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Trying to explain Clint Barton to my friends who don't know marvel (apart from the MCU) proving difficult. Especially because the MCU gave him a wife, kids, and an honest to god farm. Any recommendations on how to describe my favorite character? (So far all of my attempts either lead to rambling about ceiling vents and the circus or hysterical laughing because "successful long term relationship" and "Clint Barton" are in the same sentence. Unsurprisingly this just leads to more confusion.)

Well, the problem begins (as problems often do) with comics.

See, comics are a sort of ‘soap opera with capes and tights.’  Comics are ‘fanfic but written by mostly straight white guys who are chosen by other straight white guys.’  Comics are a never ending arms race of suffering, and that’s the problem.

So it’s hard to pin down a character.  Because it’s not one character.

Every writer wants to make their mark.  They want THEIR version of the character to be the one that people point to and say, “THIS.  THIS is the quintessential Hawkeye.  THIS is the reason I love Hawkeye.”

Because they’re not going to write the character forever.  That’s comics.  There’s always someone right behind them, nipping at their heels, someone who wants nothing more, in most cases, then to sweep their careful work aside and make THEIR mark on the character.

There’s not much you can do to stop that from happening.  You can write a really good book, you can be clever and creative and still not hit the readership the right way.  You can write A GOOD BOOK and you’ll still end up in the trash heap of the 25 cent bin, because the promotion team or the movie schedule or the competitor’s event cycle screwed you over.

It’s much easier to make a lot of noise.  To be remembered, rather than beloved.  To get people tweeting and talking and protesting and fighting, because that means when you tossed off this book, there’ll be another one waiting for you.

Don’t believe me?  I mean, someone keeps giving Nick Spencer new books.  (shrug)

So there is no one Hawkeye.  The Hawkeye of the early West Coast Avengers has little in common with the Hawkeye of Fraction and Aja’s solo book run.  The Hawkeye of the most recent Secret Avengers by Ales Kot would be unrecognizable to the Hawkeye of the Ultimates verse.  Movieverse Hawkeye is almost a mirror image of Hawkeye of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When you love a character, the question is, which one?  Because even if you take fandom interpretation and fanon out of the equation, there’s a lot of them to choose from.  And while canon feeds fanon, fanon bleeds back into canon.

Describing the character you love takes some effort, some cherrypicking.

For me, it’s this:

On the surface, he’s ordinary.  And his awareness of his ordinariness is part of what makes him so extraordinary.  He’s raised himself to his current position by sheer force of will and a refusal to stop.  He’s bullheaded and snarky and has a chip on his shoulder the size of the island of Manhattan.  He’s not as stupid as he thinks he is, and he’s not as good as he believes he is, and both of those facts are a little heartbreaking.

He’s a man who destroyed his own hearing, because he knew if he didn’t, he was going to hurt someone he loved.  He’s also a man who entered canon trying to rob Tony Stark, which was universally regarded as a very bad idea, since that’s how a lot of people end up dead.

He’s not a god or a genius or a super soldier.   He is a man who looked at the end of the world, and said, fuck you, I’ve got a COUPLE OF STICKS AND A PIECE OF STRING and I’m still going to KICK YOUR ASS.  There is something comforting about that, for most people.  

We want to believe, after all, that if push came to shove, if things got bad, then we would stand up.  With all the risk, and all the fear, and a very good chance that we would not win, we want to believe, that we would still stand.

So all the other stuff, the ragged ends and the bad choices, the stupid plots and the OOC moments, the embarrassing contradictions in canon and the writers who can’t figure him out or don’t want to bother trying, it melts down to one truth at the core of his character, every time.

He is a man that doesn’t feel too different from you or me.  And he stands.  He makes bad choices, he screws people over, he ruins relationships and cheats on partners and girlfriends, he does stupid, stupid things, because this is a soap opera, and half the writers don’t remember what the last one did and the other half don’t care.

For all the parts of him I don’t like, he’s still my favorite.  Because he shouldn’t be there.  He has no place there.  He’s outgunned and outflanked.  Everyone around him is smarter than him, better trained than him, better equipped than him.

And still he stands.  With a bow.  He stands.

And says, come at me, bro.

I think I will only accept a lion shuffle if it’s literally everyone ends up with a different lion.

Like, oops, Allura was actually TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG about EVERYONE because she had literally just met them 20 minutes ago.

