bullshit creations

The small black part of my heart, that little ball of spite, wants all the people who fucked me up to see me now, see where I am in life that I’m succeeding in my career path and my art goals

I wish I could rub my success in their faces and give them the middle finger and laugh saying ‘LOOK WHERE I AM NOW FUCKER, YOU AIN’T SHIT’

anyway I think the biggest problem is….. Andrew kind of knew what ending he was going for all along and this actually worked against him in a way

because like, I see what he was going for. a bunch of kids get pulled into this bullshit-ass creation myth, forced to undergo the world’s most traumatic coming-of-age story imaginable, with a bunch of stuff going wrong that they have no control over

but they manage to scrape their way through and survive, and the multiverse eventually corrects itself and all the bullshit is dealt with, and the kids get to have a happy ending in a brand new universe that they made

that’s a good ending! I like that

but because Homestuck was so long and convoluted it built up all these loose ends that never got a satisfying resolution

and I feel like many of them didn’t necessarily need a resolution, we could just figure it out for ourselves or decide they weren’t too important in the grand scheme of things

but… some of them did need a resolution, and we didn’t get that

here’s hoping the epilogue solves that problem, because that’s honestly the only real issue I have with the ending