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A Guy Like That

Summary: Y/n has liked Peter for as long as she could remember… An incident involving Flash bullying Peter just may be the push Y/N needs to confess her feelings?

Requested: No (I was kinda inspired by this song <–)

Word Count: 3.8k

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Warning(s)?: Light cussing, Bullying, teen angst, sERVER fLUFFF?!

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A Guy Like That…

Y/N.…” You stood by your locker, leaning against it with your arms crossed over your chest. You bit your lip sub consciously, watching him from down the hall. 

Y/N…” You didn’t care that your best friend was busy trying to get your attention. All your focus was currently on the curly headed boy who stood down the hall, by his own locker smiling and laughing with his friend. You could see his smile reach his cheeks causing a small dimple to appear near his mouth. His eyes crinkled at the sides when he laughed at something his friend said, causing your own smile to widen in adoration. 

“Are you even listening to me?” Obviously not. 

You shook your head quickly and glanced over at your best friend. Knowing this was very typical of you she just rolled her eyes in response, placing her last book into her locker before closing it.

“You know what your doing could be considered… creepy” She says, placing a strand of hair behind her ear. You glanced away from her with a shrug and stared off into the boy’s direction again. 

I don’t care…” You trailed off, watching him smile and laugh again at whatever his friend had said to him this time. How could you not admire him? 

“You can just walk over there and start talking to him… you guys do share like three classes together” Liz, your best friend states as she watched you with a small smile.

I don’t care...” You responded back dreamily, too entranced with admiring the boy from afar. 

“Or you could grab his face and finally just kiss him” She finishes, this time with a big smile on her face. 

I don’t- wait what!?” You turned away to look Liz in the eyes. She only smirked at your reaction. She turns around to her own locker and makes sure it’s locked, wrapping an arm around yours to pull you away. 

“Are you crazy?! I can’t just go up to him and… kiss him. That would be weird and besides… I think he likes someone else…” You trailed off, knowing this conversation was taking a very familiar turn. Liz rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“He doesn’t like anybody else!” She lets out with a frustrated laugh. You stopped still, causing Liz to stop as well and turn to face you. 

“You haven’t seen it Liz…” You state, a familiar frown beginning to etch it’s way onto your face. Liz just sighs in response, knowing whatever she says you won’t even consider to be the truth. You were stubborn like that, and have been ever since 5th grade.

I have seen it… you’re the one who hasn’t” She states, pulling on your arm again to continue walking down the hall. Once again your eyebrows twitch in confusion. Of course you had seen it… The guy you liked was in love with your best friend. How could you not see that? 

“Hey babe” You rolled your eyes in annoyance once you heard his voice. 

“Hey sweetie” Liz replied in an equally sickly tone. You pretended to gag, making some noises causing them both turn to you. 

“Y/N… always a pleasure’‘ 

’'Flash… hardly ever” You reply sarcastically sending them both a sarcastic smile to go with it. Liz just laughed and hugged Flash’s side, enjoying her two closest friends bicker between each other. You and Flash kind of have a love hate relationship. Frenemies… I guess you could say. 

You walked away from the nauseating couple and headed into physics. 


“Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to….Y/N?” You head rose once you heard your name mentioned. 

“Umm…” You murmured out, glancing down to your sheet to look for your answer.

“Both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss?” Your answer came out as more of a question seeing you were always nervous if ever you got picked on to answer a question in class, even if you were positive it was correct.

Your teacher smiled happily at you, nodding in your direction. A small smile crept it’s way onto your face as your nerves began to dwindle. Your teacher turned around and back to the board, wiping away the day’s lesson. A few grunts where heard from some students who still hadn’t had copied all the notes down. She turned back around once the board was cleaned and beamed a smile. 

“Now class… for the part of the lesson you’ll all enjoy… how about a game?” Cheers began to erupt around the room at the mention of playing a game. She shook her head and let out a soft chuckle.

“A…. physics game” She states, causing everyone’s hype of excitement to dwindle. 

“We are going to split the room up into girls and boys, each will select a representative to stand up in front of the class and answer questions, each group will give me ten questions each to contribute as I read them aloud to those who are selected. Each will get 30 seconds to think of an answer and the first to raise their hand and give the correct answer will score a point for their team” She finishes. This seemed to boost everyone’s curiosity a little. 

One of the students raised their hand. 

“Will you be picking the representatives?” The teacher shook her head in response. She then divided the class up into girls and boys, boys being on the left and girls being on the right side of the classroom. You could hear the boys all electing one person, coming to their decision pretty quickly. However with the girls…

“Bags not it” One of the girls said, raising a thumb to press against her forehead, many others followed also repeating her words ‘bags not it’. You rolled your eyes at their childishness. 

