bullets embrace


Loving me will not be easy. 
It will be war.
You will hold the gun and I will hand you the bullets.
So breathe, and embrace the beauty of the massacre that lies ahead. 

-R.M. Drake

Touch Headcanon 

Anton is very fond of touch, but there are a few ones he barely uses as they are far more meaningful than anyone expects them to be.


If Anton kisses his partner over their shoulder, it means that he trusts them and wishes to dedicate himself to them. Whether it is a sensual peck from behind or a gentle lean-over-to-smooch type, it tells that Anton made the decision to be with that person and give them his loyalty.

If Anton takes his partner’s wrist and kisses the inside of it (from the edge of the palm and over the veins) it means he is worshipping that person. He considers them being his lover the one to be with no matter what happens and that he would take ten bullets for them.


If Anton offers his partner an elbow to hold, he is curious and actually enjoys their company. It’s a silent invitation and excuse to be with that person a bit longer as he wants to know more about them.

If Anton hugs his partner from behind, not in an intimate situation, it means he is grateful that they are here with him, or whatever it is they did for him.

If Anton hugs his partner’s leg (when they are resting on a couch or a bed), it means he is playful and confesses his affection in a silly manner. It is also a sign of gratitude for letting him be himself in private.  


If Anton tucks something behind his partner’s ear (flower, a lock of hair, etc), it means he finds them beautiful/handsome and enjoys looking at their face.

If Anton pinches his partner’s cheek, it means he wants them to be angry at him or upset because he thrives on working for making them smile again. (yes, he purposely upsets people sometimes to make them feel better ).

If Anton bites their side, he’s being playful and wants them to pay close attention to whatever he is about to say. Often, those are confessions.  

Reverse Emotion Touch:

If Anton has his arm around his partner and his fingers dig into their side, he’s jealous and he might potentially hurt whoever it is making him jealous over his partner.

If Anton slides his hand along his partner’s thigh with a painful sensation, it means he is very upset with his partner and might potentially hurt them,

If Anton grabs his partner’s throat, well buddy, you’re dead.    


PART 1 <—

“What the hell happened?!” Gemma yelled out as she rushed into the clubhouse to find a bloody Jax.

“I’m fine mom,” he tried to assure her.

As she cupped her son’s face, her eyes darted to Clay, “What happened?”

He threw back a shot,

“Why don’t you ask our daughter?”

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Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

Actual Request:  “I was wondering if you could do a Imagine where the reader is a Hunter and Klaus is number one on the readers list but everytime they met and fight he flirts with her?”

“You get a little bit breathless, don’t you?” You ask him. “I think you’re getting old, Klaus.”

He smiles at you even if he’s in pain. You shot him with a wolfsbane bullet.

“Don’t worry, love. Unlike you, getting older makes me stronger I’ll be up in a second.”

“Then you’ll like what’s next.”

Bang. You shot him with a silver bullet.

“I heard you embraced your wolf side.” you say. “How’s that happened.”

“With a help of a lovely girl, actually.” he says. “But she’s not as beautiful as you are, love.”

He really gets up in a minute and pins you to the wall. Ouch.

“That hurt, bastard.” you say and kick him. When you get rid of him, you take a bunch of vervain and smash it on his face. As he roars with pain, you prepare a stake on your gun.

“How old are you now, Y/N?” he asks. “It’s been awhile since our last little chat.”

Italy. Five years ago. You almost got him but he ran away as usual.

“My bad.” you say. “I was busy at the moment.”

“Yes, killing me.” Klaus says and pulls the stake out of his chest. “But I’d like to get to know you, you know, without the stakes and every little gun you have. Actually, I can kill you in a second.”

“You wish.” you say. “I have a witch protection on me and a little cheater you may recognize.”

You show him the Gilbert ring.

“How did you-”

“Not your business.” you say. “You know what? Maybe I should meet with your brother. He was really willing to kill you once.”

“Well, things changed, sweetheart.” he says and smirks. “But really, how old are you?”

“25 or so.” you say. “Are you jealous?” Another vervain plus wolfsbane bullet. As he falls down, he takes the bullet out and gets up.

“So you’re not minor, can I offer you a drink? Unless you don’t have a white oak stake. I could give you mine… Oh, right, I destroyed it.”

You don’t want him to see your desperate mood so you smile.

“Nature has a bad habit such as growing trees.” you say. “Did you know that?”

His face gives his anger away and he pins you to the wall again.

“Where. Is. It.” he asks. You just laugh at him and spit. There is vervain in your system so his face burns.

“And yes,” you say. “I’d tell you even if I knew.”

“So empty threads.” he laughs. “It doesn’t suit you, love, you seem more reliable. Coffee?”


“Scotch, then?” and he throws a glass bottle on you. You run from it too easily.

“Oh how charming.” you say. “Stop flirting already, would you?”

“But where’s the fun then, love? I like our little chats once in a decade.”

“I’ll come early next time.” you say sarcastically. He rolls his eyes.

“You may stop leaving, too.” he says. “Maybe we work together.”

“I don’t make deals with vampires.” you say. “Thanks for the kindness, next time I’ll bring you gift from the mother nature, Mikaelson.”

“Don’t be late or I’ll be worried.”


There are things about the last episode of Sons of Anarchy that I loved and I’d like to talk about them. 

In relation to picture:

  1. The hand on the leg. The calm before the storm. 
  2. Expressing all the emotions a man who’s getting confirmation that his murderous lover has been killed by her son, who is now asking him to take care of his family, would feel.
  3. You rarely got to see Jax with both boys at once—did you fully appreciate the resemblance until this moment? It made the goodbye all the harder to watch. And Jax telling Abel to listen to Nero because he’s Daddy’s best friend…
  4. Charlie Hunnam had to keep showing us that Jax had made peace with his decision. Watching the boys leave with Wendy and Nero was one of the few times we got to see Jax’s pain.
  5. Clinging to his brother, clinging to the cut.
  6. The final man-hugs were the series’ best. It’s like Jax is cradling Happy, who’d literally just taken a bullet for him.
  7. Tig’s embrace was so soft. There’s no space between them.
  8. Chibs waits for word that Jax has met his fate.
  9. He’s a beautiful man.