Bullet leaving barrel at 1 million frames per second.

The velocity with which the bullet exits is known as muzzle velocity. It is around 1000 m/s on average. But higher muzzle velocity is also acheivable.

so i was watching the pietro scene again and i was thinking… 

does he see everything in slow motion? like that scene with thor’s hammer… he saw the hammer flying in slow motion….

does that mean when pietro was shot, the bullets were also in slow motion? like… did he feel every single bullet slowly piercing through his body?

Early Daredevil Season 2 Reviews


Season 2 moves along at a quicker pace than Season 1, and the introduction to iconic characters like The Punisher and Elektra (Élodie Yung) really spice up the early episodes. Speaking of the lady in red, fans should be quite pleased with this extremely faithful incarnation of the character, as Yung is visually ripped from the panels of a Frank Miller comic. She looks the part and plays it with confidence, seduction and dangerous intrigue. Oh, and she can kick ass too. Naturally. There’s real, palpable chemistry between Yung and Cox, and whenever they’re onscreen together there’s an air of danger along with a feeling of a loss of control – for both characters.


Binge viewing becomes the second season of “Daredevil.” After a mostly top-notch debut on Netflix, Marvel’s Man Without Fear begins season two on an uneven note, occasionally feeling as if he’s taken a detour from dark and gritty into the realm of Sam Peckinpah movies, complete with slow-motion bullets and blood sprays. Stick with it, though, and the show blossoms, featuring a few terrific action sequences while introducing into this grim world seminal characters the Punisher and Elektra – both mostly victimized by earlier feature adaptations. So far, the Marvel/Netflix collaboration has brought a nifty dimension to both parties.


Are you worried that a red-costumed Daredevil would somehow detract from the street level vigilante justice of season one? Don’t be! This is the most effective and practical superhero costume I’ve yet seen in live action. Daredevil moves better than any big screen Batman has managed to, and the attention to detail in the action sequences is all in place. It even looks like Daredevil’s fighting style has evolved to account for his heavier, more protective gear. Those fight scenes are every bit as spectacular as you would hope (although one, clearly an attempt to one-up the incredible corridor fight from season one, feels a little self-conscious in its intentions…it’s still damn cool, though).


Glitchspace is a first person programming game that’s centred around a visual programming mechanic to change the shape and purpose of objects.  Set in a cyberspace world with simple, solid colors and shading, you have to solve problems by reprogramming objects, altering their physical properties to allow your passage through the levels.

Glitchspace teaches you how to use its node-based programming system called Null through trial and error, with you experimenting with various functions.  Right clicking on an object brings up a programming box full of nodes that you can alter.  A lot of these nodes will be locked (initially anyway), but you’re able to make additions to the red coloured connections that can drastically alter the make-up of the object.  Later on you’re able to actually fire these programs with a gun, allowing you to alter multiple objects quickly.

You’re basically programming on-the-fly, you're Neo, but instead of dodging bullets in slow motion you’re taking on complex, mind bending puzzles in a beautiful, minimalistic cyberspace.

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