listen to me: you DO NOT always need to give it your 100%. you really do not. because let’s be honest, you’re human and you’re simply not always going to be able to. there are days when you can only give it your 80%. or your 50%, or heck, even your 10%. and THAT IS OKAY. only skimming one paragraph, only solving one equation, only memorizing 5 words is better than not doing anything because you have this idea in your head that things are only worth doing when you can give what you consider to be your 100%. 10% is better than 0% and some days that is all you can give. it will still add up, and you will still succeed, i promise.



☕ perhaps it’s too cold for iced coffee…jk it’ s never too cold for iced coffee here’s a cute lil sketch i made during my free period :)

🎧: Tempo – Penomeco, Sik-k

journalling for beginners


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i began keeping journals about a year ago, and believe it’s a wonderful hobby for just about anyone!

keeping track of various things in your life can bring a number of benefits, you can begin to recognise all the small things you feel grateful for, and help you process difficult situations - it can help you learn about yourself, find your voice and talk about things you might be uncomfortable to do so out-loud. 

tips for a daily journal ;

📕 it doesn’t really have to be daily, it should be something you enjoy, and if you don’t have the energy, there’s no need to beat yourself up

🖊️ if you are running low on energy, but still need to get your thoughts out, you can always just do some doodles, short sentences or scribbles, just to help you untangle your mind

📕 sharing pictures of your journal is fun, but it’s best to feel open and free in what you write - i find it beneficial to keep a journal just for me, so i feel comfortable adding anything 

🖊️ be honest with yourself, you don’t need to put on a performance for anyone else here

📕 date your entries to help you keep track of your moods and thoughts

🖊️ not feeling up for self-reflection? record simple things - draw an object nearby, write about an animal you saw, or make a list of things you did today

📕 don’t put pressure on yourself, your journal doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing, or beautifully written, you don’t need to have perfect grammar or a fancy notebook to enjoy journalling


lazy study tips

1. use quizlet. quizlet is amazing because you can access your flashcards on your phone!! this way you can easily flip through them while waiting in line, watching tv, etc.

2. use the pomodoro technique. if you’re lazy like i am, sitting down for 6+ hours a day to study can be daunting. giving yourself multiple breaks throughout a study session will help to keep you going!

3. watch youtube videos. watching videos or listening to podcasts on the topic you’re studying could be a huge time saver and is a lot more interesting than flipping through a textbook. and you can easily do this in bed!! (i would not advise to do this instead of using a textbook all together just in case information is left out of the video)

4. try to build a steady study routine. block out a chunk of time in the middle of the day every day for studying. this way, you know that when the time is up, you have the rest of the day to relax!

5. get sleep. i’ve found that i’m at my laziest when i haven’t been sleeping much. avoid being sluggish throughout the day and get some rest! this will cut back on nap/rest time and increase productivity during the day.

6. consider the consequences of not studying. which will benefit you more in the long run- getting your work done now, or watching another episode?

7. reward yourself. give yourself a little treat (a piece of candy, etc.) after completing a set amount of work. this will keep you motivated to keep studying!

8. just start. the hardest part of studying is starting- force yourself to sit down and open up your notes.

as always, thanks for reading! x