bullets anniversary


Wow the power of rose quartz serenity is real lmao
My notes from this week and this week’s (Monday to Friday) spread :)

January, Week 2.

Trying a new layout. A “side bar” with events or due date, a to-do list or goals, and notes or events for next week. I write the tasks for the next day at night, and decorate as I go. This week I decided to print some pictures related to the things I did each day.


an acoustic cover of “honey, this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us” in honor of the 15th anniversary of bullets! happy birthday to the first mcr album from this emo!

anonymous asked:

Almost the 15th anniversary of bullets and no news? :c I'm sad, but I'm glad the boys are doing well (Sorry for bad English)

it’s,, obvious

magazines and fans already freak out and shout ‘reunion’ the moment they talk can you imagine if they celebrated every anniversary? 

let’s celebrate For The Night To Control by Electric Century instead, as it’s finally coming out worldwide. 


6.1.16 // Officially 1 year of bullet journaling! 😍 It’s crazy to see the changes in my style & peace of mind this brought me. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d love these little journals so much!