OKAY, so to Canada and other countries other than the US, direct your orders to the lovely Adeline at adeline@polarbottle.com and she will assist you! SORRY for this tiny little bump in the ordering process but thank you to everyone who has already ordered, and to everyone who is trying. THANK YOU for supporting Scout and all his efforts to raise awareness and all his fundraising that he’s doing to support rescues in Ontario  He wouldn’t be here without all of you!!!

Check it out!!!;


Friends! Please keep in mind all the pups and cats who haven’t found their fur-ever home yet and come out to donate all pet supplies not being used anymore so that they can benefit someone else (and de-clutter your house!!) Accepting all donations at Spaw Boutque at 852 King St. West in Toronto, you can also use donations towards Santa Paws pictures if you’re coming out for those. All crates, leashes, pre-loved toys and bones, food your pets don’t like, supplies they’ve outgrown, boots that are missing a foot, collars and harnesses are all welcome - if you’d like to mail us your donation, that is also appreciated and encouraged!!! <3

GUYS! Some of you may not know that Scout has a book coming out, but it’s officially %99.9 done and up for pre-order! I’m seriously so blissed out and can’t wait to have a physical copy in my hands! SO many people helped make this possible and I thank everyone especially for putting up with me talking about Scout non-stop and more than ever. If anyone wants to share this, I’ll just smooch you more in gratitude 💕 a portion of proceeds will be going to @bulliesinneed and All Breed Canine Rescue as he does with everything! The link is active on my bio here and more links to pre-order the book in different countries are listed on his Facebook!!


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#stuffonscoutshead - why did Scout write his book in the basement? He wanted a best cellar!

But seriously 💕 thanks so much for your support of Scout, out pitbull advocacy mission, and of pitbulls in general! We seriously feel like a new leaf is going to be turned over sooner than later and every little bit of support is helping get the word out that maybe it’s not really the dogs’ fault after all (of course WE all knew that in the first place).

Some people have already received their copies of the book and I can’t thank you enough, I’m pretty sure I saw Scout shed a teeny little pitbull tear yesterday. Make sure to tag me ❤️ active link to order the book is in the bio !! Thank you for making this possible, and thank you for allowing me to give back to such great rescues like @bulliesinneed and @abcrescue_adoptables and others!!!

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#stuffonscoutshead - HUGE shoutout to @polarbottle and @jessehighler for making this possible. Help Scout raise funds for @bulliesinneed by purchasing the Scout Benefit Bottle! Check Facebook for more info including the link to purchase! Great for keeping you as well as your pup hydrated ❤️ Also for your daily pun fix; Water you doing today?!

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It needed to be said. Scout strongly supports @abcrescue_adoptables that he came from, and @bulliesinneed here in Ontario. We really do appreciate all donations and support - every little bit goes a long way and we couldn’t do it without you through online donations, physical supply donations, Amazon wishlist purchases, food donations from stores, donations brought into @spaw_boutique and even with each @barkbox that your dog enjoys each month purchased with the code SCOUT. ❤️

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