“I say we take a vote” Another spoke up, wanting to get this over and done with. You agreed with her, nodding your head to the group. There were only 14 of you altogether so picking someone shouldn’t be so hard.

“I say we go around the group and say each name… the one with the most hands in favor gets to go up” One of the girls snickered. You shied back a bit, just wanting to get this over and done with. Slowly they went around the group, calling out a girls name and each one of you girls either raising your hand in favor of them going up or not. You were second last to be called up and so far the most a girl has gotten was 5 hands. 

The girl who was took charge came around to you and stopped with a smirk.

“and Y/N?” Alost all the girls hands had rose. Your eyes widen as you shook your head rapidly. 

“Why me?” You whined, not liking the idea to go up in front of the class to do a… round off.

“Because you average like a 98 in this class… and besides I really hate losing to the boys every time… all because of Penis bloody Parker…” Your eyes widen again. 

Before you could utter out any more words the teacher interrupted your train of thought. 

“Time’s up!” She called out, causing everyone to hop back into their seats. You stayed seated on of the desks at the front, beginning to feel the nerves creep up on you. 

“And who will be the representative for the boys?” The Teacher asked, the boys beginning to cheer in response. Flash stood up and straightened his jacket causing your eyes to roll. 

“Sit down flash!” One of the boys called out causing you to laugh. You watched curiously as the boy you least expected rose and made his way over towards the front of the class.

Peter bloody Parker.

“And for the girls?” You shamefully stood up slowly and began to make your way in front of the board.

“Aye! look at you, acting all brave Y/N-” You could hear Flash begin to call out before you hastily interrupted him. 

Shut it, dickwad” You responded in a bored tone. 

“Language!” Your teach called out. The students, however, erupted into fits of laughter between yours and Flash’s interaction. This occurred on a daily basis which seemed to serve entertainment to the rest of the class. The teach also quite enjoyed watching you two bicker but ,of course, would never admit to that. 

Let’s begin!”

~Last question

“Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of….” The Teacher trailed off, reading the very last question aloud to both you and Peter. So far Peter had 10 points to your 9. You needed to get this question to even tie with him. 

You and Peter had stood closer and closer as the questions went on, growing more comfortable with each others presence. After the 6th question you guys started to become less nervous, and in fact started making silly faces at each other to throw the other one off of the question. This caused the class to laugh at you guys as you tried to distract each other so the other could get the question right. 

Polar bears… Polar bears… think… Polar bears” You mumbled only loud enough for Peter to hear you. He turned to you frustrated with a smile and shook his head, losing his train of thought. 

“C-collision…” He trailed off, trying to find the right words to use. 

Fluffy animals… fluffy animals… with cute miniature handbags” You mumbled again, causing Peter to laugh this time. You smiled in achievement and quickly thought up your answer.

“Collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere” You answered smoothly with a smirk. 

“That is correct!” The teach beamed in response, the girls cheering. Peter looked at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s cheating!” He says through his laughter, causing you yourself to laugh. The Teacher just shook her head in response, her own smirk making her way onto her face.

“How is it cheating?” You asked back innocently. He stared at you dumbstruck with a smile. 

“You were mumbling on about… freaking polar bears and miniature freaking hand bags!” He called out, his smile obviously giving him away. You stood there and just laughed, nodding your head. 

“I don’t recall saying such things” You replied innocently with a smirk. Peter shook his head at you and smile a tight lipped smile, both your cheeks growing red due to the amount of laughing and smiling you guys had been doing for the past 10 minutes. 

“But you did!” He countered back with a smile. You gasped with fake shock. Jokingly you turned towards the teacher, raising a hand to point towards Peter.

“Your honor this boy is lying” You called out sassily causing the class to laugh in chorus again. The Teacher just smiled and shook her head at both your guys antics. Peter just threw his hands up in the air and laughed. 

Oh my god!” he called out, throwing his head back as he laughed. You couldn’t help but to admire the sweet sound that escaped his lips, you smiled even more when you realised you were the cause of it. 

The bell rang shortly after, cutting your laughing short. The class began to pack up their things as the teach instructed what was needed for our next lesson. You headed back towards your desk and packed up your things, leaving the classroom. You couldn’t help but to let the smile stay on your face as you left the room, almost with a skip to your step.

