a little late today too, but here is my newest video; my semester setup and october plan with me in my bullet journal! ✨


28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)

Hello, my name is Adrian and I am a salty seabiscuit.

For the last couple of years I have watched as the roleplay community has shifted its aesthetic from pre-made themes to this make-your-own container theme trend. Now I have absolutely nothing against container themes, but this trend has brought with it some other really awful design choices that have plagued us for entirely too long. I spent a lot of time shouting into the void about it, but I’m here now to give you a breakdown of how to design functional themes that we can actually fucking navigate because that should be your absolute first priority.

As for my credentials: I have been learning and writing code since I was eight years old (no, I am not making this up—thank you pet pages on Neopets) and I have run my own domains in the past. I have learned to write html/xhtml, css, php, and javascript (the last of which I have more trouble with for some reason). In my spare time I design forum skins for friends, forum templates, and do Tumblr themes on commission. I have been coding Tumblr themes for about 3 years now. You can see some of the things I’ve made on this blog as well as some of my roleplay blogs.

Yes, this guide is going to be mega insulting at times. I basically turn into Gordon Ramsey about this shit. But hey, it’s called a no bullshit guide. I promise you that the insults are out of love and also frustration. Admittedly, more of the latter than the former. But pretend there’s more love and encouragement than there actually is.

THIS IS BY NO MEANS A COMPLETE GUIDE, but I’ve written most of this in one sitting and I need to go do something else for a while.

Part One: On Font Legibility (or, Why Squiggly Text is Bullshit)
Part Two: On Color Theory and Choice (or, Low-Contrast is Bullshit)
Part Three: On Background Images (or, Why the Fuck are You Using Gifs?!)
Part Four: On Navigation Link Aesthetics (or, Fuck This Stupid Trend TBH)
Part Five: On Stylesheet Upkeep (or, Why You’re Doing It Wrong)


2017 Lively Diary Scheduler

I love when I have so many choices of cuteness, simplicity, beauty and practicality in a scheduler! ⭐️⭐️⭐️  This one is for 14 months of planning from November 2016 through December 2017. New planners make me feel always ready, always hopeful and ever excited for what is to come! 📅  This scheduler will help me plan my coming year, months and weeks, and there are different designs per month for extra adorableness! Plus there are extra patterned pages where I can write my plans, memos, to do lists for future travel plans, chores, and work notes! ✏️  My favorite part is the PVC cover that gives my planner protection from wear & tear, spills, and even provides extra pockets! So which one is your favorite design? 🍌 🌺 🐼 💕⭐️

Bullet Points: Dream a Little Dream

The Savior-part 2 (part 1 here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. I really like the use of the movement through the clouds as an establishing shot. Gives the impression that whatever action we’re about to see is taking place a long distance from Storybrooke.

2. Effective use of a flashback to set the scene for where Rumple is and what’s going on. Short, to the point and with a definite purpose. If only they were all like that. 

In light of what is revealed later in the ep it’s very interesting that Hyde was the one who pointed Rumple towards Morpheus.

3. I realize really good CGI is expensive and time consuming and as such a certain amount of ‘this is the best we could do with what we have’ acceptance is required when watching this show but the whole look of that temple made it hard not to be pulled out of the scene.  

Were a lesser actor than RC involved it would have probably been impossible.

4. Oooh ground fog. Always a clue something is being concealed. A feeling that is only heightened by Morpheus’ cloak-like robe. 

Personally I hadn’t read any of the Morpheus spec so I had no idea what was coming up but they did a great job of using all the visual elements, working in concert, to make it clear there was going to be a twist of some kind. 

Kudos to those who called it.

5. “Would you like to wake her up?” Yeah something tells me it’s not gonna be that simple.

6. LOVE the shot of Regina heading towards her house. The framing creates the feel that she’s on a narrow path right now and the walls are close to closing in. The slow motion walk through the shrubs adds to the effect. Well done!

I think Regina’s grief was handled very well in this episode starting with this scene.

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