Touken Ranbu Stage Play Costume Exhibition Event (7/15/2016): Mackey and Hiroki bullying Masa before he can even introduce himself or his character. ヽ(^o^)丿

Look @ Nel hammering in the point!! This does enable filmmakers to just treat their crew like shit.

There’s no vision when you abuse ppl. & it’s wild how a lot of these films “capture the essence of the human spirit” or whatever the fuck but they were made through exploitation & assault.

This is why I’ve been advocating for film criticism to look at the process of a film (production through release to legacy) not just a product or “work of art.” Bc of shit like this.

I haven’t seen any x-men movies since finding out Bryan Singer is a child sexual abuser who has used his wealth to bullly journalists who report on him, get out of trials & jail, and to continue his disgusting behavior.

Someone today was complaining that they were on set and there was no craft services. No lunch or even water. That’s abuse and exploitation. I talked to the director and he said he had no money and the film was more important. Like what? This isn’t as bad as sexual assault of course. But using free labor bc your a student doesn’t excuse this. You can’t have ppl on set for 5-8 hours and not offer them water & snacks & lunch.

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Your blog is constantly appearing in my utapri dash and I love it. Can I ask an scenario where quartet night misses their airplane an it is Reijis fault because he took too long buying souvenirs, and they must stay at the airport all night until next mornings flight. Their general reactions and thoughts surviving the night. P.s. They cant pay a hotel. Thanks a lot!

I like the idea of Quartet Night (not just Rei-Rei) acting like teenage boys instead of adult men (excluding Ai). So, they may since a bit OOC but it’s all for fun! ANNNNND I may have gone overboard with the length lol


“Mui-Mui, what do you think about this one~?” Reiji asked.

Camus groaned, “I don’t care. Can we please just go catch a taxi?”

The brown haired idol gasped, “Mui~ you don’t go to another country and go home without souvenirs!”

Ranmaru scoffed, “Then, you should’ve gone yesterday if it mattered that much to you.”

“If it’s any consolation, this country doesn’t really make their own souvenirs.” Ai said.

“If you want an American flag so badly you can buy one at the airport’s gift shop!” Camus said.

Reiji held up two flags as he carefully examined them, “I don’t want the airport ones. They were made in China.”

He could feel Ranmaru’s breath on his neck as the bassist peeked over his shoulder, “That one is from Taiwan; That one was made in Japan.”

“I see…” Reiji said placing them back on the shelf that he’d found them, “Ah, excuse me Miss!”

Reiji called to the store attendant in English, “I am looking for America-made American flags.”

“Yes, right this way.” she said leading him over to the over side of the store.
Ranmaru, Camus and Ai all looked at each other, it was obvious that they were all thing the same thing. That guy was such a pain. Soon, Reiji returned to the with an over sized flag.

“This is perfect!” he smiled.

Ranmaru narrowed his eyes at him, “That flag is bigger than the four of us combined.”

“It’s perfect!” Reiji repeated.

“Whatever.” the bassist sighed.

Camus pulled out his pocket watch, “Hurry and check out before it’s too late.”

“We have exactly forty-six minutes left until our boarding time. It takes approximately twenty-three minutes to get there from here.” Ai said.

Ranmaru shook his head, “Twenty three minutes on a good day. This is New York. It’s hard to hail a cab and it’s evening rush hour.”

“Ok~! I just have to find two more things. I need to find key chains for Tokki and Otoyan!” Reiji said before dashing off. “I promised!”

“We’re going to miss our flight.” Camus sighed.

“Definitely gonna have to catch a later flight.” Ranmaru mumbled.

“He’s such an annoying child.” Ai said.

Eventually, Reiji checked out after he’d found key chains that he liked and Quartet Night set out to hail a cab. It’d taken about fifteen minutes to get one to stop for them. They had to all squeezed into the backseat, making for an uncomfortable ride full of bickering. If they didn’t all look completely different the taxi driving would have mistaken the for brothers. Reiji  was in the middle, his feet resting on the hump. Ai  and Camus were both leaning uncomfortably on the doors. Ran sat in between Reiji and Ai; Reiji in between Camus and Ranmaru, which could have been the worst decision ever.

The ride went from:

“Oi, get your elbow out of my rib cage!” Ranmaru argued.

“Why are you leaning on my shoulder?” Camus asked.