Black - Lance (sure okay why not let’s give it a shot I’m down to clown, develops leadership qualities, this is reminding me of the pirate captain from Stardust for some reason, ‘the heart of the team’, Will listen to everyone and make the right call (eventually))

Yellow - Keith (Really works with his impulsiveness tbh?, The yellow lion makes him slow down and think b/c he can’t just bolt in, Will pull back and make everyone think twice, Sees the Big Picture better than everyone else on the team, No your family/Allura are not more important than the rest of the entire universe guys)

Green - Hunk (nosy, interested in learning, wants to touch EVERYTHING, will steal and read your diary and go through your files, crazy smart and eager to question)

Red - Pidge (I’m gunna BREAK INTO THE GG and SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND READ YOUR FILES then SCREAM AT YOU, openly impulsive and quick to temper, often takes the bullheaded approach, Will do her own thing regardless of what others think)

Blue - Shiro (The one that keeps the group together and calm, Moral support and there to listen, Will encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything)



New Vegas Railroads is now out!

You ever find it funny that even though the NCR canonically have working railroads, and New Vegas is a high-profile area, there’s no working trains, freight or otherwise?

I did. And because I’m the best, I’ve decided to add some actual trains to New Vegas.
But then I decided to go the extra mile.
Welcome to New Vegas Railroads. A worldspace/immersion mod that aims to get the Mojave moving a little bit, by expanding upon the NCR’s often mentioned but little seen railroading endeavors.
With this, the player may travel to the town of Bullhead, the major NCR railroad hub in the Mojave, and help them get New Vegas’ railroads back up and running.
But even if they choose to ignore that, Bullhead Railyard is full of things to do, with tons of unique weapons, equipment, and secrets scattered about.

-A new worldspace, Bullhead Depot, the major rail hub for all westbound freight in the NCR, connected to the Mojave via tunnel. With a massive amount of little features, secret areas, and more!
-Bullhead features working signal lights, trains configurations changing as the day goes on (but only if you get the trains running), working lifts, and much, much more.
-New equipment, all train themed of course! From railway rifles, crossing-gate melee weapons, and a locomotive-themed powerfist, plus much, MUCH more.
-After the player saves Sloan from the deathclaws, and deals with the Powder Gangers, they can head to Colonel Hammer, the overseer at Bullhead, and inform him the tracks are clear.
-Once they do this, trains will start traveling along the Bullhead-Sloan-Boulder City rail line, with set schedules!
-The ability to catch a train out of Bullhead, and ride it across the wasteland to Sloan, Boulder, or the Follower’s trainyard!
-A multitude of trains, most of them are standard Barstow diesels, but we have a special massive steam locomotive, the Twohead Flyer, ready for action.
-Ability to watch the Twohead Flyer depart Bullhead and arrive in Boulder. It even crushes NPCs on the way!
-Four fully voiced, unique NPCs.

Ok but rock climber Pidge tho

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this yet?? It’s perfect and also works so well with her weapon

  • Sam started taking her when she was young cause he and Colleen felt she needed something physical to do with herself, something that would take her away from her computers for at least a little while
  • They tried all sorts of things in the beginning; soccer, swimming, gymnastics, ballet, figure skating, hockey, anything they could think of, but she was always unhappy, always dragging her feet to classes, always inventing excuses to get out of going
  • ((See the problem is Katie is too bullheaded to take well to structured lessons where she has to listen to a teacher and too independent to really thrive in team sports))
  • But the nice thing about climbing is when you start young you don’t even need to attend classes. So long as your parent/guardian/person accompanying you knows what they’re doing it can just be like “ok you’re tied in now go, climb”
  • It’s perfect for Katie
  • She gets to be independent, gets to do her own thing and find her own hand- and foot-holds, puzzling out the route up the rock face like she’d puzzle out one of her computer problems
  • Plus it’s an activity she gets to do with her family (because of course they all go; Matt won’t let his baby sister beat him at anything)
  • They start off mostly outside on real rock faces cause the gyms all have these stupid rules where children under 10 are required to take lessons and that would defeat the whole purpose
  • Katie grumbles and bitches and moans about being outside but once she gets to the crag she settles; she truly genuinely enjoys climbing, it’s the perfect sport for her. It’s good enough that she’ll forget to be annoyed that she’s outside
  • Sam lets her do this thing when she’s climbed well where as he’s lowering her back down he’ll just stop and hold her about 7 feet off the ground and she’ll bounce side to side on the rock face doing what she calls “the spiderman”
  • She has the perfect body type for a climber tbh–she’s small, which gives her a high weight-to-muscle ratio, which means climbing comes naturally to her
  • She’s also maybe just a bit of an adrenaline junkie (I think all climbers are to a certain extent). There’s nothing quite like the rush of reaching the top of a route, the satisfaction of making it, sitting in your harness and looking down at all the empty space below you, or looking out over miles and miles of land, that initial lurch where you go from holding onto the rock to sitting back in your harness to be lowered, that split-second of gut reaction “oh no I’m gonna fall” before your weight is fully supported by the rope
  • lmao I’m just rambling at this point but this idea came to me when I was–you guessed it–out climbing with my dad. And I had to take a moment because it’s literally perfect for Pidge
  • Also like, Pidge all decked out in climbing gear is my #aesthetic ok
Matt/Lance fic


