12.3.16 I started working on my bullet journal for next year (and already messed up so bad! White out is a necessary part of my life). I want to try to keep it as minimalist as possible. I gave my sister most of my washi tape, I only kept 7 out of 20something. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to totally-minimalist-black-and-white kind of thing, but I do want to keep super simple. I haven’t decided if I will do a daily or weekly spread yet.

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

Day 10: YouTuber AU

•okay so the classic thing to do here is to create types of channels for each of the characters and then make sure they find each other and fall in love one way or another so THATS WHAT IM GONNA DO
•penny’s channel is her reviewing books and teaching math problems and just a lot of nerdy shit
•a lot of her subscribers are also nerds
•such as one particular Tyrannous Basilton Grimm-Pitch
•who also happens to have his own channel
•it’s a mix of him playing violin, reviewing books with Penny, and talking about things that bother him (like politics and stuff) in the form of an advice show
•he’s got a lot of dry humor and sarcastic and witty advice and stuff
•it’s very organized and there are like seventeen playlists and he produces content every other week
•Simon’s, on the other hand, is a mess
•it’s full of him practicing his sword fighting skills, actually being serious and talking about his life (which was shitty) playing soccer, reviewing (eating) food, making lists of whatever, and some gaming
•there is no organization. At all. Sometimes he’ll have videos every day for two weeks and then not show up at all for a month.
•Agatha’s is very organized
•she reads poetry that she’s written and vlogs her dog and has pretty videos of her singing with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds
•but she specializes in makeup videos
•that’s her shit
•she’s actually very good at it
•sometimes she’ll appear in Simon’s videos but she doesn’t really like it
•eventually they break up because they’re so different
•Baz becomes better friends with Penny, who of course is close with Simon because they went to school together
•and she gets him hooked on the gorgeous mess of a boy that is Simon Snow
•Baz may or may not binge watch him in the middle of the night sometimes
•one day Simon makes a breakup video talking about Agatha and expectations and all that and then rambles on for a while about just like. life in general
•Baz yells about it a little bit
•and then on a whim decides to make a coming out video
•which promptly gets him a million more subscribers, including one Simon Snow, who clicked on it because it popped up in his recommended videos
•Simon is a bit blown away by the guy - he’s so so pretty, and he’s talented, and he’s funny in a dry sort of way, and did Simon mention that Baz is gorgeous?
•but since their families are kinda on the opposite side of the political spectrum he decides there’s no way they can be friends
•until they meet at one of Penny’s parties
•and then, after a night of fighting over petty shit and pretending to hate each other, Penny accidentally locks them in a closer together
•she thinks it’s so that they can just become friends already
•meanwhile, our heroes are busy making out
•well, it’s hard to do much more when you’ve got that much tension between two people
•honestly, what else could they do??
•Penny is the only one surprised when Baz appears on Simon’s coming out video the next week
•their subscriber count increases by, like, a shit ton
•but neither of them care bc they’re too busy tumbling around and being boyfriends


It’s finally December and I could not be more excited! Currently working hard to make that final grade before the end of the semester… especially in math. Everything’s a work in progress, but we’ll get there.

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alright, since my other masterpost seems to be doing pretty well with OVER 300 NOTES OMG THANK YOU, i decided that i would create another one about staying organized, per request. (shoutout again to @studyblrsab for the icon) alright so lets get started. Here is how I stay organized!!

1. Archive any papers from your teachers into a folder!!

  • okay so, idk about you guys but I get a lot of handouts from my teachers, especially in AP Literature and AP Psychology that contain terms, reading questions, references, etc and these can be great study materials later down the road so I put all of them into a specific folder!! This is also helpful when you’re doing homework and can’t remember a certain thing, but you know you have the handout so you can reference it! 

2. To-do lists are your friend.

  • Whenever i have a bunch of things to do, I create a to-do list to ensure that I don’t leave any important task out, plus you’re more likely to get things done when you right them down. For me, seeing me check off an accomplishment makes me feel happy because I can visually see my progress. But sometimes the basic to-do list gets boring so….

3. Use printables to spice it up a bit! Esp the calendars to keep track of long term assignments

  • The studyblr community has soooo many printables out there and they’re all so useful! In addition to being useful, they can make your study session look cool and motivate you to study since you don’t want to put such a pretty printable to waste! haha. If you don’t know where to start looking for printables, try my printables tag.
  • The calendar printables by @theorganisedstudent or @thearialligraphyproject are great to keep track of long term assignments. Personally, I write down any projects I know I will have in that coming month down. Then, I post the calendar above my desk so whenever I’m doing homework, I can look at it to ensure that I am on track. 

4. Purchase a planner or create a bullet journal system!

  • So this is kind of related to-do lists, but investing in a planner or creating a bullet journal can also keep track of tasks, events, homework, projects, and the like. As you guys know, your planner can be from anywhere and your bullet journal doesn’t have to be extravagant! Remember: don’t compare and do what works for you. For the year of 2017, I’m creating a bullet journal to see if its something I like! I think they look cool and its a great idea, but if its not something you’re into, SCRATCH IT. Don’t continue to do things that don’t interest or help you with your organization.
  • If you need some bullet journal inspiration (remember your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the ones you see), here’s my bullet journal tag. 

5. Try to keep a clean study area.

  • I shouldn’t be saying this because my desk looks like a tsunami hit it but you should try to keep your study place clean so you don’t misplace papers that are important. Here’s a tip in a tip:
    • Try the method of tacking important papers (assignment rubrics, scholarship stuff, etc) on the wall in front of or near your desk so they don’t go anywhere! As  I previously mentioned, having those things in front of me give me a visual to look at while I’m working to see where I’m currently at and what still needs to be done.

6. Set reminders in your phone/computer/etc, too!!

  • Technology is sooooo cool guys so utilize it! Set reminders in your phone about things you absolutely need to remember. For example, I set scholarship reminders into my calendar when their deadlines are so far down the road. 

well i hope this was helpful in some sort of way, although i doubt it was. Please let me know what you think of this master post and let me know if it help you in any way!! Send me requests and don’t forget to take care of yourself before you do anything. 

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12.3.16 // Do you ever have those days where you don’t HAVE to do anything, so you just spend the entire morning being lazy? Yep, that’s been my day…got to stay in bed and start crocheting a cozy pillow cover while watching Friends on Netflix 😋