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  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Grade/assignment
  • Mood
  • Habit
  • Savings
  • Gratitude 
  • Blog stats
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  • Study
  • Car maintenance
  • Sleep
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  • A-Z - Make a list from a-z of things that inspire you, you love, your favorite _____. Whatever you want!
  • Movies - Watched/to watch/favorites/review
  • TV shows - Watched/to watch/favorites/review
  • Books - Read/to read/favorites/review
  • Foods/recipies - What are your favorite foods? Favorite recipes? Any recipes you want to try?
  • Words - Favorite words, words that inspire you, words you love the meaning to.
  • Favorite blogs - Make a list of your favorite blogs. 
  • Places - Make a list of places you’ve been to/want to go to. For more creativity draw a map and color in these places!
  • Currently - What are you currently listening to, reading, watching, feeling, doing, eating, needing, wanting?
  • Things to try - Want to try some new restaurants, crafts, projects, etc?
  • Happy - Make a list of things that make you happy. 
  • Sad - Make a list of things that make you sad. Maybe add things that you do to feel better.
  • Firsts - First kiss, date, job, house, car, concert, vacation, thing you do in the morning, thing when you get home, teacher?
  • Rainy day - What are things you like to do on a rainy day? What do you eat/drink? How do you feel?
  • Bored - What are things you do when you’re bored? Ideas for the next time you’re bored?
  • Wants/needs - What are things you want? What are things you need?
  • Songs/artists - What are your favorite songs?
  • Bucket list - What are things you want to do before you die. 
  • Advice - What is your favorite advice you’ve given? Received? 
  • Relax - What are ways you relax?
  • Questions - What are questions you want to know the answer to?
  • Fears - What are your fears?
  • Funny - What are some funny things that have happened to you? What are things you find funny? 
  • Games - What are your favorite games? What are some games you want to play?
  • DIY projects - What DIY projects you want to try?
  • Playlists - Create some playlists for your moods. 
  • Colors - What are your favorite colors? Color schemes?
  • Smells - What are your favorite smells?
  • What I learned today - What is something you learned today? Maybe do this by month/week/day. 
  • Flowers/plants - What are your favorite flowers/plants? What’s their meaning? Draw doodles of them.
  • Admire - Who are people you admire?
  • Things you can’t leave the house without - Or a what’s in your bag list.
  • Drinks/beverages - What’s your favorite drink? Any drinks you want to try?
  • Childhood memories - What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Memories in general?
  • Stationery - What is your favorite stationery? Pens, notebooks, etc. 

I hope you all enjoy these prompts! I might add some if I think of more! X

It’s okay to romanticise the small things about your day-to-day life. It’s okay to romanticise sleeping in, waking up to the sun tickling your skin. It’s okay to romanticise the texture of fingers against a page. Sometimes to save your day you need to romanticise sitting at a desk and working, or romanticise studying hyped up on coffee. It’s okay to picture yourself as if you were the mc in a movie. Watch yourself go through shit and know that it’s just the climax of your own story, and that while you sit in your room sobbing to sad songs, good things are just around the corner.

Sometimes to be okay or get through the day you need to romanticise the simple things.



So I have my English Lit Exam this coming tuesday and I’m super stressed cause getting into my Honours Degree depends on this exam. I have to get a certain mark and I’m hoping I do well cause I’ve worked my ass off this semester (all thanx to creating a studyblr tbh). So wish me luck!

happy studying everyone!

Date ideas

Take me to a library

Take me to a museum 

Take me to an aquarium 

Take me to your favorite spot as a child 

Take me to your favorite store 

Take me to a book store 

Take me to a cafe 

Take me to a park 

Take me on a walk 

Take me somewhere you’ve always wanted to go 

Take me to a movie that’s been out forever so that no one else is in the theater 

Take me to a garden 

Take me to a class any class an art class pottery class cooking class

Take me to a fair 

Let’s stay home and have a movie marathon 

Let’s stay home and cook ourselves dinner 

Let’s stay home and bake something from scratch 

Let’s stay home and redecorate your room 

Let’s stay home and start a project you’ve been putting off for months 

Let’s stay home and make a pillow fort 

Let’s stay home and sleep

health tips for ppl with periods

okay so I know I’ve been advertising health tips for students but this one is specifically motivation for ppl who menstruate!! I honestly had no idea how MUCH making a few simple changes to my lifestyle made my load not only lighter but I have yet to experience period cramps and I’m three days in. 


  1.  have one meal a day be a MASSIVE salad!!
    In mine I include mixed leafy greens, usually ethically caught tuna, tomatoes, carrots, avocado or a healthy source of fat and here’s what truly helped my gut DRIZZLING IT WITH A SQUEEZE OF LEMON AND SOME APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!! (honestly it’s crazy how much this has helped my skin, bloating and really everything)
  2. Drink ya damn water!!!
    Since I started drinking warm water with every meal and heaps in between! My cramps! HAVE PRACTICALLY GONE!!!!! 
  3. Vitamin C girl!
    I actually started making ‘juice’ with a third of a grapefruit, half an orange, one kiwi fruit and half a lemon all in a food processor or blender with some ice and water and this has helped my energy levels, fought off a cold, protected me from legit all my sick friends AND HELPED WITH MY PERIOD!
    I see you with your mars bar!! put the mars bar down and get some fruit! I get the temptation but honestly, your body will be thanking you for this one. Avoid processed foods as well and keep it simple, trust me, you won’t regret it.
    honestly helps so much, I know you don’t feel like it, I know you just want to stay curled up with a heat pack but this will help. Try it out, doesn’t have to be anything intense, just get yourself moving for a little bit!

and that’s all i’ve been doing but I’ve gone from having really heavy loads and doubled over in pain for a week a month do being able to function somewhat normally! (p.s. I am not a medical practitioner or an expert and this is just the stuff I’ve figured out works for me. No guarantees it will work for everyone but, i mean, it’s worth a shot!)


7.1.2017 || i hope everyone’s having a great summer so far, june flew by so fast for me to be honest. also, thank you so much for 4,000+ followers <3

🎧 : First Summer - Bobby Earth


♡21/10/17♡ - 🐚 saturday 🐚

finally! the end of my almost-three-weeks long hiatus (ive been living in queue for so long) even though i already have a good two spreads completed (´~`ヾ) just been way too lazy to take good photos because i have to wake up at exactly nine in the morning to do so~

anyway, this is my exam schedule and spread! didn’t have time to complete a full one during the exam week, but i think i did decently on time for once. ♡ remember to check out @doctorsafraid and her stickers on etsy @mochiandmoon - quote ATTICSTUDIES for a discount! ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

colour scheme: 🐚💫🐚💫


Slowly getting back into the swing of things, both school-wise and creatively. Midterms are coming up and I hope I can be productive as I was last semester!

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just because you might be slower to learn things or it’s harder for you to understand things does not mean you’re stupid and it does not mean you’ll never be able to get it. Sometimes it just means you’re going about it wrong, maybe you can’t learn like the rest of your class from a textbook, maybe you need someone reading it to you for you to be able to understand. Or maybe it just takes more practice. Whatever you do, don’t give up, you will get there. I believe in you, granted it might take a little longer, but it’s so worth it. Don’t give up, you’ve got this.



finally got my spread done for this week. It ended up being quite minimal as I don’t really have time to bullet journal at the moment, let alone make videos about them. However, I will try and upload my June plan with me this week!