I got inspired by this post so I wrote a latte fic.

Matt was still adjusting to the castle. The rebels had been somewhat of an" every person lives in a small ship" group. The immense size of the castle kept throwing him off, but not enough for him not to notice the Blue Paladin. Matt had been a little starstruck when he had gotten a good look at Lance. That boy was an excellent specimen of the human race.  Clear bronze skin, dark blue eyes that shone, tall, and the body of a swimmer with broad shoulders. At first, it had been a purely physical attraction; over time Matt had noticed Lance’s personality. With a joke or pick-up line, he could easily break the tension. Lance was also loyal to a fault, which drove the Galra crazy. Lance was sort of like a puppy in Matt’s mind.  Then came the pining; eventually, it had worked out into a relationship when Lance revealed he wanted to be more than friends, which Matt kept under wraps while working with everyone.
Speaking of that, working with the Paladins was very hard. Allura was a hard head and continuously pushed them all to their limits. Shiro would never talk to anyone about the battle plans, that was a sore point between Matt, Lance, and Shiro. Keith ran headlong into the fray or was in the training deck all the time, often he ended up in the pods. Matt had caught Hunk more than once in someone’s quarters going through things. Katie or Pidge had turned into a computer addicted gremlin. Matt had noticed her asleep in random areas of the castle. Coran more than once had said, “That is not how a paladin…” Honestly, if Lance had not been there, Matt would’ve left a long time ago. Even though Matt loved Katie and was friends with Shiro, they were getting on his nerves.
Today had been no different. Shiro had proposed a plan to sneak onto one of the prisoner ships when Lance had pointed out that there was a fault. Shiro had snapped, and Lance backed off. Matt felt somewhat bad, and he walked over.
“Shiro, I agree with Lance. We need someone better at stealth other than Keith to get past the personal guards.”
Shiro did not take it well which was apparent when he answered, “We have no one else, and Keith is great at stealth.” He walked away, Lance looked heartbroken at being brushed off again, which of course Matt would not take.
Shiro was met with the full force of Matt’s anger, which he apparently is surprised by.
“I know Keith is your brother, but that does not mean you can show him any special treatment!”
Shiro was floored that someone was calling him out. As was everyone else.
Matt kept going, his pent up frustration was coming lose in a stream of words.
“I have been on this ship for two months, and I would have left a long time ago if not for Lance! All of you are so bullheaded and stubborn and can’t figure out when not to push someone! Lance, he’s been trying his damned hardest as have all of you, but none of you are handling it well! Shiro, you don’t talk at all. Coran, you talk too much and can’t figure out these are not the paladins of old. Allura needs not push people so hard we are only kids. Katie keeps snapping and is always on the computer. Hunk needs to learn to give people some privacy. Keith, you can’t rush in all the time or train till you fall over. Lance, you’re too damn loyal and need to actually express your feelings not just put up a facade.”
The team stood stock still each a little bit upset but knowing every word of it was true.  
“Hold up, what do you mean Lance putting up a facade,” queried Keith.
Matt let out a strangled laugh,“Are you really so blind?”
The silence was the only answer needed.
Matt seemed to take it as an insult, “You mean to tell me you never once noticed his self-hatred at all!?”
Metaphorical crickets chirped in the background.
“That’s it,” he marched over to Lance and shouted over his shoulder as they left,“ I want explanations tomorrow and so help me God if they are not satisfactory there will be hell to pay got it!?”
Matt dragged Lance to his room and waited outside while Lance changed into his pajamas. Matt quietly pulled Lance into a hug as the taller boy finally broke. Quietly, they lay together as Matt whispered all the things he loved about Lance. It would not be easy, and the insecurities would never be truly gone, but as long as Matt was there, he would do his best to drown them out with positives.

