bulling quotes

Elide:I’d walk off a bridge for you

Lorcan:That’s because I’d be under it waiting to catch you

Manon:And then you’d both die from the fall

Once a month, Bull spends the night at Vivienne’s place. Dorian’s known about this since before they started dating, so he doesn’t pry. He’s curious, maybe a little apprehensive, but he trusts Bull.

Not long after he and Bull start talking about moving in together, he receives a formally engraved invitation, hand-delivered by Madame De Fer’s personal assistant, to dinner with her on a night that Dorian knows is the night.

He shows the invitation to Bull, who is genuinely enthusiastic and makes him feel bad for being suspicious. But Dorian doesn’t want a threesome with a woman, not even Vivienne.

But they go, and they a very fancy dinner. And then Vivienne leads them into her bedroom, and has them change into very soft bathrobes. Dorian’s apprehension is growing by the minute.

She sits them down on a huge, soft couch– facing her huge, soft bed, Dorian notices– and then sends Bull to get “the supplies.”

As soon as he leaves the room, Vivienne turns to Dorian and asks him, very politely, about his intentions. How would he characterize his relationships, individually, with each of the Chargers? Does he plan on moving to Riviain in the the next twenty to sixty-five years– or Tevinter, for that matter, does he ever see himself going back to Tevinter?  How does he feel about children? Is is too warm in here? He ;looks a little warm.  By the way, did he know that Vivienne has friends in the governments of most major countries in Thedas?

Dorian is desperately relieved to see Bull come back into the room with four bottles of wine and three huge bowls of popcorn.

Vivienne picks up a remote and turns on a TV. “Last question,” she says as Bull sits down on the couch between them, “have you ever seen Legally Blonde?”

left to your own devices,
you’re a one-way street with a narrow mind
odd, dull, unreliable;
they try to drown you with your own insecurities
pushed to the side and then called “hard to read”
you are the one they get bored of

So whip them into shape
bring down the hammer of “I told you so”
open their third eye to your education
show them your world of oddities
kiss their cheeks to burn your memory into their skin
dance naked in circles around them all
tempt them, tease them, show them how sexy
smart can be

You don’t have to be perfect,
or normal, or neat
you can scatter your ideas in the minds of all
you can shake your hips in the nose of the bull
Aquarius, you are not strange
and the world will beg you for just a taste
of your infinite imagination

—  an Aquarius’s address // hnl 2017

“Demons run when a good man goes to war
Night will fall and drown the sun
When a good man goes to war

Friendship dies and true love lies
Night will fall and the dark will rise
When a good man goes to war

Demons run, but count the cost
The battle’s won, but the child is lost”

-Steven Moffat