Long Island middle school allegedly forced a Muslim student to say he pledged to ISIS.

It all started in the East Islip Middle School school cafeteria in January when 12-year-old Pakistani American student Nashwan Uppal’s classmates asked him what he will be blowing up next, the New York Post reported.

After noticing that school supervisors were doing almost nothing to stop the bullying, Uppal, who reportedly has a severe learning disorder and social disabilities, moved to another table in the cafeteria. The classmates followed him and continued on with their anti-Muslim taunts.

The next day Uppal was removed from his gym class by school administrators. East Islip Free Union District Superintendent John Dolan, Principal Mark Bernard and Assistant Principal Jason Stanton brought Uppal and interrogated him for terrorism allegiance.

According to the lawsuit filed by Uppal and his parents, Stanton shouted at Uppal to confess that he was a terrorist. Frightened by the treatment of his school administrators, Uppal wrote a letter confessing his allegiance to ISIS.

But now Uppal and his family are fighting back against the school.

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