“Someone looks awfully happy all of a sudden” Liz states as she approaches you, just returning from her maths class herself. You smiled over to her and went inside your locker and packed your things away, getting ready to head into the cafeteria for lunch.

“Just had an awesome class” You responded cheerily. 

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain brown eyed boy now would it?” She asks cheekily with a smirk. You lightly slapped her arm causing her to laugh at your flustered expression. 

“Maybe-” You were cut off by the amount on people beginning to form a circle down the hall. Your eyes furrow in curiosity as you glanced over towards Liz, dragging her along with you to see what was going on. 

There in the middle stood none other than Flash… of course it was him. 

You turned on your heel and began to walk away, not wanting to see what Flash was doing this time.

“You think that’s funny Parker!” You heard Flash yell angrily. You immediately stop and your eyes widen in shock. 

“F-flash…” You could hear Peter’s voice mumble out in response. You shook your head as you closed your eyes, clenching your hands into fists at your sides.

“Look around Peter…” You could hear Flash’s voice taunts. You could practically feel the nerves and fear radiating off of Parker himself. You bit your lip as you heard no one do anything to stop this. That was what sickened you about high school, people were willing to stand around and watch others get hurt. Like it was some form of entertainment. 

“No one here even likes you…” You could hear Flash torment. You tried to steady your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

“In fact… let’s take a census” You could hear a few people begin to cheer in agreement. You groaned and turned back around, heading towards the circle.

“Flash…” You could hear Liz speak to her boyfriend, trying to get him to back down. He was a bully, he wasn’t going to back down. 

“No, the people of Midtown High need to hear this!” He calls out, causing Liz to move away from him shyly. You rolled your eyes and made your way towards the front of the circle. Not that the people moved out of there way for you or anything.

“Say Peter… how many of your friends are… girls?” Flash gloats, stepping closer and closer towards Peter. Peter visibly stiffens and goes beet red. 

“Your gonna want to answer this honestly to avoid a repeat of what happened last time…” Flash threatens in a low voice. Your eyes widened in fear for Peter… How dare Flash do this. You glanced over to Liz for help and she met your gaze with a worried one. Flash was taking things too far this time.

“In all honesty Peter… how many friends do you have?” He taunts loudly, causing everyone in the hall to hear. You could see more and more people joining the circle. You bit your lip nervously as you saw the crowd grow bigger and bigger. You glanced between Peter and Flash, wanting to so badly do something… anything.

“How many...girlfriends?” He teases. You watch as Peter shrinks back and visibly gulps. 

You couldn’t do this anymore, you couldn’t just stand here and watch the guy your practically in love with cop this shit of this asshole- Wait… what?

“Knock it off Flash” You spoke up quietly from the group. Flash upon hearing you glanced up and looked towards you, his smirk growing. 

“You gonna stand up for this loser Y/N?” He taunts, causing almost everyone’s attention to fall onto you. But you were only looking in one direction, and that was Peter’s. You watched as a frown settled across his normally bright features. That smile that you adore so much had disappeared along with his infectious laugh. 

Screw it. 

“Yeah actually… I am” You spoke up, this time confidently. You left the circle and walked towards Peter and stood beside him. Flash just seemed to laugh in response. 

Inside you could feel the nerves eating away at you but you didn’t want to let it show. For once you were going to stand up to Flash.

“Oh look Peter… seems like you do have a girlfriend after all…” Flash snickers as the crowd laugh along with him, some with their phones out recording the whole interaction.

It was now or never.

“So what if he does?” You spoke, reaching for Peter’s hand. You watched as he stiffened at the gesture and grow even more nervous. You couldn’t help but to let out a small smile at the feel of his hand in your, tingles beginning to spread through your now warm palm. 

“You jealous?” You countered back causing the group to ‘ohh’ at your response. Flash’s gaze only seemed to harden. 

“Yeah right… you would never go out with a guy like him…” Flash spoke up causing the group to laugh again. Your mouth dropped in shock. A guy like him?! You wanted to lose it. 

“A guy like him!? A guy that’s smart and has a gpa above a 5.0? A guy that’s sweet enough to hold a door open for you when you walk into a classroom. A guy that is so funny he can have you in stitches? A guy that actually smiles instead of smirks all the damn time?” With each sentence you took a step closer and closer towards Flash, your hand leaving Peter’s as you did so. Flash’s face seemed to drop little by little with each word you spoke.

“A guy that is… so honest, loyal and kind?” Your voice began to drop.

“A guy that… makes all the others guys look like amateurs?” You finished, your voice coming out more confident at the end.  

