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So the Walmart in my town is going under a little bit of construction. Almost a third of the register space has been closed off and the registered removed, and the floor torn up.

I went to an employee and asked what was going on. “They’re taking out most of the regular lanes,” she said, “And replacing them with self checkout services.”

“That’s cool.” I said.

“Not really. Most of us are getting laid off. I’m losing my job in a month because of those machines.”

Let me explain something to y'all. Where I live, Middle Of Nowhere, Alabama, the minimum wage is $7.50. Seven dollars fifty. That’s peanuts for the amount of work these people do. And still, the Walmart corporation is replacing them with machines because if they could have zero employees, they would do it.

Whenever someone says “if you raise the minimum wage, the companies will just automate and fire people!” Tell them that’s bullshit. If these companies could automate they would have done it already. When they can automate, they will do it with out a care to the employees.

Companies do not care about their people. Stop blaming the poor for the crimes of the rich.

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Hiii do you know anything I can do to attract a job? I've been applying like crazy but it's a year now and I'm using all the help I could get! Thank you x

Great question and I would be happy to help.  A bunch of my friends joke around about me being able to find jobs in a snap.  It is one of my “magic” powers.  

Before we get to any magic, might I advise a couple of different routes you may not be considering?  I always like to take a real world approach before handing out any spells.  I am not an old lady by any means, but I have learned a thing or two, and I think I might be able to help.  (Whether you like this type of advice is entirely up to you, but take it from me: the job market can be tough to navigate and sometimes it helps hearing this kind of advice from someone who has been down that road.)

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1.  Have you recently updated/revised your resume and cover letter?  Seriously, sometimes people do not hire you based on the content in your cover letter.  The wording could be off-putting, it could be too long (or too short), it could be not informative enough.  Cultivating your cover letter and resume is like crafting a spell; it needs to be worded correctly, express who you are as an employee in a concise manner, and make you seem as hireable as possible.  (You could also put a sigil on your cover letter and resume without anyone ever knowing using invisible ink or printing in white.) . A great website for formatting your cover letter and resume to make it look like THE BOMB DOT COM is CVMKR.

2.  Have you applied for every available job, including the ones that you may think you are “above”?  Listen, I have a BFA in Photographic Imagery; I didn’t exactly choose the most profitable and available field in the world.  I loved every bit of time I spent in college learning about art (and other various topics) and I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished.  I am still very passionate about my work, but the fact of the matter is that dream jobs are incredibly hard to come by.  There were plenty of times I had to suck up my pride and apply at places I thought I was too good for.  That includes fast food chains and restaurants, data entry, and even sales positions for companies I knew were absolute bullshit (the sales companies, not everything else.)  It took me years of gaining experience, freelancing, working for next to absolutely nothing, and busting my ass to get to where I am today.  So, if you haven’t gone down to McDonald’s or Walmart, you might want to lace up your boots and get to walking.  Money is money anyway you slice it, even if it means working at a place you aren’t necessarily are proud of.  I know that seems like tough love, but it is true.

My dad once told me, “You only get out of life what you put into it.”  I put in hours upon hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights, going hungry and almost being homeless, paying thousands upon thousands of dollars back to student loans, and I have only JUST gotten what I would consider to be a dream job.  I believed in what I was doing every day.  I got up even when I didn’t want to.  You just have to keep trying, even when things seem grim.

3.  There are quite a few spells involving careers and money.  I am going to refer you to @urbanspellcraft and @flowing-to-the-ocean’s spells.  I trust their work to help you along the way, but just know that magic can only take you so far.  In the amount of time you would spend working during an average work day (8+ hours), you need searching and applying for jobs, calling employers for interviews, and going to temp agencies.  If not, you won’t find a job.  Take it from me, as someone who spent the better part of a decade struggling to find a career and finally–FINALLY–got her dream job.  You can do it, you just have to try.

