Touken Ranbu Stage Play Costume Exhibition Event (7/15/2016): Mackey and Hiroki bullying Masa before he can even introduce himself or his character. ヽ(^o^)丿

Look @ Nel hammering in the point!! This does enable filmmakers to just treat their crew like shit.

There’s no vision when you abuse ppl. & it’s wild how a lot of these films “capture the essence of the human spirit” or whatever the fuck but they were made through exploitation & assault.

This is why I’ve been advocating for film criticism to look at the process of a film (production through release to legacy) not just a product or “work of art.” Bc of shit like this.

I haven’t seen any x-men movies since finding out Bryan Singer is a child sexual abuser who has used his wealth to bullly journalists who report on him, get out of trials & jail, and to continue his disgusting behavior.

Someone today was complaining that they were on set and there was no craft services. No lunch or even water. That’s abuse and exploitation. I talked to the director and he said he had no money and the film was more important. Like what? This isn’t as bad as sexual assault of course. But using free labor bc your a student doesn’t excuse this. You can’t have ppl on set for 5-8 hours and not offer them water & snacks & lunch.

I think I’m gonna have to bully myself into painting today. I’ve been too lazy and distracted to want to like open tubes of paint and mix colors and junk but Hank the bullly can make Hank the homo do pretty much anything.