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Bulletin Board ideas "Master List"

I found a bunch of my old ideas for Door Decs, Bulletin Boards, AND Programs. Unfortunately won’t have time to complete the ideas that are listed here, but I hope that you all can find some inspiration from them! I’ll add on to this as I think of more and inform you all when I do!

This post is designated for BULLETIN BOARDS! There are separate posts for Door Decs and Programs. I left out common ideas that you see pretty often.

NOTE: I’m not including things that I plan on completing this semester, as I will make separate posts for these when they’re completed :)

Here you go! (It’s super long)

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gracefully-fritz  asked:

Hi there, can you do one for ISFJ Ravenclaws please. 😊

Thanks for the ask! ISFJs make up about 13% of the population so hopefully a lot of people will relate to this :)

- Super empathetic and probably knows what you’re feeling before you do

- Will do A N Y T H I N G  for their friends tbh

- House pride to the max

- The type of person who can actually sit down and work on something stably for reasonable amounts of time, unlike many Ravenclaws who work in sporadic bursts of motivation

- Surprisingly social for an introvert

- But still needs their time to retreat

- Lets everyone copy their homework, then sets up a study group session!

- Wants to please everyone all the time unless you wronged their friends

- Super patient with their unstable, impulsive friends

- Friend: “Ugh, the quill is too far away… I guess I can’t do my Charms homework tonight!”                                                                                         ISFJ: “Oh, I’ll get it! Do you need any help?”                                                                                      Friend: “Nah, I’ll do it in the bathroom at seven a.m. It’s all good!

- But don’t think they’re boring do-gooders!! They have true ravenclaw passion when it comes to helping others and themselves

- Super imaginative and ends up thinking of all the ideas in a project/plan

- Humble to a fault and won’t admit their talent

- Contribute to the common room’s bulletin board with ideas about different issues and calls to action

- Sensitive to the needs and feelings of others unlike some colder Ravenclaws

- V altruistic and will defend your rights

- Live off of positive feedback even though they deny it 

- Doesn’t like when Hogwarts professors disrespect students because “We are people too!”

- Generally good people to be around when you’re facing an unfair situation because no matter how sweet they may seem, they will wreck a b*tch

- … As long as there is minimal conflict involved in said wrecking

- Loyal and will stick by you no matter what

#befriend an ISFJ today 

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics!

Programming Time!

So I realized that my stockpile is pretty abundant with door decs and bulletin board ideas, but I’ve never really covered any of the programs I’ve done! Even with repeats, I still have sooooo  many program ideas that I’ve done! So starting today, I’ll be listing a program that I’ve done, how I did it, what resources I needed, how successful it was, etc! Hopefully this will help those of you who are struggling with the programming aspect of being an RA! 

Here’s one that I’m doing again!


I’ve done this program quite a few times! The first two times I’ve done it was in a residence hall setting. It wasn’t too successful, and that could be because I had done it “Guys Vs. Girls”. (I had a co-ed floor at the time). Guys weren’t too interested, but I had a group of girls who were super game! I’m actually trying it again this time. I’m in an apartment setting this year and I was going to do it throughout the entire complex. (Last time I only did it for my floor). I had two separate lists of items and “missions” the guys and girls had to get or do. I made it a requirement that pictures be taken of each item/mission. This was easy because practically everyone has a camera on their phone or a digital camera to begin with. So here are my ready-to-go scavenger hunt lists!



  1. Tampon
  2. Bra
  3. Bobby Pin
  4. Eyelash curler
  5. Thong (preferably clean)
  6. Picture of a poster of a half naked man
  7. Pair of High Heels
  8. Blank CD
  9. A receipt totaling between $10 and $20
  10. A family photo
  11. A picture of someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend
  12. Ramen Noodles
  13. Coupon
  14. A paper/exam that has an “A”
  15. Chick Flick
  16. Cosmopolitan Magazine
  17. Bottle of perfume or body spray
  18. Headband
  19. Real flower
  20. Stuffed Animal


  1. Get a girl to give you a makeover (Hair, make-up, nails)
  2. Get a girl to kiss you on the cheek
  3. Get a girl to let you pick her up princess-style
  4. Get an RA to do the thriller dance (No, you cannot ask me)
  5. Get 3 residents to play one round of leap frog in a hallway
  6. Sing a song to a girl
  7. Find someone to sing the entire (school) fight song (With proper hand motions)
  8. Make a ten person pyramid
  9. Learn a magic trick from a resident and be able to perform it
  10. Get someone to show you their belly button
  11. Dance with a stranger in the lobby
  12. Get a picture of a resident who is the best celebrity look-a-like
  13. Make a conga line of at least 10 people down a hallway
  14. Get a front desk manager to do the YMCA
  15. Wear the pair of high heels you found and do your best model walk down the hallway
  16.  Wear a blanket around your neck like a cape and run around a hallway
  17. Find someone to do the splits and take a picture!
  18.  Find someone who can juggle and take a picture of them juggling!
  19. Build a sandcastle