I made a part 2
Stowaways 1
  • *Neptune sitting around suitcases*
  • Neptune: Damn Sun, why'd he have to go and leave us?
  • *turbulence throws suitcase on floor, pops open and Neo is inside*
  • Neo: ...
  • Neptune: ...
  • Neo: *pulls out blade*
  • Neptune: This isn't how I wanted to die!....ok, no, killed by a cute girl IS how but I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING IM NOT GOING TO REPORT YOU
  • Neo: *studies*
  • Neo: *sighs*
  • Neo: *puts blade down, sits aside Neptune*
  • *silence*
  • Neptune: So...
  • Neo: *signing* [If you stay silent you may keep your tongue]
  • Neptune: ...fair.

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Hey klance, how nice is it that your finally dating?


A.N. don’t worry Keith, I got you covered.

Keithy boy here… he can’t even begin.. like So many… SO MANY years of pinning after the thickest, bullheaded, most arrogant asshole.

Lance: Hey!

A.N. who is also fun and nice and whatever. All that… and not like.. “ we would be so great!” or “ He would never like me…” because Keith was pretty sure Lance hated him and was straight so it was more like.. “ I’m doomed.. this is my life now… being in love with a dick who unironically loves all fast and the furious movies. This is hell… this is my hell.”

and now they dating… so he’s no longer in hell.. so that’s nice.

Keith: * Nods*

i wish we had seen more of Bucky. Don’t get me wrong, he was hands down the best part of the movie (besides my number one warrior king T’challa, ofc), but there wasn’t much of substance between him and Steve, and what there was might as well have been stamped with NO HOMO in big red letters. 

There should’ve been a scene where you see Bucky pissed. Not at Tony, not at Zemo, at Steve. 

“What is wrong with you?” Bucky demands, whirling on him as soon as they find a place to catch their breath. He can see the apprehension in Steve’s eyes, the question of whether or not Bucky is in his right mind. He honestly doesn’t know. He hasn’t known since before the train. 

“Buck - ”

“You were safe!” Bucky goes on, fighting to keep his movements contained. He knows anything sudden will spook Steve but he’s barely managing to keep a lid on his anger as it is. How could Steve be so stupid? Bucky is dangerous. He is a fucking weapon with the target of all targets painted on his back and Steve  just waltzed into the line of fire in the most recognizable getup on the planet. “Christ, Steve, why did you think I stayed away? You shouldn’t be in the same country as me.”

“They were coming to kill you, Bucky,” Steve says and Bucky’s heart breaks in time with Steve’s voice. 

“You should have let them,” Bucky snarls and immediately wants to take the words back as shock and horror cross Steve’s face in equal measure. 

“I couldn’t,” he says, wringing his hands helplessly. “I had to - ”

“You had to what, Steve?” Bucky demands, his metal arm whirring like it always does when he gets like this. Fuck somehow he managed to forget what a moron Steve is. A stubborn, bullheaded, fucking moron, but God Bucky hates that he’s the reason for that look in Steve’s blue eyes. “Did you think I wanted to stay here? That I wanted to be halfway across the world from you? I couldn’t come home, Stevie, because then you’d get hurt too.” He pauses, trying to collect himself but after two years of only seeing Steve through newspaper clippings and the pictures in his book, after trying to keep tabs on the Avengers - just in case, he always told himself - having Steve here in the flesh is almost too much. There’s something wrong with his chest and the corners of his eyes are prickling like someone’s thrown sand in them. 

Steve doesn’t say a word, just holds his hands out, telegraphing his movements. Bucky doesn’t move as Steve comes closer, and those warm, muscular arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him close. There’s a beat and then Bucky melts into the hug, clutching at Steve like he’s a goddamn lifeline and Bucky is drowning.  

“I just wanted to be with you again, you fuckin’ jerk,” Steve whispers into his neck and then Bucky can’t help the tears that snake down his cheeks, wetting the fabric of Steve’s uniform. 

“Had to keep you safe, punk,” Bucky replies in a hoarse whisper. “That’s my job, remember? Your ma always told me to look after you.” Steve pulls them apart after a few long moments, his eyes searching Bucky’s face. 

“Now it’s my turn.”


