forgive yourself. whether you fail a test, eat too many cookies, say the wrong thing, fail a class, or spend a whole day in bed — learn to forgive yourself. the next day will be better. the next day will be a day closer to your next success. you can do it.

tag urself as a student type

coffee: always frantic, has a crammed schedule, never stops consuming caffeine, will agree to go to a party even if they have a six a.m. shift the next day

bujo: organized, likes to makes lists and keep track of things, plans outfit the night before, stresses when they get a grade less than a B

oops: stopped caring in the third grade, somehow manages to get okay grades, never studies, kind of lazy, would eat Waffle House at 3 in the morning

sweatshirt: is trying as hard as they possibly can, has to study and work hard for their grades, constantly stressing, has social anxiety, tries to do every extra curricular under the sun

aesthetique: probably vegetarian or vegan, has a “mom jean” 80′s aesthetic, glorifies local cafes, wants to live in Europe, always wants to cut their hair

gothique: black clothes only, still stans my chemical romance, uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, desperately wants some tattoos, likes the black lipstick look but too shy to do it

It’s okay to romanticise the small things about your day-to-day life. It’s okay to romanticise sleeping in, waking up to the sun tickling your skin. It’s okay to romanticise the texture of fingers against a page. Sometimes to save your day you need to romanticise sitting at a desk and working, or romanticise studying hyped up on coffee. It’s okay to picture yourself as if you were the mc in a movie. Watch yourself go through shit and know that it’s just the climax of your own story, and that while you sit in your room sobbing to sad songs, good things are just around the corner.

Sometimes to be okay or get through the day you need to romanticise the simple things.

things to do more:

  • take a journal and camera everywhere I go.
  • write down lovely words that people said to me, poems, ideas, and quotes that inspire me.
  • plan fun itineraries for weekends and bucket lists for seasons.
  • eat fresh fruits.
  • don’t let my insecurities stop me from enjoying things.
  • do everything I want to do that takes daily practice, patience and some discomfort.
  • collect recipes to make.
  • tell people i love them and compliment what I like about them.
  • watch classic movies.
  • hug people tightly.
  • let myself calm down and relax.
  • break tasks down so I don’t get overwhelmed.
  • drink tea or fruit infused water.
  • put on my favorite perfume, even if i’m not going out.
  • don’t wait for the perfect day to start a new thing.
  • make plans with friends and actually follow through.
  • give myself permission to not be perfect, and remember something is better than nothing.
  • make my bed in the morning.
  • tidy my desk and remove things and tabs i don’t use often.
  • go to inspiring places like gardens, art museums, old cafés, oceans or forests.
  • make playlists or write to cope with emotions.
  • take photos of everything i love.
bullet journal page ideas
  • legend
  • yearly spread
  • monthly spread
  • daily spread
  • to-do list
  • recipes to try
  • bookshelf (colour the titles youve read!)
  • monthly expenditure
  • savings log
  • weight tracker
  • washi tapes preview
  • new highlighter/marker/pens swashes
  • ‘to-watch’ list of dramas/tv shows/movies
  • new music discovered
  • food reviews
  • meal planner
  • goals of the year
  • goals of the month
  • exam results tracker
  • habit tracker
  • productivity tracker
  • mood tracker
  • water tracker (to track the amount of water you drink a day!)
  • brainstorm new ideas for a project
  • reflections 
  • daily meal tracker
  • workout routine
  • bucket list
  • favorite quotes
  • doodles
  • grocery list
  • inspirations
  • encouraging quotes
  • dream tracker
  • morning routine
  • class schedule
  • memories
  • birthday log
  • appointment log
  • book reviews
  • wishlist
  • hand lettering
  • doodles
  • syllabus/modules list
  • utility bills tracker
  • semester goals
  • new habits to adopt
  • my strengths
  • what i love about myself
  • things to try

This week’s spread was inspired by the novel I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I’m not much for most novels in this genre, but this one totally changed the writing game for me. One of the best YA books I’ve read, and totally spoke to my art side!

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I finally started a bujo 😄😄 but tbh I’m prolly gonna be too lazy to update it hehe. Also the schedule page is empty bc I don’t know what my class schedule is yet, in case you were confused.

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studyblrs!! I love seeing people’s notes, but there’s so much more to studying than the notes themselves. I wanna see your favorite campus coffee shop, your pets napping near you, your doodles, that succulent you definitely named and put on your shelf, all the little slices of student life that neat notes leave out. As students, we dedicate so much time to just being students. Why not document it all?


06.28.2018 // 5:45 AM

just imagine the sound I made when I realized I had mildliners that matched these gem stickers perfectly! ‪—‬ tbh this is probably one of my favorite spreads, especially this study tracker! (also, i’m laughing at my use of “today we fight!” next to various hearts and very soft butterflies)

♫ : parachute by NSTASIA