* Spell to Get the Job You Want
* Spell for Job Seekers

okay, so, since it has become horrifyingly clear that marc guggenheim and his minions pretty openly don’t like katie cassidy, i’ve seen a lot of people asking “wow, what did she do to make them hate her so much?”

i’d like to address that question:

…nothing. she did absolutely nothing. how do i know that? well, let’s break that down.

let’s start with: there is literally nothing she could have done to warrant this kind of treatment. full stop.

these people, mostly men, were her bosses. they were in a position of power over her and her livelihood. they used this power to consistently demean her importance, push her aside, and disrespect her for over four years.

they did everything in their power to try and make laurel unlikeable and when people instead connected with her and loved her louder than the hate, they shoved her aside, eventually slaughtered her character, and still continue to use this deceased (read: fridged) female character as a punching bag.

they shoved katie out of the show for literally no reason, replaced her, and they continue to keep her on contact -which limits what other projects she can take on - despite not giving her any work.


not to mention, there is countless proof that she was nothing but professional, prepared, classy, and friendly while she was working on arrow. she praised those writers every chance she got because she was so grateful and happy to be playing dinah laurel lance. she threw her heart, her soul, and her body (several times over) into that role.

every actor she worked with praised her and loved working with her. these are not just her co-workers; they’re her friends. and it’s not just the regulars. it’s the guest stars, the extras, the crew members. everyone who has worked with her has praised her. (and genuine praise - not the bullshit company line guggs and his minions spew.)

i want to be clear here: katie did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this kind of disgusting treatment. she was not and is not the problem. this is on them and only them. for four years, these people used her job to punish a woman simply because they did not like her. let that fucking sink in.

you feeling a little horrified and nauseated right now? good. that means you have a conscience.

make no mistake: guggenheim and his minions are not just bad writers. they are bad people.

Why Michael’s death is really a game changer

Let me preface this by stating that I have not seen Monday night’s episode. I have no plans to watch it, or really any future episode of Jane the Virgin. I normally livestream JTV but this week I didn’t. I found out about Michael’s death by watching a promo for next week’s episode. 

I’m upset. I’m irritated. Mostly I’m just sad. I began watching JTV after the S1 finale. I had read EW recaps periodically out of curiosity because the premise seemed so bizarre, but after watching the S1 finale and subsequent S2 premiere is when I became hooked. My main hook was Jane and Michael’s relationship. I fell in love with them as solo entities, but their relationship hit me right in the feels. It was so genuine, so supportive, it felt as real as a fictional relationship could, like I could walk past them at a bookstore laughing about the next Angelique Harper. 

I loved Jane the Virgin. The writing was so clever, so funny and heartfelt, the characters were so interesting and their relationships were so well developed. But Michael’s death changes all of that for me. I thought Jenni Snyder Urman was a genius for creating this show, for taking the concept of this telenovela but grounding it, making fun of some of the tropes, never really going into the campiness that Shondaland shows (closest things to a soap these days) sometimes head into. But the unnecessary death of Michael Cordero Jr. takes that opinion away. THIS is campy. This is killing off people for shock value/lazy storytelling in the age of HTGAWM and Game of Thrones. If this was truly the plan all along then I’m sorry but you had a shitty plan. 

There was no valid reason for Michael to die other than it was the only way for them to put Jane and Rafael back together. You’re not doing it to flip Jane’s world/path around à la the pilot if theres a time jump. You’re killing Michael because you painted yourself into a corner with how lovely Villadero’s relationship was because it would be completely OOC for Jane to leave Michael AGAIN when she’s repeatedly chosen him over Raf. And the bullshit company line of “when we slipped that line in in S1, we were setting you up for Michael’s death”. Nope. That line could’ve meant that Michael would love Jane until his dying breath at 110. If we’re looking at lines, what about the one about his “illustrious detective career” in the pilot? 3(?) years as a detective where you were fired twice and never caught Sin Rostro is not what I would consider an illustrious career. Especially since Michael died after taking his LSAT. You being “stuck with a plan” even though you were able to prolong his death because you “loved Brett so much” is the HIMYM excuse of 2017. Not to mention the way you killed him was extremely weak. Michael is presumably no more than 6 months out from being shot, where he had major cardiac trauma and surgery. NO ONE is going to say to him “Oh you’re having chest pains? Let’s not brush that off until after your LSATs, we’re going to the ER right now. You were shot in the chest!!!” (Seriously the Jane we love would’ve done that)