More designs, this time it’s Volefur, Fernface, Mudnose, and Peachpaw!

These are all WindClan cats, Volefur and Fernface are siblings. They are two warriors who always seem to be scheming with each other. Volefur is more quiet and reserved, but Fernface is more vocal and bullheaded. They both have families in the clan, but they’ve always been closer to each other then to any of their other clanmates, except perhaps Goldenpelt.

Mudnose is senior warrior with a lot of experience. The clan has depended on him to train many apprentices and the younger warriors have a lot of respect for him. 

Peachpaw is a young apprentice, and while her big smile, warm eyes, and fluffy tail might make her look like a pushover, Peachpaw is not about to let any of the older cats push her around. (As a sidenote: Volefur is Peachpaw’s father)

I love Deckerstar...

But regardless of that, I also love the idea of Lucifer’s redemption, and him doing that through his exploration of humanity, as well as his self reflection. I love that him falling in love with Chloe is only a part of Lucifer’s story in finding his redemption, yet it also impacts his life greatly by pushing him towards that redemption. 

I love that regardless of whether or not Deckerstar becomes official next season or 6 seasons after, Lucifer has still learned things from Chloe that he wouldn’t have learned in any other way. And he will keep growing in character because of the things he’s had to experience on Earth, and through the way Chloe speaks to him and challenges his way of thinking.

I love that we see just how much of an impact Lucifer’s relationship with his father has on Lucifer’s current state, and how their history greatly affects Lucifer’s decisions when he works on cases with Chloe. I love that ultimately God’s opinion of Lucifer matters, and God’s love/forgiveness is the one thing he needs to truly move on from the past so he can finally be with Chloe and accept she truly cares for him unconditionally.  

I love that Linda has essentially used the same tool humans use to cope with life and death and the fear of the unknown and applied it to helping the one being labeled as evil and irredeemable, and taught him dozens of ways to help better himself. I love how Lucifer always comes around no matter how bullheaded he’s behaving at the time, how he eventually sees his errors and answers for his mistakes. How he tries to atone. I love how Lucifer’s tainted image has caused him to put a lot of value of the opinions of those that he cares for the most; he can’t stand to think that any of his friends or lovers would ever think poorly of him. And he certainly was heartbroken to learn that all those humans were only interested in him for the sex and nothing more, when all that time he was convinced they cared for him. 

The inevitable romance between Lucifer and Chloe is not what leads Lucifer to his redemption. But rather, Lucifer’s redemption will lead us to the romance between Lucifer and Chloe. Each step Lucifer takes towards changing his ways, putting others before himself, self sacrifice, each epiphany, each revelation, each mistake fixed, helps Chloe to see Lucifer in a whole new light. Each time Chloe opens up to Lucifer, it makes him fall deeper in love, and it scares him. Eventually, these two will be able to take time alone, really alone, away from cases and celestial drama, and begin to work on a proper courtship with dating and long night pillow talks. Eventually Lucifer will rise above his fear of Chloe turning against him, a fear that he has thanks to his father, and show Chloe who he is, the devil. But there is a major roadblock.

Alas the words “I’m your son, and you rejected me.” we see here that Lucifer’s greatest hang up, or fear, is rejection. Even when Lucifer is denied by Chloe it drives him bonkers, but there was no love involved in the beginning, so his behavior was rather camp. However once the prospect of a real legitimate relationship comes into play Lucifer loses his damn mind. He starts by not having as much sex, (Stewardess Interrupts)  then by turning down sex altogether. He reminds Chloe that he takes marriage vows very seriously. In other words he’s only interested in her and he can’t reveal WHY he got Candy involved but she needs to trust him as she always does. when he asks if her is he’s ever lied. He then faces his fear of rejection again, When Chloe says she isn’t sure if she believes him, Lucifer is visibly upset. Lucifer puts so much value into Chloe’s opinion of him, that whenever she shows any sign of not believing him, not trusting in him… of REJECTING him, he begins to crumble, he feels lost in purpose. He even becomes reckless about his will to live, not once but twice, (Take me Back to Hell & Candy Morningstar) 

The sting of learning all those humans essentially rejected him by only caring about the sex, is lessened simply by the fact that there was no real effort to make a connection on either side. (Let’s face it Lucifer only ever called back the Brittneys.) His efforts to prove to Chloe that he’s done with that lifestyle exceed his efforts to sleep with her, even when he came out nude and tried to seduce her with his “berries”. He goes out of his way to tell flirtatious men and women, that Chloe is spoken for, and so is he. Whenever Chloe denies the connection between them or speaks in a way that denotes her rejection of Lucifer’s presence, it bothers him because at this point he does love Chloe and being rejected by her is too painful to bear. 

