Tumblr: If boys want positivity posts then make your own and stop derailing girl positivity posts.

*someone makes positivity post for boys*

Tumblr: This post is trash, boys don’t need positivity posts.

*sends the boy positivity post’s OP massive amounts of hate mail*

And to think Tumblr was nominated for the best community award.

FNAF4. Long post, just ignore if you don't care.

I hear FNAF4 is being developed and honestly I’m not upset, surprised, or even remotely worried about this.

What we have here is a clear and obvious passion scott, regardless of money, he’s working on this on his own, no publisher, no other help, aside from voice actors, even then I’m not sure if they’re just his voice or not.

Scott started off making games here and there with small little gimmicks. Sit n survive being a good example. He didn’t do any big games and mostly used simple pixel stuff. The fnaf series started and he got amazing responses, it was the biggest and best thing he had done yet. Would you stop following a plan after you made your best work? No. Why would he.

The series has held an incredible trend from the start, wonderful character design, wonderful story, and a great atmosphere that I haven’t seen since games like silent Hill or evil within. It’s a wonderful creation inside and out that was made with love.

Scott followed up fnaf incredibly well with fnaf2, making the lore deep and the game play even more intense. It was a good sequel that he put his heart into.
Then the third game, using a mechanism we weren’t ready for at all, something totally different. And thus starts the “ dead horse” issue.

As with fnaf3, FNAF4 is already getting bullshit about how he’s beating a dead horse. He’s just doing it for mirrored results of his last game, or other ideas.

This is absolutely silly, why would you stop making what you love to make simply because people have had enough. Hell, look at zerahypt, made by SYRSA. (Dutvutan) they’ve been working on this world since they were a child, and they haven’t dropped this one subject. But they don’t get bad responses because they don’t charge you for their game, and it doesn’t have the annoying fan base that fnaf does.

Why would anyone in their right mind stop making something that they love AND at the same time get great reception as an item? no one does it. That’s why we have better phones or better anything. Why would you just give up.

Over all, if you’re one of these people being a dick and claiming the “easy money/ dead horse” thing even though every game has an entirely different mechanic and is exceptionally well made, you’re an ass, and I have no clue why you’d be doing it. It’s pointless.

Tldr. just shut up with the whole fnaf “money horse” shit. You’re more annoying than you claim the game is.

Politically correctness is the modain day way of oppressing freedom of speech. If you say something people don’t like. Society will punish you for it. I think we have seen a lot of that lately. It’s only getting worse. It’s not just the right that do this. The left do it too and in all fairness I’ve seen it more on the left, in the last few years. Then on the right. “Verbal harassment”, Verbal abuse" and “hate speech” is just new words used too threaten people who say things you don’t like. That you find offensive. The government and society support this oppression. It’s hypocrisy and it’s wrong. Your “ hurt feelings” are not a right. Freedom of speech is. Senitive snowflakes.


So, Kayla (truth-betoldtous) has brought to my attention some things that are being said on her blog concerning…let’s see…sexuality. We are here to state an opinion on the PR Stunt known as Nelissa. We are not, in any way here to find some strange bearded relationships, or to find the sexualities of the members of one direction. I am a psychiatry minor and psychology major. In case y’all don’t know, i’m going to study brains for the rest of my life; how they work and what happens when neurotransmitters tip off to form many common mental disorders. With that, I am not going to pick the brains of the members of one direction to find out what you all want to know based on strongly held beliefs that you all want to be true. 

