february 7 // 17:29 

a quiet night in – desperately need it after this week. one of the worst weeks i’ve had in a long time; trying to be soft, trying to be gentle. all a work in progress. 

here’s my spread from this last week ; wishing you all a beautiful sunday ✨🌻


True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.

― Dave Tyson Gentry


Jinson on a date looking at cologne together (/∇\*)。o○♡

[TRANS] 160208 GOT7′s Chinese New Year Messages to ahgases

2016 Baby birds ❤️‍  

Jackson: (May you eat) lots of fish and meat 🐟

Junior: Happy New Year!!

JB: (Wishing you) joy for the whole family

Youngjae: (Wishing you) happiness and prosperity (literal: congratulations and prosperity)

Yugyeom: May everything go well (literal: may a thousand things go well)

Bambam: (Wishing you) good health 💪

Mark: (May you) have long lasting good luck


first week of february | via bullet journal 

trying out a couple of new layouts this week, though i’m not sure how i feel about some of them yet /shrugs also, i thought it was pretty interesting how the date for the first week of feb corresponded with the days of the week! o u o monday was the first, and today (Sunday) is the seventh~ it helped make remembering the date somewhat easier haha


february 8 // 8:42 

gonna head to campus early to finish my hw before my 10:30 meeting with my director. i can’t seem to find my head recently. trying to find balance, with like, everything. this anxiety/depression thing is super inconvenient, tbh

happy monday to all! wishing y’all a peaceful + productive week (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