I still can’t figure out what this is supposed to mean.
It looks like a canoe

or is it the digital version of the Eye of Sauron?

Is it a really crappy American Football field stadium?

There was a post about those dots and dashes being morse code for “but nobody came”  which is -… ..- - / -. — -… — -.. -.– / -.-. .- – . I think but thats isnt possible with the dots given, nor would the creator explain how they were reading it. also, the target doesn’t change in the genocide run final battle. 

the meter is named target_0, and theres a file called dumbtarget_0, which is exactly the same, I overlayed them and could find no difference. I think the old stand-in prototype target got saved over with the new target image, but even in the first  pictures of the battle system, the first thing Toby worked on, it looks like this sort of theme was already there.

the sprite looks like it was stretched. 
lets see what happens if we make it round

well that was absolutely no help at all.
I tried reverse searching for it but found nothing. 
why would you make something so confusing when all you need to do is hit the button when the bar is in the middle of the meter? why are the green squars in the background still there? are these simply images made for development Toby never replaced because they grew on him?