Finally, I want to talk about how this really messes up the show. You’ve just severed your tie to Sin Rostro, which in the absence of this first half of the season, made the show a bit weaker. I really don’t care about Raf’s parent problems, or Xo’s career, I wanted Michael back on the force looking for Sin Rostro, protecting his family and getting that victory. Supposedly Michael’s detective friend will be the new tie to this investigation but again, he’s Michael’s friend, Michael is now dead and he has no real ties to anyone else the way Michael did. You’ve just lost a source of some good parenting storylines involving Jane and Raf’s co-parenting with Michael as Mateo’s stepdad. If Jane and Raf get back together there will be no parenting dramas for B-storylines as Raf will go back to his “what can I do to make Jane happy?” days. And do I even need to mention the loss of the bromance?

TLDR: I’m done. I’m sad that I am because I will miss this show, but you know what? Michael’s death just proved that this show wasn’t great to begin with. 


For those of you who believe this latest set of lies about Johnny Depp, here’s the truth:

Johnny does not, nor has he ever, needed “lines fed to him through an earpiece”. This man works hard in everything he does. Whenever he takes on a true story role, he spends countless time researching their story and if they’re still alive and willing, he visits the actual person to make sure he gets it right. For fictional characters he is heavily involved in the creation of the character and frequently adlibs. He has no problem remembering his lines on his own. Want to see how he interacts on set? Look up blooper videos for his movies.
I am not just a fan, I’m a person that knows the difference between truth and bullshit. The company that previously managed his money before he found out they were screwing him over is spreading lies in the middle of their legal battle. Cowards cheat and use any way they can to win when they know that they are going to lose.
I stand with truth. I stand with bravery. I stand with Johnny Depp.

beauty and the beast had a two second clip of two men dancing together and suddenly everyone is cheering for how disney is so “inclusive” and “supportive of the lgbt community”. clap fucking clap well done disney. but you do know about the fact that the casting call for the live action mulan doesn’t include li shang, right? the li shang who showed clear signs of falling in love with mulan as fa ping, who was supposed to be a male? and still loved her as mulan yeah it’s that li shang. i’m a bisexual girl. i have grown up with mulan for most of my life. there was even a point when i was five years old that i watched the damn movie every day. i loved it and still do, and i grew up idolising the two main characters. mulan kicked butt and saved china, and i adored her. and shang, for me, growing up in a house with a mother who believes in negative stereotypes attributed to bi people, was my lifeline. i clung to his character because he was the closest thing i had to good representation. but now disney want to take that away and replace it with heteronormative bullshit. huge companies like disney don’t care about representation, they’ll make up some crap once every five years or so so we’ll buy their shit and we lap it up because we are starved of good representation. shang is expendable to them and i’m sick of it. i am sick of being treated as if bisexuals aren’t important. that’s why if li shang isn’t in the live action movie singing “i’ll make a man out of you”, i personally will march to disney headquarters and shove my vhs copy of mulan up bob iger’s arse. fuck you disney 

Regarding the gay rumor (‘-’ )

Okay,  I’ve been talking to a friend and like me, she’s also, you know… delulu.  

The saying about ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is true. 

We talked about things and in the end we decided to post her analysis. Tbh I was actually quite reluctant about posting some parts of this bc I feel this thing is gonna make us sound even… crazier, but she said “so what? people already think we are crazy anyway”.

I warn you guys this girl is highly unfiltered so some of her words probably offending and rude, they are actually (and hella funny imo but that’s just personal taste of humour), therefore I want to apologize first on the behalf of this post (nah not really). 

Again I remind you this is just a BULLSHIT DELULU THEORY, in a politer word, an opinion, so ofc it would sound very biased, please don’t take it to the heart. Believe what you want to believe.

Let’s begin.

