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Someone tells Reader that she isn't good enough for one of them let alone both Bucky and Ivar and to leave them alone. So they tell her all the reasons why they love her to convince her to stay

The ride back home is stifled.

Your boys are goofing off back and forth; Bucky in the front passenger seat, Ivar in the back. You drive silently, grim expression set with no vacancy in sight. 

The Lothbrok’s loved Bucky. Every single one of them. Bucky had put on his brave, outgoing face and quickly became center stage at the family barbecue. He even got caught roughhousing with Ubbe, Ivar’s oldest brother, as they started up a small rugby match in the expansive backyard. 

Sure, Bucky came along for Ivar long before you did… But now you worried if you’d ever fit in. At first the worry had merely been in the back of your head, but after what Ivar’s mother said - it was a struggle not to cry in front of the boys.

Like on autopilot, you arrived at the house without realizing it. Marched ahead of your boyfriends as a means of quick escape, wanting nothing more than to climb onto bed. Bucky’s bed, preferably. 

You snuggled under his sheets with a shaky sigh, willing the tears to stay back. You cringed once you heard the boys making their approach, still fucking giggling as they carried on about their successful afternoon. They fell quiet when they found your form completely buried in Bucky’s bed.

“What is wrong?” Ivar asked. 

“Leave it,” you mutter, not sure if you can even bear to tell them without crying in front of them. And you didn’t want that.

You heard Ivar set his crutches down and there was a shift on the bed as the two large men joined you on the bed. 

“Babydoll,” Bucky whispered, tugging at the sheet.

Ivar was less gentle. Took a handful of the sheets and tore them from you, making you roll onto your back with the motion. You stared at the ceiling, unwilling to meet their eyes.

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Adoribull Sunday Prompt! Dorian's allergies.

I already filled this one here with a picture awhile ago, but I also had an unrelated fic idea for this prompt and finally I’ve gotten around to writing it. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Adoribull, pre-established relationship 

Warnings: Minor language

Summary: Getting to sleep should not be this hard. Then again, neither should offering help to someone who clearly needs it. Bull is finding both to be the case on a night he shares a tent with Dorian.


Bull felt his eye twitch slightly as he was pulled from the edge of sleep again, thanks to his tent partner. He would say he didn’t know how he got stuck with this, except he did. He thought he saw a dragon fly overhead earlier and couldn’t resist checking it out after they’d set up camp. By the time he’d gotten back everyone had paired up for a tent already, save Dorian. There was nothing malicious in the choosing. It was simply everyone else wanted a chance at sleeping.

Another sharp sneeze from the mage had Bull gritting his teeth.

It had been like this all day. At first it was kind of funny seeing Dorian’s usually meticulous look coming undone from allergies. But as it continued, it was less amusing, more annoying, and even a bit concerning. Dorian denied any offers of help from anyone, refusing to acknowledge anything was remotely off. Even this thin facade was nearly undone when they realized they’d have to camp in a field full of stripweed. Bull wasn’t entirely sure Dorian wouldn’t set the fields on fire before morning.

“Didn’t you at least bring a handkerchief?” Bull finally broke his silence, turning over to look at the sniffling mage. At the very least that might help muffle the sound.

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Rise & Shine

Me: Boys lets go!! We’re already behind as it is! I swear if you two are still sleeping there will be hell to pay!! Jackson get up!

Jackson: Why do I have to wake up first man?

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Me: Because you take the longest to get ready, now get up and get in the shower! While you’re at it wake up Kyungsoo.

Jackson: Are you TRYING to get me killed?

Me: Breakfast will be ready in fifteen! 

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Jackson: YAH! Kyungsoo wake up! 

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*Blood curdling screams and crashing* 


Me: Hey! Y'all better not break anything in this house! 

Jackson: Mama! Kyungsoo just tried to hit me with his freakin baseball bat! Why does he even HAVE that? He’s never played baseball a day in his life!

Me: Kyungsoo put the bat up and come down stairs and eat NOW! Jackson I told you to get in the shower ten minutes ago!

External image

Jackson: Well excuse me, I was trying not to get me skull smashed in!

*fifteen minutes later*


Jackson: I just need five more minutes!

Kyungsoo: For WHAT?! You’ll still look like the under side of a damn foot so get the hell out the bathroom!

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Jackson: Someone has had their daily dose of bitch flakes this morning.

Kyungsoo: I still need to shower you asshole!

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Jackson: Go take a whore bath in the downstairs bathroom, you should be right at home.

Kyungsoo: Ugh I hate you so damn much! Mom!

Me: Jackson you got till the count of five to get out the bathroom. 5…4…3…2…

Jackson: Okay, okay! I’m done!!

Me: Kyungsoo you have thirty minutes.

Kyungsoo: That’s not even fair! He took forever in the bathroom!

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Me: Then maybe you should wake up earlier in the morning.

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Kyungsoo: Ugh I hate this house!

Jackson: You can move out any time we won’t miss you!

Me: We are leaving at 8:30!


Jackson: I can’t find my Chicago Bulls snap back!!

Me: It’s hanging on the hook behind your door with the rest of them.

Jackson: Found it! I’m ready.

External image

Me: Kyungsoo I will leave you here!

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Kyungsoo: I just need ten more minutes!

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Me: I said NOW. We are leaving now! 

Kyungsoo: FINE! Just leave, I don’t want to go to school anyway! 

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Me: Boy! I’m about to lay hands on you, you are going to school. Point. Blank. Period. So whatever teenage crisis you are going through suck it up and come on! 


Me: Jesus Christ, why are you crying? 

Kyungsoo: I…accidentally… forgot that my paper was due today… and it’s not finished. I’m going to fail this class! 

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Me: Okay calm down, just talk to your teacher and ask for an extension, okay? You’re a good student so I’m sure they’ll let you turn it in tomorrow. Now stop crying and come on. Do you want to stop and get a frappacino from McDonald’s?

Kyungsoo: *sniff* Yes *sniff* 

Me: Okay let’s go.

Jackson: Fuckin cry baby…

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Kyungsoo: Bite me bitch.

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