@boneytheblue‘s Lewvi fanbabies for the Antagonist Lewis offshoot AU, Twin AU.
These cute babs are fraternal twins named Mandy and Damon.

Mandy is an excited and happy little girl, she’s hyperactive and loves dark macabre things like her mother, she’s bullheaded and prone to rushing into danger like her father.

Damon on the other hand is an easily scared kiddo, he loves to solve mysteries, is a glutton like his mother, Damon always tries to be the voice of reason to his thrill seeking sister, BUT Mandy never listens. 

the signs as absurd sentences from the novel i wrote in middle school
  • aries:Years of conspiracy and Canadian government infiltration led to the U.S. take over of the Canadian government.
  • taurus:I wanted to escape dangerous, pitiful teenage boys. I wanted to escape bald, screaming teenage girls.
  • gemini:“Mr. Button can rot in hell for all I care!”
  • cancer:She was a brooding, untouchable genius.
  • leo:She was temperamental, feared and respected, the Academy’s Hades-I even heard that she owned a three-headed dog at one point.
  • virgo:Freddie only smiled and moved his face closer to mine, and all of a sudden he was so close I could feel his long eyelashes scarping against my battered cheek.
  • libra:I sharpened my tongue with narrowed eyes, trying to find the words that would hurt him the most.
  • scorpio:She was kind, amiable, supportive, and generous but at the same time bossy, meticulous, bullheaded, and even aggressive.
  • sagittarius:But you have to understand, I was overcome by anger-anger like I had never felt before, which says a lot considering I am a very angry person.
  • capricorn:Pinkish red blotches coated her skin making it look like she had swum in a pool of poison ivy.
  • aquarius:Captain’s office appears harmless enough. [two sentences later] What looks like every type of gun ever made hangs on the walls along with thousands of bullets and deadly-looking knives.
  • pisces:It sounded as if Freddie was trying to breathe underwater while choking on a cherry pit.

Y/N: I am an Agent, it is my job to do such missions!
Steve: This one is too dangerous!
Y/N: You are not in the position to tell me what I shouldn’t do.
Steve: I know these jobs, I did many. This will not be a fight like the ones you did before.
Y/N: I’m not naive or dumb! I know how this mission will go on. Also just like you said, you did a few like this one and anything you can do, I can do better. So if you don’t have anything important to say, leave me alone!
Steve: You are really bullheaded! I just worry about you, I don’t want you to get hurt.
Y/N: *sighs*… You have a strange way to show your worriedness….

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Oooo and here's a request for you to do too: what would the Matsus' ideal s/o be like based on not only appearance but also personality? Hmm hmmm

what’s this? i’m finally posting something that’s not a matchup? finally

i tried. i tried.


Other than cute and attractive looks (and uh, cup size), Osomatsu wants his ideal S/O to, of course, accept and be accustomed to his bullheaded, childish characteristics and nature. Of course he doesn’t want a S/O that acts like Choromatsu, being told at and babysitted all the time! He’d definitely want his ideal S/O to even have the same characteristics and personality as him, oh boy would they get along so well!


Karamatsu wants an S/O who, you guessed it, accepts his painful antics and “charismatic” nature, along with his old-school razzle dazzles. He wants his ideal S/O to actually love and care for him, even if he speaks in a drawn-out, poetic fashion; unlike how the others treated him (I mean, seriously, did you watch episode 5A?). Don’t worry, once he warms up and gets comfortable with his ideal S/O, he’ll frequently drop his cool guy act around them and act more as “himself”.


Other than cute looks and idols as such, Choromatsu’s ideal S/O would be mature and act more like an actual adult (but not too mature to the point that they’re like his guardian). He’s already surrounded with his thickheaded brothers, so he eagerly wants to relax somewhere with his S/O. Of course, he also wants his ideal S/O to have the same interests as him! Maybe they could go hang out in idol concerts and buy merchandise together. It’s not heaven, but it feels like it!


Being inexperienced to communicate with others, this cat lover’s ideal S/O would be the exact opposite of him (they still love cats of course). Being the type to not go out so much, he’d appreciate it if his S/O would come over his place and hang out. Of course, he doesn’t want them to come over all the time, since he also values his alone time. Instead of him breaking the silence and start a conversation, his S/O would be the one to start a conversation and then let it flow as time flies by.


YAKYUU! YAKYUU! Jyushimatsu’s ideal S/O would definitely be energetic and athletic, just like him! A lot of bonus points if they also like baseball! Both of them would play baseball at the park every now and then, or maybe watch a baseball game in a stadium! But he doesn’t want his ideal S/O to be THAT energetic. He’d also definitely want his ideal S/O to accept his childish and overly-excited nature.


Being the effeminate and the most fashion-forward Matsuno, Todomatsu’s ideal S/O would also be aware of the current fashion trends. He likes to be spoiled a lot, so his ideal S/O wouldn’t mind his spoiled personality. In fact, they’d just go along with it.

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Wait, but... that's the total opposite of what I said! I think it's totally OK that they're not jumping on board the Normandy or immediately trusting Shepard, my problem is that they didn't even bother to try to listen to Shepard's side of the story, they only cared about their own assumptions. THAT is bullheaded, without a doubt. I also didn't appreciate all the snide comments in ME3 about the events of ME2, when they absolutely should know all the facts by then! Makes them kinda selfish, tbh.

Sorry anon I went to bed because it was like, 4AM, and I had no idea what to reply. 

But you know, when you say “they should know all the fact by then” I doubt this is true. I doubt they were briefed or had talked to Shepard about what happened during ME2. I think they don’t know, and their confusion is obvious during Priority:Mars. So I don’t agree it makes them selfish.

Like literally the first lesson I was taught after I realized that I was queer was that bisexuals were untrustworthy, illegitimate traitors who would turn their backs on the community first chance they got. 

I got this both from books and from lesbians and gay men who I knew irl and ESPECIALLY from books (which was where a closeted teenager got their info way back when before the internet was a big thing). 

And given how many of my friends were bi and that I’m a bullheaded sonofabitch whose first reaction to being told that I shouldn’t like a certain type of person is to seek those people out, I was able to recognize that was bullshit - at least in regards to other people. 

But when the first thing a young queer sees when they pick up a collection of humor essays on the ~gay community~ is a completely sober claim that bisexuals aren’t part of said community and that women who date men after having previously ID’d as lesbians/bi are traitors, that fucks you up. 

Like I’m probably not even bi, and that fucked me up.