It would be great if I could actually express something that is distressing me due to dysphoria without some fucking entitled cis white girl asshole on this website calling me misogynistic because I hate my femininity at that point in time because of me being dysphoric right now. Shut the fuck up, Claire. Me hating an aspect of myself at a moment in time is hardly misogynistic so stop riding my cock and hop off.


person *doesn’t allow cgl or nsfw blogs, isnt affiliated with cgl at all, probably hates cgl*

this blog “OMG THIS PERSON IS UNSAFE BECAUSE KIDHEARTS WE HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST THEM!!! BLOCK!!! But don’t send h8 bc we dont want ppl to antagonize us uwu”


White privilege means you get to shoot 9 black people to “unleash a racewar”, still don’t get shot by the police, in fact they will buy you a burger, get a fair trial, and if you get the death penalty there will still be more white liberals whining about it than when cops arbitrarily execute black people in the streets because their tail lights don’t work

don’t tell me
that i can’t love someone else
until i love myself
don’t try and convince me
that it’s logical
because i call bullshit on your logic
i may not know how to love myself
but i sure as hell know how to love others
because i know what it’s like
to feel as though no one cares
to feel alone
to feel broken
to feel unloved
and i would never wish that on anyone
—  in the absence of self love i am able to love others
(cc, 2017)