“I said Kaistal is rushed is because of the timing [a Pann post did say that this pairing was supposed to be outed during June – July]. So by now you already know how SM has all these dating stun bullshit, right? And how they control every fucking thing. 

Okay, so kai is actually paired with two ppl originally, krystal and yoona (back in 2012), but when RV debuted, they decided to add seulgi to the list too. Kai’s pairing is actually decided to be much much much later, who the fuck knows when, all I know is it’s not supposed to be now.

Back to the plot. So if you observe every fucking thing like I am, you would notice that SM was still experimenting with Kai’s pairing, in short they didn’t fucking know who the fuck was his final pairing yet so they were still baiting the public with each to see which get more response.

If you remember that chinese translation post, it says that kai is the kind that don’t like doing all this pairing bullshit, right? 

So that’s why even though kaistal is planned since forever [in 2012 – like that insider 2012 post has stated], their moment back in 2012-2014 are all brief and it’s not even actually a moment, just a moment of delulu ahaks.. ha.

Anyway, SM has told Kai that he will be paired with yoona or krystal since 2012, but since kai is such a freaking rebel, he don’t obey it, or at least not 100%, that’s why all those kaistal or seulkai moment are all half assed and not even deserving to call a moment lol, but whatever, i’m not here to bullshit on ppl’s ship (i am). SO to rank the kai’s ship that SM plan, 1- kaistal 2- yoonaxkai 3- seulkai (priorities here).

Let’s start with Yoonaxkai pairing shall we? 

So they start from that W live magazine photoshoot with seohyun back in 2012, where kai brought his puppy, i’m sure you guys know what i’m talking about. and you guys know how he was like, “ohh noona so pretty my dog is shy”. BUT it stopped there, why?

Because yoona dated seunggi that’s why. so the ship was discontinued

but oh?

Suddenly in Jan 2015 they decided that hey, maybe we can bring back the yoona x kai pairing, because why? Cause we’re SM and we don’t know his fucking final pairing, so there came the random ass Elle photoshoot where he was asked about the bulshit Q like what do you think of yoona and we saw you greet her and all that shit. 

Obviously if you little cute mind ppl don’t catch on, SM did this Elle photoshoot because they wanted to test the public reaction to the ship, like I said, they were still EXPERIMENTING. But oh no, the public only considered the pairing as brother sister, so the ship sink like Titanic *sobs*

Moving on to seulkai pairing, if you guys are curious little shit like me, you would be aware of this ship going around for a while now. 

WHY? because they happen to be friend when they are trainee, and yes there is actually a pic that they took together back then (with a group of ppl), unlike kaistal that is said to be friends since trainee days by DP but even sasaengs never heard of it (oh the horror) and also because bored ppl like shipping ppl with exo or more specifically kai.

So basically this seulkai ship is based on them being friends since trainee days, which tbh, how the fuck do you guys knows they are that close of a friend? huh? okay, whatever.

Back to the point. This pairing started when ppl saw Kai whisper to seulgi cute little ear at Gayo Daejun back in 2014, and that apparently blares the fucking fire in hormonal teenagers’ heart, so the boat sail. 

And then the press conference shit happens where seulgi, wendy and kai is the representative and some ppl were like, “Aww look at kai being shy with seulgi and him looking down” and also the one from SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2015 where he allegedly acted shy because seulgi was 5 m away from him even though if ppl weren’t so delulu they would know that kai was entertained by his fellow sunbae Shinee.

Anyway, this ship sail, still sailing eldorado. Ugh I like this song too much. So basically all these moments are planned by SM even though kaistal is still the main ship, they are still experimenting to see which got more response, which the ship does get a lot of response too, but not as much as kaistal unfortunately for those hormonal teenagers and some ahjummas. Please don’t be so naive to believe it’s not SM doing or I’m going to deck ur face.

And finally to the glorious ship of our focus, kaistal. 

so this ship started when ppl see kai rubbing his water bottle down krystal fragile arm because he was too busy staring at smth else that I don’t care about, so ppl was like, “look as how horny kai is that he even approach girls with a water fucking bottle”, so the ship started and it has been sailing steadily for 3 years, but then suddenly on July 2015 came the long awaited photoshoot of kaistal+taemin the so called ‘third wheeler’ [W magazine].