Lucifer won’t get over his fear of being rejected by Chloe, until he rises above being rejected by his father. Until that pain goes away, he won’t be able to get over the fear of Chloe rejecting him for really being the devil. At this point I don’t think Lucifer is scared of traumatizing Chloe in the same way Linda was shook up in Homewrecker. He knows eventually Chloe would recover and possibly forgive him. However the fear of him being rejected by her is what holds him back. Would she still love me? Would she still care? Would she distance herself after I got hurt too many times? 

Then the prospect of her knowing who she is, comes into play. Would she accept or reject the idea of being implemented as a means to guide the devil towards his redemption? Would she blame Lucifer? Would she still want to move forward with him? Would she still trust him and believe in him?

I think Lucifer hesitates to show his true form, because he can’t answer most of these questions, and he fears a positive reaction from Chloe as much as he does a negative one. 

A negative reaction would mean total rejection, her walking away, blaming him for all the mishaps, essentially the things that Lucifer talks about in Favorite Son and Take me Back to Hell, but coming from Chloe’s mouth. 

A Positive reaction would mean she accepts things the way they are, him going along with God’s plan, essentially going along with dad’s little play, and the inevitable question, “Why did my father reject me but not you, detective?” The possibility of Chloe being used as a method to control Lucifer’s path, to influence his free will. Knowing that anyone trying to get to him could easily go after Chloe and vise versa.

Lucifer needs to see his father in his true form, to hear his father’s true voice and to hear for himself that his father has forgiven him. Lucifer needs to see that even his crazy screwed up parents can mend their broken relationship. Then, once Lucifer no longer feels rejected by his father, once he sees that couples can and do get through hardships, he can focus on revealing the truth to Chloe and giving her the choice of staying in his life. He and Chloe can work together through the whole “I’m the devil and you’re a miracle child.” thing without Lucifer getting in over his head or freaking out because he thinks Chloe is rejecting him like his father did. They can both come to a complete understanding of their motivations, and Lucifer will be able to explain things as he always has, without Chloe thinking it’s some crazy metaphor.

Without him realizing it, Lucifer’s actions have been leading him step by step, towards getting back in touch with his father. He’s chosen the path of redemption as opposed to the path of damnation, despite his numerous opportunities to be completely selfish and do away with his growing appreciation of humanity. I think this is what God Johnson meant when he said he was proud of the man Lucifer has become. 

Amenadiel and Uriel seem to remember best just how bullheaded, and self centered Lucifer was in his youth, but even Amenadiel (and Charlotte) admit that Lucifer has changed for the better. The history that is revealed shows us how Lucifer was handed things as a result of being God’s favorite. It shows us that in most cases Lucifer’s ego, pride, and rebellious nature are what led to his fall. However we see Lucifer time and time again, go against his old rebellious fledgling angel, behavior.

When Chloe tells him he needs to follow the rules, he doesn’t object or rebel, though he does find loopholes in her directions when he follows her to confront Malcolm. He actually makes an effort to listen and to follow protocol for the sake of her career and for the sake of revealing the truth. And when his actions cause strife in Chloe’s life, it devastates Lucifer. He reaches a point where his central focus is no longer solely his own happiness. He takes into consideration how his actions affect those around him, not just himself. In this he abandons his selfish behavior as well as his rebellious behavior. 

When Lucifer prays for Chloe’s protection, when he goes out of his way to save her, when he admits how she makes him vulnerable, when he makes every effort to protect her and keep her out of harm’s way, when he accepts that Chloe deserves the very best out of whomever she chooses to love, he is giving up his pride he is casting away his ego.

When Lucifer holds back on punishing humans, when he stops himself after hearing Chloe’s pleas, when he begins to save his abilities for the worst of the worst, he is learning to control his wrath.

Through Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship, we see Lucifer begin to believe in his goodness and his worthiness. We see Chloe begin to believe in herself as a detective, she gets her power back, and she never stops telling Lucifer how she doesn’t believe he’s evil. Lucifer fights for Chloe’s faith and Chloe fights for Lucifer’s self worth. 