“Yeah… I would” You said before turning back around and began walking towards Peter. You took in his facial expression. His cheeks tinged red, his eyes widen in adoration and his mouth slightly parted, seeming utterly shocked.

You placed a hand onto both of his cheeks, walking up to him so close that your noses were nearly touching. Your hands began to tingle at the intimate contact. Your eyes raked his for any signs of uncertainty. 

kiss me…” You whispered only loud enough for him to hear. Funnily enough the crowd seem to disappear from your mind, your only focus being on Peter. His eyes seem to widen even more at your request.

“W-w-what?” He stuttered out, his eyes glancing down to your lips for a second before looking back into your eyes. You watched in pure admiration as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, seeming to be deep in thought.

“L-look… thank you for what you did… standing up to F-flash like that… seriously… Thank you so fucking much… but you don’t have to… I mean… Wow your really close and I can’t even think straight…” You smiled as he began to mumble.

“I get your doing this to be nice… But I actually really friggin like you and kissing you has been a dream of mine since like…. forever.. and- I have no idea why I just said that... I can’t stop talking…. your actually close to me… And wow your even more beautiful up close and there’s still a huge crowd watching us and…. God I can’t even breathe…” Your heart melted at his words. 

'Every…single…time you manage to take my breath away and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it back…“ His voice broke at the end of his confession causing your heart to beat even faster inside your chest. You couldn’t wait anymore. Your stomach was filled with butterflies and excitement at this point, so much it almost felt like you wanted to burst at the seams. 

Peter’s glance drifted towards your lips with a look of want crossing his glance. You closed your eyes and closed the gap, pulling his face towards yours.

Your lips came into contact with his and you felt your stomach drop. Kind of felt like you were on a roller coaster and this huge drop has come out of nowhere, adrenaline pumping through your veins along with excitement and fear. That was what it felt like. 

Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, not caring anymore that there was an audience surrounding you guys. Your hands made their way up to his hair as you lightly tugged at his curls, deepening the kiss further. You could feel your whole body light on fire at his touch, the warmth spreading from his hands, all the way up your spine and to your lips. 

Peter could feel his heart hammering inside of his chest and was sure that you could hear it but in this moment he didn’t care. He held you close and kissed you, seeming to convey his feelings in such a way that words couldn’t. You picked up on this and exchanged it back through the kiss, showing him as much passion as you could. This took him by surprise as he felt his heart flutter.

You liked him too. 

You slowly began to lean away, needing to breathe as did he. You rested your forehead against his, a blush coating both of your cheeks. 

Happiness. The only thing you could really say was going through you right now. You couldn’t help but to smile at Peter as he smiled back, looking at you with such love you thought didn’t even exist.

’'Scratch that… I think I’m in love with you’' 


A/N: Another random Fluffy Imagine! it’s 1am so I’m sorry if this is kinda fuzzy!!!!

Mine//H.S. Imagine//

Written from this request:  How about an imagine where harry gets jealous but it ends all cuddly and sweet? I dunno just cute and jealous harry makes me feel all sorts of things hahahaha

Thank you for requesting, i enjoyed writing this one! Cuddly Harry is also one of my favorite things to write about so i was really excited about this one!

Harry watched from behind his glass as the man sitting beside you got just a little bit too close. He watched as he laughed at your jokes a little too loud and watched your lips move when you talked slightly too much. Jake, he remembered, what kind of name is that?! It’s the name of every bully in every teen movie ever made, it’s the name of every life guard who spray tanned their abs too much at every crowded beach, it’s the name of the killer in every single horror movie Harry had ever seen. And right now, it was the name of the guy who’s hand was getting much too close to your thigh. Harry was trying not to make it obvious that his blood was boiling, or that the hair on the back of his neck was standing straight up, or that the words he was thinking of calling Jake were too explicit for the dictionary. He was slightly hurt you were not doing anything about the situation and if it wasn’t for you sitting across the table he probably would have punched Jake square in the face. 

Harry’s normally warm eyes were holding an intense gaze that could kill in your direction. Although it wasn’t directed to you, you could feel the heat coming off of the look he was giving, So you were not surprised when he said he wasn’t feeling well and excused you two from the dinner. 

Harry walked faster than normal to the car, you noticed the veins in his hands were more prominent than usual, the tight fist he was making causing his knuckles to go white. You wanted to catch up to him and ask what was wrong but you decided to let him cool down first. You cursed yourself for wearing such uncomfortable heals, you guessed you couldn’t walk must faster in them anyway. 