Our opinions are solely our opinions. I have a history is music business, I have worked with bands based and branched off of the pop/punk genre. I have never experienced what Modest does first hand, but I have dated a band member. I do hold my opinions to be true, but who doesn’t. Everyone believes they are right until they are proven otherwise  

xx Elliott 

I would like to talk about Well’s death because when

I first watched The 100 I heavily identified with his character. I was extremely interested in him and where they would take his character. I was happy to see some representation. That’s what drew me into the show, I was mostly invested in his story. Me being a black male I connected with him so much. I felt so sorry for him and all the shit he was going through with everyone else. I was also interested to see what made Clarke hate him so much. He seemed pretty nice, anyway after they killed him off. It was very triggering for me, I took it extremely personally because it was personally. I had to stop watching and walked around for a bit. I was angry, I was so close to tears I was so upset about it. I made a tumblr just so I could see what other people’s reactions where. It was the same as mine usually. His death was horrible and is still the worst decision  the show has every made. It was like I was so much like real life, a black man gets killed for the crime of being who he is. That made me so angry. It was like I was getting this message, you don’t matter. Not in this show, you’re unimportant. The episode after was worst because they were trying to protect a murder, which made me more angry. It was like a real life scenario playing before my eyes. A white person getting away with killing a black person and everyone jumping up to defend them. Of course she just a little girl she didn’t mean it. I was fucking pissed even more. I forced myself to watch the show even though I had no reason to watch it now that my favorite character was dead. Even though I liked Bellamy’s redemption and Raven’s introduction to the show, I still had a bitter taste in my mouth, I couldn’t enjoy because the character I identified so heavily with was dead. As much as I liked Raven and Bellamy or at least came to like them. I couldn’t get into the show that much because in the back of my mind I was picturing Wells still alive and doing things. I couldn’t except that he was dead and wasn’t coming back. I cried my fucking eyes out when his father hallucinated him, I cried real tears because it was real to me. Also when he cried out about his son, that felt real to. I think that was the first time a show every made me cry before. I was so attached to him as character. So every now and again, I check the Wells tag to look at pictures and think of what could have been, but I’m done with this show.  
I look at the character they replaced him with Finn Collins, his mayo ass was just a nonentity for me, but now he was given all the screen time Wells was supposed to have. He seemed out of place and just felt like an afterthought. Then after the 18 grounders and everyone trying to excuse him pissed me the fuck off. That was the moment I was done with this show, I forced myself to watch if only to see the fuckboy die. 

Jasper I never cared about that much or given much thought, he also seemed like an unimportant character. He really didn’t deserve as much focus as he did. He was a comic relief and belonged in the background. So imagine my surprise when he’s given more focus than he deserves. Plus he’s casual sexist comment about Harper and along with his dismissal of Monty was disgusting

Murphy, I’ve always hated him from the beginning. Especially the way he treated Wells and everyone else. His ass was always on my shit list. I was happy when they strung him up mainly because he deserved it. I was surprised that he got a redemption arc which came out of nowhere. It was bullshit and I didn’t like it. From what I saw in the later episodes he and Wells’ dad were chatting about Wells and that pissed me off to no end. I never saw the episode but I looked at the gifs and that was enough. Fandom worship of this asshole is also something that pisses me off, the excuses and bullshit people will go through is amazing to me. 

  • Tumblr:Make-up is gender neutral! Hell yeah!
  • Tumblr:Break the binary! Down with gender roles and stereotypes! Gendered items are socially constructed!
  • Tumblr:When I'm a parent, my boy can wear dresses and my girl can be on the football team! They can do whatever they want!
  • Markiplier:*Puts on make-up and laughs at how poorly done it is*
  • Tumblr:...
  • Tumblr:What the actual fuck???? He's a man he can't fucking do this shit?!
  • Tumblr:Jayden Smith is wearing a dress this is so great we need more male celebs who aren't afraid of breaking out of gender roles.
Reblog if you wish to apologize to the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron for the way they have been treated on the press tour for the movie.

We’re sorry guys. This must be a lot of stress on this tour and reporters have no right asking you ridiculous and offensive questions that do not pertain to promoting the movie.

I do not blame Evans and Renner for making that flippant and obviously joking response to that question. Mostly that is because it was an idiotic question about Black Widow’s sex life, so they gave an idiotic answer cause they were tired and were no no mood for that shit.

And FUCK Krishnan Guru-Murthy for so callously insulting Robert Downey Jr. with those personal questions. How dare he drag things like that into a promotional interview. RDJ has spoken on those issues in the past, but that does not mean you have free reign to drag those things out of him again. He had issues, we all know that. Do NOT disrespect the man for that cause he’s pulled himself back together again and reducing him back to it is degrading and insulting.


