Blue and Henry ask Gansey to aglionby prom with an incredibly obnoxious sign that they made together at 300 fox way. it’s covered it glitter and scraps of fabric and pictures of Madonna (@henry) and says something like “don’t be a dick go to prom with us” or “we need some dick on prom night” or “fist prom, then Venezuela” they ask him in the middle of the aglionby quad one day as school gets out. blue is standing on a table with the sign. Henry has a bullhorn. gansey is touched.

when Rosie has a rugby/football/volleyball game, Sherlock transforms into that dad who will jump and scream and cheer with a complete lack of self-awareness. He has a bullhorn and gets his face painted when she makes it into finals. 

John pretends he’s amused by how “into it” Sherlock gets, then ends up being just as excited. He also gets very competitive with the other parents in the stands.


// MY RIDE //

Frame set 

Mongoose Detain, 51cm

aluminum frame, painted, with threaded, bladed steel fork, also painted

original seat post clamp and headset

Wheels and Tires 

front: stock, painted wheel w/ 700x25c Schwable Lugano Gumwall tire 

rear: Mach1 510 rear wheel w/ flip-flop hub, w/ 700x25c Schwable Lugano


Vuelta Pista Track Crankset 

46:16 ratio with cog and lockring, no freewheel 

KMC Z510 1-Speed chain

Origin8 Sport Road Pedals 

Origin8 chain tensioners

Saddle and Seat Post 

Fizik Ardea Saddle (haven’t tried yet) 

Projekt Fixie seat post


3 different handlebars I swap:
- Retrospec Pursuit Bullhorn with black-and-white camo and black bar tape 
- 4ZA Stratos Drop Bars with black-and-white camo and black bar tape 
- XLC Comp Flat Bar with black-and-white camo bar tape 

4ZA 100mm stem 

Origin8 quill stem adapter

anonymous asked:

Did anyone notice that the "horseshoe" (as she called it) necklace that Sharna wears "for luck" is actually a double bullhorn necklace? The fact that she didn't know what it actually was makes me wonder if it was a gift. Idk, maybe from someone that rides a certain animal with horns. 🤔😂 Just a theory.

Hahaha yes I thought it was a horseshoe because that’s what she called it but I later realised it was bullhorns :’) But yes I definitely think Bonner got her that… 100%.