I don’t really want a Sweeping Change president. I want an Effective Negotiation With Bullheaded Dickbags Who’d Rather Fight Than Govern president.

I am not entirely sure *anyone* fits this criterion.


The 27,660-acre Mount Nutt Wilderness is located in Mohave County, 15 miles west of Kingman, Arizona and 12 miles east of Bullhead City, Arizona.

This wilderness encompasses an eight-mile-long stretch of the central (and highest) portion of the Black Mountains. Nutt Mountain, at 5,216 feet, presides over a colorful and wild terrain. Along the main ridgeline, prominent mesas have been cut into a series of steep maze-like canyons. Outward from the main ridgeline, numerous huge volcanic plugs ring the entire Wilderness.

Scattered springs sustain small oases of large cottonwoods, willows, and oaks. Hiking, camping, hunting, photography, and rock scrambling opportunities are varied and challenging.

BLMer Justin Robbins said, “This maze of mesas, mountains, canyons and cliffs provides habitat for desert bighorn sheep and a wilderness sanctuary for people.”  

Photos by BLMer Justin Robbins

30 Days of Vulture Culture

Day 12: Do you have more than one of the same species in your collection?

Yes indeed I do. All are pretty common critters but I seem to accumulate them!

Domestic Dogs

Horses (and mules, and donkeys, and mini horses, and mini donkeys)


Sheep (Jacob’s Rams, etc)

Llamas and Alpacas (alpacas on the left, llamas on the right)

Goats (Boer, Catalina, etc)

Oinkers (feral and domestic)

Red Foxes




Catfish (not sure of exact species though; likely bullheads or flatheads)

And then more deer and cows than I can shake a stick at, haha. 


Bullhead Denim Co dress c/o Pacsun, ZeroUV sunglasses, Truly Madly Deeply shirt c/o Urban Outfitters

Hello my darlings, Happy Thursday! I hope your week’s have been swell, especially for those of you who started back at school this week. Good luck for the year ahead ♥ Remember that it is only a small fraction of your life and try not to stress to much.

Here is just a quick little something that we shot this afternoon before I headed out to a Malouf Pharmacies event tonight. It was seriously the best - you’ll see some new products that I received to try out and learnt about in some flatlays and posts soon. Love you all xx

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Little things about the signs based on people I know

Aries: soft spoken, goofy
Taurus: competitive, lazy
Gemini: flamboyant, insecure
Cancer: stoic, down to earth
Leo: careful, sociable
Virgo: has an immense capacity to love
Libra: difficult, excitable
Scorpio: complex, dorky
Sagittarius: friendly, “out there”
Capricorn: easily offended, persistent
Aquarius: bullheaded, memorable
Pisces: highkey, laid back

Awesome color on this Florida Brown Bullhead. A lot of fight in this fish. #urbananglersusa #bullhead #catfish #fishlocalwater #miami #dadecounty #florida #brownbullhead #urbanfishing #canalfishing #fishing #catfishing #nightfishing #fishonenergy #cityfishing #urbanangler #floridafishing