bullshit creations

anyway I think the biggest problem is….. Andrew kind of knew what ending he was going for all along and this actually worked against him in a way

because like, I see what he was going for. a bunch of kids get pulled into this bullshit-ass creation myth, forced to undergo the world’s most traumatic coming-of-age story imaginable, with a bunch of stuff going wrong that they have no control over

but they manage to scrape their way through and survive, and the multiverse eventually corrects itself and all the bullshit is dealt with, and the kids get to have a happy ending in a brand new universe that they made

that’s a good ending! I like that

but because Homestuck was so long and convoluted it built up all these loose ends that never got a satisfying resolution

and I feel like many of them didn’t necessarily need a resolution, we could just figure it out for ourselves or decide they weren’t too important in the grand scheme of things

but… some of them did need a resolution, and we didn’t get that

here’s hoping the epilogue solves that problem, because that’s honestly the only real issue I have with the ending

breathelifeisfreshandclean  asked:

So you believe that we are just soulless creatures that happen to consist of perfectly placed atoms and DNA, and that ourselves and the entire universe we exist in happen to be, because a fortunate series of events that came from a single explosion? If science is so great why can't it recreate a planet, a human, a tree or even a single blade of grass? Because everything was intelligently designed, and I can't fathom how people can look at this wonderful universe and believe otherwise.

Oh okay, let me take a minute to dissect your infantile and prepubescent claim that there’s some greater being that “intelligently designed” the “wonderful universe” we are in. First of all, I could make the argument short by simply pointing out the fact that you, miss, have not even a single shred of observational or empirical evidence to support your puny claim. Really, that’s honestly all I would need to shut you up about creation this or creation that bullshit. If your conjecture cannot be systematically backed up or refuted by testable experiments or observations, then you do not get to partake in this scientific discussion. You can leave my blog. Thanks, but no thanks.

Haha, but let’s not end the fun there, shall we? Here is why I think you are wrong and needs to go pick up a book and educate yourself:

You live in this universe, believing that it is perfect, right? That we are perfect creatures, we are so lucky with our “perfectly placed atoms and DNA” and beautiful blades of grass—right? Ok, but why do we die? Why do we get sick? Have cancer? Why do we hurt? Why isn’t a blade of grass invincible to the force of nature? Why do trees fall? And children cry? Why would we have to suffer when this marvelous wholesome wonderful universe was made just for us —by the almighty powerful one?

The answer is because it isn’t perfect. You clearly haven’t gotten a single clue about perfection. We are processes, and we are always changing. Believe it or not, you will die one day, and whether or not you reproduce, you are part of the process. Your children will either be naturally selected for, or your lack of children will mean that you were naturally selected against. Organisms that will roam the earth millennia after you will be far more adaptive and fitting to their environment than you will ever be. You are not perfection.  You are an erosion, waiting to decay back into the very chemistry that you came from. Do not come to me and suggest that just because science isn’t magic, that you can make a nonsense claim.

Additionally, science had never made a assertion that we are soulless. Science never claim to be able to recreate a planet, a human, a tree, whatever have you. Science is a tool that is used to explain the truth of the universe. It isn’t kind or friendly. It isn’t apologetic. It isn’t there to help you cope with your discontent with how the world works. Science doesn’t owe you anything.

Please don’t barge in here and belittle the very thing that’s allowing you to write this message and send it to this blog. If you have any idea how science has impacted your life, you will know to better learn how to properly treat it with care and assessment. Just as it is important to give yourself the room to try to understand that rejection of a premise does not mean the acceptance of an alternative explanation