we don’t know!! there’s so much left to discover!! does he have family back on Earth? what was he like before his imprisonment? did he fight any other gladiators in the arena?

and his bond with the Black Lion!! it’s amazing!!! he bonded with her so quickly! and fought Zarkon on the astral plane for her!! they’re so close?!? and he could do the nosedive bonding exercise on his first try?!? he’s so great at being a Paladin?!?!?!??

i think it would be quite frankly bizarre for the writers to give Shiro so much complexity and work to actually establish him as an interesting, fleshed-out, multidimensional character… and then sideline him without really digging into his character and exploring his history and seeing what he and the Black Lion can do together. it doesn’t really make sense to spend two seasons building him up as such a complex interesting character… only to bench him and let him sit back in the Castle doing nothing.

tl;dr: i agree with you that a lot of fandom seems to glance right over Shiro as a character and ignore how interesting he is. i think it’s partly because he’s older, so some fans just categorise him as “boring adult authority figure” and leave it at that. and i think that to some fans, he mainly exists as one half of a ship - that’s certainly something i’ve noticed browsing the tags. and honestly part of the reason why i started running the bloofyboy blog is because i wanted to show fandom another side of Shiro: the dorky goofy fun side; the always-confused-and-struggling side; the “i need an adultier adult” side. because Shiro is great and he’s so important and he’s deep and complex and we haven’t even begun to explore everything he can offer to this story and i would really like to see more of him, please and thank you Dreamworks. 

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Yuuri isn't having any of Viktor's excuses. He's got a 11/10 bullshit detector.

Hahahaha XD
Yuri isn’t buying it for even one second :P

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I have another rec for you: Batman #392. Batman and Catwoman attempt to have a cute date night, including dinner and dancing. Another lighter story from the same era/writer as Batman #383, following a six-part angst-fest (Batman #389-391, Detective Comics #556-558) involving Batman, Robin, Catwoman, Batman's Goth girlfriend, and Goth gf's crazy ex/step-brother (which is interesting, but less funny).

where do i even BEGIN with this i swear to god i nearly screenshotted the whole fucking comic jesus christ like when you said “batman and catwoman on a date” i didn’t think you meant LITERALLY IN COSTUME. LOOK AT BRUCE CHECKING OUT HER ASS. RUNNING COMPLEX MATHEMATICAL ALGORITHMS VIS A VIS: HITTIN THAT.

oh my god selina DON’T JUST START OFFERING HIM HANDIES RIGHT FIRST THING especially not when his idea of a pickup line is ASKING FOR SCRITCHES. i assume she’s offering him a handjob because the alternative is that she’s asking if he wants some help with a rash.

LOOK AT THE REGRET IN HIS POSTURE AS HE REALIZES THAT MAYBE THE LADY AND THE TRAMP WAS NOT INTENDED AS A GUIDE. WHY IS HE STANDING WITH HIS FEET SO FAR APART. i know the answer is ‘comic book art’ but what if he’s deliberately trying to flex. just gonna casually stand here flexin my thighs.

DON’T LAMPSHADE IT YOU FOOL. why is tony still standing there like that, that’s unsettling. i haven’t mentioned it but there’s a bunch of panels where bruce’s ears are just sticking out into the gutter. bruce get ur ears under control. you don’t see catwoman’s ears leaving the panel every five minutes.


okay so then they go for a romantic walk in the park where their date is ruined by an attempted rape. there are a lot of back-alley rapists in these comics, it seems like. but looking on the bright side: SHE CALLS HIM SPOOKY. I JUST. IS IT OKAY IF I JUST HAVE HER CALL HIM THAT, NOW. CAN THAT BE A THING. BRUCE WAYNE, AKA BATMAN, AKA SPOOKY. is now really the time to be bringing your legendary handjobs back into this, selina. whatever who cares SPOOKY.



also there’s a running thing with bullock fucking up gordon’s office and honestly gordon being 500% done with bullock’s bullshit is a wonder to behold, here’s a collage

thank you for this wonderful suggestion, rec-anon

I just need to take a moment…

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that Mayuri and Nemu, and Bleach in general, have meant a great deal to me these past few years.

I won’t go into the state of my personal life, partly because I’ve written out some long soppy post for when Bleach finally ends in two weeks, but I felt like I had to say something now, as we potentially get the last manga appearance of the Kurotsuchis that we’ll ever get. 

I just wanted to say thank you to Kubo, for creating two such interesting, complex, bizarre, funny, tragic and downright sinister characters that I, and many others, have been able to enjoy for so long. Mayuri and Nemu have gained the honour of being two of the only fictional characters EVER to make me cry actual tears (on multiple occasions). And that’s quite a feat, considering I cry at basically nothing.

Of course I have questions regarding them, and I’ll probably keep thinking of questions for years to come, but I suppose for now I’ll just have to fill in the blanks for myself. In the meantime though, I’ll just be satisfied with the fact that you seem to be ending this series with at least SOME happiness (even if the trash captain didn’t deserve any).

unless you’re about to pull a 180 with some yhwach future bullshit and say hahahaha this wasn’t the real ending at all and it turns out everyone’s dead and suffering in the next chapter, in which case how dare you

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So, about that meme with the bronies: Funny story in that a long time ago a friend commissioned that for me when I was still presenting as female and on the verge of coming out as a lesbian. (There was a lot of teasing about my pony character and Pinkie and Twilight because they were my favorite.) But it took all of three seconds for bronies to decide the colors were "too dark" for a female character, and thus I've been plunged into brony meme hell with no escape but death.

oh my gosh wait, so the OC in this image

is a girl? And this image was made for a (at the time) lesbian girl? and some guy just stole it and unknowingly plastered it in “girls think im hot coz im a brony” bullshit? hahahaha that’s great! That’s incredible, oh wow.

I’m so sorry your OC is doomed to brony meme hell though. If it helps, I searched your blog for the closest thing you have to a current pony OC and drew them reacting to the news