Okay so I have a friend who was getting cyber-bullied was in a situation in which she could not block them and I didn’t know what to tell her. THEN I CAME UP WITH THE MOST AMAZING IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD, PLEASE EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. So I told her to copy and paste the bee movie script into her messages and just respond with the script if they ever said anything mean. Next time they said something rude, she responded with the bee movie script. The guy said something along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ and then read through some of it saying ‘did you seriously fucking send me the bee movie script?’. Then, guess what she did. She sent the script again. The guy stopped talking. SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND. Every time someone sends you hate or is mean, respond with the bee movie script.

Don’t Worry (Peter Parker x Reader)

Hey, can you do a peter x reader where the reader has a personality like Cat Valentine from victorious and she gets bullied but peter stands up for her and she falls for him and they end up together plz and thanks! Luv ur writings! 💜

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(Y/B/N) - Your brother’s name. If you don’t have a brother, just choose a random name. Like Nick. Or Jack, something.

The hallway was crowded and smelled of sweat and regret. Peter shoved through the river of conversing teenagers to get to his locker. After jiggling the lock just the right way, he could finally pull it open with force to put away his gym clothes and chemistry book. A cute squeal and a weight on his back told him that his friend, (Y/N), was ready for lunch at Midtown High. While hugging him from behind, you said, “Hey, Petey! You’d never guess what happened to me this weekend!”

He chuckled and asked you, “what happened to you this weekend, snuggles?”. You pull him closer to you and smile against his back. “I was with my Mom in New York and –”. You were shoved to the ground by one of Flash’s ‘henchmen’. “Hey, shortie. How is that brother of yours? Still in that crazy bin?” he teased while leaning against the locker next to Peter’s. “Lol, I bet!” another said in response. Your smile, that Peter thought was permanently tattooed onto your face, fell and your eyes dropped to your glittery shoes. “What the hell, Flash, leave her alone!” Peter fought, angry that the bully was able to have such an effect on you. “Defending your crazy girlfriend? Shut your mouth, Parker. This isn’t about you.”

With a shove into the locker beside Peter’s, Flash and his basketball buddies were down the hallway, walking out of the side door towards the outdoor lunch tables. Tears welled up in your eyes but you fought them off, a faux smile pulling at your quivering lips. “Ready for lunch?” your voice cracked, strained from trying not to cry. Peter pulled you into a constricting embrace and placed a kiss on top of your head when you cuddled into his chest. “Don’t mind him. He doesn’t know anything.”

“But he does. (Y/B/N) used to play basketball with him. Well, until the school decided he was a problem,” you tell him with a scratchy voice. He just whispers ‘everything’s okay. You’ll be okay’ into your hair and holds you close to his chest.

People who were bullied growing up and go on to become the smartest, nicest, and most interesting dude at the company Christmas party, yet they still harbor this overwhelming sense that nobody really likes them, that it’s all fake and unreal and unearned and undeserved, and that in the end, everybody’s going to wind up hurting them. So they don’t let anyone get close to them. No matter how loved they are, they can’t ever let anybody get too close.
—  Mark Manson
Not A Loser After All {Tom Holland}

Summary : You’re in a long distance relationship with Tom. You guys started talking when he first got his Instagram account. You met him a few times, nobody knows that you guys are together except Harrison. Tom knows that you occasionally get bullied at school so one day he went to your school.

Words : 1.k+

Warning : Maybe swearing? Age Difference.

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader

A/N : I hope you guys like it.

Your head was down when you walked into your school. You were one of the out casts in your school. Most people know you because of their hatred for you. You didn’t know why. You used to be the one who talks a lot and is always happy but you changed when people started bullying you.

You clenched your books to your chest as you walked into your homeroom. Most people were already there. Paper balls were thrown at you as soon as you took your seat. You just rolled your eyes and took your phone out, texting your boyfriend. Tom Holland.

You might be as out cast but you’re definitely not a loser on the internet. When you were 12 and Tom was 16 you guys started talking on Instagram when he first got his account. You guys became friends then a couple. You were with him for 2 years now, the first 3 years were just you guys becoming close friends.

You guys met twice when he came back to England but didn’t do anything major, when you were 15. He couldn’t visit you that much because of his career and he was young. He couldn’t just drive to your place without an explanation since you didn’t live in London. Nobody knew about you guys except Harrison.

You guys knew that it was illegal for him to date someone who was way younger than him but you guys didn’t care. Love is love.

“Oh my gosh, she’s texting someone.” A girl scoffed.

“Like internet friends are better than friends at school.” The boy behind you laughed at you with his friends.

They’re actually the best kind of friends, you thought.

You looked up when you felt paper balls hitting your back. You glared at the bullies behind you, you shook your head and went back to texting your friends and boyfriend.

You : They have to stop throwing their bullshit at me. 🙄

Tom :  Wait until they meet me

You : Don’t think that’ll ever happen.