“Stop. Touching. My. Thigh.” Ranmaru mumbled.

“Why is your knee touching me?” Camus asked.

“JUST STAY ON YOUR HUMP!” Ranmaru and Camus both shouted.


Ranmaru smacking Reiji’s elbow , “Your elbow!”

“Ran-Ran I can’t help it!”

Camus nudged him over, “Too close.”

“Mui-chan what do you want me to do?”

“Stay off of me!”


“Hey, don’t hit me me!” Reiji cried.

“Stop moving!” Camus growled.

“Get off ‘a me!” Ranmaru shouted.

“Why can’t we just get along?” Reiji cried.

“Shut up!” Ranmaru spat.

“Silence!” Camus yelled.

“Be quiet, all of you.” Ai sighed.


Ranmaru slapping Reiji’s leg.


Camus pushing Reiji’s elbow.


Reiji hitting them both back.


Reiji, Camus and Ranmaru all started passing licks to each other and arguing like little kids until the taxi stopped. They all rushed out of the taxi, grabbed their bags from the trunk and ran into the building. Reiji hurried over to the line that was surprisingly empty. The others waited behind for him to return. When he returned he had a solemn look on his face.

Ranmaru took a deep breath, preparing for the worst, “What?”

“Um, well…” Reiji said, twiddling his fingers, “We may or may not have missed our flight.”

Ranmaru let out an irritated sigh and turned his back to them to keep himself from saying anything too harsh.

“No. There is no ‘may or may not have’ did were or didn’t we?!” Camus asked.

Reiji let out a nervous chuckle, “Well, at least they’ll put us up in a sweet hotel for the night!”

Ai shook his head, “That isn’t an option we missed out flight, it wasn’t canceled.”

“You mean to tell me…” Ranmaru began, “There are no other flights to Japan for the day?”

The brown haired man scratched the back of his head, “Exactly!”

“'Exactly!’” Camus repeated, “'Exactly?!’”

The blonde toward over Reiji, it could be said that when the Count was this angry the veins in his forehead looked like demon’s horns.

Reiji took a step back and smiled, “We can solve this without violence right?”

Ai blinked, “Well…”

“Kotobuki.” Camus said through gritted teeth.

Ranmaru cracked his knuckles, “Fix it.”

Reiji flinched at the sound of Ranmaru’s knuckles, “Okay, okay! I get it you guys are a little upset but–”

“GO TALK TO THEM!” Ranmaru shouted.

Without another word, the brown haired man ran off to have a talk with one of the ladies behind the window only to return with a four folded white sheets. He smiled nervously, holding them up to his group members.

“Bad news is we can’t get a later flight because that was the last flight Japan until five in the morning but the good news is we get to have a sleep over together~!” Reiji said cheerfully.

Camus narrowed his cold eyes at the shorter man, “Quit fooling around.”

Reiji handed Camus one of the white bed sheets, “I wish I were Myu-Myu.”

“We seriously have to sleep in the fucking airport over night?” Ranmaru asked in a dry tone.

“All because you spent for ever buying souvenirs.” Ai added.

They all snatched the sheets away from him leaving him with nothing for himself. 

“Hey what am I supposed use?” Reiji asked.

“Use that body sized flag you bought earlier.” Ranmaru spat, walking off as Camus and Ai followed.

“But I bought it for you, Ran-Ran!” Reiji called following behind them. “Guys don’t leave me.”

Ai stopped walking and turned to him, “We are going to find a place to sleep. Because this it your fault you can’t sleep near us. So, please stop following us.”

They left Reiji standing there in the middle of the airport pouting. He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked back over to window for another sheet. He looked over his shoulder to see them taking their seats.He fought back a chuckle.

“Man, they’re so mean.” he whispered to himself. 

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Hi! Do you know any fics where jongin bullies/ abuses kyungsoo, LOVE YOOURRR BLOG ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey, thanks a lot. So just in case you haven’t, check out the last time I did bully/ abuse fics. Here are the ones I have found since then, however most of the ones I know right now are ongoing, so I hope thats OK. I almost forgot my funny story, so some time back my husband asked me to rec him some one shot Kaisoo so he could see how romance is communicated in a really short story for a game he was making, so after he read a few he was all like, you guys really like to see Kyungsoo get beat up, don’t you? I didn’t even realize I picked out that theme. lol. 

