Game Juice!!!

What is game Juice?

Game juice is widely used very often when making a boring game more interesting. Game juice is a concept that is about taking a game that works fairly well but then adding layers upon layers of satisfactory mechanics, Particles, Animations and Sounds to make a game Feel more enjoyable to play.

(I’ll be looking at Bulletstorm mainly to backup my discussion)

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  • Hunt: "Hey, You wanna make out? Just two gruff military hardened dudes sitting in an elevator snuggling out their woes in a totally hetero way."
  • Ishi: "ha!"
  • Hunt: "That's a nervous chuckle. Either your human side gets the joke or your computer side likes the way I look in these pants."
  • Ishi: "Or a little of both perhaps."
  • Hunt: "Hey. I'm not judgin'. I'm just a good lookin' man!"

Gamertag: Kandii Queen

My name is Krystal. I’m 21, I’m a hairstylist and full time mother. 
I live in Washington State/Pacific Time Zone.

I haven’t been playing a lot lately because I am lacking in friends who have XBL. I don’t have any of the newest games out right now but I do have, Black Ops 2, Halo 4/Anniversary/Reach, Gears of War ½/3/Judgment, GTA5, Skyrim, Portal ½, Minecraft, (I have a few more just can’t remember them).

I’m looking for people who actually wanna play and build friendships, not just sit on my friends list. 

I promise I’m a nice girl, don’t be afraid to send me a message or add me! 

Bulletstorm orgasm
Trishka Novak: Go fuck yourself! You shit piles give chase, I will kill your dicks!
Grayson Hunt: What? What does that even mean? You’re gonna kill my dick? I’ll kill your dick! How ‘bout that, huh?
Me(on other side of monitor):*epic pause* FRESH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!!