Tom : Who knows.. it’s Friday right?

You : Yup, anyway ttyl teachers here.

Tom : By love

You put you phone in your jean pocket as your homeroom teacher walked in. You rested your chin on the palm of your hand as you sat there in boredom as the class made fun of your clothing.

When the teacher looked away you took your chin out of your palm and showed the students your middle finger.

“Teacher-!” A girl shouted and scoffed when the bell ran cutting her off. You tried to stop your laugh and went to your class.

Your eyes were droopy as you sat in your language class, the teacher was blabbing on and on as the class yawned.

“Have you seen the new Spiderman movie?” You heard Katy, the girl who scoffed at you asked.

“No, don’t think it will be fun.” Her friend said. You leaned back into your seat, trying to hear them.

“Same, but I think the actor who is called Tom is hot so there’s one reason to watch the movie.” She whispered.

What a bitch, you thought.

“If he knows you do you think he’ll date you?” Her friend asked.

“Yeah, definitely I mean, look at me.” You gagged a bit, covering your mouth with your cupped hand.

He hates you, you thought because you told him about her.

“What was that Y/n?” Katy asked, leaning toward you.

“Nothing,” you said plainly.

You grunted loudly when she pulled your hair. You yelled out her name and pulled your hair back and slapped her face in anger. The teacher turned around angrily, looking straight at you.

“Ow, Y/n? Why would you do that?” She faked her voice. The teacher stomped toward you guys, anger boiling in her blood vessels.

“Y/n principle office now!” The teacher yelled at you loudly.

“But she started it.” You looked at her in confusion. She said that she didn’t care and grabbed your arms pulling you up from your seat. You turned back to look at Katy and she was smirking with her arms crossed over her chest.

You shook your head in disappointment and walked out of the classroom. You could hear the students laughing as you closed the door. You went to the principal office and sat there for a good 20 minutes as he lectured you, you didn’t get detention luckily. You nodded your head, pretending to be listening. When the bell rang he let you go.

It was lunch and as usual you sat alone, for the rest of lunch time you walk around with your head down, every time you look up at least one of the student would be looking at you, shaking their head because they heard that you slapped the bitch who hated you.

You let out a sign then walked toward your locker, you pulled your phone out checking your texts. There was one from Tom.

When school ends don’t go home yet. It said. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

Why? You texted back.

{After School}

Once again, you walked toward your locker, getting your books. You rested your head on your locker door for a few seconds, signing in exhaustion. Your eyes fluttered opened when you heard gasps, squeals and screams. You just shook your head and continued to get your books.

“Why is he going to her?” You heard someone said in a distance.

“Oh my gosh! Can I have a picture with you?” You heard one of the girls who bullied you. You couldn’t hear anything except screams from the girls in your school in the hallway.

Suddenly, a pair of hands found their way to your waist. You gasped trying to pushed the hands away from you. You spun yourself around, you nearly fell on your knees when your eyes met your favorite pair of brown eyes. You covered your mouth, trying not to cry. Your boyfriend was in front of you.

“What the actually fuck!?” You heard Katy’s voice.

You stared into his eyes as he smiled down at you. You reached your hands up, touching his face to prove that he was actually there.

“You’re actually here,” you cried out in happiness. He pulled his hand away from your waist and up to your face, pushing your cheeks together lightly.

“I had such a bad day today, and you made it better.” You said, wrapping your arms around his body.

“I’m glad I did. I’m just so done with people treating you badly.” He said as he leaned down to your face, his lips meeting yours.

Gasps were heard around the school hallway.

“How is she with Tom Holland? Tom Fricking Holland.”

“Damn, if he’s with her then she gotta have something special.”

“They’re cute.”

“The school loser is literally kissing Spiderman.”

People were snapping pictures but you guys didn’t care. You guys pulled away and just smiled at each other. Katy tried to stay calm as she walked up to you guys with her friends.

“You must be Katy,” Tom said, not smiling her. She squealed because he knew her name.

“So are you Y/n’s friend?” He asked his arms still around you. She nodded her head. You rolled your eyes as she lied. Tom knew that she was but pretended that he didn’t anyways.

“I didn’t know you were with a movie star, Y/n. I guess you’re not a loser after all.” She said as you cringed at the name she called him. Tom did too as he groaned.

“Sorry, I don’t tell a liar my secrets.” You said.

“Can I have a picture with you Tom?” She asked, ignoring you.

“No, sorry. I don’t take pictures with bullies.” He said, he helped you with your books because he knew your schedule for Monday since you told him. He grabbed your bag as you led him to the football field. You guys sat under the tree. You talked about your day,  you asked him how he was there and he just said that he was planning on coming weeks ago but was busy with his movies.

You called your mom telling her that you’re hanging out with some friends after school. Your mom didn’t know that you actually didn’t have any friends because you didn’t want to make her stress.

He took you to a hotel in the city you lived in and you guys spent the night there together. If you know what I mean.