Fun little project I completed: On the go retro setup via a raspberrypi + official 7" screen + case + portable speaker + portable battery + controller. Running #recalbox! 🕹 #fightstick #fightstickfriday #arcade #arcadestick #gamer #gaming #videogames #streetfighter #fgc #capcom #fightinggames #shmups #bullethell #pcgaming #art4msgaming #diy #mancave #workshop #artandcrafts #mods #hobbies #customcontrollers #esports #retrogaming #smallbusiness

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hey this is a follow forever for my 69 mutuals im on mobile and these r in Absolutely no particular order whatsoever

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Ibara Kuro 1-All, Arcade Version (by Aaron Kraten)

Zenzizenzic - Gameplay Trailer: Level 4 [GAMEPLAY SPOILERS!] · Zenzizenzic - Final stretch for this pure passion project!

Every Thursday during the Kickstarter campaign I will share a gameplay video of a level (level 1 up to 4, level 5 will remain hidden!) and share some of the things you may encounter in that level.  This week level 4, where you’ll meet stuff like barriers, highways and a boss with freaking huge turrets, I wonder what they do! 

I’m honestly amazed every enemy in Undertale has its own unique attacks, sometimes more than a few, and all of them are like tiny bullethell minigames.

That’s impressive dedication.