So if you guys are still turtles, this photoshoot came cause SM want to test the response, and they decided to add taemin because they think it’s subtle which is bullshit for a veteran company, but in the end taemin as the buffer works and ppl believes it (people *sigh*).

When this photoshoot came out ppl went wild and even burn a fucking car, because it was riot and all that shit. So it’s safe to say the response was flaming hot and SM was happy with the result, and they decided to go with kaistal as the final ship (with seulkai as the side dish and maybe a sprinkle of yoonaxkai). p/s: no one burn a fucking car… it was millions of it (i know my joke aren’t funny, stop wincing at it).

So now you get the histories of all these ships right? So move on to the theory or maybe it’s the truth and i’m just a very good watson or sherlock, whatever.

If you guys are a very practical observer like me, you would notice that kai airport fashion style has changed to fancy when Sep hit the 2015 calendar (Just 2 months after that W photoshoot).

And by then I already find that it’s suspicious cause we all know that the guy can’t even wear socks to save his own fucking life and suddenly he be wearing all these fancy ass shits? Nu-uh, something is going on here.

So you know the stages to know if idol is dating (if they have vehicles, change of styles, specific ideal type etc.. all that crap). Kai obviously tick most of the requirement of this list, so around that time people would be suspecting him being dating which he is indeed 'dating’ and then bam! DP said it’s kaistal.

At this time period (Sept 2015) SM already started what I call “Kaistal project”, it’s a lame ass name, i know. Need to remind you guys, SM was STILL EXPERIMENTING at this time, meaning they are still lax about releasing that they are 'dating’.

So when MAMA 2015 came is when shit got real, i’m too lazy to explain but there’s this gif of all of the member looking at kai when krystal is giving her speech and him singin krystal part in 4 walls and you know how that went and the response, like I said, SM was still half experimenting half confirming their final ship, that’s why you guys see side dishes of seulkai sometimes.

 And then GDA happened and people saw that kai pushed sehun aside to stand besides his beloved pseudo gf. Y’all know how it all went.

I’m just going to jump into random topic cause my thoughts is a mess.

Dispatch already made an agreement with SM that SM will give them some spicy couple every few years, or i think it’s just some spicy burritos. 

Anyways, they had this agreement, so that DP pictures you see of kaistal restaurant, with them not wearing any disguise or mask even though it’s a public restaurant and there’s many cars so many people, that shit is fake af, im sure you know it.

Those pics, they are shoot around Feb-March, meaning that dispatch and SM already shot that picts when the the two group ain’t busy, it’s just a theory, who told you to read this, feed your own curiosity.

[This is gonna sound very delulu – tbh even for me lol]

The imagination story goes that SM was relaxing in their office drinking Starbucks coffee in the middle of March (or perhaps around September bc that’s when the gay rumour started in Korean sites) when someone barged in while holding kaisoo kissin pics and the horror ensued

OMG why the fuck is there suddenly kaisoo picts? 

remember that rumour around the end of 2014 that some Chinese fans claimed that they have pictures of kaisoo kissing at backstage after Japan concert? And they said they were reluctant to release it, asking ppl ‘should we post it?’ and some ppl were like ‘NO YOU’LL RUIN THEIR LIFE’ and some were like ‘these two bitches are lying’

So the thing is that Dispatch (or probably other media outlets – DP isn’t the only one who loves juicy gossips) already collecting proves of kaisoo being real and undeniable proof at that, since forever, since kaisoo is speculate to be real af, please go read that article about a news outlet wanting to release a gay idol couple and they are preparing for the oncoming lawsuit from the respective company (means the company is BIG) and blah blah blah.