  1. Condom (NOT FROM AN RA!)
  2. AXE Product
  3. School Sport’s Event Ticket Stub
  4. Picture of a video game system
  5. Shaving Cream
  6. Blank CD
  7. A receipt totaling between $10 and $20
  8. A family photo
  9. A picture of someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend
  10. Ramen Noodles
  11. Coupon
  12. A paper/exam that has an “A”
  13. A non-Chicago team baseball hat
  14. Stuffed Animal
  15. Sports Jersey
  16. Fridge Magnet
  17. Tampon
  18. Bra
  19. Bobby Pin
  20. Eyelash curler


  1. Get 3 residents to play one round of leap frog in a hallway
  2. Find someone to sing the entire (School) fight song (With proper hand motions)
  3. Make a ten person pyramid
  4. Get someone to show you their belly button
  5. Make a conga line of at least 10 people down a hallway
  6. Get a front desk manager to do the YMCA
  7. Wear a blanket around your neck like a cape and run around a hallway
  8. Find someone to do the splits and take a picture!
  9. Find someone who can juggle and take a picture of them juggling!
  10. Build a sandcastle
  11.  Get a group of at least 5 guys to take a picture with their shirts off
  12. Get a picture of a resident who is the best celebrity look-a-like
  13. Make a conga line of at least 10 people down a hallway
  14. Get a front desk manager to do the YMCA
  15. Wear the pair of high heels you found and do your best model walk down the hallway
  16. Wear a blanket around your neck like a cape and run around a hallway
  17. Find someone to do the splits and take a picture!
  18. Find someone who can juggle and take a picture of them juggling!
  19. Build a sandcastle

Have fun and good luck!

innytoes  asked:

Imagine Steve getting super into Pinterest.

“…Is that a sectional?” Sam was pretty sure there hadn’t been furniture on Steve’s terrace three days ago.  

“Yeah.  I made it out of palates.”

“Huh.”  It was ridiculously comfortable.  “Got any beer to go with the furniture?”


“Nice end table.” Natasha ran her fingers over the top of the table.  

“Thanks! I made it out of one of those wooden spools.  And look,” Steve beckoned her back a few steps.  “It doubles as a bookshelf.”

“Who knew you were a DIY master.”  

He pulled Carrion Comfort from the table-bookshelf and held it to her, promising she’d enjoy it.


“You know I have people that can do this for you, Cap.”  Tony had to admit, it was an impressively done mural. The whole room looked like it was the middle of a forest, complete with dark wooden chairs and earth-tone cushions.

“It was easy.  And,” Steve flicked a switch, “I drilled holes in the dry wall and stuck little LED lights in behind.  So it looks like the suns coming through the trees. 

Tony narrowed his eyes. “You’re awfully creative lately. The sectional, the end table, this?”

“I mean, I’m not really – I can’t think of things as easily as I can make them.”

“So where are you getting the ideas?”

“There’s this new website that’s like a bulletin board for ideas, and—“

“-Pinterest.” Tony was trying not to smile too wide.  

“Yeah.  It’s—“

“-What’s next on your list?”

“Prohibition wasn’t a history lesson for me, Tony. “

Tony wasn’t sure if it was Christmas, but it felt like it.  “You’re going to make beer.”

Steve smiled.  “I’m going to make beer.”

Top 3 RA Lessons

As asked for by a follower! Top 3 lessons for a new RA.

-Training is hard. and long. and hard. You won’t get much sleep, you’ll feel like you’re not going to finish, and you will have a lot of info thrown at you that you have to retain. It’s not always like that. Prepping everything you can in advance will help a lot. Do door tags in advance, prep bulletin board ideas and ask your RD to print them (if your school does that) - all before you arrive. It will really help. Also take notes during training, you won’t retain all of it but at least you know you have it.

-Time management will be an adjustment - your first semester you may feel like you are drowning in to do lists. It is such a transition to live where you work. Do not procrastinate. The one day you let a paper go until the day before it’s due is the day you will have 4 incidents, a fire alarm, and a water pipe burst. The ResLife gods are cruel that way. haha

-Always remember why you wanted the job, why you took it, and what you wanted to do with it. Right your motivations down on a paper and hang it in your room. Remember the job is, more than anything, about community development and being a role model. Never forget that. It may seem that sometimes you are spending more time on roommate conflicts or conduct issues but remember that everything you do and are charged with is to create and maintain a community on your floor Everything you do should come from that. 

You will do great! Good luck and have a great training!


So I made a bulletin board dedicated Britney Spears because I’m obsessed and in love. The overall idea is that it’s a timeline of her life, obviously including all of the ups and downs. The title was “The Life and Times of the Legendary Miss Britney Spears” and the bottom slogan was “If Britney can survive 2007, you can survive finals”. 
For my door decs, I just printed out the album artwork for every Britney single in history. There are 42, so you don’t need to worry about any shortage. Somewhat surprisingly, my residents were IN LOVE with their door decs and so many of them came up and told me. The board was pretty detailed with life events and career milestones, but it worked nicely for showing how Britney had really made an incredible comeback. Go hard or go home, eh?