Harry’s jet black suit disappeared into the car as you reached for the door handle. Sliding into the car you felt the air in the car turn on and the engine rumble to life. You had no idea that air could possibly be this suffocating, you blamed it on the fact that Harry’s gaze was focused on the road instead of taking occasional glances at you and the grip he had on the steering wheel made you feel bad for it. 

After about 15 minutes of dead silence you pulled up to your house. Before you could unbuckle your seat belt Harry was out of the car and slamming the door shut. You decided to take the opportunity to gather your thoughts and decide what to say to him. Do you bring it up? Do you let him come to you? Do you get angry he has been ignoring you? With a huff you got out of the car and walked through the already unlocked door. You locked the door behind you made your way upstairs, cracking you and Harry’s bedroom door open. You saw him laying on his side scrolling through his phone. You decided against bringing the awkward car ride up now and thought it would be best to get ready for bed. You walked to the dresser, got one one of Harry’s shirts out (the Rolling Stones one) and walked to the bathroom. 

After you were done changing you sat on your side of the bed and stared at Harry’s back. You were getting very impatient and decided to speak up.

“Harry?” You asked, your voice came out far more shaky than you had planed, “Did i do something?”

In response you heard harry scoff, his back still facing you. 

“Harry,” You tried again,”I really don’t know what i did, please turn around.” 

“Maybe call Jake, i’m sure he’ll talk to you.” Harry grumbled.

“What?! Jake? Who the hell is Jake?”

Harry than turned to face you, “Jake! The guy you were all over at dinner!”

“Seriously Harry? I don’t even know who Jake is!”

“The guy sitting next to you, Y/n! The only guy at the whole table you were flirting with!”

“Harry, you are seriously over reacting! I wasn’t all over anyone at dinner. In fact, i was watching you the whole time trying to make sure you weren’t going to explode!” 

“Watching me?”

“Yes Harry, but for some reason you can’t understand that i am only ever looking at you.”

You turned around and turned off the light, causing the only light source to be the dull brightness of the TV. You plopped down on the bed and closed your eyes, scooting as far away from Harry as you could. Harry began to feel bad, he hadn’t meant to ever accuse you, let alone make you upset. He was just really, really jealous. 

He made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer.

Harry spoke in a calm tone, “I’m really sorry, love, i was just-”

“Jealous.” You whispered, finishing his sentence for him.

“Not jealous just- okay yes i was jealous.”

“It’s alright, at least you care,” You giggled, “I swear i thought lasers may shoot from your eyes at dinner. 

“Yeah i guess i over reacted a bit.”

“Just know i will always be yours.” You snuggled into him a little bit more. 

“Mine? That sounds nice.”

And with that you two drifted off to sleep. The night ending in your favor since Harry forgot to ask to be the little spoon and you were quite enjoying being wrapped in his arms.

Thank you for reading! Please excuse any typos or mistakes as i wrote this in a short period of time since so I was so excited about this request. Don’t forget my requests are open and i have a short post on my blog explaining it. I hope you enjoyed my story!

charlie mcavoy has the face of every bully in a 90s teen movie but is actually the softest and best person and gives real thoughtful answers to questions in interviews and is loved by every teammate because he’s so great and is just out there scooping david backes’s dog’s poop and brushing his teeth at 4:00 in the afternoon like wow he’s really gonna go places i love that boy


Alright this is really stupid. 

In the original series, Ryuk is a Shinigami who’s bored. He’s in the human world cuz he has nothing better to do. he’s not so much evil as a chaotic neutral. He wanted to see what a human would do with a notebook that kills people. 

He could kill people if he chose to, but it’s not like he was being malicious. It’s his job, he’s a Shinigami. 

He’s a monster, but the real monster is the human. 

Light Yagami. 

The fact that Ryuk was frightening in appearance was something of a fakeout, because he’s an observer, not the main evil or anything. 

NOT some mean-spirited babadook-type demon that’s whispering into the human ear, always trying to convince people to do evil. 

He SOUNDS like the green goblin, actually, which is just really stupid. 

Because it makes him sound like he’s the one pressuring Light to turn to the dark side, or some shit. 

I really don’t like this story change.

It just undermines the fact that Light was the true evil.

He was never pressured to do what he did in the original series. HE CHOSE to because he was a crazy megalomaniac. 

This makes it look like this demon is the antagonist, you know?

Like he says, “you don’t have to use it, but I’m going to give it to someone else in 7 days.”

They made it seem like Ryuk’s notebook had to be “passed along” like that stupid fucking box in Wish Upon, you know?

