OKAY, so to Canada and other countries other than the US, direct your orders to the lovely Adeline at adeline@polarbottle.com and she will assist you! SORRY for this tiny little bump in the ordering process but thank you to everyone who has already ordered, and to everyone who is trying. THANK YOU for supporting Scout and all his efforts to raise awareness and all his fundraising that he’s doing to support rescues in Ontario  He wouldn’t be here without all of you!!!

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Right so please share this far and wide. This is a post for a wonderful Charity called Bullies in Need (BIN) and this is their website - http://www.bulliesinneed.info/ 

I personally know people who are dedicating every minute of every day looking after these beautiful, precious lives, driving up and down the country at a moments notice and rescue these fur babies from horrible lives and death row. They don’t have much money and pay for the dogs food and vet bills out of their own pocket. I really want to get this post round, and help these dogs.

A lot of these dogs also come in with a variety of health issues and many need vet care. If donations don’t cover these costs, the amazing volunteers have to.

Guys, also, if you think you could offer one of these animals a foster or forever home the links will follow, also links for any donations that you can spare, literally every single penny helps, and even if you cannot help financially, please reblog and get these dogs the happy lives they deserve.

BIN Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/507843215940198

BIN Application form - http://www.bulliesinneed.info/application-form.html

BIN PayPal -  bin@bull-terriers.co.uk

These are just some of the dogs that need your help…

Friends! Please keep in mind all the pups and cats who haven’t found their fur-ever home yet and come out to donate all pet supplies not being used anymore so that they can benefit someone else (and de-clutter your house!!) Accepting all donations at Spaw Boutque at 852 King St. West in Toronto, you can also use donations towards Santa Paws pictures if you’re coming out for those. All crates, leashes, pre-loved toys and bones, food your pets don’t like, supplies they’ve outgrown, boots that are missing a foot, collars and harnesses are all welcome - if you’d like to mail us your donation, that is also appreciated and encouraged!!! <3