💒Hey everyone💒

Last week’s journal page is a looooot similar to the one I posted before but what can I do 💕
The combination of pink and lavender is sooooo pretty 💜

And there’s a lot of Korean journaling going on there haha

Weather is getting warm so everyone be careful!! You may catch a cold!!!



Sorry for the recent lack of activity. I had a series of minor breakdowns about college and the future so I decided to take a few days away from school and studying to bring myself back into a normal mindset. BUT I’M BACK NOW! This is march’s tracker, I remember someone inspired it but can’t come up with who it was…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Week of 2.20.17 - 2.26.17 // It’s almost my one-year anniversary of bullet journaling! I’m a little more than halfway through this journal already and I can’t believe it. Bullet journaling really helps me relax, keep my creative spirit up and makes me ridiculously happy :) 

I’m almost at 4k followers, which is unbelievable! Thank you so much everyone, I appreciate it a lot. 

Listening: the “Hamilton” soundtrack