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why is it suddenly cool/progressive for people to hate ace people? it's annoying.

i think a lot of people who have been bullied or treated like shit don’t take that thing inside them that says “this hurts” and take it and use it to make sure others aren’t hurt the way they’ve been, but instead think to themselves, “one day i’m going to be in power, and i’m going to be the bully i never got to be.”

Tips From a Trans Guy

-Walk tall, confidence is the key in everything you do. As a transgender individual not everyone will take you seriously but you need to be strong.

-Shave the fuzz. A smooth face is better than a fuzzy face.

-Vests honestly work to hiding chest thingies. Bajas do as well.

-Finding pants can suck for people. Even cis guys who lift unfortunately. Levis have these amazing jeans. They’re athletic fit which helps around the hips, and thighs which is my issue.

-Acne will suck once you go on T. Wash your face twice a day with soap and water. Acne wipes will help during that time. Lemon water (drink it, or you know I’m sure you can rub it all over) also clears skin and serves other amazing purposes.

-When using the boys bathroom, do not talk, do not interact. Do your business and leave. Do not make eye contact. It’s not the same as using a bathroom with feminine individuals.

-Dating can be hard. You look younger than you really are which sometimes isn’t a good thing. People younger than you will also be all over you. Like teenagers. Do not give in! One day you won’t look like a baby (cross your fingers), that means hopefully people your own age will date you! You could also try getting a tattoo if you’re old enough so people know you’re older than 18 .-.

-Also with dating. It’s a whole lot different as a man. You’re no longer girlxgirl or girlxguy (well the last one is possible but you won’t be the girl anymore). The dynamic is so different. It might take time to get your groove back so don’t get frustrated.

-As you get older and start passing (you’ll get there!). Privileges will open up to you. Your world will change. But that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole! You don’t need to be a feminist but remember what it’s like to be a women and how the world treated you.

-Bullying can suck, even if you have an amazing support system. I have a warning for you. Do Not Engage. They will pick fights. Yes stand up for yourself but do not stoop to their level. Stay strong and keep your head up. You’re more than them.

-You will lose friends. It sucks but your true friends who are meant to be in your life will stick by you to support you. You will have an amazing support system even if you don’t have one now. If your family isn’t supportive then you can create your own in the future.

-Last but not least, be you. Stay amazing. Stay you. You’re perfect and some day people will see that. I promise.

okay i didnt want to see omgcp bitterness anymore so i overdid it and my dash is a stagnant pond now lol. anyways if you post sidgeno or the pens I’ll check out your blog if you like this post. or if you’re a decent person who doesn’t constantly post the magna carta of all your opinions or and isn’t a salty child, ill come check it out too. just…..any positive blogs like shit you post paintings of cacti??? id much rather look at that honestly


Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse? ( )


“Something happened. It was so embarrassing. My skin feels itchy with it. I hate to think that people would have gone home and talked about it…like it was a joke…over their Yorkshire puddings or summat. It’s too much out there. I don’t even know how to explain it. It smashes up all of your senses. I’m not strong enough to deal with it all on my own.”

Damn i just found my first Throwback Thursday post for y'all haha. Ever wonder what it would’ve been like had i went to you’re high school? Well heres a pic of your favorite ego crushing vigilante, The Dragon Of Devastation known as Chaos Vortex when I was 16 in the 9th grade back in 1999. By then I was already working a full time night shift construction job and slanging dope not just to other HS kids but to the high profile clients like surgeons and lawyers and shit so my time was stretched thin as fuck lol. Just off camera is the trademark backpack I always had with me that housed a full variety of drugs and weapons that drug legends are told about by the campfire lol. Basically I was nice to you as you are to me and I despised bullies and treated them savagely. I even went after ones in other schools when I discovered them and stomped them on-site to humiliate them in front of their peers as an example. Seriously, I openly demanded that anyone who is being bullied to report that shit to me not the school so I can handle it. Although I am sociable, I never made any effort to socialize with anyone my age cuz I come from a family of O.G.’s so HS games never interested me. everyone just kinda knew that unless you’re a beautiful woman, are trying to buy some party supplies, or needed my combat services, then you probably weren’t gonna get me to hang out with you. Muthafux knew that once Chaos Vortex shows up, its strictly for at least one, if not for all 4 reasons, and that’s to get fucked, get fuckin paid, get fucked up, or fuck some shit up lol!

A message to the Samurai Jack fandom:

No matter what you think of this episode… 

 No matter what you think of what happened… 

 No matter what you ship or don’t ship or think about where we’re going after this… 

 PLEASE. DON’T BULLY EACH OTHER. Treat each other with respect. 

If you like this episode, great! If not that’s great too! 

 Just respect each other’s opinions.

I just don’t wanna see discourse and general hatred against each other. I know it happens in every fandom but, still. 

There’s two episodes left after this. Let’s enjoy what’s left together.

So I just found out the fandom bully, who treated several of my friends like shit to the point that at least one was driven from the fandom and made me disillusioned enough I left it too, wrote for DotO. I am so sickened that such a beautiful franchise is associated with someone so cruel, and bitterly, bitterly disappointed in Harvey. We finally get a woc protag and that white bully was part of it? I feel sick.

Of course it’s okay to dislike a bully. Of course of course of course. No one’s saying you have to forgive Bakugou and what he did to Midoriya should never be brushed over or forgotten bc no matter how young he was and how many adults enabled him he’s still responsible for his own actions. Midoriya never ever has to forgive him for it and neither do we. 

HOWEVER. If you are saying that Bakugou should have no friends when his friends are helping him become a better person and have a mutually beneficial relationship with him. If you are saying he should be punished more when he has suffered the most trauma in the series from villains and we’ve seen the horrific effects on his mental health. If you are saying that the students in 1A are shit for still liking him even though he bullied Midoriya relentlessly when they don’t fucking know he did that. If you are saying that as a four year old he should have known better than to behave in a way he was praised and told he was amazing for.

