80-84/100 days of productivity 

 "So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings, forever.“♡ 

 🎧 Lost boy- Ruth B.


2017: Week 12 | Mar. 19 - Mar. 25

“Those who don’t know how to make love make war.” -The Patience Stone

I’ve been experiencing spontaneous surges of color lately - they come over me in dreams, meditation, or during the transient moments I rest my eyes. In fact, many of my dreams have been purely colorful rather than conceptual; it’s been interesting. Anyway, I tend to feel stuck on these “color visions” until I paint with them, which has inspired me to work with some pretty funky color schemes that I wouldn’t normally feel inclined to use. This one was more or less premeditated, but evolved intuitively. I knew I wanted to include a tribute to Aries season, but I wasn’t feeling the fiery shades typically associated with the fire signs, and so I ended up with this rich burgundy color. Then, somehow, the golden rod transpired; it seemed like a strange addition, but I couldn’t resist including it. These definitely aren’t colors I would think to pair, but it all came together pretty well in my opinion. 


hello everyone! ✨

my name is patricia but i prefer pat. i’m second year high school student. i have ap biology, geography and polish but i concentrate the most on biology because i love it and it’s what i want to study in the future.

about me:
• i live in Poland since i was born
• i’m 18 since february
• i want to learn korean and japanese although i don’t have time and motivation (help me)
• i’m obsessed with kpop and anime
• also obsessed with tv shows, movies and books
• and of course obsessed with stationary

also i don’t have bullet journal at the moment instead i have simple calendar but i’m planning on starting bujo so wait for it ;)

my favorite styblrs:

oh pics are mine. it’s stationary i bought today and view from my window with my favorite plant 🌱

i hope we all can get along! have a nice and productive morning/day/evening.
and feel free to talk to me if you want to! 💕