• Me, when i have free time: The Inside of my brain is Gray And Meaningless. reality feels like it's just floating by me, i either lose the ability to do stuff or frusttrate myself from how nothing is enough, begging my hell brain find something to hyperfocus or hyperfixtate on.
  • Me, when i hve 0 free time: Knock Knock It's Extreme Hyperfixtation

anonymous asked:

Never stop posting!! You're one of the best blogs on this site!

Thanks anon but Tumblrs new “best stuff first” setting has all but killed this blog. and I’m a good sized blog as well with over 200k followers so I can’t imagine how devastating this new setting has been for the smaller blogs! It all just seems a bit pointless now.

Everyone who can: please remember to turn off ‘best stuff first’ in your settings so that everyone’s posts can be seen.2017


Marvel has just announced a DIY comics platform called Create Your Own and there was a big list of things you were supposed to include in each comic. It was kinda daunting but @oxboxer and I made a test panel and I think we got everything in there, how’d we do, guys?


Update 2: cheers to @madmaudlingoes who recognised that The Swarm is a legit Marvel villain. He first appeared in 1977. He is, as his name suggests, a Nazi made of bees. Comics!