I’m tired as hell of people accusing me of being “anti-woman” for supporting Bernie Sanders, especially after this bullshit from Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem. Last I checked, a huge part of being a feminist was to not make incredibly sexist and rude remarks about other women. Why do you think young women would want to vote for Hillary after the brutal fauxmenist speeches y’all gave about us??? Why do you think more women aren’t involved in politics? We don’t want to fuck with people who accuse young women of being superficially involved in politics. We don’t want to fuck with white fems who tell us we’re bad people if gender isn’t the most important thing to us when voting. 

TLDR; I’m tired of old white ladies who tell me I’m too dumb to understand gender politics while simultaneously getting angry and witchhunt-y when I push back on their fauxmenist bullshit aimed at young women.



The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter

No one has mentioned…the fact that Briana was not wheel chaired out of the hospital….even though it is hospital policy ALL over America that all patients after giving birth should be wheel chaired to their car for hospital liability ??? This is sketchy af and no one is falling for this ridiculous bullshit

Fui até a geladeira para pegar uma garrafa de cerveja e logo após me sentei na cama. Naquele momento, o tempo me definia: frio, escuro e vazio.
—  Foi assim que comecei a sobreviver com a sua ausência. (Desmoralizado).