So the Calgary Expo CALLED THE POLICE  on Honey Badger Radio for having a meet-up in a PUBLIC PARK.  Seriously, sue the shit out of this crappy convention.  Can someone explain to me when Canada became a communist police state?  These people didn’t do anything other than politely disagree about feminism during a panel about fucking comic books and put up a GamerGate logo on a booth they spent $10,000 to get that they were forced to take down hours later with no refund.  Fucking scary shit.

I’m sorry but if you think the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is racist then:

1. You are the one with racist misconceptions and

2. You should spend more time in the real world

You know who else thought black people have exclusively big lips?

Think about that the next time you try to throw around buzzwords and turn petty things into a social justice issue.

“There Will Be Brawl” executive summary

i cant remember if I said so already but a few days ago me and rokkan watched every episode of “there will be brawl” and aside from pangs of misery here’s all my observations that I remember

  • there was one female character in the entire thing that wasn’t “reimagined” to be a stripper or a sex worker, and she ended up being part of a love triangle with two edgy dude characters fighting over owning her. Samus Aran spent 90% of her screentime following luigi around feeding him exposition and making sure her cleavage was in shot. The first time we see princess peach she’s having sex with mario
  • captain falcon and pit were gay lovers??? idk why. I might have liked that if captain falcon weren’t immediately characterised as physically abusive and then never apologises or shows remorse for it?? he even makes a joke about it at one point, but then in the end when everything’s happily ever after they’re still together but he still hasn’t apologised?? I guess the nerds who wrote this think that’s just something gays do??? idk
  • they referenced a racist punch out meme but never in the entire thing did they reference no items fox only
  • speaking of, all the star fox characters were homeless russian immigrants????? IDK WHY, they literally refer to themselves as “immigrants” and they spoke like GTA 4 side-characters and I have no idea why
  • the creators must have wanted link to be less effeminate (and they didn’t wanna make him gay like pit) so they gave him a moustache and a goatee?? it stuck out so much lmfao.
  • the extent of luigi’s italian accent was speaking in monotone mumbled english and then to occasionally add “a” to the end of words
  • kirby looked like he’d been redesigned by a dedicated Tim Burton fan but metaknight looked exactly the same as ever?? I guess metaknight’s basic design passed the “you must be this edgy to not be redesigned as a dude in face paint” test?
  • speaking of dudes in face paint, I couldn’t even fucking hold my body together whenever king dedede was on screen. I was falling apart at the seams. just look at this

as someone who enjoys watching horribly written, horribly produced and horribly executed things, this was so-so in terms of being entertaining (I’m not going to comment on whether or not it’s legitimately good because you can pretty much tell everything you need to know from that picture of king dedede). the absurdity of the character redesigns and the dichotomy of the cutesy videogame stuff alongside the DARK N’ EDGY stuff was the main source of entertainment. But when characters start monologuing endlessly about exposition or motivations or whatever it gets pretty boring. By the end characters were double-crossing each other left and right and we were just sort of like “oh hey, who’d have thought, another betrayal. I can’t wait for someone to explain their motives for five minutes again. Oh hey and here’s yet another female character being introduced as a sex object, because these guys apparently don’t know any other way to make girls Edgy than making them sex objects. I hope they show another cuddly toy pokemon being wiggled around on a string soon

I mean, a friend told me that it’s supposed to be like, the joke is that it’s super over the top edgy? But it honestly doesn’t feel that way. Near the end there’s like a minute or so of mario fist-fighting with a rainbow filter applied to him as a guitar remix of the invincibility theme plays. I don’t think that was intended to be “laugh at how hard this is trying to be cool”, I think you were genuinely supposed to look at that and think it’s awesome. Which of course makes it even funnier and more bizarre.

if you like watching terrible things, you might have fun watching this, though be ready to roll your eyes to the sort of stuff you’d expect to find in something like this (all female characters being sex objects, references to “effeminate girly boys”, typical nerd culture shit basically).