Having Chloe in Lucifer’s life, no… choosing to keep her in his life, has helped lead him down his path to redemption. The moment Lucifer began to put Chloe before himself, was his first step. Trusting that she will never reject him or cast him out for being the devil, will be the final step. When Lucifer truly believes that he is good inside, when he believes his father truly forgives him, when he finally forgives himself and accepts that he is worthy of redemption and his parents’ love, when he finally forgives his parents and lets go of his anger; He will finally be ready to accept Chloe’s unconditional love and all the ups and downs that go along with that love.

 And that is why I think that Lucifer’s redemption will also give us our Deckerstar endgame, why I think Chloe and Lucifer’s love is guiding Lucifer towards his redemption, and why I love this show so much. 

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if Arya's main motifs are wolves, water, and the moon, then what do you think Gendry's are?

my bastard boy lol he doesnt have as many as arya bc he’s not a pov but theres a couple. the major symbol for gendry is obviously the bull. this is something he takes and makes his own after being called bullheaded by his peers. he willingly uses it as an alias and makes his helm. bulls are symbols of strength, determination and stability. all of which are important traits for gendry. bulls are famously associated with the sun too. so gendry is the sun to arya’s moon tbh. he’s also connected to the south and to fire (via the forge and r’hllor) they’re another ice and fire pairing imo

the helm itself serves as a symbol beyond its shape. the helm was made with gendrys own hands which represents his abilities. gendry might be the son of a king but he’ll make his own way. its also a defensive creation. its used to protect rather than fight or defend. it contrasts to needle, arya’s sword. together they’re a perfect team of offense and defense. hammers are important to him too. gendry uses his to build and create unlike his father who used his war hammer to kill and destroy. not that he doesn’t wield a sword from time to time. he’s also making one of those. gendrys a multitasker lol.

Okay, but imagine if Victor and Yuuri never found each other. Imagine if the video of Yuuri skating was never uploaded and Yuuri was forced fight on his own. Maybe he keeps replaying his mistakes in his head, psyching himself out, surrounded by people who only want to pressure him into skating again without any regard for his feelings. Eventually, he’d decide to take the next season off to get his head straight. That season becomes the next season becomes the next and before he knows it, he’s too old and out of shape to start competing again. 

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Word Count: 2184
Author’s Note: Scared Jim is super sexy to me
Prompt: Hey! Thanks for the lists etc! How’s about a Kirk x reader fic where the reader is angry at the captain, and blames him for her being attacked by an alien on an away mission? Thaaaankya muchly xoxoxoxoxo (@annalisehartmann)

You were working on some routine maintenance under the console in the torpedo bay when your comm chirped. You ignored it. You wanted to get this job done, and needed both hands. Scotty would understand. More to the point, he would also approve. Not being zapped by electrical currents due to distraction was one of his pet reminders. Your comm chirped again. And then again. Finally, rolling your eyes, you pushed yourself out from under the console to answer the call.

“Kirk to Y/L/N, please report to the transporter room for an away mission.” The captain’s voice sounded irritated.

“I’m in the middle of maintenance in the torpedo bay, and have a power lockout on bays 1 through 4. My estimated completion is in one hour. Is there anyone else from Engineering that can go?” You replied.

“Lieutenant Y/L/N, report to the transporter room. That is an order,” the captain replied. His tone was definitely irritated. You sighed and rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be there shortly, sir,” you snapped back.

“Stat, Lieutenant. That’s an order. Kirk out.”

You sighed and climbed back under the console to interrupt the diagnostics, and reset the system. Once you were sure the torpedo bays were functional again, and the console wouldn’t zap any unwitting idiot that happened by it, you made your way to the transporter room. Captain Kirk was there, red-faced, and fuming. He stomped over to you, and you could practically see the steam coming from his ears.

“Did I, or did I not, order you to get down here stat, Lieutenant?” His voice was a low growl. You cocked an eyebrow, and bit back the first comment that came to mind.

“With all due respect, sir, I was in the midst of a power lock-down console maintenance program on torpedoes one through four. Which meant if I’d just jumped and ran, the torpedoes would have been down for maintenance for the duration of the mission. I had to reset the console before I could attend you.” You managed to get it out without losing your temper, but not without rolling your eyes slightly. Kirk took you by the arm and pulled you away where no one would hear your conversation.

“Are you still mad at me about the ass comment?” He asked. “Y/N, I’m sorry, but your ass does drive me wild.”

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