Bound to love: one shot. Jongin falls in love with Kyungsoo when he sees him, and then beats him up a lot because he doesn’t want to be gay.

Poison: one shot. They abuse each other in their marriage.

All I want is: complete 1 shot, this only technically counts. Jongin is the school bullly and Kyungsoo is a new student who doesn’t take his shit.

A controlled life: ongoing. I love this so far, I really hope it keeps going. The government decides what everyone’s job is and who they marry, and Kyungsoo gets paired up with his bully, Jongin.

Besk kept secrets: ongoing. Kyungsoo is mute due to a tramautic experience when his mom died so he goes to live with his dad’s wife and child Jongin, who abuses Kyungsoo more.

Punishment for love: 20 chapters. So Jongin is some kind of supernatural being who traps Kyungsoo as his slave once Kyungsoo falls in love with him, and then abuses him for not loving him?

Dangerous Running: Ongoing. Jongin kidnaps Kyungsoo and abuses him, but then wants him to like him.

Frio não é bulllying contra os solteiros, frio é bullying contra os moradores de rua, você tem casa, cama e cobertor, reclame menos e agradeça a mais.

Here are just a few texts from my harasser. On February 3rd I decided to stop talking to this girl. Over the next 5 months she continued to send me unwanted messages and calls, even though I asked her to stop. The only time I replied was with “I’m in class”, or another pre-installed message on my phone to let me know when and how much she called. Please note I looked forever to find out how to block numbers on Android, I found no solution besides apps that didn’t even work. It took many threats of going to law enforcement and calling her parents as often as she called me to finally get her to stop. Now, me being me I was content with not ruining this girls life by pursuing my threats at filing a police report, I mean she’s a fucking creep but at least she’s not harming me. So I kept the messages to myself and didn’t go any further. I showed my friends the shit she sent and we all had a good laugh about it, making light in an otherwise creepy and very uncomphtorableable situation. It was all fine. Or so I thought. 3 months later, after the last text, I was taken out of class and called down to the main office, where I was instructed to sit in the vice principal’s office. After a minute my guidance counselor, my school shrink, and my vice principal walked in. I was told to be make myself comfortable and relax. Right away he said “Ryan, what do you know about (my harasser’s full name).” I was so relieved. Someone finally told and I wouldn’t have to constantly live in fear that this crazy bitch would start up again and I’d have to endure the unwanted calls and texts. I said yes, I know this person. However, the next words he said shocked and horrified me. He said that I was pulled out of class because he is now dealing with an issue of “bullying”. Confused? On September 13th, 2010 New York passed it’s “dignity for all students act”, which is New Yorks take and on anti bullying law. Under this new law, “DASA prohibits the harassment and discrimination of students by students and by school personnel.Each school’s Code of Conduct must be amended to reflect the prohibition of discrimination and harassment of students by students or staff in age-appropriate language. Districts must appoint at least one staff member in each school to handle all bullying incidents on school property (including athletic fields, playgrounds, and parking lots), in school buildings, on a school bus/vehicle, as well as at school-sponsored events or activities). Administrators must report incidents of bullying or bias-based harassment to the NYS Department of Education” That all sounds dandy and good, but it’s not. In New York this law was used against me to protect my harasser and paint me as a “bullly”. I was told I must never show these texts again, even though she chose to send these texts on her own free will. I was told I would be suspended if I did not comply. I was told, to my fucking face, that my rights end where your feelings begin. Let me say that again. I WAS TOLD BY MY GUIDANCE COUNSOLER THAT MY RIGHTS END WHERE HER FEELINGS BEGIN. This is the true face of anti bullying laws. This is what New York has turned into, actual victim blaming and harassment defending. My superiors did not even comment on the contents of the messages, or the state I must be in after enduring that for 5 months. They were more concerned about the feelings of my harasser and her mental health. If you need me to tell you why this entire thing is fucked up, move to New York.

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Lossi: Terra! Don't skip school! Don't you know it effects your future! (Saw that tag)

(ahaha XD and I’m gonna use human Terra for this) 

Terra walked up to Lossi, “You can’t tell me what I can or can not do! If I want to I will!” Terra had anger in her voice. She hated school cause she was bulllied, but she wouldn’t tell Lossi that.