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Valentine’s week is a celebration of love in every form 🌸
Plus, there is this new song from Ed Sheeran (cutie) stuck in my mind, and it’s perfect for a day meant to celebrate love ღ

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body
And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body
—  Ed Sheeran, Shape of you 

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Hi My name is Carter and this is my intro post :)

Some things about me (I’ve tried everything and the first paragraph won’t format correctly I’m so sorry 😞)

~ I’m 16 and my birthday is in January (I’m Aquarius ♒️) ~ESTJ but kind of unsure about that 🤷🏻‍♀️ ~Queer / Genderqueer 🏳️‍🌈 ~I’m big on human rights ~My first language is English and I am learning Spanish. ~I hope to go to UW in Seattle and dual major in pre-med and political sciences, and then go to medical school. If that works out I’m interested in fetal surgery or epidemiology.

Why make a studyblr? 💡
I’m not naive I’m vaguely pessimistic so I don’t kid myself into believing that my blog will help many others. But if it does I’m very glad for that. The main reason I made the blog is to help me stay motivated and immerse myself in a community with similar goals.

Academic stuff 💡
I’m an Mostly A occasional B student. I’m hoping to get all A’s here on out.
I have 15 college credits and I will be getting more this year. Dual credit is marked with ✳️ My courses include.
For Fall 2017 Semester
- Chemistry ✳️
- AP English language ✳️
- APUSH (US history) ✳️
- Also taking Spanish II
For spring 2018 (may update this)
- Honors Advanced Math (I think this is a mix of pre calc and college algebra) ✳️
- Info Tech I
- Microbiology ✳️
- Political Sciences ✳️
- Medical Terminology ✳️
- Healthcare Sciences I

My interests 💡
~ I find science in general very exciting 
~ Music! I played saxophone and sang in choir until I moved to a high school that had block scheduling.
~ Medicine. My sister gave me a book when I was in fifth grade about Henrietta Lacks that she had to read before going to med school and I’ve been in love with medical sciences ever since. 
~ I love animals! All of them. Every. Single. One. But I especially like dogs and seals. 
~ I write for fun but I would never pursue writing as a career on its own. I would be open to writing about science someday though.
~ I like books that have a mysterious lead like the Mara Dyer trilogy, We Were Liar, and Looking For Alaska. 
~ I like a lot of TV shows and movies I can’t even list them out. 
~ I love poetry specifically Rupi Kaur ( I know everyone’s into her) and Jesse Cale.
~ I enjoy visual art like museums
~ I act and love it! Just the arts in general I love.
~ I’m very politically aware and I’m passionate about my beliefs.
~ I love to bullett journal
~ I love plants, the moon, nature. 
~ I like a few sports (Tennis, Yoga, Swimming) 
~ I enjoy photography
~ I’m a skincare addicted
~ I’m an avid concert-goer just a few I’ve seen include twenty one pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Bad Suns, Hunny, Saint Motel, Halsey, Coldplay, Oh Wonder, Weezer, and more!!! 
~ I like to make playlists so hmu
~ I have a beagle named Allie who I post about sometimes 

Something else you may want to know about me is that I struggle with a few mental illnesses. To be specific I am diagnosed with Anorexia, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. I won’t post about these on here very much as to avoid triggers but I am ALWAYS AVAILABLE if you need or want to talk and would love to talk about the struggles of dealing with these disorders AND trying to live an organized and driven academic life. 

my main blog: @writingourwildestemodreams

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|Easter 2017| 
Just had my Easter Holiday with my relatives and had a lot of fun, ate a lot of super fine home-made food and CHOCOLATE 🍫 
Also I somehow created a bond with one friend I had known for years but never really get in touch with. And it was weird and beautiful at the same time 🌝 but i’m very happy rn and I’m ready to see what the future is leading me to 🌸 

I hope y’all had an amazing time during this week! 
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