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Gajevy <3 Speet-Dating AU ? ;) have fun

“What the hell? Where’s my date?” Gajeel grumbled to himself, blankly staring ahead as he crossed his arms over his chest. This dumb speed dating thing hadn’t been his idea, god forbid, and it was bad enough that Sting and Natsu had signed him up without consulting him, but was he really so terrifying that he’d been stood up by whoever had been supposed to sit opposite of him?!

“I’m… down here…” he heard a strained voice hiss, and only then did his eyes flick down and take in the short, seething woman who was gripping the edge of the table so hard he thought it might break off any second.

“Er…” was his only, rather eloquent, response. Shit. The fact that she was cute did not help in that moment. Already he could feel panic bubble up inside him, and he knew whatever would leave his lips next would surely be an embarassment. “How ‘bout ya forgive me for this, and I forgive your height?”

“Ah, so you’re Shining Armor…”
I have no explanation for this other than I needed to some sketch practice and I haven’t drawn best pony in a while. Although honestly, I do want to see what would happen if these two met face to face.



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