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I feel it’s the ultimate insult to be on the receiving end of Hobi’s bitch face.

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[151129 HYYH PT. 2 ON STAGE] Jimin was panting so hard so he reached out his hand and requested to their leader, “Water please.” But Namjoon didn’t seem to notice so he ignored him. Suddenly, there was a hand from behind Jimin who was giving his bottle instead and it was J-Hope.

cr.  你是我心里的一只鸡腿

Thought experiment:

Courier 6 vs The Dragonborn, one on one, no items, just arms and armor

The Courier is max level, max stats, with arms and armor in perfect condition. Their arsenal is what you’d expect a max level Courier to possess, mostly weapons calling for 75-100 ranks in their respective skills, but no high explosives (no mini nukes, no ARCHIMEDES, no rockets/missiles, etc).

Dragonborn is also max level (effective max level, all skills maxed, all perks, etc), and has legendary grade weapons and armor. They have both ranged and melee weapons and can be wearing either light or heavy armor and have full mastery of spellcraft.

One might be tempted to think the Courier would just shoot the Dragonborn dead, but I suspect it would be more difficult than that, especially since glass and daedric/dragonbone armor is likely bulletproofed.

I feel like environment would also play a hefty role in such a fight. Wide open fields would inevitably draw them in close for a knife-fight, while more cover and angles would permit them to keep their distance and stick to gunplay (bowplay?). I feel like if it became a knife-fight, the Dragonborn would have the advantage, as the Wasteland’s idea of melee weapons tends to be a bit… unrefined (let’s take a sharp slice of metal and set it on fire, guys). Medium to long range would be in the Courier’s favor, especially if they employ long-range sniping that the Dragonborn can’t counter.

Of course, the Dragonborn has another advantage - healing magic. This doesn’t technically break the no-item rule, and as long as they have magicka, they can recover health, and since magicka can be recovered, it’s effectively unlimited. The Courier can’t access any aid items, including stimpaks, and unless their armor fortuitously has health regen perks, any injuries they suffer are permanent. They’d have to kill the Dragonborn quickly, or they’d recover from their wounds in seconds. All the Dragonborn has to do is land hits, and the Courier is going to be going downhill, fast.

Final ruling: Courier wins if they strike fast and hard, otherwise Dragonborn takes the prize



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이 까만 어둠 속에서
Within this pitch black darkness
너는 이랗게 빛나니까
You are shining so brightly