If it was DP who barged in, the scenario would prob be like “muahaha i have a new thing to come up with that can give me serious cash flow” and SM panicking and be like, “how could u do this, we had an agreement, we agreed on me giving kaistal or whoever kai pairing i will give since i’m so fucking indecisive after giving y’all baekyeon”, DP : “well i have better things to come out with and this is what i will come up with *kaisoo pics make its appearance*” and they be spitting shit to each other and then they made an agreement that DP will release kaistal pic in April as April Fools (its a joke) to cover that kaisoo [or perhaps to make public believe ‘bish they aint gay’ so the gay rumour that is being alleged on him would be nullified]. 

That’s why I said that kaistal dating news are rushed, they were supposed to be much much later, but because DP got their hand on kaisoo pic FINALLY after years of collecting JUSTIFYING proofs, they had to release it in April.

So the summary of this theory is that;

kaistal plan already started in september 2015, airport fashion changed, kaistal rumor circulate on Pann, MAMA shit happens, GDA shits happens, and then SM got a ‘surprise motherfucker’ visit from kaisoo proof, then SM rearranged the agreement making kaistal to be released in April (Fool) instead of June – July (like that Pann post has said)”

This is just a made up story/theory, mkay? We don’t know for sure if SM does this to cover the gay – although it’s obvious (at least for me) that they do this to boost their newest group and covering krishan issue. And it’s obvious (again, at least for me) that the scandal has been arranged before by SM and DP.  

Tbh I think I’m gonna get hates or mocks on bc of this… but oh well, it’s not my first time anyway. Go make fun of my delulunessss lol

The absolute worst shit in the world is being screamed at by a customer for something you have no control over. If you’re a barely-scraping-by retail worker like myself, you get that feeling. You can’t even really say “I’m sorry, I’m just a cashier/front manager/regular person, there’s nothing I can do.” because that’s just not good enough of an excuse for some people.

I live in a city that has implemented a city-wide ban on plastic and paper grocery bags. According to information provided by city hall (and yes, I checked it myself so that I knew what was what), the ban was passed in an effort to cut plastic waste, and because paper bags are costly to make and rarely ever make it into recycling anyways, they included those too. Stores that don’t abide by the ban have to pay an extra fee to the city to fund safe disposal and environmental conservation efforts.
The grocery store I currently work at now has two options: we sell recyclable plastic bags for 25 cents apiece, or we have a vast number of cloth bags made from recycled material ranging from 50 cents to $2 depending on the size and design. And yeah, your cloth bag with Olaf from Frozen is gonna cost more than one of our plain bags, things with popular characters or designs always cost more, even when they’re smaller or made with weaker materials. That’s what you pay to get your kid a bag with a snowman on it. That’s your choice.

AND YET. It’s been almost a year since the bag ban was put into place, and EVERY DAY I have to talk down a customer who gets angry because we don’t have plastic or paper anymore. I am a smol young lady with crazy bad social anxiety just trying to work day to day to pay bills, and yet EVERY DAY I have to step away from my register for a couple of minutes to calm myself because people think it’s okay to act shitty to the person scanning their hummus and pita chips.

“But you used to have them!” YES, we USED TO. And now we DON’T. And we haven’t for a while.

“You’re lying! You must have some in the back.” Yes, let me just visit our magical back room portal and pull some plastic bags out JUST FOR YOU. I don’t know who told people that stores just keep everything they sell in surplus in the back , but I promise you, our warehouse is not overflowing with product that we’re keeping from the general public. That’s not how it works. And we sure as shit aren’t hiding plastic bags from you because WE DON’T HAVE ANY. THEY ARE BANNED. WE GOT RID OF THEM.

“You’re a liar, this is just your company being greedy!” Yeah? Go tell the people in charge of running this entire chain of grocery stores. You’re not getting anywhere telling me. All I’m gonna do about it is smile and nod and pretend like I’m interested in your woes over having to pay 50 cents to buy the bags to carry your Raisin Bran and organic whole milk. You think I have any sort of clout with this company? Like you yelling at me is going to magically lift this bag ban? I can’t even get a recycling bin under my check stand for trashed receipts and coupons, they don’t give a shit about me OR you, so calm your ass down and pay for your sandwich meat so everyone else can get through the line.

