bulls logo


I’ve seen a few people suggest this means something dirty, which… you guys know that arts patrons are still a real thing, right? Haruka and Michiru are both famous up-and-coming stars in highly specialized fields. It makes absolute sense that they would have people funding their lifestyles. 

Also, Haruka is a race car driver. And I know precisely two things about race cars:

  1. Cars that go zoom
  2. Corporate branding plastered all over everything

So I don’t know why you’d bother making a joke about taking money from dirty old men when the real joke here is that she’s going to have to walk around with a giant ugly Red Bull logo on her jumpsuit for the next year to pay this off.


I was commissioned to illustrate Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull Racing. Thanks to the lovely London Studio ShootTheMoon.

Process shots below. I approach my portraits the same way I approach all my work using my “rule of eights” grid system in which I create the linework out of eights of a circle segments entirely. In the outlined shots I’ve created red dotted circles to delineate exactly where I use eighth segments. Every element in the illustration follows this rule including a redesigned Red Bull logo re-imagined within the context of my rule of eighths. 

The “Rule of Eights” isn’t a fixed system as such but it allows me to look at something like the red bull logo and reimagine it within the established framework based on the mathematical logic of shapes.  In this case symmetrical logo with circle in centre so i determined it would be logical to build from the center. To retain visual cohesion within the framework the other rule in place is for any intersections to happen exclusively at anchor points that are at variations of 45 degree angles; this can be eights or straight lines. Seen using the red dotted lines in the above screen shots.