You’re not getting it.

Let people redeem themselves. Let children and teens redeem themselves. Bakugou having a redemption arc isn’t the same as an abuser like Endeavour getting a redemption arc and showing abusers can change. It isn’t the same thing. 

Bullies can get redemption and it not diminish what they did or the effects of what they did. Bullies can become good people and it not erase that they were bullies and treated people terribly in the past. Bullies can have friends and become better and not be forgiven by their fucking victims. Okay? 

Wanting a 16 year old to be fucking tortured and beaten down even more than he already is in this series is just malicious. He won’t learn like that. He didn’t learn like that. He’s learning from the environment he’s in and from his new peers and teachers. Decade old habits ingrained in him for probably as long as he can remember aren’t gonna be broken in a day. That’s just how it is.

Criticising situations that are helping him change and improve (i.e. spending time with friends who he treats as equals and will call him out on shitty behaviour) only shows you don’t want him to learn and change rather than you worrying about the welfare of a character because they’re hanging out with…their friend. He wouldn’t have got to the point he is today with Midoriya without all the experiences he’s had at UA especially the time he’s spent with his classmates. He can and will become a decent person and as long as he does that at a relative distance to Midoriya I really don’t see the problem.

TL;DR: You can dislike Bakugou and not wish him into horrible situations that will prevent him from growing and becoming a better person.

if the writers of 13 reasons why actually did their research and cared about their audience, they wouldn’t put a graphic suicide in the fucking show

this shows that their audience is neurotypicals who need to get the message that “if you bully/ignore/treat people like shit, then you should feel bad”

🌸Be kind🌸

Why are the people so full of hate ? Why can’t they be kind to each other,I don’t really understand it and I don’t want to understand it! It has nothing to do with myself but I always see it on the streets or in school… Everyone is different and like/hear/wear something different. Why is it so difficult to let the people live their lives how they want to ? I sometimes see that people look at me as I were very strange just because I wear other clothes then their wear :o (it is just an example, because I have often good experience with that 😊). Or some people get bullied because their are different. Another thing is if u go outside shopping or for anything else their are often people who treat you bad without having a reason for it! So pls be kind to each other and try to treat each other well ! The other persons have also feelings and they also want to live in peace! I only want to say that pls respect and accept each other also if they are different ! If u don’t like them just ignore it! I don’t want to say that everyone is like this 😊 I see and know many people that are very kind and that makes me very glad 💕! I’m so sorry for this serious topic but I just wanted to share what I think with you🌸 🌸I wish u a lovely day/night🌸

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Captain America 76th Anniversary Celebration Post

The very first Captain America comic has a release date of March 1941, so in order to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of our beloved Steven Grant Rogers, I have asked Tumblr users to submit their favorite Cap comic panels, art, quotes, pictures, meta, gifs, and/or write-ups on what Captain America means to them. And here is what Cap’s fans have to say… (please feel free to reblog and add your own favorite Steve Rogers moments, etc. to this post).

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Creepypasta #1052: The Beast In The Dryer Liked To Eat My Clothing When I Was Seven

Length: Long

The beast in the dryer liked to eat my clothing.

I didn’t know why, but he told me he loved the taste of my socks, sweaters, underwear, pants, shirts, tights, whatever he could gets his paws on. He told me he lived on soap, little girl’s clothes, and prayers at night, but if I wanted to sneak him a candy bar now and again, he wouldn’t complain. Because I was seven, this made perfect sense to me. 

The company was nice when I was down in our scary, unfurnished basement doing laundry. I was forced to do my own laundry because my family was giant and difficult to manage, so I had lots of time to sneak out a pair of socks, a shirt I didn’t really like, or an old and holey pair of tights. In return for his “snacks,” the beast was the best friend I’d ever had. I’d tell him about my day, about my friends. I would even tell him all the secrets I was scared to tell my parents, like how I found my oldest sister Victoria naked with her boyfriend, or how Daddy talked about money problems when he thought we were all asleep, or how my fourteen-year-old brother Levi snuck out every night and came back smelling sweet and rotten. The beast told me I was a good observer, that I noticed things nobody else did. He said this made me very special, especially because I didn’t go blabbing all these secrets I carried.

He said, “Dolly, you’re a special girl and I’m a special beastie, which is why we’re such good friends.” Dolly was his nickname for me, since he said my real name, Diana, was very stuffy. I kind of agreed.

I liked talking to the beast in the dryer so much that I started offering to do other people’s laundry. My nine-year-old sister Millie, who was the meanest person in the world, told me that because I offered she wouldn’t flush my goldfish down the toilet. Levi said thanks and gave me a brownie that made me feel funny and then throw up. Victoria said I could, but I was to absolutely never look in her drawers or touch her “lingerie.” The second-meanest member of my family, my twelve-year-old brother Danny, told me now I had to do his laundry forever, and I’d better give it to him all folded and neat, or else he’d “mash me.” My siblings were horrible and I hated them all. I told the beastie.

“I was being helpful and really nice,” I lamented to him as I folded Danny’s laundry, making sure his shirts were nice and neat. “Nobody even said thank you but Levi, and he gave me that dumb brownie. I think it was a prank.”

The beast snorted furiously. “Dolly, don’t you think about that. You’re so polite and kind to your brothers and sisters. They just don’t appreciate you. But I do!” The dryer rattled and I could tell he was mad. He cared about me so much, even more than my mom and dad. “I appreciate you more than anybody else, and don’t you ever forget that.”

“They don’t appreciate me,” I repeated. “You do, though.”

“That’s right,” the beast affirmed. “Now, do you have any snacks for me today?”

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