It came up again just this past weekend, and honestly it was the worst of all the times it’s ever happened before. An older lady and her husband came through with a cart full of groceries. As I’m scanning them, she stopped me to ask for some plastic to hold her tiny potted plants she just bought so they don’t shatter. My immediate reaction was to tell her that a flimsy plastic bag wouldn’t protect her pottery from shit, but as we don’t have any plastic anyways, it wouldn’t have been an effective argument.
I told this lady in my best Customer Voice that “I’m so terribly sorry, but we do not carry paper or plastic bags any more.” So she started in on “what do you mean?” “That’s ridiculous!” “You had them before!” “Where are they?!”
I politely directed her to the sign I have taped to my register, which is coincidentally taped to EVERY register and has been for a year, which states that the city passed a law banning paper and plastic bags from retailers. It had a number on it that one could call to reach the city council and everything. This lady looked at the sign for a good ten seconds, looked up at me and sneered, “This is just a bunch of bullshit! Your company is tricking us! I want to see your manager!”
So I called my manager over, with this woman mumbling under her breath the entire time about how stupid this was and how I was cheating her. My manager came over and she listened to this woman redo her rant again, going on and on about how our company must be so corrupt to profit off of bags, cheating everyone out of their money.
My manager told this woman the exact same thing I told her; that the city passed a bag ban, that we are abiding by that ban and have stopped supplying palliative and paper bags, that we have recyclable bags for 25 cents. This woman wouldn’t stand for it, she kept interrupting my manager, trying to talk over her. Her voice kept getting louder and louder as she got angrier and angrier. She started waving her hands around, pointing her fingers at us, calling us both nasty names and getting WAY too close for a customer speaking across a counter to an employee. Then, quite suddenly, she reared back,

And she SPAT on my manager’s face.

This fucking woman reared her face back, hocked a wad of saliva and SPAT it in my manager’s face as she was speaking. I didn’t even know what to do, I was so dumbfounded. My manager just stood there in shock. This woman’s husband, who had been standing sheepishly by their cart the entire time, looked like he was about to explode in shame.
Finally, my manager flat-faced wiped her eyes and said, as calmly as I think she could have, “Ma'am, you need to leave this store right now.”

All hell broke loose after that. The general manager came over with a bunch of the lower-level managers to diffuse the situation but this woman was already in a tizzy. She started howling about unfair treatment, how they shouldn’t treat an elderly disabled woman this way, how she was going to call the police and tell them how she was being abused by our people. Not a single person laid a hand on her, they were just trying to move her away so that she wouldn’t lash out at me or the first manager again. I was allowed to step away to take a short break, because at this point I was about to start hyperventilating from how wound-up I was, and I have no idea what happened to that lady or her husband after that. I hope they at least got their groceries. Maybe placed inside some of our nice recyclable plastic bags.

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Yes, I went to concert on 23rd! It's like, bts is so precious, and th-army really tried hard, but then the management... there's a trending hashtag in twitter bashing the company, wishing for them to not ever organize anything related to bts again (give it up to the other company who totally nailed it last year), but it's in Thai, if there're not like, 90k++ tweets there rn, I'll really translate this company's bullshit for the whole world to see.

eughjgnj dammit :// still !! i’m happy for you being able to see bangtan perform live ♡  

when people talk about corporate sponsored schools they tend to present them as having like, on the nose coca-cola branding all over them but in reality they’d be operated by organisations that are ostensibly separate from coca-cola the brand and have a completely misleading name like XYZ Education Services Incorporated that would have obscured ties to the business through complicated holding company bullshit.

The Prince and the Pauper || FINALE

Ch. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (final)

Word Count: 3052

“You’re here?” Seokjin scoot over several seats until he was beside Yoongi.

You took a seat beside Seokjin and Jimin sat next to you along with Hoseok and Namjoon. You looked over to Yoongi. You’d never actually seen him except once or twice and whenever you two were left alone it was always awkward. Even now, with Seokjin in the middle, Yoongi didn’t even look up to greet you. Aside from that, he already had an air of disinterest. You wondered why he was there and he was probably wondering the same thing. You turned to Seokjin.

