The signs as My Chemical Romance eras
  • Aries:The Black Parade era
  • Taurus:Danger Days era
  • Gemini:Revenge era
  • Cancer:Bullets era
  • Leo:Danger Days era
  • Virgo:Bullets era
  • Libra:Post MCR era
  • Scorpio:REVENGE era
  • Sagittarius:Bullets era
  • Capricorn:The Black Parade era
  • Aquarius:BULLETS era
  • Pisces:Danger Days era

Mikey is like ‘’oh look it’s a fly, what an interesting thing’’

Gerard thinks ‘’let’s get sassy for a moment bc why not’’

Ray went back to 80′s

Matt is that ghost of a dead girl without mouth, legs, arms and brain  that appears in your bedroom if you don’t share the picture with all What’s App  

And Frank is like ‘’IM 2 0LD 4 DIS SHIT PLS’’ even though he is the youngest in the band lmao