bullshit comic


Gandalf did you realise that the transition from ranger to King of Gondor was a PRETTY FREAKING BIG ONE

EDIT: guys please stop leaving snide comments trying to educate me on whether or not he was ready, this was just a bit of fun, sheesh. Can’t believe I actually had to say that)


So I have folks asking about my process/what I count as a doodle comic a fair bit, and the answer is it kind of changes? mostly I guess doodle comics are a) fan comics of some sort and b) not ‘finished’ finished they usually have scribbly bgs or structure lines left in them. Mostly my drawing process is like above- a loose silhouette or line sketch, then some blocking in and refinement, complicated objects/establishing shots, and then line art last if I can be bothered ahaha um

Generally I do thumbnails for all the pages and then work the dialogue over it, which I usually have a vague idea for but I always change it and try to streamline it as I go; I’m more visually driven, so I almost always start with image and then move on to the words. Sometimes (like the bottom image here) there are panels that I want to get down on the paper/screen before they melt out of my brain, so I just start and let the energy bubble out while it’s there.