“Do you know what’s going on?” you asked quietly as Jimin leaned over to get in on the conversation.

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The Durin’s Try Flirting

Fili to his One: It’s destiny that we met.
Kili to Tauriel: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Bilbo, Fili, Kili, and Tauriel:
the Dwarves:
Smaug’s corpse: …
Dale: …
Mirkwood: …
Everybody: WTF THORIN

has this been done yet?

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Beast of the Boardroom, Prologue

TITLE: The Beast of the Boardroom
AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Drama/Romance/Comedy
FIC SUMMARY: Known for his beastliness—and undeniable business acumen—in the boardroom, Loki, owner of multinational Laufeyson Resorts, always gets what he wants. Even when it comes to a woman begging for her father’s life.
RATING: M (sex, language)
WARNINGS:  Possible unhealthy relationship, ie Beauty and the Beast. But also not exactly Beauty and the Beast.
AUTHORS NOTES: My answer to Black Suit Loki. Didn’t intend to write this with a prologue, but this happened. It was fun, short and sweet. So, enjoy! The real first chapter will be out soon.

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I had a nasty lady the other day trying to do a return in our cosmetics department. She seemed snippy the whole time but I don’t actually know what went on before I got there. 

Anyways so when I was called over to cosmetics, the cosmetician started to explain the situation to me, as she should. The lady was huffing about it the whole time, saying how she’d already explained all of that and how she just wants a return done. 

Both the cosmetician and I politely explain that I, as the supervisor, has to know all the details which is why she is repeating everything that’s already been said, and that I will get to her as soon as I know what’s going on. Again the lady got mad that we were talking about her situation even though I didn’t know half the story yet. 

I found out that she has no receipt. Ok, I mean we don’t usually accept things without a receipt but we’ve been doing more and more no-receipt returns because hey gotta please the customer right? So alright, I can probably still do the return even though I don’t want to, as long as we can find the transaction online. We search using her rewards card number and low and behold, there it is. It was purchased in November. Ok, again the return policy is within 30 days… so I really did not want to do it for her but since we were already doing a no-receipt return, it technically doesn’t matter when she bought it (if it has a receipt, the machine will automatically void the entire thing if it’s past 30 days) so I was waiting to see the reaction from the customer to test whether or not I should do this return.

Then, I find out that this product was part of a gift set! It came in a set of 3 for $100 and this particular product sells for around $45 on its own. Again, if I had the receipt, I would have known for sure I couldn’t do the return because the computer would tell me that the single product was not part of the transaction, but instead it was the whole gift set.

This women then goes on to say that she’d called the company about the product (she’s returning it because she had a reaction to it apparently) and the company said we would return it no problem. That is some real bullshit because obviously the company doesn’t know the situation. Under normal circumstances, of course we would do the return. With a receipt. Within 30 days. 

As soon as I found out the item was a part of a gift set I said no, and the customer got so angry and grabbed the product from me and said she would go back to her regular store who would do the return no problem. First of all, they better not do the return because there is no reason in hell anybody should do this return. Second of all, she’s actually a regular at our store, according to a few of the other cosmeticians. So, which store is she going back to exactly?

hey all, PSA that trucking companies are bullshit and if you’re using one (like Atlas, Schneider, United, etc.) to move your stuff when you’re moving– especially if you’re moving cross country– PLEASE put aside some money to tip the driver. The driver is getting paid the least out of anyone moving your belongings (there pretty much isn’t a minimum and the companies take a crazy amount of the money you’re paying to pay their executives, managers, claims consultants, etc.) and is likely the one that needs the money most. also, if you’re looking over your things and you’re noticing some damage, don’t claim anything that’s not major. if the driver, like, snapped your bed frame, sure, but if it’s just a small scratch, don’t bother claiming it. The driver has to pay that out of their already relatively meager pay (and a lot of them have to pay everyone working with them as well!!!) 

also, don’t ship Swift. just don’t do it pls save your stuff.