Like “He who wields the Death Note is going to die…and then I’ll find another person to curse with it!”

But in the original it’s literally just a book. You could use it or not. Ryuk didn’t care, he’d still get his souls eventually. 

I think Netflix was trying to make Ryuk look like the typical scary demon. Like one of the many generic demons they have in their horror movie section. 

They wanted Death Note to be like a horror movie, hence the Final Destination deaths instead of the boring, mundane “heart attacks.” 

Hence the stupid scene in the abandoned orphanage, where L’s name was. 

And by doing so…they’ve essentially abandoned the more cerebral, high-minded nature of the original Death Note. 

They decided “hey, let’s make something terrifying and ominous” instead of making it about a battle of wits, a suspenseful detective kind of drama. 

Where you get to see the serial killer and detective play a dangerous dance of sorts. 

Instead you get…gory deaths. 

Final Destination deaths. 

Hence why Light is in HIGH SCHOOL, not college.

Because he can be the victim of childish school bullying, for one thing.

But also because high school puts you at that high-emotional period of your life where injustice feels much more dramatic and personal than the deadened college student feels. 

And in general,horror movies like high schoolers.

Like their vulnerability. And the angst gold mine. 

Light is doing other people’s homework for them. 

He’s a “troubled” youth who’s angry at the world. His mom died to a criminal who’s going to get off with connections and money. His dad is “weak.” He has an edgy girlfriend who “understands” him. 

But what’s dumb about that is that the original Light Yagami was highly educated. He didn’t panic or get furious that often. He was an evil mastermind with lofty aspirations and condescending arrogance that lead to him trying to make himself the “god” of a new world. He didn’t care about his girlfriend. He was calm and collected and ready for the challenge of outwitting L.

He did NOT start crying and panicking the second L was on his tail. 

Him being a college student was an important part of that. It made him more mature, more ready to be an “adult.”

Light being a teenager just makes him look like a dumb kid being tricked by an evil demon. 

Edit: I don’t know why I thought light was a college student in the original. I guess he just seemed like one and Japanese high schools are just much cleaner and better taken care of, so it looked like it…my bad. But my opinion still stands. Light wasn’t a bullied edgy teen. He was arrogant and intelligent. Not pouty.

Another edit: Also, the fucking prom scene and the “romantic” ferris wheel? They were trying to make him look like an “Average teenage boy” who accidentally fell into the wrong crowd, the demonic crowd lmao, and was bullied into doing “bad things” and manipulated by his girlfriend. 

It was lazy. 

A lazy way of making Death Note look like a horror movie.

Shame on you netflix. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you are willing to do this but highschool au with Logicality? You can choose if you want to do a edit with it or hc

Have some Hc’s :>

-Logan is the nerd of the class. Rather quiet, to himself, though he always participates in the classes, his hand is up almost all the time. 

-Patton isn't too bad, he’s not as smart, but he tries and means well. Always bubbly in group discussions. 

-Logan sits inside alot.. whether he can stay in classrooms, or is forced to find a quiet spot in the library.  

-Patton doesn’t always have the courage to say Hi.. and when he does Logan’s lack of interaction makes he extremely awkward and at a lack of words at the cute boy. 

- When valentines come around Patton steps up, He sends a small anonymous blue rose, with a chocolate and a note.     

-Logan’s extremely puzzled, as it’s been the first time in his school years to ever be given such a peculiar thing. 

-He spends longer than he’d care to admit, scanning the small handwritten card, fingers mindlessly grazing over the sweet words as he sits in thought. 

- After that though, nothing else happens. Patton continues to watch over him.. still afraid of rejection.. and Logan studies hard. Trying to ignore the want to solve the mystery crusher. 

-Then Logan meets the school bullies. 

-Patton had been late following Logan out of class, having to explain why he was late to his teacher.. (Distracted by an adorable poodle on the walk to school.) 

- He watches as, at the end of the empty hallway, up against the lockers is a rather pale-faced Logan, being tormented and yelled at by some big muscular guy, whom Patton recognizes as Stuart, the school bully. 

-Now Patton hates conflict.. but his heart said he had to do something.. anything. 

- So he shouted, rather aggressively, at the boys to leave. 

- The boys chuckled, turning around and letting go of Logan’s collar. Whom slid down and just sat rather stunned. 

-Stuart runs up, pinning Patton against the wall. Grinning at the struggling boy. “What ? you wanna help this dweeb?” Patton squirms trying to get out of the pinned position. “Yeah!”  The backup bullies snigger. “ You really like that four-eyed nerd?”   Had it been any louder, those in the hallway could hear the poor boy’s heart shatter. Tears welled in his eyes. “Y-Yes! I d-do!”   

