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i wasnt ‘born ready’ but nazi science has solved that problem for me

Get to know me meme: 1/5 favorite tv shows →Criminal Minds (CBS): “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendships can we create the illusion for a moment that we’re not alone.”


i can taste it in my mouth, i am hanging upside down
all the faces gathered round to wait and see, to breathe relief
to call my name for the first time

cry your heart out, fill your lungs up
we all hurt, we all lie
and nothing stays the same


Give Up (Jungkook- angst)

Anonymous: Can u I get a scenario where kookie have been dating a girl secretly and his classmates find out and try to make her leave him, she see him near a stairs talking with another girl and feel she should end things with him.

Band Member: Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Angst
Summary: Love is hard with Jungkook due to people in the way.

A/N: I’ve changed the storyline a little so it still kinds of follows what you wanted but is more serious because I don’t think BTS would stop Jungkook from seeing someone unless she really really wasn’t good for him.

The only sound of noise in the empty room was the clicking of shoes against floorboards. The suited manager, frowning with the glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose, paced the room whilst sat on a long sofa were the seven soldiers of BTS. All of them couldn’t help but stare at their manager, the stirring feeling of dread and worry nibbling at them. Finally the manager ceased pacing and he turned to them. His small dark eyes pierced into each as he studied them all very carefully before finally speaking.

“Jeon Jungkook.” Jungkook, the Golden Maknae, looked up nervously. He didn’t dare look the cold manager in the eyes with his warm, round ones and his curved lips trembled.
“Yes, sir?” Was he in trouble?
“Who are most of BTS’ fans?” The manager enquired. His stern face was unreadable and Jungkook hesitated.
“G-Girls, sir?” The manager nodded.
“Correct. And these girls like to think that they were destined with each of you. However they can’t think that if you go around having your own girlfriends!” A timid assistant hurried in, carrying magazines which the manager snatched from her and slammed down on the table. An array of magazines covered the wooden top, all with blurry pictures of two people with their arms around each other. One of them was a slender, handsome boy with dark black hair that fell into his eyes and the second was a girl, pretty and smiling.
“Jungkook?” Namjoon whispered.

Jungkook swallowed as he looked at his band mates. All of them were staring at him with surprise, their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide. The dancer and vocalist glanced at the manager, slouching further into his seat under the discomforting glare.
“Well?” The manager demanded frostily.
“I’m sorry.” Mumbled Jungkook but the manager shook his head.
“Not good enough; lose the girl.” Jungkook gasped, looking up to his manager.
“What?!” He cried, scoffing with disbelief. “But I really like her.” The manager remained calm and icy.
“Lose her,” he repeated in an unnerving low tone. “Or else we’ll lose you.” The room was silent as the other six members watched Jungkook and the manager glare at each other. When Jungkook didn’t reply, the manager continued. “Also, BigHit have decided that we’d like you to do a collaboration with Park Jiyeon. Good day, boys.” The six boys stood up and bowed to their manager but Jungkook remained rooted to the sofa. His large eyes were stinging as he stared at the blank wall steadily, holding back the tears that threatened to fall.

Jin was the first to speak.
“Who is she?” He asked in a gentle voice as he picked up a magazine. Jungkook breathed heavily.
“Y/N.” Silence fell as the six other boys exchanged looks of surprise and pity. They knew how much Jungkook had liked you ever since you joined his school several months ago. What they didn’t know what how he plucked up the courage to finally ask you out and how relieved he was when you miraculously said yes.

The china clinked against the wooden surface of the table as you placed down two large mugs of hot chocolate. You sat down beside Jungkook, your boyfriend, and smiled as he glanced towards you. Without saying anything, he fidgeted slightly and continued to watch the Korean drama that was playing on the television but his glassy eyes were fixated on one random spot and his lips were pressed tightly together. His defined jawline was clenched, his hands curled up in fists and he was sat right at the edge of the sofa. Usually Jungkook would love to kiss and hug and chat when you were both alone at your house.

“I remembered to sprinkle cinnamon instead of chocolate sprinkles this time.” You said with a small giggle in a desperate attempt to break the horrible silence. Jungkook’s lips merely twitched. “How was today?” The handsome teenager sat beside you hesitated before he exhaled heavily and out came the jumble of words.
“Magazines have been reporting about us. They’ve managed to get pictures- not that clear but still clear enough to think it’s us- and the manager called us in and he told me to dump you.”

A silence settled. Jungkook’s words pounded in your head. He watched you with wide eyes as you leant forward, reached for your mug of hot chocolate and took a sip. You turned to him and raised an eyebrow.
“Aren’t you going to drink yours?” The talented singer was shocked but nonetheless he followed your instruction. As he took a sip, he couldn’t let his eyes leave you. After all, he may not be able to see you after much longer.
“Well?” He was finally able to ask.
“What do you want me to say, Jungkook? Are you going to dump me?” You remarked. Jungkook scoffed, shaking his head as if you had asked him something awful.
“I can’t do that! You’re my girlfriend, Y/N. I like you far too much.”

You smiled, the heat rushing to your cheeks and your limbs tingling as Jungkook twined his hand with yours.
“But isn’t this going to affect you?” You whispered. Jungkook smiled.
“It’s a risk I’m willing to take; we aren’t called soldiers for nothing.”

Tears burned your eyes as you watched the screen before you. Just how? How could it happen?

Your insides twisted as you watched Jungkook’s arms slide around her waist and their lips meet. The screen was blank and the credits began to play. The white text printed on the black screen was blurred however by your hot tears.

You sniffed as you began to scroll down and read comments.

They’re so cute together!

I ship it!

Best m/v couple ever! They should be together in real life.

The door behind you opened and Jungkook walked in. His gleaming eyes met yours and as soon as he saw the tears in your eyes, his handsome smile faltered.
“Y/N? What’s happened?” He asked. You swallowed, averting your eyes.
“This isn’t going to work. It’s not your fault- it’s mine. I can’t deal with this. I’m sorry.” You turned around, allowing the tears to burst out from you as Jungkook swallowed and nodded.
“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He mumbled. “I hope we can be happy together one day.” As he turned out and strolled out of the door in a hurting haze, one thought ran through his mind.

Even bulletproof soldiers need to know when to give up.

anonymous asked:

Would you please do another sugamon? In which Jimin and Seokjin are so tired of Namjoon and Yoongi because they keep bothering them and just so stubborn to admit that they have a hot for each other.

too busy falling (to fall in love with you)

namjoon/yoongi with vmin and jinmin as bffs, pg13, canonverse

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