I think one of my favourite movie tropes is when the villain has the hero trapped and says, “I’m not going to kill you just yet. I don’t want to ruin the fun” or whatever, because it’s basically like the writer’s said, “We wrote this trap too well and don’t know how to get the hero out of it, but he can’t die, so here’s a bullshit explanation for why he survived.” That’s the kind of creative bullfuckery I can really get behind.

-All right so since I’ve had art block and such I decided to FINALLY try Skyrim (we’ve had it for months, but it’s been sitting in our cabinet because I still need to beat Dead Space 3). 

And if you think I’m above playing an Argonian named Tarn you are sorely mistaken. The problem is I can’t bring myself to be bad in these sorts of games, ever … so it’s pretty weird having everyone thank “Tarn” for saving their lives and shit.

I probably should have been Mutt. I steal … Everything-

-I’m probably going to doodle more of these at some point because Tarn the Dragonborn is too amusing an opportunity for me to pass up-


anonymous asked:

You guys need to grow the fuck up and realize there are different people in the world who live different lives than you. Now let me get started on your bullfuckery of denying Otherkin. Do you know how much of a bigot you sound like? You can’t tell what other people’s souls are!! Since the day I was born I loved bullhead catfish. My dad would take me fishing for them and we would catch and release them. I realized that the respect my father and I had for those fish was more than that.

ok I think ur fucking with me now bc I’ve never typed the work kin on this blog before.