- The bullies are a tad taken aback, but begin laughing at such a ridiculous statement.  “You’re gay huh? How pathetic! Little Pat crushing on a guy. Gross.” 

-They didn't notice the figure behind them. 

- One moment the bullies where holding Patton up. The next they were on the floor whimpering. 

-Patton looked up awestruck.  

- Logan dusts his hand and reaches out nervously to him. “Vulcan neck pinch… I’m sorry, but I had to do it.” 

-Patton giggles and couldn’t grab his hand fast enough, tugging himself into the others arms and hugging him thankfully.    

- Logan once more confused, looks down, slightly hugging back. 

-Being so clever things already begin fitting into place in his head and Logan smiles at the boy. “So you’re ‘My heart’ from valentines day hm?”  

-Patton sniffles, grinning up at him before stealing a small kiss. Leaving Logan more than stunned and blushing profusely… Patton rubs the back of his neck, smiling wider than ever; 

 “A-And you’re my hero.” 

My high school years were so weird, though. *Girl after swimming class when we were changing in the locker room* “Sharon, your boobs are saggy. Why is that?” *Under my breath* “And you’re as flat as a fucking pancake.”


*Me* “Nothing. I said nothing. Nothing at all.”


*Me, casually*  “A wonderbra might help, you know. Makes you look less like an ironing board.” 



a/n: please remember if you are being bullied, you don’t have to suffer in silence. please tell someone, i promise it will make things better, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. you’re perfect just the way you are, no matter your orient, sexuality, size, gender etc. make sure you smile today :) you deserve to be happy x

Why the Types Will Die Alone

ISTJ: You were somehow roped into a relationship once but ended that nonsense right quick once you realized they wanted to talk about their feelings. You live a lonesome, tranquil life by the river now, whittling calculators and stock portfolios from driftwood. They are your only friends. 

ESTJ: You had a great life, perfect partner, and tons of friends for many years. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Jk, your best friend and the rest of the Senate stabbed you repeatedly in the back and you bled out alone on the floor. “Et tu, Brute?” were your final woe-begotten words you tyrannical dictator, you. 

ENFJ: Your partner got sick of trying to decrypt your real feelings about everything every other second. It’s okay though, you still had a pretty fulfilling life never saying no to any person’s request. You eventually died when your body spontaneously combusted from the stress of trying to make everybody happy. 

INFJ: You tried to act ethereal and distant for so long that nobody wanted to put in the effort to get to know you, Star Man. Except for Linda. But once she saw that all of your “deep, mystical” thoughts were actually just crippling anxiety about people’s approval of you, she jumped that ship pretty quickly. 

ESTP: You took all of your friends skydiving and pushed all their scared, pansy asses out of the plane as a practical joke. You turned around and saw the parachutes they were supposed to be wearing still hanging on the wall, but you didn’t think much of it. Anyways, you convinced the pilot to do a sick flip between some buildings and died in a fiery explosion, just like that old, Romanian woman said you would. 

ISTP: You were too busy being the douchey frat boy bully trope in every teen movie that you forgot to make friends. As you lay dying in a pile of cigarettes and empty liquor bottles, you smile, believing wholeheartedly that Fonzie would have been proud of you. He wouldn’t. 

ISFJ: You were baking a casserole but got distracted by youtube tutorials on how to make friends and burned your house down with you in it. You could’ve escaped, but…there’s people outside…so like, screw that, y'know? 

ESFJ: Your son got so tired of you telling him how to live his life and inserting yourself into his romantic life that he snapped at the “Please Date My Son” mixer you threw for him and came at you with that expensive bottle of Chardonnay you got for yourself while you scrutinized all of the potential daughter-in-laws. None of the girls came to your rescue, as they had recently learned that you’d been gossiping about every single one of them since you’d met them. Let’s be real though, you always knew patricide was the only way you’d go out. 

INFP: You drowned your first partner in the bathtub that you filled with your own tears because they had a weird inflection in the way they said hi to you that one time in August 2011 and you never really got over that. All of your friends got so exhausted trying to console you that when you got trapped in ISFJ’s burning house while helping them make the casserole, they all just assumed your bitter passive-aggressive inferences to the fire’s failure to be a good friend would save you. They did not. 

ENFP: You couldn’t stand the idea of being normal, so you moved to eastern Europe to be different and start a charity or something, you’ll figure out the details later it’s whatever, but you forgot to mention it to, like, all of your friends. Also, you forgot your passport. And your keys. Also, you left the stove on. 