Weekend DIY: Rustic Memo Board

This week’s DIY is great for an office, entryway, bedroom (or maybe even a locker-sized mini version?). We used cedar shims, glued, then stapled at the corners. Be sure to match a thin side with a thick side, and staple the thin side into the thick side. Then we painted the wood, using our color of the week, Caribe. This is where things get a little prickly. Be very careful unrolling chicken wire, even using gloves if you like. Cut the chicken wire to size, and staple. We chose some twine and hooks to hang ours, but you could use a picture hanging kit, or even magnets to hang on a metal surface. 

What goes best with a DIY? A themed out playlist: 

Classroom Pictures and Ideas

I’d be interested to see your classrooms—layouts, bulletin boards, and whatever cool ideas you have!  Pictures of mine are after the break.

I teach 7th grade math.  I have tried to gamify my classroom by using Classcraft (point management game system) and a couple of other ideas that will be pictured later.  It’s a little busy…but hopefully it’s stuff that encourages kids to work hard and learn.

Mini panorama of my classroom.  6 groups of 6 desks.  I put painters tape on the floor so that kids know where to move desks.  Right now, it’s in “normal mode.”  When kids take a quiz/test, they split the desks into separate rows; we call that “battle mode.”

My makeshift growth mindset “poster” for the door.  I found that picture online, and I made up the other part with growth mindset beliefs written on it.

Front of the classroom.  The statement across the top (“We are the Class of 2020.  We are game changers, earth shakers, and history makers, and we’re going to change the world.”) is our class motto, and I make the kids say that to start each class period.  They also choral respond/read the objectives on the right.

Found these vinyl chalk talk bubbles at Target.  I’m going to write the essential questions for the lesson here.  I just started having the kids choral read these with the objectives today.

Absent work wall.  My student TA writes the homework on the calendar for me each day; in the past, I’ve just had one of my students do it at the beginning of the day.

Classroom expectations.  I had my kids write all the rules they could think of that they’ve had to follow in school.  Then I told them that instead of memorizing a bunch of rules for every teacher and every situation, they should follow three basic standards:  be respectful, be responsible, and be positive.  We sorted out the rules that they came up with at the beginning into these three categories.  All the other rules they can ever think of will probably fit in one or more of these categories.  I said they can self-check their behavior if they’re not sure if their actions are okay by asking, “Am I being respectful?”  “Am I being responsible?”  “Am I being positive?”

Tech expectations near the computers in the back.

The “Why Should I Get an Education?” wall.  This is stuff I’ve collected over the years to support reasons for an education:  to earn more money, to have more options, to have more power (have knowledge so that people don’t take advantage of you), and more helpful (understand that people are hurting and need your help).  I’m not a fan of the layout; I wasn’t sure how much space something else would take, so I ended up putting too much in one space.  I’ll do a better job next year.

The Kingdom Map.  Each little square represents a skill/lesson in the math book; the large papers represent the chapter.  The first chapter destination is Proportion Palace.  Since I’m using so many squares in my room, I went with a Minecraft theme and found pictures online that would fit with the names I came up with.  I will use this as a data wall as well, where I will write the percentage of students who pass each lesson quiz.

Below the Kingdom Map are student Mastery Profiles.  Every time they pass a quiz or test, they get a “badge” (a sticker) that they put on their Mastery Profile.  The cover is the student’s “My Life of Numbers” poster, where they had to come up with 8 facts about themselves that involve numbers.  I made them rewrite the number as an expression with 1 or 2 operations, depending on the period.  They had to draw a picture to accompany each fact.

Another component of my classroom gamification is the Noah and Mozzie wall.  (Noah and Mozzie are my sister’s son and dog, respectively.)  The kids are saving Noah and Mozzie from the dark forces and building a new world for them.  Every time they pass a quiz or a test, not only do they get a badge on their personal Mastery Profile, but they also get a little square with their name on it.  These squares build a part of the Noah and Mozzie story.  Escaping the dark forces is the first task.  They will later have to build a new world for Noah and Mozzie (trees, flowers, and a house, I think).  Every time they complete a task, we will celebrate by doing a Change It Up Wednesday—a minimum day where we will do something other than the regular lesson.

Character wall.

“Math Is Everywhere” wall, along with the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing.  “I know it’s a math class, but you still need to practice communication.  It’s not enough to just know stuff; you need to be able to communicate your ideas.  You could be the smartest person in the room and have the cure for cancer in your head…but it does no good to anyone else if you can’t communicate how to get the cure to other people.”

My mini math library.

Self-explanatory.  =)

That’s my classroom!  I’d love to see pictures and hear ideas about yours!