ISFP: Everybody got tired of you staring languidly at the rain so they left you. Like, we get it, you’re deep and thoughtful. Also, they couldn’t stand that you were still into SuperWhoLock, like, that stopped being popular 6 years ago, please move on. Anyways, your pet horse gets so tired of you talking to him about your feelings that he kicks you in the chest, killing you instantly. 

ESFP: You told all your friends you were too busy for them and couldn’t commit to the friendship and floated to some neon rave party and thought trying ecstasy would be a fun experience. You tried proving you were a badass to the bouncer and took like seven and pretty much died on the spot ‘cause your pansy ass would barely have been able to handle one. 

ENTP: You pitted all of your friends against each other to see what would happen for like, the twelfth time, so they all turned on you and forced you to work an isolated office job. They watched through a two-way mirror as you went insane and chewed off your own fingers. They felt that justice was thoroughly served and so do I. 

INTP: You emerged from your garage after weeks of isolation to find that everybody is gone, as they went to the Florida Keys for vacation, but didn’t invite you because they thought you were too busy working on your project that has no real world value. Instead, you assume it’s the zombie apocalypse and retreat back into your garage indefinitely. You die when the roof collapses on you while you’re eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

ENTJ: Your coup fails because none of your friends liked the way you kept bossing them around and the government publicly executes you for high treason. In your last moments, you feel a strange sense of camaraderie with ESTJ’s fate, but it doesn’t last long because you could have done waaaaay better than them if you were in that situation. 

INTJ: You’re too proud to admit that you feel things on occasion and shove them all down until the emotions rot away your insides and you eventually have an ulcer, a stroke, and a heart attack all at once in a GameStop parking lot and die, wishing you could have told just one more person why they were wrong about something.


Do you know what these girls have in common?

They’ve all been bullied/cyberbullied.

Olivia Penpaze, 19 year old that tried commuting suicide (for years) only to be left brain dead. Her parents had to take her off life support. She expressed her emotional state on tumblr and got responses from assholes encouraging her to go ahead and harm herself.

Amanda Todd, 15 year old that made a mistake when she was younger by flashing over the internet. The guy she flashed to followed her through the internet through the years, adding people at school and even putting her boobs as his profile picture. Friends turned against her. Changing schools didn’t work because the guy followed. The girl was beaten up and laid in a ditch til her dad got her. She tried multiple times to kill herself by drinking bleach. In the end, she hanged herself.

Rebecca Sedwick, a girl near MY area. She had been bullied for 1 1/2 years constantly. And everyone thought she was fine. Nobody seen her name change on the social media to “That Dead Girl” til it was too late. She jumped off a water tower. Wanna know how old she was? 12…12 fucking years old.

Bullying isn’t cool, it shouldn’t make you feel powerful or on top of the world; it should make you feel shame and horrible! This is not okay. I don’t care what reason you have against others, we are human beings. We have feelings. THEY HAD FEELINGS.
They were just girls that haven’t even gotten the chance to learn from their mistakes and see what the world had waiting for them.

Sticks and stones may break bones but words can kill.

Rest in peace girls…

High school basically is, and always will be, about casual cruelty.

*Me at 14 eating noodles by the doorway while I waited for my friend to get her hot dog from the cafeteria*

*Guy shows up and practically spits at me* “You’re pathetic and lonely. Standing here by yourself.”

No, seriously he showed up randomly out of nowhere and said that.

That was mental. 

I was just standing there.

How to Help Fat Teens in School
  • If you see a fat teen being bullied for their weight, stand up for them or tell a teacher!
  • Tell them that being fat is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Offer friendship to them if they are nice enough.
  • Tell them that they can wear anything they want no matter their size.
  • Tell them that the haters are stupid as they have nothing better to do than make people sad.
  • Tell them that starving themselves and self harm is wrong and wont solve anything!
  • Tell them to be careful if they want to diet. Most diets don’t work and only make people constantly hungry. 
  • Remember the teen years are the hardest times for most people and can be extra hard for the fat teen of all genders.
  • Ask them if they know about Tumblr’s body positive/fat acceptance community. If they say no and have no interest in joining Tumblr, don’t force it on them as it will scare them and may even feel worse about themselves. If they want to join, help them build a tumblr account and find the tags for fatspo and fat acceptance. 
  • Tell them that they will find love no matter their size and if their crush rejects them that is their loss.
  • Tell them they can eat what they want and not limit themselves to small portions and salads.